Jumble Answers for 09/21/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!        🤔 🎶I THINK We’re Alone Now…🎶🤔

🎶 You better THINK (THINK)…THINK about what you’re trying to do to me, THINK (THINK, THINK)…Let your mind go, let yourself be free. Let’s go back, let’s go back, Let’s go way on, way back when…I didn’t even know you, you couldn’t have been too much more than ten (just a child)…I ain’t no psychiatrist, I ain’t no doctor with degrees, But it don’t take too much high IQ’s…To see what you’re doing to me…THINK (THINK)…THINK about what you’re trying to do to me, ooh…THINK (THINK)…Let your mind go, let yourself be free…🎶 “Think” – Aretha Franklin  1968

🤔 Originally named the “Poet” and part of “The Gates of Hell”,
Rodin then second guessed it and the idea he did quell.
Not a BISON nor a GEYSER nor a CELLO needed here…
He thought and then decided on its own this one could bear.
So renamed as the “The Thinker”, something we could look up to,
It re-emerged in 1904, treated DEARLY in reviews…
And today it’s widely recognized as quite venerable,
Think what you may, the effort here was “CONSIDER-ABLE”! 🤔

Despite all of today’s words being Sweet Repeats, I’m hearing from the early morning Jumblers that both CELLO and GEYSER are causing them to THINK a little more than usual. And also that a good number of them had to CHIP AWAY at today’s answer…That “CONSIDER-ABLE” POSED a bit of a problem…It does seem to BEND the rules a bit…But what a gift with DEARLY, right?  Even spelt wrong, it’s still reads Right!

So, on to our cartoon…Today, we’re visiting the ART Studio of famed Sculptor, AUGUSTE RODIN, and we see him putting some FINISHING touches of his iconic SCULPTURE “THE THINKER”. Deciding to make it a solo piece of ART, he’s telling his visitor that not only will it STAND ALONE, but that he has LOFTY IDEALS for it, and envisions it as being viewed from below…He’s obviously put a LOT of THOUGHT  into this, and carefully CONSIDERED the odds…So, in answer to our question? The effort RODIN put into the SCULPTURE was…”CONSIDER-ABLE”! Good one, David! Right UP there with the best of them…

Ok, eye candy. RODIN’s guest is very fashionably dressed for the time period, early 1900’s. Wearing a Khaki colored suit, he’s sporting a blue shirt and a Reddish-Purple Tie. Knee high Black Boots give him a very debonair look. The mustached, bearded RODIN, RUNG UP on a ladder…is attired in various shades of Blue, and looking ever the ARTISTE in his longer-length duster. The ubiquitous Black Beret sits atop his tête…Clumps of the Bronze Clay can be seen on the floor below the Statue. But the “pièce de résistance” today? If you look closely, way in the background, on the bench? You’ll see some ROBED FIGURES that were part of RODIN’s original work of ART, the aforementioned “GATES OF HELL”... Now how cool is that? Oh, wait..I mean How HOT is that? So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone!…And enjoy! As for me…It’s still so early…I THINK I’ll just SIT for a while, and CHILL….🤔🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 09/15/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!          🙏🏻 MAY THE SPIRIT BE WITH YOU 🙏🏻

🎶 If you think you’re hearing something….And you can’t think what it is, If you feel a quiet longing…Lift your heart into the wind. There you’ll find my KINDRED SPIRIT…There you’ll meet me as a friend….It is just a KINDRED feeling…And a song to let you in…🎶 “Kindred Spirit” – Cyndi Lauper 1989

🙏🏻 In life we all will come across so many different souls…
We’re PRONE to form a friendship where a certain bond enfolds.
With a person who won’t STRAND you, and who’ll keep your secrets near…
Someone who sees the you, that’s you and keeps the friendship dear.
With nothing to DIVIDE you, and a sense of SILKY ease,
You look upon this person with whom life is such a breeze…
A friend like this is rare indeed…you’ll never call it quits,
You’re truly blest to be known as the two KINDRED SPIRITS…🙏🏻

