Jumble Answers for 09/30/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!           🏄🏻🏂  TO BEACH HIS OWN? 🏂🏄🏻

🎶 We gotta keep SEARCHIN’ SEARCHIN’, find a place to hide, SEARCHIN‘, SEARCHIN’, she’ll be by my side..If we gotta keep on the run we’ll follow the SUN-ah, wee-ooh…Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter what people might say,…She’s mine and I’m gonna take her anyway….Gotta keep SEARCHIN’, SEARCHIN’ find a place to stay, SEARCHIN’, SEARCHIN’, every night and day…..🎶  “Keep Searchin'” – Del Shannon  1964 

🏄🏻 🏂Vacations can be tricky, when two people must decide,
If WARMTH is what they’re going for, without the CLOUDY skies.
You’re stuck at work, the rat-race makes us GERBILS on those wheels,
We want to get away and just relax and human feel…
But do you choose the Mountainside where snowcaps make you perk?
Or should you opt for Sun-Sand-Surf? (The HYPHEN had to work)!
Deciding where is hard enough, like ENSIGN is right now…
This rhyme is making me become as MADDER as a cow!
The bottom line is someone wins, and someone just must go…
Along with the decision, after they’ve SEARCHED HIGH AND LOW.🏂 🏄🏻

First thought this morning? “Be careful what you wish for”. Second thought? BEGLIR? For me personally, it’s been quite a while since I wasn’t able to look at our cartoon and just guess the witty phrase. Today? I had to write down the letters….and stare. This wasn’t an easy DECISION. I first thought the three last words were: Each his own. Made sense…But then I had two other thoughts. Why just his and not hers? …and what does HELGRADD mean in the English language? And then we had “Cold” besides. But I knew the first word would end in ED, because of the way the question was written, and it sort of stood to reason that AND would be in there, so I just tried to think what was the glaring DIFFERENCE between the BEACH AND the MOUNTAINS…And Eureka! There it was! One’s HIGH and one’s LOW! Anyway, that stumper we were all wishing for? The ship came in this morning…

So, we find ourselves at the home of a young couple. Why they’re dressed the way the are, while sitting in their living room, seems a little OVER THE TOP, but then again, as I’ve said before, I don’t make the news, I just report it…Trying to DECIDE where they’ll go on vacation, we see that the woman wants the BEACH, while the man has raised his sights a little HIGHER. We see that they’ve both found accommodations, while SEARCHING the web. So with our question asking…What they did? They SEARCHED HIGH AND LOW! Well, book the room and get going! Oh wait…Someone’s gonna have to change their clothes!

Ok, eye candy…I like the BEACH scene on the woman’s screen, where we can see the rates listed for Roomie.net. Her left hand lies atop the wired Mouse, and we see that there’s a few SEAGULLS, a FERRIS WHEEL, a ROLLER COASTER and the PIER. The SUN is setting. And the cutest piece of candy here? On the BEACH, are four people, and guess what they’re playing? SPIKEBALL! …No Sinking Sailboat today, but we got Jeff’s Spikeball! The woman is dressed in a Black Bikini, and is wearing a Yellow visor. Our SNOWman is dressed in a Blue and White Alpine-scene Ski Sweater, complete with Fir Trees, MOUNTAIN caps, and an Antlered Deer. (Spiked Deer)? His hat is Yellow, with a Blue band and Pompom…And he’s wearing Fur-trimmed Brown Ski Boots. Again, why he’s dressed like this while sitting indoors? Anybody? But today’s eye candy? On the back of the Tablet he’s using? Look closely…It’s not an Apple…It’s a PINEAPPLE! The FRUITS of Jeff’s labor! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And remember, Men: JAMAICA go somewhere she doesn’t want to? SNOW way you’ll have a good time…Decisions, decisions!!! 🏂🏄🏻🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 09/29/2018






SH   O   UB   PT  =  STOP “BUY”

Good Morning, Everyone!          🎂 LIFE IS WHAT YOU BAKE IT! 🎂

🎶 SUGAR, I call my Baby my SUGAR…I never maybe my SUGAR, That’s why my baby is so CONFECTIONARY…Funny, he never asks for my money…all I can give him is HONEY…That he can spend anytime…🎶 “Sugar (That Sugar Baby O’ Mine)” – The Manhattan Transfer  2000

