Jumble Answers for 11/12/2018









Happy Monday, Jumble friends! Regular players of the game will immediately recognize that today is the start of Guest Jumbler Week. This annual tradition is in its 6th year and features talented and popular cartoonists that draw their own cartoons and, in some cases, create puns for the puzzle. It’s always a unique spin on the game that introduces us to new characters and settings that broaden our Jumble horizons!

All of today’s clue words were old favorites with CEDDEA being the only anagram that we’ve definitely seen before. Even though it wasn’t new, it still took me the longest to decipher making it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. On an interesting note, BASIC was last used on 10/26/16 and VIPER was used the next day 10/27/17. TURKEY ended up being the oldest clue word of the group and was last used in gameplay on 5/6/17.

Today’s cartoon featured the comic strip “Crankshaft” which is written by Tom Batiuk and drawn by Dan Davis. The daily strip follows elderly bus driver, Ed Crankshaft, and the adventures he encounters while dealing with life’s curveballs.

In today’s panel we see that Crankshaft has, once again, driven his bus into his neighbors mailbox. This is a recurring gag in the strip and you can’t help but feel sorry for George Keesterman every time it happens! Keesterman has his right hand on his forehead and an obvious look of frustration on his face as his mailbox and all its contents lay strewn on the ground. Crankshaft can be seen looking out of the corners of his eyes at his neighbor with an apologetic “oopsie” kind of face.

The final solve was in typical Monday fashion with a short six-letter anagram to work through. After looking at the letters, BUS was quickly found leaving TED for the finish. It was a very easy start to Guest Jumbler Week and I look forward to seeing all of the talented artists that Jeff and David have lined up for us. Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Jumble Answers for 11/11/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!                ⛽️  A JOB WELL DONE! ⛽️

🎶 You sacrificed to serve our nation, you make us proud in many ways. Because of you, we have our freedom….We honor you on VETERANS DAY...🎶 “On Veterans Day” – Words and Music by Karl Hitzemannm   2014   https://tinyurl.com/y8oe5qkq

🇺🇸 Today, Veterans Day…A day where we MUDDLE through the grounds of cemeteries, placing FLORAL pieces at the GRASSY headstones of our fallen heroes…A day to not make WHINNY sounds about the state of affairs of our nation, but to strive to FERRET out the issues that divide us, the PIMPLEs that besmirch our good name…And look to resolve them instead of worsening them…A day when we honor our Veterans, past and present, and hope that new days will dawn for America…days where every man can say that he DID WELL FOR HIMSELF...🇺🇸

To all our Veterans, to all our heroes, to you the heart and soul of all that is America, I thank you for your service, I pray for your strength, and I tip my hat to you in respect. Happy Veterans Day. God Bless America. Today and every day….🇺🇸

Today’s words weren’t OIL that easy…PIMPLE impelled a few of the Early Morning Jumblers to scratch their heads, while FERRET scurried around for a while before it came into view…The other 4 words…Iffy, but doable…

Our cartoon today has us back out on the OIL FIELDS, which we’ve visited many times before.  You may recall that just one month ago exactly, on October 11th, we visited with a couple who were not SITTING WELL because an OIL RIG had been erected right beyond their front porch…WELL at least today we’re nowhere near a Homestead…Instead we’re seeing a man who truly brings it on HOME! He’s a OneMan RIGGING Crew! And he’s telling us so, by saying..”I’m SUCCESSFUL because I do it all”! He DOES it all! And HE’s doing it WELL…Wink..Wink…He..DID WELL FOR HIMSELF! Good one, David! You definitely brought this one BARRELin’ home!

Ok, eye candy…You all know the DRILL..We look for the something that really WRENCHes our eye…We see an OIL BARON who stands out, but the rest is pretty BARREN…A green FIELD, two RIGS in the background. The Man of the Hour…all 24 of them, standing on a yellow ladder with a WRENCH in his hand, working on the MAIN gray RIG. On the ground beside him we see an opened red tool box…and right behind the RIG, we have the front end of an orange car. Not much to go on, a little BORING…But I did find three tiny BITS of candy…Our man is wearing a GREEN HAT, and a single bead of sweat is visible upon his face…But the real MONEY shot? The clasp on the OIL Barons’ TIE? There’s a tiny little OIL RIG on it! Jeff, that’s a HOLE lot of talent! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And remember..OIL’s WELL THAT ENDS WELL, ⛽️🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 11/10/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!                 ♠️  I GOTTA’ HAND IT TO YOU…♠️