Today’s puzzle contains all words that we’ve seen before. Our cartoon…It’s a bit eerie…In light of the devastation taking place in our country today, with the wrath of Florence, I find the puzzle very bittersweet. We see the smiling SPIRITS of two FIREFIGHTERS, sitting together on a park bench. The panel is very stark. Except for the green of the grass, the brown of the tree trunk, and a little blue-gray of the bench, there is no color…Even the leaves on the tree are white. The FIREMEN themselves are gray images, drawn with transparency, so as to blend into the bench; and you can see the blackened edging where the grass ends faintly transposed across their faces in waved lines. Their conversation centers on the dedication these brave men possess when it comes to helping others…and they find that they both became FIREMEN for that same altruistic reason. The men are SPIRITS, KINDRED SPIRITS. And what makes it so bittersweet for me, is that since they’re dressed in their uniforms, with the one man still holding a pick axe, I can’t help but wonder if they died “as FIREMEN. If they died in the line of duty...And after watching the news all day, and seeing these selfless men out there risking their own safety to help rescue others, it just makes me sad…Hence the somber tone of this write-up today. It’s just a bit overwhelming seeing what’s happening to our neighbors in the South. My heart goes out to them, my prayers go out to them, my Faith, however shaken by events such as this is with them… I wish Everyone a blessed day, and I’m going to end this with words that I always believed could mend any fence, right any wrong, and end any war…“Love thy Neighbor as Thyself”. 🙏🏻🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 09/14/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!      🙄 ESP…ecially WHEN THEY’RE WRONG! 🙄

🎶 GYPSYS, tramps, and thieves…We’d hear it from the people of the town,
They’d call us GYPSYS, tramps, and thieves…But every night all the men would come around…And lay their money down…🎶 “Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves” – Cher 1971

🔮 You pay the woman $10…You’re wondering what you’ll get…
And for Mr. Mittens sitting here, this seer ‘ain’t got it yet.
He hears her INVENT stories, her guesses off the mark,
The DEPTH of psychic knowledge so far looking pretty stark.
The IRONY, the disbelief, it’s all coincidence…
This seer is stabbing in the dark to gain his confidence.
So thinking Mr. Mittens with a name such as he has
Must have a cat is giving him a major case of blahs…
He’s getting mad, his attitude quite STORMY say the least,
His doubt is mounting as his thoughts of swindle are increased.
Let’s face it Folks, he should have known…What did he think he’d find?
I bet that I could tell you what might now ENTER HIS MIND! 🔮

All of our words today are Sweet Repeats, the most recent being IRONY, which adorned our pages not long ago, on June 26th. DEPTH, which we saw on October 14th of last year, was anagrammed as PHEDT, just a one-letter difference than today’s. The stumper to close out this week? If I had to GUESS? I’m READING INVENT, from what emails friends have sent this morningSo maybe that’s it? Or maybe not? 😉

Ok..Our Cartoon. Today we find ourselves at some sort of State Fair. I say this,  because, off in the background, silhouetted in black, we can see Carnival-type tents, and a Ride of some sort, perhaps a Tilt-A-Whirl. Sitting in a tent, we find MS. IDA TAKEAGUESS, claiming to have ESP..EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION, giving a PSYCHIC BLEEDING, I mean READING, to a MR. MITTENS. We “hear” her telling him that she SEES him “Thinking about” his cat…Only thing is...MR. MITTENS is ALLERGIC to cats! Now that’s nothing to SNEEZE at, that’s a big mistake! So that right there is giving him PAWS. He’s beginning to SEERiously doubt this whole thing…And rightfully so. She’s not READING his MIND at all…So what’s MR MITTENS really thinking? That he’s been HAD…And he wishes he HAD his $10 back!…Because, as our question is stating…The possibility that ESP is real? Really? It didn’t even ENTER HIS MIND! CRYSTAL BALL, CRYSTAL BALL! There you go, we’ve solved it all! Good one, David! SEERiously….Good one!