🎂 I’m taken with a place like this, we have a few by me…
There’s one that serves you waffles topped with anything you see.
They’d rival any HUBCAP, they are huge and piled with Sweets…
And you sit there and you dig in…it takes so much time to eat!
But I had to slow my visits, tight pants brought HUSKY to mind,
And with planning to get OLDER, the Cholesterol’s a grind…
(But how perfect if this PALLET could be Palate here instead?
The homonym would surely help me put this thing to bed)!
With this new store, I hope she has success and sales are high…
I know I’d be a patron, and hope people do STOP “BUY”! 🎂

Today’s words were a piece of CAKE, except for HUBCAP…After being fed UP with UPBEAT y’day…first instinct was to start this word with the UP…But after that hit rock BOTTOM…I had to really sink my TEETH into this one..When it finally came into view, it was a SWEET victory! And just to mention, HUSKY was last seen way back on October 10th, 2014! Now that’s a BIG gap in time, isn’t it?

Ok, let’s take a BITE out of today’s cartoon…We find ourselves on a busy city street, where a new store has opened, “SWEET TOOTH BISTRO”. The proprietor, CANDY, is seen standing by the front window, looking for CUSTOMERS. Let’s KNOT SUGARCOAT this, Folks…CANDY is one smart COOKIE. She knows that opening any new business is WHISK-taking, so since she took over CRUSTtody of the store, she’s been inviting  passersby to “Please come in”, and she’s hoping they’ll STOP “BUY”. Boom! Short and SWEET! Good BUN, David! ICING your praises!

The eye CANDY: The adobe storefront is a beautiful natural color of sun-BAKED clay. The stores’ sign, plus it’s’ entire interior are shaded in Powder Blue, as is CANDYS‘ blouse. There’s drapery surrounding the window, (a shade darker than the Brick), something rarely seen on a Storefront window. It’s a SWEET touch. But there’s a lot of color CAST by the CHARACTERS. The sole male, at left, is wearing a purple shirt with green pants. The woman he’s accompanied by, sports an orange top, black pants, and she’s carrying a yellow bag. The woman seen walking the dog, has matching beige shoes and top, worn with a black skirt…She’s not carrying a “Doggie Bag” of any kind DOUGH. Doesn’t she KNEAD to? ..But I think the eye candy today has to be what makes the SWEET TOOTH BISTRO so inviting…We can see two round vintage BISTRO tables, with two chairs at each. There’s CUPCAKES on a stand, and a two-tiered FROSTED CAKE, atop a glass showcase. Inside it, we see displayed two PIES at right, and two MINI CAKES at left. Ah, La DOLCE VITA! It’s what you BAKE it! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!..I got a little JAMmed up this morning, trying to make some BUTTER puns, but the MARGARINE for error was too big. But I will leave you with this…A good BAKER will RISE to any occasion.  It’s the YEAST she can do…🎂🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 09/28/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!    🃏♦️ I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE ♦️🃏

🎶 Close enough to start a war, all that I have is on the floor. God only knows what we’re fighting for…All that I say, you always say more. I can’t keep up with your TURNING TABLES ...Under your thumb, I can’t breathe. So I won’t let you close enough to hurt me…No, I won’t ask you, you to just desert me. I can’t give you, what you think you gave me…It’s time to say goodbye to TURNING TABLES…yes to TURNING TABLES…🎶  “Turning Tables” – Adele 2011 (Ironically from the Album: “21”)

♦️🃏 The funny thing ’bout Blackjack is it’s like a fine guitar,
Most of the time you’re better off just sitting at the bar.
You enter a Casino, the atmosphere so PLUSH,
You sit down with your System…and it starts out that you’re flush
This only helps ENTICE you, it makes you feel UPBEAT
When really you should take your chips and quietly retreat.
But just like playing that guitar, where chords you sit and STRUM,
Thinking you’ve made the house your girl? I’ve got news for you Chum…
That System’s only gonna work…as long as you are able,
To act your age, not 21…’Cause you’ll never TURN THE TABLES! 🃏♦️