🎶 He said, “Son, I’ve made a life out of READIN’ PEOPLE’S FACES, knowin’ what the cards were by THE WAY THEY HELD THEIR EYES...So if you don’t mind me sayin’, I can see you’re out of aces…For a taste of your whiskey, I’ll give you some advice”…He said, “If you’re gonna PLAY THE GAME, boy you gotta LEARN TO PLAY IT RIGHT…You’ve got to know when to hold ’em…Know WHEN TO FOLD ‘EM…There’ll be time enough for countin’, when the dealin’s done…🎶 “The Gambler”Kenny Rogers 1979.              https://tinyurl.com/y9mr5q2x

♠️ The key to playing Poker…well to playing for the win…
Is putting on a Poker Face, and not some silly grin.
So seeing that our girl here has HYENA traits a showin’
I can’t help but keep thinking that the pot will not be growin’
I’m not sure who’s the foil here, so many smiles abound,
You can’t make grandstand gestures when you’re playing for a round.
Nobody here looks DRENCHed in sweat, they all seem quite amused..
So I’m not sure who’s in or not…I feel a bit confused.
Maybe it’s just a friendly game, maybe those chips aren’t real..
‘Cause Poker calls for ownership and DISOWN seems the feel…
Whatever’s going on here, we can see her cards are GRAND
And winning with that Royal Flush, a true GO HAND IN HAND!♠️

All of today’s words are Sweet Repeats, with DISOWN being seen as recently as Octobet 14th. A little quirk, GRAND appeared on The 15th of November last year, and DRENCH the very next day. Our oddest word, HYENA was last seen on December 28th. A few of the Early Bird Jumblers had a little tic with DRENCH, but DISOWN CHIPped away at them the most this morning, with FIVE of them seeing Wisdom at first glance….

So, our cartoon…Once again today, we’re GAMBLING. What’re the ODDS? Having just been at a Casino a few days ago, on the 1st of this month, today we find ourselves at what apPAIRS  to be someone’s basement, since a staircase is seen in the background at left. There’s a POKER GAME in progress, and Jeff, our resident cartoonist, has chosen to be in attendance. Perhaps it’s his residence! ANTE‘s at a table with THREE others, who may be “real life” characters, but I can’t be sure. At first glance, my eyes immediately went to the bald man at front, who I thought to be David. But because of the heavy eyebrows and rather exaggerated jowl, I wouldn’t PUT MY MONEY on it. We see our sole woman player, holding a ROYAL FLUSH in her HAND, with the 10-JACK-QUEEN-KING and ACE of SPADES clearly visible. Nice detail, Jeff. And since nothing beats what she’s HOLDING in her HAND in a POKER GAME…and those double H’s and D’s were hard to miss, our solution was a simple one…The ROYAL FLUSH and WINNING? They…GO HAND AND HAND! Good one, David! Once again, you’ve HANDed us a WINNER! 

OK, eye candy…The panel’s shaded in light teal, but the colors today are very vibrant. The CHIPS are all RED ones, which are FIVE dollar CHIPS, so it looks like the entire POT is under $200. It seems that Jeff and the other gentleman playing are “ALL IN” too, since there are no CHIPS showing in front of them. They’re both TALKING TRASH to our woman, trying to unnerve her, and cause her to FOLD, but she’s got her MIND SET on WINNINGDIRTY pool, Guys! The other man, who apPAIRS  to be a little older, is wearing a gray pull OVER, with yellow striped sleeves, and he’s sporting a rather oversized chain with an amulet of some kind at his neck. His eyeglasses are trendily red-stemmed. He’s wearing a black cap, and the image on the white inset looks like a familiar LOGO, but I’m DRAWING a blank, and I just can’t identify it. Perhaps one of you may recognize it. The woman, is sporting a very unique hair cut, which is what LEADS me to believe she’s a friend of Jeff’s. Her right ear has THREE piercings with THREE small loop earrings. And Jeff is dressed in one of his favorite signature black Poi Band T-shirts. If you look real closely, you can see the Logo visible behind his cards. But here’s the TWO things that I’m finding to be the raw DEAL. The bald gentleman at front. I really don’t think it to be David, mostly because of the sinister look of him., especially the dark-bridged eyebrows…But, above his left ear? There’s THREE little MARKings..and whenever Jeff DRAWS a caricature of Dave, he places the exact same THREE dots. A conundrum..And the real WINNER for me today? He doesn’t seem to be HOLDING a HAND, the PILE is too thick. He’s HOLDING what looks to be the remainder of the DECK of cards. So is he the DEALER? And if so, no one HOLDS a deck of cards like that, FOUR fingers or not! The THUMB should be at top, not the bottom. So I’m really LEFT wondering, and the eye candy becomes the “SHY candy”…I’m just SHY of making up my mind! What do you all think? Let me know…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and I’ll FOLD with a little POKER JOKER…What do you call a Comedian who plays POKER? A JACK of all SPADES…and a Master of PUNS! ♠️🙋🏻