Ok, eye candy…What’s inside the tent is kind of BLANK. There’s the little Gold sign stating ESP $10, but I’m not READING much into it. IDA’s wearing a WINE colored TURBAN, which matches her dress, but DECANT get excited over that. MR. MITTENS? Blue shirt, incredulous look…Nothing EXTRAordinary. Blue-Black Fringed Tablecloth…I’ve COTTON better before…I GUESS it’ll have to be the Light Blue CRYSTAL BALL...Yea, it’s the best that I can SEE…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…You have an EXTRA $10 to burn? CATch a movie instead…ESPecially a comedy…You’ll laugh either way! 🔮🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 09/09/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!                🌊 WATER YOU KNOW…? 🌊

🎶 STRAITEN up and fly right, STRAITEN up and stay right…STRAITEN up and fly right, cool down Papa, don’t you blow your top…Ain’t no use in divin’. What’s the use of jivin’?…STRAITEN up and fly right, cool down Papa don’t you blow your top….🎶 “Straighten Up And Fly Right” – Nat King Cole 1943

🌊 Today we see more tourists, these are visiting Chile,
And the TARGET of their interest lacks the THRILL that it might be…
The reason, one perhaps UNJUST….a word just made them FREEZE,
As they stood upon the Shore and listened to Señor Cortese.
The itinerary told them….”We’ll ASSIGN a guide to you…
And he’ll take you to the Strait to see, and guide you all way through,
There won’t be time to camp out, no CABANA up for rest,
But our guides are all efficient, and you’re getting Chile’s best…”
Only it turned out that this guide must have missed a day or two,
Because it’s become obvious his data don’t ring true…
And our couple here just knows it…See our girl telling her mate?
“We need a guide who’s able at least to GET HIS FACTS “STRAIT”! 🌊 

All of our words today are Sweet Repeats. Except for TARGET, which we just had this past March 13th, the rest are older, from 2016 and 2017. I found them easily recognizable, but friends are saying that ASSIGN and THRILL caused them to falter a bit. Usually the UN words tend to catch some of us, but with JUTS practically giving us JUST, I don’t think it’ll slow anyone down today. Let us know what you think…
On to the cartoon…Today’s answer came to me as soon as I read the guides’ dialogue, and caught the error with the MAGELLAN CHANNEL. Knowing it’s called a STRAIT, and seeing the “…”, the solution just presented itself. The CHANNEL hint was a big one. I always feel that the dialogue and the question hint very strongly at the answer…and most times the answer is a familiar phrase of sorts. Plus, the way Jeff portrays the characters is a big help too. There’s a ton of data on-line about the MAGELLAN STRAIT, which IS a CHANNEL in reality, discussing it’s narrowness as far as CARGO  travel goes, etc…But to be honest, it’s early Sunday morning…does anyone really want a Geography lesson? I didn’t think so! So…Let’s SAIL on to the good stuff…We see three tourists standing on land, with the guide, Señor Cortese identifying the STRAIT by the wrong NAME. He doesn’t have his information STRAIGHT. The woman shown at front, immediately realizes his error, and points it out to the man she’s with. And with the question asking about the “Body of water NAMED after MAGELLAN“…well, the guide needs to GET HIS FACTS “STRAIT”. Smooth Sailing, we’ve got it STRAIGHT! Good one, David!

Ok, eye candy. The STRAIT’S water is shown in Blue and Black tones. In the background, we see small mountain areas, colored Black and White. Two White CLOUDS are shown overhead. And there’s a Grayish Bale of CARGO shown drifting by. Everyone’s nicely dressed. The male tourist, holding a Smart Phone, is in Blue, his companion in shades of Green, and the third tourist, another woman, wearing a Visor, is dressed in Blue tones also. She’s taking a picture of the STRAIT, with her phone, and Jeff’s managed to capture the image perfectly. The guide is nattily dressed in Khaki, head to toe. And I  especially like his dark-brimmed Gaucho type hat, complete with its’ joined STAMPEDE STRING. But I’m not going to WAIST any more time…I’m going with the FANNY PACK on the visored woman. FANNY PACKS just make me smile! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And remember, it’s always important to get a persons’ name STRAIT. If you don’t, you may get a CHILE response!  🌊🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 08/25/2018