So today, we have UPBEAT…Which I WASN’T feeling after 3, yes 3 of my early morning Jumblers insisted was BEATUP…Which by now I WAS feeling…Trying to tell them that BEAT UP was 2 separate words just wasn’t enough, so I suggested we try keying it. Did it take? No, of course not. The keyboard went ahead and separated the two words. Because of all that, I think it might be the toughest of our words today. But isn’t it interesting that by reversing the 2 syllables, we have 2 words of such totally different sentiments? Just another one of those quirky little things…Ok, let’s TURN our attention to our cartoon, and it’s solution…

Today we find ourselves sitting at a BLACKJACK TABLE at the JUMBLE CASINO. Yes, you heard me right, the JUMBLE CASINO. And we see our favorite Graphic Artist trying his best to DRAW 21. Yes, you heard me right again, it’s JEFF, sitting along side a man who looks vaguely familiar, but I’m not DRAWing a bead on him. And what a PAIR! They think they have a SYSTEM! But, they’re losing, although we can’t see what cards they held. We can see the DEALER thoughshowing a winning hand of  21: An ACE of Diamonds, which is worth 11, and a PAIR of 5’s. And as many of you may know, to WIN at BLACKJACK, a PLAYER needs to acquire cards with a face value as close as possible to 21, WITHOUT GOING OVER. And unfortunately, too many PLAYERS think they’ll GET OVER the House instead! But as our dialogue is telling us…No matter how smart you think you are…”The ODDS always favor the HOUSE“…Which most seasoned GAMBLERS know, translates to..”They’ll clean you out of HOUSE and home”! So with our question asking what it’s hard to do when trying to win at BLACKJACK? It’s hard to..TURN THE TABLES! Good one, David…You definitely deserve a HAND for this one!

Ok, eye candy. Today’s panel is RICH with details. We have Jeff in one of his favorite Wilco T-Shirts, this one green, and showing a Bicycle. He just never gets TIREd of those shirts. His companion, holding what apPAIRS to be a Hurricane, is DECKed out in a Blue Chicago Cubs Jersey. The logo should be IN RED though, not GREEN….And think about it, Folks…How ironic is that? (Come to think of it, maybe he should have put his money on the Cubs instead. They’re PLAYING very well, and have WON a spot in the PLAYoffs)…At the TABLE we can see the SHOE at left, and the CHIP TRAY, and as noted above, the Dealer raking in those losing Chips. Our PIT BOSS is nattily dressed, in a Blue Suit and Red tie, while his colleague is seen HOLDing a DECK OF CARDS showing a Black Spade, and embossed with the words “Jumble Casino“. All three of the Casino employees are wearing name tags, but they’re all blank. But the eye candy? Off in the background, at another TABLE, there’s two chairs. And the backs of them reads “Jumble Casino”. A fine detail…Maybe our guys should have TURNED they’re attention to that TABLE…They might have had BETTOR luck! So, There you have it Folks, Done….Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind, those SYSTEMS? You know you can’t COUNT on them…Leave it to the analysts…BLACKJACK? Let me put it this way…I have a favorite T-Shirt too…It reads: “If this GAME was called 22? I’d own this town“! ♦️🃏🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 09/27/2018









Happy Thursday, everyone! All of today’s clue words were old friends, but the anagrams are coming up as new. I was surprised to see OFTEN used so, well, often. Ten days ago it was in gameplay and jumbled as FNTEO. The only word to bring my solve to a standstill was SCENIC. I immediately recognized the letters as having been used in the past but the answer escaped me. Thinking that it was SCIENCE allowed me to try other SC words which ultimately brought it into view.

The setting for today’s cartoon is a billiards hall where we see four Jumble characters gathered around a pool table. The focus of the panel, as well as the only action that we see, is centered on the gentleman lining up his shot. There are only a few balls left on the table which indicates that the game is just about over.

Our sentence was on the wordier side which gave us quite a bit of insight into this not so friendly game of pool. We learn that the man taking the shot is a “pool shark” and he’s calling out his final moves to finish off his unsuspecting opponent. As the shark lines up his cue stick with pinpoint precision, we can see his opponent standing in the background with his mouth agape and eyes wide open in utter disbelief. Although we don’t know the value of the wager between the players, the body language of our characters lets us know that the stakes must be pretty high.