POST SCRIPT:  Anyone who follows JUMBLE on Facebook, has already noticed that a new Cover Photo was posted this week. For those of you who don’t follow…(and you should)! 😉 or don’t join us here on Sunday’s…Just a little heads up. Monday begins  the 6th Annual Guest Jumbler Week, where Jeff turns his stylus pens over to a different fellow cartoonist each day. It’s always fun…So, be sure to tune in each day, and be part of whatever surprises are in store for us this year! 🖊🖌




Jumble Answers for 11/09/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!    🎩 SAY IT ISN’T SO…SERIOUSLY…SAY IT ISN’T SO🎩 

🎶 TALKING is cheap, people follow like sheep…Even though there is no where to go. How could she tell he deceived her so well…Pity she’ll be the last one to know…SILENCE is golden, but my eyes still see…SILENCE is golden, golden, but my eyes still see…🎶 “Silence is Golden” – The Four Seasons 1961                 https://tinyurl.com/yczkfyk5

🎩 From what we see upon the wall, they only have this son,
And most likely the quiet treatment long ago begun.
Dad’s thinking it’s not MANLY, he says so and he’s brash…
He knows this isn’t steady work, there’ll definitely be no STASH.
Where Mom may be more CUDDLY, she’d rather hear him speak,
She’s picturing that box routine he’ll do week after week…
She wonders if it’s her fault, since PONCHO was her choice,
Maybe a name of cover-up made him cover his voice?
Whatever is the reason, it seems mum’s here to stay…
Say what you will, but it looks like it’s down to YOU DON’T SAY! 🎩

While all of our words today are Sweet Repeats, the anagrams are all new; and while there may be a bit of a challenge to them, for the most part, it’s not much to SPEAK of. Our two oldest words, MANLY and CUDDLY came out of the BOX at the end of 2017, while STASH, which looks like the easiest word of the day, is also the newest, having been seen as recently as October 13th. And just a week before that, on October 6th, we had PONCHO…Ok, that’s a WRAP!

Three times last year, we SPOKE about MIMES here in our Jumble pages: in February, March, and October. But from what I can see, this looks like it’s first APPEARANCE this year. So, let’s ACT IT OUT...Today, Jeff’s brought us into the home of Mr & Mrs WYATT IT-US. Seen sitting in easy chairs, reading, they’re approached by their son, PONCHO, dressed as a MIME. But, MIME oh MIME, it’s not a happy scene…From the dialogue we HEAR that this SILENT desire of their son has once again reared its’ bowler-hatted head. While Mom is asking him to SPEAK OUT, it seems that he’s NOT ALOUD to…You know, MIME rules and all that. And Dad is definitely not happy with the whole thing. He knows that becoming a successful MIME is practically UNHEARD OF! I guess he’s figuring all that money spent on a college education…and the BOX his son will end up thinking OUT OF isn’t even there? No, he can’t HANDle it.. And with him SAYING “Not the MIME thing AGAIN”? I’m guessing the third MIMES the charm…So, in answer to our question. What did they SAY? They said…YOU DON’T SAY! Good one, David! You definitely keep ’em coming…MIME after MIME...

OK, eye candy…Light purple shaded panel, matching green easy chairs. Picture on the wall, showing the IT-US Family, years ago. Mom, wearing powder blue slippers, sits reading a book. Poncho, dressed as we’re TOLD all MIMES are, in striped shirt, bowler hat, and a blue pair of PANTs. O MIME, but wait..shouldn’t they be black? His white face shows the requisite black teardrop, and he’s wearing white gloves. But he’s sporting a bit of a beard on his chin, which is usually UNHEARD of with MIMES. Dad, in black stocking feet, is reading a newspaper, opened to the BLACK and WHITE comic section …We can see the Family Circus and Ziggy, and above that a Jumble puzzle featuring a guitarist. There’s three others also, but I can’t put my FINGER on them. Maybe one of you out there can give me a HAND. But what really caught my eye this morning? The picture on the wall, showing Mom, Dad and Poncho holding balloons…If you look real closely, you’ll see that Mom and Dad had so much more hair back then…Sure, no STRESS! I bet those were the Best MIMES of their lives! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And maybe we should rethink that whole “Children should be seen and NOT HEARD” thing…Just SAYIN‘! 🎩🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 11/08/2018









Happy Thursday, everyone! All of today’s anagrams were new while the clue words they produce were recycled favorites. They were all instantly visible to me except for a tiny hesitation on AGENT. I’ll go ahead and choose it as the most difficult anagram of the day and include a poll down below where you can pick your own. The daily poll has become rather popular so I’ll continue to post one so you can see how your choice compares to the rest of the Jumble geniuses out there.

