Jumble Answers for 02/17/2019









Good Morning, Everyone!                👗  FASHION (NON) SENSE 👗

🎶 Well every time I turn around, you’re standin’ at my door, I’d like to ask you over but you ain’t my gal no more…You’re gonna WEAR OUT YOUR WELCOME treatin’ me like you do…Why don’t you leave me alone…’Cause you and I are through…🎶 “Wear Out Your Welcome” – Wayne Hancock 2016  https://tinyurl.com/y4eqgtw8

👗 The attitudes of models, these women food deprived,
May sometimes come off hinky, may seem a bit contrived…
The pressure to stay rail thin, success is not illGOTTEN,
The sleep CURFEW, the air-blown SMOOCH…the men a lot besotten’
The critics love to CACKLE, like nails on a chalkboard…
The media may criticize, yet still the girls adored…
They BROKER for these coveted spots, and then when they are chosen,
You’d think the most important thing would be just do the posin’…
But sometimes one may WALLOW in the thought that they’re the best..
And feel that personal fashion sense puts them above the rest.
So when an ego rears its head…and diva one becomes,
I guess a model easily may WEAR OUT HER WELCOME...👗

WEAR have I seen WALLOW before? On the Just Jumble App I supPOSE, because it’s not showing up in the Archives. But all our other words are, with CACKLE going back as far as 2016, and SMOOCH being PLANTED this past July. And while we’re FACED with masterful anagrams this morning, the word that PUT ON the most pressure?  CURFEW. It had it’s LIMITS…

Today our cartoon brings us onto the set of a FASHION SHOOT. We see the CLOTHING STYLIST, the PHOTOGRAPHER, the DESIGNER and finally our girl of (…those who get paid very well by…) the HOUR, our MODEL. Being shown the dress chosen for her to WEAR, we hear her having a bit of a FIT, and refusing to do so. With her attitude WEARing THIN on the nerves of both the Photographer and the Designer, we learn that this Designer won’t STAND for behavior of this FASHION, and it’s resulting in our MODEL being told to WALK. She managed to…WEAR OUT HER WELCOME. News FLASH…David’s done it again! Good JOB David!

Ok, eye candy. Without much detail displayed in the panel today, I didn’t need to RACK my brains out looking for eye candy. There’s the DRESSES, the photographers’ CAMERA, and the two adjustable light stands in the background. I don’t know…I supPOSE I’m being just a little too CLOTHES-minded, but I think it FITTING that I take a pass and WALK today…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! Hope it’s PICTURE perfect…👗🙋🏻

PS: 3:30 and still no colored puzzle to be seen…and I’m WORN out waiting! I’ll fill you in on the colors later..🎨

Later: COLOR COMMENTARY: The panel, a soft very pale BURCH…The dresses, all on red hangers: The one the model deKLIEINs: A medium blue, spaghetti strapped affair, with a deeply jagged hemline. (L-R)…A green one-shouldered number, with a pleated, I QUANT to say…tulip-like draping? A black top, red bottomed boxy piece, with a large red bow at the neckline, and lastly, a two-toned purple number, with a lighter shaded spiked neckline, matching an ornately shaped petalled bottom. The dress is fitted until the waist, and then spreads out FORD effect, into a ballooned LAUREN. ( Why? KORS I was going for “lower end”. Hmm…Not so much? Oh well, I took a shot)! The Model: Black halter top, with skinny white jeans and black spike-heeled CHOOS. The stylist: Teal T-shirt, tan pants. The photographer: Black tee, with jeans, (maybe WANGler’s), the camera he’s KARAN, gray with an olive green strap. And our designer: A mauve tunic, WORN with a black beaded necklace. Sans earrings…SAND MAN...😴💤😴


Jumble Answers for 02/16/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!                 ✈️ ERROR PLANE? ✈️

🎶 Why won’t you watch that CABIN PRESSURE like you said?…You’re flying low, you’re flying low…Now please be seated with your safety seat belts on…You’re flying low, you’re flying low…That’s really not a secret anymore, and it can save us all…You’re flying low, you’re …flying low 🎶 “Cabin Pressure” – Ted Glen Extended 2012 http://tinyurl.com/y3bcnkry