The fine details were sublime in today’s piece, proving that Jeff never disappoints! The pool shark has spiked hair with slick backed sides, but it was his eyebrows that gave me the feeling that he’s an unscrupulous individual. He’s also wearing a ring on his left hand — and what I noticed next left me in a state of shock. I counted FIVE FINGERS on his hand! His pinky finger is tucked underneath his palm and I literally stared at his hand for several minutes as I moved my iPad to different angles ensuring that I counted correctly. This really made my morning!

The letter layout for the final solution was 11-letters in length. Upon writing out the letters, I noticed KIP which brought PICK to mind. POCKETS came naturally for the finish leaving us with a hilarious surprise answer. Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jumble Answers for 09/26/2018








Happy Wednesday, Jumble aficionados! We’re at the midpoint of the week and the masterminds behind the puzzle decided to challenge us once again with a word in quotes. Today’s game was on the easier side though, making it a great chance to redeem yourself if Monday’s brain-buster proved to be a little too difficult to decipher.

Our clue words were recycled favorites, but the anagrams were new. This is a rare morning where one of the 5-letter words took me the longest to figure out. At first glance, YARNO looked like ORNERY for some reason. Knowing that I was working with one of the 5-letter words allowed me to quickly dismiss my guess so I decided to do a few self-jumbles in the margin of my paper. It didn’t take too long before it came into view but the extra effort made it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. I ran into a similar problem with ENTITY looking like NINETY, but that one came to mind after a few short seconds.

The setting for today’s cartoon brings us to a beach where we see three Jumble characters on horseback. The cartoon sentence informs us that our characters are taking a tour and the dialogue gives us the itinerary. The guide tells the couple that the tour will start out at the beach and will conclude atop a mountain where they’ll enjoy a view of the sunset. The couple can be seen giving a thumbs up to indicate that they approve of the plan and their dialogue indicates that they’re ready to begin.

There were a few details in today’s panel that caught my attention. The hoof prints in the soft sand were my favorite as they added an element of realism to the drawing. The waves in the background gave us a partial glimpse of the beach scene that they would soon be riding along but missing was the sinking sailboat that Jeff often adds to his work. That final detail that I noticed was a tiny “M” on the gentleman’s cap. My guess is that it’s the University of Michigan’s football logo, but I’ve been wrong before. If you have any thoughts, be sure to leave a comment below!

The letter layout for the final solution was 10-letters in length. I immediately saw IDE neatly placed together at the rear of the anagram which brought RIDE to mind. TIME came next leaving ON for the finish. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jumble Answers for 09/25/2018









Happy Tuesday, Jumble friends! All of our clue words were in alphabetical order this morning making for a neatly organized start to the game. After such a challenging puzzle yesterday, it was only fitting that David started us off with a dose of ADVIL. It was easily deciphered though, as were the next two clue words. SHRILL was the only word that required an extra glance before coming into view making it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. CLIMB was the oldest clue word of the group with its last appearance on 6/7/14. It was jumbled the exact same way that we see today which made it effortless.

Moving along to our cartoon, the setting for today’s panel is the stage of an elementary school were we see a whole lot of different action scenes occurring. Our eyes are immediately drawn to the frazzled drama teacher in the middle of it all. She is literally being pulled in four different directions as she attempts to mitigate the hazards that are quickly unfolding on every corner of the stage.

The cartoon sentence tells us that this is supposed to be a rehearsal for a Peter Pan production, but it looks more like recess time with props! In the rear we see a young girl soaring through the air with her only safety device being a loop of rope around her waist. Two boys can be seen engaged in a mock sword fight with very realistic looking sabers. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the young child in the crocodile costume crawling along the floor. He tries to get the attention of his teacher to tell her that he’s stuck which leaves him looking like he’s just been swallowed by the hungry creature. And lastly we have young Tinkerbell who figures that now would be as good a time as any to inform her teacher that she wants to change roles. My favorite detail of the piece was the perfectly drawn look of shock, horror, frustration and despair of the drama teachers face. Priceless!