T   CM   LY   AI   =  “CLAM-ITY

Good Morning, Everyone!                   🍲 AW, SHUCKS! 🍲

🎶 Hey everybody gather round…Listen to that bongo sound, Grab the first one in your reach…Now we’re going to shake the beach. Do the CLAM, do the CLAM…Grab your barefoot Baby by the hand…Turn and tease, hug and squeeze…Dig right in and do the CLAM…Dig right in and do the CLAM…🎶 “Do The Clam” – Elvis  1965

🍲 I love making Clam Chowder, I love Seafood per se,
So many fresh varieties to cook such different ways…
The first time I heard Quahog, I thought it very strange,
A clam’s a clam…be CANDID here…why must the name be changed?
Like LAWYER and Attorney, who needs so many words?
The synonyms we use each day are sometimes for the birds!
An indentation’s called a NOTCH, there’s many words like this,
I’m going off the subject here…Let me get back to Fish…
The Clams ran out, panic ensues…is what we’re seeing here…
The Chef’s upset..(I’m thinking…do I need a COMMA there)?
With Quahogs being big and bold, they need these great big pots…
You’re making Chowder for a crowd? You need to make a lot.
So what became of this days’ fare…perhaps they served spaghetti?
Oh wait…Seafood? They’d still need clams! Just more and more “CLAM-ITY”! 🍲

Today’s words, while nothing to get STEAMED about, have SERVED up a few little  quirks. We have two words beginning with a SEA, COMMA and CANDID, and they both “C”ontain double “C”onsonants. A 4-C situation! NOTCH and LAWYER have very recently appeared, both in the same week…June 25th and 29th respectfully…and are now showing up in the same puzzle! Sweet Repeats taken to the exSTREAM, wouldn’t you say? As I said, just a few little quirks, for those of you who like to DIG a little DEEPer, and CHOW down with your words. And our CATCH of the day? Hmm…Perhaps LAWYER? But the jury’s still out…

Ok, our cartoon: Finding ourselves in a Restaurant Kitchen, we come upon a pretty DEEP SEA-N…The restaurant, “IT’S CHOWDER THIS WORLD“, known for CHEF ANN’s Famous CLAM CHOWDER, has run out of QUAHOGS, which is just a bigger word, for bigger CLAMS. And it SEAms to be at the worst posSEAble time…With orders still coming in, the Sous Chef, SHELLY, announces..”We’re Out”, and is left holding the bag. Or in this case, the empty Tray! What will they do? Did no one foreSEA this? Was someone being SHELL FISH? Should ANN be wearing a Hair NET? …So many questions…But the one in answer to our Puzzle? It was a …”CLAM-ITY”! Mmm..I mean Hmm…Ok, I’ll just spit it out…No use walking on eggSHELLS here…David, it’s a cute pun, but I think it’s just a little HALF BAKED! CaLAM-ITY….SHORE, I get it, but “A“! …You really went FISHING for this one, no?

Anyway, eye candy…Two boiling pots are shown, one ladled, flames flickering beneath them, and four empty SHELLS lie on the sideboard. We see SHELLY, FISHING around, hoping to SEA FOOD, with that….”OY…’STERS no more CLAMS” look on his face…We have our waitress, PEARL, in her SPAGHETTI tie, calling for two more orders, as she adds them to the ORDER WHEEL, and adds to the PEARL pressure. In the background, SILTing at tables, we SEA three diners, the SOLE woman, highly animated. On the table, salt and pepper shakers FLANK a bud vase. But the MAIN COURSE here today? It has to be ANN…Raising her MUSSELed arm, holding her head, GRITting her teeth. Wanting to scream..”SHELL no“!…She’s just so unSHORE of what to do next…She’s a virtual FISH OUT OF WATER! SHUCKS, I wish I could KELP…Just how will this end??? TUNA in next time, Folks, and we SHELL SEA!…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Never get TIDE down by the PIER pressure of life…Come out of your SHELL…and make WAVES! 🍲🙋🏻