✈️ Remember in the old days when flying could be fun?
When seats were so more spacious and through airports we could run?
When delays were much less common, no SCORCH sitting on a plane…
And we’d SEIZE upon the chance to wait for passengers that came?
But today things are just all BRAND new…restrictions steady mount,
And all the regulations are like PLAQUE…I just lose count…
So on top of all the Airline’s bull, some passengers like these?
Who make things all more difficult and need to be appeased?
You’d think with all the body checks akin to search for treasure…
Something could regulate us all from suffering CABIN PRESSURE.✈️

I couldn’t find PLAQUE in the Archives this morning, although once again, I feel as if we’ve seen it before. Plaque, a homograph, was always a word that intrigued me somewhat…such polar opposite definitions. I like plaques, commemorating achievements and all…but then there’s plaque…and well…Uh, let’s not go there, especially since most of you are probably enjoying your breakfast…Anyway, it nailed a few of the Early Birds to the wall this morning, and SCORCH also BURNT a few TAIL feathers…SCORCH, seen by 5 of the 11 Birds to be Chorus, also comes in as our most recently SCHEDULED word. We last saw it on June 17th, ’18, as CROCHS, while BRAND hasn’t appeared since 2016, when David offered us NARDB, which I think was a more difficult scramble than today’s. All total, I’ve found today’s words to have been used 7 times since 2015, and not once has any of the anagrams been the same. Good work, David…LETTER perfect!

Ok…Our cartoon. We’re sitting in a PLANE, seeing a group of FLIGHT ATTENDANTS, dressed in blue short sleeve shirts, black vests and white ties,  experiencing a HIGH LEVEL of frustration. One passenger, whom I’m calling HELI COPTER, HELL for short, with the smarmy look of a BOEING constrictor, is causing the staff a good amount of STRESS. He not only caused a FLIGHT DELAY with his LATE ARRIVAL, but he’s being rude, especially with the NON-STOP use of his phone. We see the attendants, yellow Oxygen Masks in hand, looking as if they really need to take a deep BREATH to keep from CHOKING this guy! With his cushy neck pillow, drink in hand, and his phone still turned on, he’s the quintessential definition of a TERMINAL CONTROL freak! And he’s really upset the staff. What we’re seeing hAIR is a seriously bad case of CABIN PRESSURE!…And once again, David’s LANDED a good one! David, I’m in YAW of you!

Ok, eye candy…What I want to mention FIRST, CLASS, is that the dialogue of the female attendant at back refers to “them“. And even though we see a woman sitting in front of HELL, she doesn’t seem to be causing any TURBULENCE. I mean she looks a little BOARDFLIGHTy almost, but I don’t think she’s adding to the problem. It seems to be all him. And there’s another female passenger at right, looking on surprised at the SEATuation. Anyway…Three little things have caught my eye…One, you can actually see two ice cubes floating in our protagonists’s drink… a ROCKY little deTAIL. Kudos, Jeff. Two, our female attendant at back is the only one wearing a WING pin…and lastly, if you look real closely, behind the head of the attendant conFRONTing Hell, you can see a finger EXTENDed UPWARD, turning on the OVERHEAD light. There’s no body or arm seen, but it sure was the BRIGHT SPOT for me! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I hope you enjoyed the IN-FLIGHT Show! ✈️🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 02/15/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!      🎶...AND THE CHASE IS ON 🎶

🎶 Keep on TRUCKIN’ Baby…I got to keep on TRUCKIN’...Got to get to your good lovin…Huh…huh…huh…huh…huh…🎶 “Keep on Truckin'” – Eddie Kendricks 1973 https://tinyurl.com/yypv4ctr

🚓 The police chase when it happens, can always cause a stir,
Attention in a minute can SHIFT to him or her…
We all pay close attention, an EYEFUL‘s what we want,
The moving PHOTO we look for, we’re all part of the hunt.
Cross city streets or parkway lanes, a CACTUS we might see,
For some reason we’re all drawn in, there’s camaraderie…
The news follows the story, the cameras keep up pace,
And every local station says “We’ll now CUT TO THE CHASE” 🚓