The final solve was an 11-letter anagram that kept the 2-word solution well hidden. The visual clues provided by the cartoon made this an instant solve which was just fine after yesterday’s brain teaser. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!



Mr. Hoyt was kind enough to leave a short video yesterday explaining the recent style changes to the puzzle. You can hear from the wordsmith himself as to why this was done RIGHT HERE!

Jumble Answers for 09/24/2018









Happy Monday, everyone!  Mr. Hoyt decided to change things up this morning by giving us a puzzle that had the feel of a mid to late week challenge.  All of our clue words were recycled favorites, but the anagrams were new.  SHRUNK was the only one that immediately jumped out at me leaving three impressive anagrams to work through.  MORALE ended up taking the longest to decipher making it my choice for the most difficult anagram of the day.

At first glance, the setting for today’s panel appeared to be the backstage area of a circus.  It wasn’t until after reading the cartoon sentence that we learn what we’re actually seeing is the inner workings of a clown shoe manufacturer.

Their “office” is in the shape of a round tent as indicated by the subtle creases in the tent material in the rear of the drawing.  We see one clown diligently replacing the sole of an oversized shoe while a customer tries on his freshly mended pair.  He exclaims that they fit perfectly and gives a thumbs up gesture to indicate his delight.

Although the silliness of the clown costumes was more than enough detail to make the cartoon visually appealing, Jeff added a few more to really make it pop.  If you look closely at the clown that is mending the shoe, you can see that he’s working with a pair of needle-nose pliers.  In the pliers is a curved needle that he’s using to sew the upper part of the shoe to the sole.  My favorite detail of the piece was the clown in the back that is leisurely strolling along.  In his hands are four oversized boxes which most likely contain freshly made pairs.

The letter layout for the final solution contained 11-letters.  Noticing that the anagram started with an F brought FEET immediately to mind.  The two L’s led me to find SMALL leaving NO for the finish.  The combination of challenging clue words and a zany cartoon made this puzzle a wonderful way to start the week.  Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!  🤡

Jumble Answers for 09/23/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!                 🍋 SQUEEZE THE DAY 🍋

🎶 If the sky we look upon, should tumble and fall…Or the mountains should crumble to the sea…I won’t cry, I won’t cry…No, I won’t shed a tear, Just as long as you STAND, STAND by me…And Darling, Darling… STAND by me, Oh, STAND by me..STAND by me, STAND by me…STAND by me…🎶 “Stand By Me”- Ben E. King  1962

🍋 When kids EMBARK on fund-raising, you have to give them due,
They GALLOP into duty in a MANNER of VIRTUE
Their innocence, their energy, they strive to do their best,
A SHODDY job won’t satisfy, they’re out there with such zest.
We see them here all willing to take turns manning a stand,
While someone else is EXITED to deliver for this man…
A little far-etched maybe…but it’s cute…this kid’s a giver,
That she’d offer to go way beyond and say…STAND AND DELIVER 🍋

Today’s cartoon was an instant solve…The dialogue and drawing giving us the STAND, and the Little Ladybug offering to “Carry them to your house”, giving us DELIVER. And with the phrase being a familiar one, the solution was immediate.
Two of our words I wasn’t able to locate in the archives: EXITED and GALLOP. GALLOP is also the word that the early morning Jumblers have chosen as the one they HORSED around with the most…with some telling me that they didn’t feel it “looked right”. And let’s be honest, Folks, how often have we seen the word in print? VIRTUE is RUNNING a close second to GALLOP…But the rest? Easy breezy, LEMON SQUEEZY!

Our cartoon today is pretty CUT and dry…A group of LADYBUGS, manning a LEMONADE STAND. Or should we be saying GIRLING a LEMONADE STAND? After all, they are Little Girls, right? And the word manning just seems to leave a SOUR taste…Anyway, we have a male patron (Who possibly could have been Jeff years ago, but he’s CARRYING a bit of a paunch…so we know that doesn’t FIT)…looking to buy a glass for each of his family members, but being able to carry only two. We see two of the little girls offer to help him out, “Free of Charge”...LEMON AID, so to speak…Who knew? Offering DELIVERY to your home? These kids really have a ZEST for this, don’t they? So with our question asking…What were the girls prepared to do? And us having a STAND…where they’ll DELIVER? Our solution? STAND AND DELIVER! Now how SWEET is that? David? I could just PUCKER UP and give you a kiss! This one’s a gift!