🙏🏻 Prayers for Hawaii 🙏🏻

Jumble Answers for 08/24/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!      ⚡️CROW, CROW, CROW…YOU DON’T ⚡️

🎶 BLACKBIRD singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly…All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise…BLACKBIRD fly..BLACKBIRD fly….into the light of a dark black night…🎶 “Blackbird” – The Beatles 1968

⚡️ Some Birds upon a wire is a sight not hard to miss…
An investigative FORUM wouldn’t meet to study this.
But the thought of Crows as victims of the shock therapy we see…
Isn’t something that we’re used to…and it’s nothing SAVORY.
Will their population dwindle, and electricity be the blame?
Will they need to CANCEL meeting high above our window panes?
Will they leave the city limits, fly towards South and form a DRAWL?
And if we were to go visit greet us with a “Hey Y’All”?
What will happen to these Crows now if these wires still do harm?
I feel we’ll soon be Crow Barred with this new “CAWS” FOR ALARM! ⚡️

Let it CROW, Let it CROW, Let it CROW…I’m going out on a LIMB here to say that none of our words today are new…But are any of them good enough to ruffle our feathers? Maybe CANCEL? Hmm…Drop us a LINE, Folks, and let us know…Today we find ourselves outdoors, with Six CROWS perched atop power wires. Did you know that it’s been said that CROWS symbolize some sort of communication from the gods? Seeing a single one is considered unlucky. Two means good luck, three-health, four-wealth, five-sickness, and six..death!….So I don’t know about you, but I’m all FOUR those two out in the distance getting STRUCK…We’re now left with FOUR CROWS…and we’ve STRUCK it rich! And if you’re SHOCKED, and thinking MURDER? Well yes, you’re right! BeCAWS a group of CROWS is called a MURDER! And this pun today is a KILLER! Seeing the four CROWS CAWling out to one another, we OVER hear that they’re discussing the BLACK OUT of numbers five and six…And of course, they’re ALARMED…they’re SCARED CROWS…So, in answer to our question…They sensed TROUBLE. based on the…”CAWS” FOR ALARM! Good one, David, you’ve STRUCK it rich once again!

Ok, eye candy…Hmm. Today this may be a lost CAWS…There’s a Black Cat lying in wait by the bush-too far from PURRfect…But then what’s left to see besides the Four CROWS that STUCK  together? You know, the VEL-CROWS? Yea, let’s just go with them…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! I’m going to sit back now…pour myself a cup of CAWfee, toss a breakfast biscuit into the miCROWwave, try out this new eye cream I got to help prevent CROW’S feet, and try to plan my day…So please don’t CAWl…Everything’s still UP IN THE AIR! ⚡️🙋🏻

Prayers for Hawaii 🙏🏻


Jumble Answers for 08/18/2018






GE   G   NO   UH   =   GUNG “HOE”

Good Morning, Everyone!                 🌽🍆  WEED IT AND REAP! 🍆🌽

🎶 If I could turn back THYME, If I could find a way…I’d take back those words that hurt you…And you’d stay. If I could reach the stars, I’d give ’em all to you…Then you’d love me, love me, like you used to do. Oh…If I could turn back THYME (If I could turn back THYME)…If I could turn back THYME.. (If I could turn back THYME)…If I could turn back THYME…Oh, Baby…🎶 “If I Could Turn Back Time” – Cher 1989

🌽🍆 I understand how this guy feels, it’s fun to work the dirt,
I’ve been out there for many years, the hard work has its worth…
You dig and till and hoe and spade…And sweat beads on your brow,
You take a break for one of those refreshing Chocolate Cows.
You’re thinking SQUASH with NOODLEs, a healthy hardy dish,
Oh, later there’s the GUPPY run, to replace that dead fish…
But I digress, back to the ground, and back to GOUGE the soil,
The work’s not easy but it’s definitely worth the toil.
Soon vegetables will spring to Earth, and “See my Garden grow”?
Will be the rally cry of those of us who are GUNG “HOE”! 🍆🌽