While none of today’s words are new to our Jumble mix, we have seen SHIFT only 9 days ago on the 6th, when it appeared as FISTH. PHOTO, last seen back in August 2017, is our oldest word for the day. And while CACTUS STUCK a few of the Early Bird Jumblers, it’s EYEFUL that seems to be the word calling for the real second LOOK… It wasn’t a stumper, but it caused a few BLINKS

Today we’re finding ourselves at the news desk of a local network, “J” TV. We see that our Anchorman, who I’ve dubbed BEN THERE, has just been told that a “pursuit is in progress“, and as a result, we’re going “live” to the scene of the police CHASING A STOLEN TRUCK. Since the Anchorman pictured doesn’t have that usual generic look of our Jumble characters, and being unfamiliar with “Jumble-TV”, I tried looking for PHOTOs of the on-air personalities at a local Indiana station, since Jeff lives in Indiana. And I thought I hit the “J”ackpot when I found a news personality that I felt bore a pretty close resemblance to the Anchorman we see here in our cartoon. Turns out his name is Dave…only thing is he’s a Sportscaster…So, it was either keep looking, or just CUT TO THE CHASE and do the eye candy…

So…The eye candy. Our panel today is shaded in a soft shade of light brown. Ben’s DESKed out in a gray suit, and a black tie. The CHASE scene playing out on the monitor behind him, is totally shaded in blue, and I can see three police cruisers, lights flaring, CHASING the stolen TRUCK. But looking closely I see what looks to be an Ice Cream Cone, crossing atop an Ice Cream Pop, pictured on the TRUCK, beside a window. Sweet detail, Jeff. And the “J” on the front of the Anchor desk is bright red…But my EYE Witness News? If you look closely at Ben’s right ear, where his hand is touching? You can see a tiny little COILED WIRE leading down into his collar…Another nice detail, Jeff…Now let’s just hope the police COLLAR our suspect! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And 🎶Keep on Truckin‘🎶…🚓🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 02/14/2019









Happy Valentine’s Day, Jumble friends! Today’s puzzle showcased a brand new clue word with VIEWED making its way into gameplay. It was also my choice for the most difficult anagram of the day while OOMPH came in at a close second. The anagram used for YIELD has been seen three times in the past which made it no trouble at all. David L. Hoyt was kind enough to leave us a special video message detailing how he chooses the clue words and you can click HERE to take a peek. It’ll also be on the front page later this afternoon for your viewing pleasure. Happy Valentine’s Day, David! You’re the best!

Today’s cartoon was absolutely stunning and it featured two different scenes. The top half is where the main action and dialogue takes place. We see two love-birds atop an arch and the male bird is seen offering a piece of bagel to his sweetheart. The female bird is staring deep into her lovers eyes and informs us that this is the spot where they first met. Below them is a couple of young lovers standing in the middle of the arch and they’re in a loving embrace.

There were quite a few extra details in the panel that made it extra special on this day of love. The bagel offering had a cute little bow to indicate that it’s a special gift. The arch was the most detailed portion of the piece with the emblem on the left containing a left-side profile drawing of Jumble artist Jeff’s face. On the opposite side was a right-side profile view of David Hoyt! Between the the emblems was a woman doing the Jumble while enjoying a cup of coffee. And finally, the couple kissing are dressed for cold temperatures with the man having a hat on and she’s wearing earmuffs.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. The L and V made LOVE pop out at me leaving LOVEY DOVEY an easy find based upon all of the visual clues. I wish all my readers a very happy Valentine’s Day, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Jumble Answers for 02/13/2019









Happy Wednesday, Jumble friends! Today’s game was a piece of cake with all of our clue words being recycled favorites. I didn’t think any of them were particularly difficult, but COPPER did require a brief pause so I’ll choose it as the most difficult anagram of the day. The anagram for WILLOW has been used before, two times in 2017 to be exact, while the other three are coming up as new. It was interesting to see that David shied away from spelling out words within the anagrams after two days of doing so but, like a good book, it always comes to an end.Our oldest clue word was the aforementioned COPPER with a gameplay date of 10/14/16 while WILLOW provided our most recent encounter on 11/24/18.