Ok, eye candy…Our colors today are pretty vibrant, making the panel very apPEELing…The LADYBUGS are wearing Brown uniforms with Red sashes. Oddly though, the girl at the end is wearing a Black skirt, and bright Blue shoes…TBT, it looks like the PITS, but maybe they’re permitted to choose between the two colored  skirts. The Black does match their berets. There’s little Red disc-shaped patches on the hats, but they’re blank. I was hoping to see Ladybugs. The LEMONADE pitcher and glasses are Blue.  Our man is dressed in a Blue shirt and Black shorts. His son, riding a red tricycle, is wearing Orange, with Blue shorts. Oddly, the entire background of the panel, adorned with many houses and trees, is all shaded in Gray and Black, no color. Maybe our Color Man didn’t have time for the daily RIND?…But that’s where the eye candy is, in the background.. A woman, pearls at her neck, and wearing designer glasses, is seen walking a Poodle on a leash. But the real PICK-ME-UP? She’s holding a tiny little bag in her right hand, and guess what? It appears to be full! Now how’s that for a deTAIL? I just couldn’t PEEL my eyes away! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And remember…If life hands you LEMONS?… Ask for the salt and tequila…and just Enjoy! 🍋🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 09/22/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!            🐶 DOGGONE IT! 🐶

🎶 If I had my life to live over…I know just what I’d like to be. A pampered PET of a rich brunette, sitting on my Mama’s knee…Someone to love me, Someone to care..Rubberduck dubble little fingers through my hair…I need a DOG’S life, What a life, that’s good enough for me….That’s good enough for me…🎶 “A Dog’s Life” – Elvis  1965

🐶 At first we feel UNEASY picking on the little pup,
We must look so big and BURLY when the little guy looks up…
It’s a KNOTTY situation…once you start the habit forms,
And then Dog upon your furniture has now become the norm.
But it simply stands to reason that a chair that you love best,
Is going to be the one he’ll choose when looking for a rest..
Only now his presence like a GRAFT has taken its’ own place,
And there’s times when who first hits the chair becomes a little race…
So the pup who’s now a full grown Dog’s become a cushion scrounger,
And just like you his favorite chair is now the “BARK-A-LOUNGER”!🐶

Each of our words today is a Sweet Repeat. We have 2 words from 2016, and 2 from 2017. As to today’s COMFORT LEVEL within our words, what I’m hearing so far this morning is that UNEASY made quite a few Folks just that…UN is it the U-N? Most likely…but seeing SAY as soon as we look at the word may also have something to do with it. Although when it last appeared on December 14th, ’17 as YUSANE, it also caused a bit of Unease…Let’s see what tree it BARKS up this time around…

Our cartoon today brings us into an average living room, where we see a not so average BARCALOUNGER. I only say this because the LOUNGER we see here  is a bright Salmon-colored one, not the usual Black, Brown, Beige we’ve all come to know and love over the years. We see our co-star, a man looking to be in his 30’s, showing annoyance at finding his DOG cozily ensconced in his favorite chair. He’s TAILing him to MOVE off his chair, but our REGAL BEAGLE seems to be the KING of this Castle..and gives him a “WOOF you leave me alone” in response! …And we’re given the question..The DOG’S FAVORITE CHAIR is a? Hmm…Are we FACEd with a conflict of interest? A PAWS for concern? A RUFF patch to get over…with ROVER? Is the POOCHer a Moocher? Perhaps so, because our DOG’S favorite chair is the…”BARK-ALOUNGER“! Well, look at that…We’ve UNLEASHED another good one! Great job, David! You took a nice BITE out of this!