Once again today, all of our words are Sweet Repeats. Three of the four, contain double consonants which is rare. But what surprised me the most, was that the sole word with double vowels, NOODLE, was just featured here on August 12th! Less than a week ago! How’d that get SQUASHed in here so soon again? It is a FARE question…Anyway, for those of our readers who enjoy knowing when our words have last appeared, here you go: GOUGE-August 5th, 2017. GUPPY-April 14th, 2016. And SQUASH-December 9th, 2015. Ok…On to our cartoon.

Today Jeff takes us outdoors, to a backyard GARDEN. We see a man and a woman, MR & MRS CROP.  AL, (short for ALOE), working CHARD, using a HOE to PLOW the ground, and his wife, CORN, (short for CORNUCOPIA), standing by watching. SEEDing that the work isn’t all that PEASy, she offers that they could rent a TILLING machine as a quick solution.  AL answers that he’d much rather do it by HAND…”Are you kidding me’?,  he says, ‘I YAM loving this…from my HEAD TOMATOES“! In other words…He’d rather TURNIP his nose at any kind of machine…GOURD for him! This guy is really full of PEP…PERhaps he doesn’t CARROT all for taking it easy?…Well, I think we should all ROOT on his aCHIVEments…LETTUCE give this guy a HAND…No, not help with the work…Who has THYME for that?…I just MINT a little round of applause! 👏🏻👏🏻Anyway, with our question asking what AL was?…He was GUNG “HOE”! KALE, yeah, David! HOE do you do it?

Ok, eye candy…We see CORN’S SPADE…Nice, but nothing deep there…And beyond her is one tiny little WEED…I like AL’S visor, with all his hair piled on top…Nice HEAD of hair, AL… But the Cream of this CROP? If you look real closely…you’ll SEED that he’s wearing spiked AERATOR GARDENING shoes! And they’re absolutely RADISHING! SOW, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with some SAGE advice…Never settle for being mediOKRA in life. No matter what comes your way…ROMAINE calm, TURNIP the BEET, dance your HEARTS out and you’ll find your inner PEAS. And never, ever HERB your enthusiasm! 🍆🌽🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 08/16/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!              🛌 ROOM SERVICE?🛌

🎶 SUITE DREAMS are made of this…Who am I to disagree? I travel the world
And the seven seas…Everybody’s looking for something…🎶 “Sweet Dreams” – The Eurythmics 1983

🛌 Where y’day a couple reigned with money left to spare,
Today we see another, money not their only care.
They INKED upon arrival and agreed to one bedroom,
But let’s be honest…not conducive if you’d like to spoon…
The STAFF can bring you wine to drink, but after you relax?
It’s kind of hard to seek romance with kids ’round …these are facts…
But luckily the management was willing to RELENT,
And upgrading afforded them some “peace”…of Heaven sent”…
So now they sit and happily RESUME their tête à tête,
A little privacy giving a lot less need to fret…
Cause whether it becomes the need to sleep or not it seems,
That now they get to have the choice…Good night to all…”SUITE” DREAMS!🛌