Today’s cartoon introduced us to two characters that were having a brief interaction in a home-office. They didn’t appear to be our run-of-the-mill characters as the attention to detail was too exacting. The “Maine” t-shirt allowed me to immediately identify the male half as Stephen King and I presumed that the female was his wife, Tabitha.

We see Mr. King seated at his desk and he’s writing on a notepad with a pencil. On the desk is a computer monitor, keyboard, assorted books and papers, as well as 2-tiered paper organizer. His wife inquires if he’s ready to go but King states that he has a story idea that he’d like to jot down first. My favorite detail of the piece was the 6-string guitar that’s partially visible in the background. Looking closely at the headstock you can see “Jumble” written in cursive with a small squiggly line underneath. Welcome to the Jumble caricature club, Mr. King!

The final solve was an 8-letter anagram that solved into a 5-letter word in quotes and a 3-letter word. The visual clue of Mr. King writing on his notepad brought “WRITE” to mind with NOW being instantly visible within the remaining letters.

Mr. King is a very talented writer and I’ve read several of his books. He creates three-dimensional characters that you grow to love and the use of flashbacks within his books is absolutely amazing. I’m not a fan of horror or psychological fiction so I generally pass over his works. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to read 100 books and I’m a day away from finishing number 11. “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens has been my favorite so far and I’m just about to finish “I Owe You One” by Sophie Kinsella. If you’re an avid reader, please let me know what pages you’ve been turning in the comments section below! Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow. 📚



Jumble Answers for 02/05/2019









Happy Tuesday, Jumble friends! All of today’s clue words were recycled favorites but the anagrams of PIVOT and BUREAU were new. If you came looking for help this morning, my guess is that BUREAU was the word that stumped you. The two U’s coupled together at the end of the layout threw me off as well so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. Looking back in the archives, I noticed that DOUSE has been used 11 times since I’ve been keeping track. Of those 11 appearances, 8 of them have been the exact same anagram that we saw this morning! Our oldest word of the group was EXPERT and was last seen on 6/11/16. DOUSE was the newest and was in gameplay last month on 1/15.

The setting for today’s cartoon was a restaurant that is perched high atop a mountain. How cool is that!!! We see three Jumble characters seated in the dining room while the rest of the panel offers us a sweeping view of the landscape below. Of the three characters, only two of them have dialogue. The male can be seen looking over the menu and marveling at the pasta options while the female takes a few moments to soak up the views before deciding what she’s going to order. The third character in the frame has already been served his dinner and is chowing down on what looks like a piece of meat.

There wasn’t a whole lot of extra detail in the panel because the stunning view was where we were supposed to focusing our attention. The male holding the menu was wearing a cowboy hat and polo style shirt while the female has her hair pulled back in a bun and has simple stud earrings. There was a small vase in the middle of the table with a single flower in it. Lastly I noticed that the man in the background appears to be left handed because he’s holding the fork in that hand.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 8-letters. I was hoping for more of a challenge after yesterday’s gimme answer but it definitely wasn’t the case. David did a splendid job of separating the U and P but they were the oddball letters that caught my attention first. SERVED was clearly visible in the remaining letters for a lightning fast finish.

If you enjoy reading my analysis, please consider signing up for the daily email which serves up the answers a couple of hours early. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow! 🍽

Jumble Answers for 12/20/2018






UED   PR   GOR   OO   =   GOOD “RE-POUR”

Good Morning, Everyone!       🍷 LOVE THE WINE YOU’RE WITH 🍷

🎶 Love ON THE ROCKS, ain’t no surprise, just POUR me a drink and I’ll tell you my lies…Yesterday’s gone…And now all I want is a smile..🎶 “Love on the Rocks” – Neil Diamond 1980    https://tinyurl.com/ybc6uxeo

🍷A place where one feels comfortable, where regulars can meet,
And Bartender’s are vital since the bar scene does compete.
The bachelor parties for the ones UNWED for their last days…
And looking to enjoy a VIPER and a Purple Haze.
A good Bartender can GOVERN, hold court while people drink,
And acting like an ORATOR can’t hurt if you just think…
The customers get comfortable, and oft times want to share,
And having a good Bartender means having a good ear…
So bottom line, the secret to a line that’s out the door?
The man “behind the Stick” has to possess a GOOD “RE-POUR”🍷