Ok, eye candy. We see a credenza against the back wall, nicely FRAMED. Two photos sit atop, one an oval-shaped wedding picture of our home owner and his wife, and the other a square shot of ROVER with a ball. Beyond that, a flight of steps. Our man, bespectacled, is wearing a Blue T-Shirt, and sporting the trendy Sponge-Twist hairstyle popular among African-American males today. I love the longer length in the back. He’s holding a newspaper, folded to the Comics section, where we can see from top left…Pass, Ziggy, Family Circus, and below that…Pass, and then the Jumble. It doesn’t appear to be today’s Jumble though, since the answer circles are different, and the man in the puzzle has straight hair. If anyone can make out the two Comics I passed on, please let me know. They both DOGGED me…So, what would be my eye candy today? RUFF call…But I’m running so late as it is, and not to spend too much time KIBBLEing over it, I’m just going to go with the look on ROVER’S face...We can’t see any CANINE teeth being bared…but those EYES? The angry deTAIL Jeff’s giving us with those furrowed Brows?  I do think this may prove to be quite the STAND off…So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And remember…It’s far FETCHED to go through Life thinking we’ll never have to ROLL OVER…What’s important is knowing what’s worth fighting FUR, and when we should just TAKE A WALK….🐶🙋🏻




Jumble Answers for 09/21/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!        🤔 🎶I THINK We’re Alone Now…🎶🤔

🎶 You better THINK (THINK)…THINK about what you’re trying to do to me, THINK (THINK, THINK)…Let your mind go, let yourself be free. Let’s go back, let’s go back, Let’s go way on, way back when…I didn’t even know you, you couldn’t have been too much more than ten (just a child)…I ain’t no psychiatrist, I ain’t no doctor with degrees, But it don’t take too much high IQ’s…To see what you’re doing to me…THINK (THINK)…THINK about what you’re trying to do to me, ooh…THINK (THINK)…Let your mind go, let yourself be free…🎶 “Think” – Aretha Franklin  1968

🤔 Originally named the “Poet” and part of “The Gates of Hell”,
Rodin then second guessed it and the idea he did quell.
Not a BISON nor a GEYSER nor a CELLO needed here…
He thought and then decided on its own this one could bear.
So renamed as the “The Thinker”, something we could look up to,
It re-emerged in 1904, treated DEARLY in reviews…
And today it’s widely recognized as quite venerable,
Think what you may, the effort here was “CONSIDER-ABLE”! 🤔

Despite all of today’s words being Sweet Repeats, I’m hearing from the early morning Jumblers that both CELLO and GEYSER are causing them to THINK a little more than usual. And also that a good number of them had to CHIP AWAY at today’s answer…That “CONSIDER-ABLE” POSED a bit of a problem…It does seem to BEND the rules a bit…But what a gift with DEARLY, right?  Even spelt wrong, it’s still reads Right!

So, on to our cartoon…Today, we’re visiting the ART Studio of famed Sculptor, AUGUSTE RODIN, and we see him putting some FINISHING touches on his iconic SCULPTURE “THE THINKER”. Deciding to make it a solo piece of ART, he’s telling his visitor that not only will it STAND ALONE, but that he has LOFTY IDEALS for it, and envisions it as being viewed from below…He’s obviously put a LOT of THOUGHT  into this, and carefully CONSIDERED the odds…So, in answer to our question? The effort RODIN put into the SCULPTURE was…”CONSIDER-ABLE”! Good one, David! Right UP there with the best of them…

Ok, eye candy. RODIN’s guest is very fashionably dressed for the time period, early 1900’s. Wearing a Khaki colored suit, he’s sporting a blue shirt and a Reddish-Purple Tie. Knee high Black Boots give him a very debonair look. The mustached, bearded RODIN, RUNG UP on a ladder…is attired in various shades of Blue, and looking ever the ARTISTE in his longer-length duster. The ubiquitous Black Beret sits atop his tête…Clumps of the Bronze Clay can be seen on the floor below the Statue. But the “pièce de résistance” today? If you look closely, way in the background, on the bench? You’ll see some ROBED FIGURES that were part of RODIN’s original work of ART, the aforementioned “GATES OF HELL”... Now how cool is that? Oh, wait..I mean How HOT is that? So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone!…And enjoy! As for me…It’s still so early…I THINK I’ll just SIT for a while, and CHILL….🤔🙋🏻