Except for a DOUBLE take at RESUME, today’s words were easily put to BED.
And to anyone who frequents HOTELS or MOTELS, today’s cartoon was a SUITE little surprise! Jeff PLACEs us in a setting that’s showing COMFORT, INNside a ROOM. We see a couple HILTON and MARRI OTT, sitting, relaxing over a glass of wine. In the background, completely shaded in blue, we see two little girls in bunk beds. I’m going with girls, even though the child in the bottom bunk caused a BLANK ET first. But I enlarged the pic and looking very closely, LODGED near her eyes, I saw tiny little eyelashes…which Jeff only draws on girls. A MINUTE ABSOLUTE, which Jeff is famous for. They’re ABED, but can be seen playing with what seems to be a tiny stuffed bunny. Off to the right, we see a LAMPSHADEd in pink, and a BED, in a SECOND BEDROOM. The dialogue between the OTTs is telling us that they’re looking forward to sleep. But HILTON looks wide AWAKE, while MARRI’s eyes are heavily shaded. Exhaustion? Or three SHEETS to the wind? Hard to tell…But with our question telling us that they’ve “UPGRADED to the TWO BEDROOMS“-the MiniSUITE, what would they now have? “SUITE” DREAMS! Good one, David! You’re a real SLEEPER! I mean Keeper!

Ok, eye candy. The aforementioned eyelashes are a great detail. And the children’s eyes drawn so exaggeratedly wide are a dead giveaway to their resistance to sleep, hence the need for that SECOND BEDROOM. But I’m going with the plastic cups HILTON and MARRI are using to drink their wine. No Wine Glasses? Was the STAFF INN-experienced? Hmm…I have my RESERVATIONS, but I guess any PORT in a storm, huh? So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And may all your DREAMS be SUITE! 🛌🍷🙋🏻




Jumble Answers for 08/15/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!             ✈️  FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES? ✈️

🎶 Come FLY with me, let’s FLY,  let’s FLY away…If you can use some exotic booze, there’s a bar in far Bombay…Come FLY with me, let’s FLY, let’s FLY away….🎶 “Come Fly With Me” – Frank Sinatra   1958 

✈️ Conspicuous consumption is what we’re seeing here…
A couple living lavishly while flying in the air.
They’re being HUGELY pampered, the perks are off the chart…
The masseuse with his POKER face is just a tiny part.
They’re dining on big lobsters, a champagne flute is shown
They INSIST on the very best, and money sets the tone…
Like CHESS they take their places, only First Class will do
They don’t intend to sit abreast from folks like me and you.
It’s nice to have such money, to spend without a care…
Especially while traveling…its pure luxury in the air.
We all crave things indulgent, human nature comes with vices…
And when you’re rich you can include paying these SKY HIGH PRICES! ✈️

Checking our words, I found three Sweet Repeats from the past. HUGELY couldn’t be found, and may very well be appearing here in the Jumble for the FIRST time. It also seems to be the word that may cause a LAYOVER today. Four friends had CONTACTed me by 4:30 this morning, CLAIMing RED EYES from staring at it, and needed some help being COACHed through it. Two of them questioned its existence…So, I’m dubbing it the BIG trouble word for today…On to our cartoon and it’s solution…We’re aboard an AIRLINER, seated in FIRST CLASS. We see a couple, RICH, and his wife PAM…(short for PAMpered), a masseuse, and a female FLIGHT Attendant. Our dialogue is telling us that despite the seats being so expensive, they were worth every Penny …Pennies? HA! You can get your bottom DOLLAR there were no pennies on SCHEDULE here! These seats were definitely SKY HIGH…So, the answer to the question of what the couple could well afford? The SKY-HIGH PRICES! WAY TO GO, David…you always SOAR ABOVE the rest

Ok, eye candy. RICH, dressed in a black T-Shirt and jeans, holds a Champagne Flute, or perhaps an Aperitif flute. My uncertainty STEMS from the smaller size of it. He’s sporting a pony-TAIL,  a mustache and a soul patch…hAIRy Dude…PAMpered is dressed in Chartreuse and Burgundy…which attests to the fact that MONEY doesn’t necessarily buy Fashion CENTS, and two wrongs don’t make a right…Although two WRIGHTS did make an AIRPLANE! The masseuse is wearing either a sleeveless tank-top, with a sweater tied around his neck, or a hooded tank-top. We’re still looking for any CENTS of that HIGH Fashion…Lastly, our Flight Attendant, resplendent in a shade of blue, carries a steaming Lobster on a tray. We may have a winner…Her TASTE seems to be aboveBOARD…But I think I’m BOEING with RICH’s AIR…He has three piercings, and is wearing AIRrings in three different sizes…Personally? I’m not in YAW…and I’d have him TAKE OFF at least two of them…So, ThAIR you have it Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And get out there today and WING it! ✈️🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 07/22/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!          🔋 RESULT…AND BATTERY? 🔋