While none of today’s words are new, it is interesting that all of them date back to 2014, and that both UNWED and ORATOR have only appeared once before. GOVERN’s been used four times previously, the most recent being this past June, while VIPER was last seen just a month ago, on November 12th. As for what caused the biggest pause of the morning? Almost all the Early Bird Jumblers SPOKE OUT about ORATOR…Suffice to SAY, it looks to be the stumper of the day…

Finding ourselves at a neighboring watering hole, today Jeff’s chosen to raise a TOAST to BARTENDERS everywhere. We see a new Bartender, offering a drink on the house to two women drinking wine. With our dialogue telling us that the three have been entWINEd in a conversation, we can see by the smiling faces that perhaps POURing their hearts out to an understanding Bartender was good RIESLING. Because that’s how you keep your customers, by building that rapPORT …And it definitely looks like he had them at MERLOT! So, as our Bartender RE-fills those glasses, and the conversation POURS forth…what we have here is a GOOD “RE-POUR“! Really great pun, David! Hip, Hip ROSÈ! You’ve definitely raised the BAR with this one!

Ok, Eye candy…We see the black silhouetted figures of a man and woman sitting in the background. The decor is simple, and OZly enough, our Yellow Brick BAR is round. Our girls are dressed quite NEATly, in a short-sleeved Blue top, and a Black TANKED one. The Bartender’s POURing a Red, and we all know a full-bodied Red is nothing to WINE about…hence the happy faces! But besides the grins, there’s not much to CHEER about. So I guess I’ll just go with our Red-vested Bartender. He’s TIED ONE ON, it’s the Bow type, and it’s black, and he’s sporting a Man Bun and a very thin mustache. HAIR of the Dog? No…He’s no dog, he’s David and Jeff’s Man of the HAPPY HOUR…And I think I’ll just go with the FLOW…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a GRAPE day, Everyone, and keep in mind…Life’s so much simpler when you just…🎶Love the WINE you’re with…🎶🍷🙋🏻




Jumble Answers for 03/13/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!        🍕 PIECE..BE WITH YOU…🍕

🎶Take it..Take another little PIZZA my heart, now Baby…Break it..Break another little bit of my heart, now Honey. Have a..Have another little PIZZA my heart now, Baby…You know you’ve got it, it makes you feel good…🎶

🍕 The thought that hit me right away, was “Dude, what’s with that hair”?
The hairnet that you’re wearing doesn’t work sitting up there…
I think that it’s a ROYAL sin to miss the TARGET base
And handle food with all that hair uncovered head and face…
A soul patch or a GOATEE? Which one is that we see?
I’m thinking there’s a whole lot more that’s coming ‘cross cheesy…
But NOISY as I’m being about what just looks awry
We’re seeing that a lot of cheese is needed for a pie.
The shredding can go on all day, it’s probably aggravating
And we can see that all this cheese on this guys nerves are GRATING! 🍕

Ok, what do we KNEAD to get us through these words? Could ROYAL be the winner of the crown? Or is TARGET the one catching your eye today?  Either WEIGH, we’re definitely SERVEd up some GRATE anagrams here….But let’s CUT to the chase…A Pizza Parlor’s on our MENU today. We see the owner, and two employees. One employee’s working the oven, while the other is shredding pounds of CHEESE using a flat cheese GRATER. He looks and sounds exasperated. As the owner brings him another fifteen blocks to be shredded, he’s saying..”Are you kidding me“? But he’s probably thinking …”You want a PIZZA me..? At YEAST give me a chance to finish the four I still HALVE here”! Yea, he’s probably thinking that…AnyWEIGH, our question asks…What does he find all this shredding to be? GRATING! HA! Good one Dave, nothing half BAKED about this! Ok, eye candy…I’ve pretty much covered it OIL already. Not much more to see, no matter how we SLICE it…We see a few mixing Bowls and a Pizza Cutter, but I’m not BOWLed over, it’s really not cutting it…I’ll just go with the places logo…It’s a PIZZA PIE minus a SLICE..Hmm. I figure somebody EIGHT it! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a GRATE day, Everyone! And enjoy some PIZZA today…Just be sure to consider the SAUCE! 🍕🙋🏻