🎶 We want the POWER FOR THE PEOPLE..That’s all we ask in our country dear. The sick and the hungry are unable, protect them and those who may live in fear…We as the young wish to say in this song…God Bless great America, We give thanks to the old for acheiving their goal…It is now up to us and we know we must build up a trust…And we want the POWER FOR THE PEOPLE…That’s all we ask in our country dear…The sick and the hungry are unable…Protect them and those who may live in fear.. POWER FOR THE PEOPLE…POWER FOR THE PEOPLE…POWER FOR THE PEOPLE…🎶 “Power To The People” –  Curtis Mayfield 1974 

Trying to be MODEST, the woman who stated that she would OPPOSE any man attempting to solve the contests’ RIDDLE, came forward and said that she would PREFER being assigned NUMBER One…and stood there for AWHILE as the judges mulled it over…

Good Morning, Everyone! Typical Sunday morning…Running late!! And out the door to make 7 o’clock Mass…A sentence, not in lieu of my Poem, just something until I get back to finish…See you in AWHILE!!! 🔋🙋🏻

🔋 Tom Edison was quite the man, a MODEST sort of bloke…
But since we’ve seen him recently, surprising as I woke.
Is this a sort of RIDDLE? Has Jumble made him key?
First May, then June and now again? Today makes NUMBER three!
I’ve nothing ‘gainst this noted guy, you won’t hear me OPPOSE,
His presence here, it’s quite alright…if he’s who Jumble chose.
He’s kind of like the Horseman, I think we’d all concur
Some characters show up a lot…I guess the Guys PREFER
A certain few distinctive men…after AWHILE we see…
Recurring characters they like…So Tom’s ok with me.
He isn’t Dick or Harry…or David, Jeff or Jim….
It’s Edison we have again. So…MORE POWER TO HIM! 🔋

May 13th, Mothers Day…TOM EDISON. Exactly a month ago, June 22nd...TOM EDISON!  Today…TOM EDISON! Hey..Who’s in CHARGE of this cast of characters anyway?  EnLIGHTen me, please! Ok… our words…I loved the anagrams, masterfully done, but I have to say,  as MODESTly as I can…whether they’re CURRENT words or not…I CONNECTed with them immediately…My friends, my early morning Jumble CONTACTS? It looks like RIDDLE slowed them down just a tad, and AWHILE…Well, took AWHILE! Ok, on to our cartoon…As I mentioned earlier, TOM has definitely LIT UP these pages! He’s like CURRENT events…Always there! Today we see him showing his newest INVENTION, the ALKALINE BATTERY to some adoring fans…Hey, wait a minute…I remember AL KALINE..He’s a Hall of Fame Baseball Player, who played his entire 22 year career with the Detroit Tigers! Remember him, Folks? Talk about staying POWER, right? …Oh, sorry..Where was I? Went off on a TANGENT there…Ok, let’s get to this solution…Having already INVENTED the Light Bulb and the Phonograph, just to mention two, TOM just took it with a grain of SALT..and BATTERY appeared! So WATT did people say? MORE POWER TO HIM!  Good one, David! No wonder you’re in CHARGE of these witty phrases!

Ok, eye candy…I’m going to keep it LIGHT today…The clothing? Where’d they shop at an OUTLET? I know I may seem to PLUG fashion a lot…But who looks Period perfect, and who looks like 1964…I’m just thinking it seems a little disCONNECTed, that’s all….So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! It’s been storming here in NYC for hours and hours on END…And it kept me up all night…Thank God we didn’t lose POWER, but I’m feeling DEAD already! I think I’ll take one of those POWER naps I’ve heard so much about..Hopefully it’ll RECHARGE me! 🔋🙋🏻