After zipping through all of the words, we find ourselves transported to a museum where we see a couple of Jumble characters looking at vintage jeans. The characters appear to be in their late 20’s or early 30’s and they’re marveling at some of the stylistic changes the iconic brand has undergone since its founder introduced his first pair in 1873. Exactly one month ago Jeff gave us a cartoon featuring a reading of Mr. Strauss’s will to his heirs. In that analysis, I went into detail about the brand and its founder. Have a look here if you’d like a little more information into the beginnings of the Levi’s brand.

Since today’s panel focused on Levi’s jeans, Jeff went to great lengths to differentiate the pairs by adding subtle details to make each one unique. The far left pair has rolled up bottoms and a slim fit. The next two pairs appear to be boot cuts and are very similar except for slight variations in their color. The final pair features bell bottoms which came to the market in 1966. My favorite detail of today’s cartoon were the brand labels on the belt line of the jeans. Each one is slightly different and shows a progression of the brand through the decades!

The anagram for the final solution consisted of 10-letters. JEAN jumped out at me straight away with the remaining letters leaving a bit of a jumbled mess. Reading the cartoon sentence a few more times brought genealogy to mind and I had to Google the word for the correct spelling. The final solution wasn’t a snap, but I was able to button it down after a couple of minutes. Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 👖

Jumble Answers for 11/06/2018









Happy Tuesday, Jumble fans! This morning I remembered that Guest Jumbler Week usually occurs during the middle of this month. I did a quick search to find out if any news had been released about which cartoonists we might see but nothing has been posted yet. I’ll search again later this week and let everyone know if I stumble across anything.

Today’s puzzle started out with clue words that were all old friends, but their anagrams came up as new. IODINE needed a few extra seconds before coming into view so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. We last saw it used in gameplay on 4/20/18 where it was jumbled as INDOIE. Our oldest clue word of the day was JAGUAR. On 10/21/17 it was jumbled as GRAAUJ which, in my opinion, was much more challenging.

It’s back to the farm for today’s cartoon where we see two goats and a chicken hanging out in the barnyard. The dialogue suggests that the goat in the background is pressuring the other goat to try and jump over the fence. He calls him a chicken in an attempt to motivate him into action which ends up ruffling the feathers of the chicken that is sitting on the fence. I guess you could say that our feathered friend took “offence” to the “bully goats” words!!!

The cartoon was simplistic in nature with only a few extra details catching my eye. Way off in the distance we see a farmhouse with a small windmill just to the left. The fence was of very basic construction consisting of slats of wood nailed to wooden posts. There were tufts of grass around the posts and a few extra squiggly lines indicating grass throughout the panel. My favorite detail was the small bell hanging around the neck of the scared looking goat.

The letter layout for the final solution contained 10-letters and was layed out absolutely perfectly. David did a brilliant job of keeping it cryptic by grouping all of the T’s and I’s together. The G at the end stuck out like a sore thumb bringing GOAT instantly to mind. A bit of shuffling of the letters allowed me to find INTO leaving IT for the finish. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jumble Answers for 11/05/2018









Good Monday morning, everyone! Today’s puzzle started off with repeat clue words, but their anagrams were brand new. Both of the five letter words were instantly visible while the six letter words took some extra time to work through. CRANNY took the longest to decipher making it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. I thought it was CANARY at first glance until I noticed the N’s at opposite ends of the anagram. Using the “double letter” trick of coupling them together brought the solution into view with no trouble whatsoever. Our oldest clue word of the day was LIMIT and was last used in gameplay on 8/12/16 where it was jumbled as MILTI. And on a final note, I noticed that all of our solved clue words were in reverse alphabetical order.

Our cartoon brings us to a bowling alley where we see two Jumble characters having a conversation. The male half is behind the counter and can be seen pointing to one of two cameras that are mounted overhead. The cartoon sentence informs us that there have been some thefts recently so the cameras were necessary to help catch the suspect(s).

Cartoon artist, Jeff Knurek, utilized every bit of space within the panel which made this piece visually appealing. The bespectacled gentleman behind the counter has just finished spraying some antifungal/deodorant spray in one of the shoes and we see a cloud of the product lingering above it. The display case shows us two bowling pins and a single ball on a pedestal base. I noticed some tiny writing on the woman’s shirt and zoomed in for a closer look. Embroidered on her shirt is the name “Doris” and she is drawn looking rather perturbed. The cartoon didn’t tell us what was stolen or whether the suspect was an employee, but either way she is disgusted by the act.

In the background we see a man that has just rolled his bowling ball down the lane. The action line shows the path of the ball as it makes a perferct curve and seemingly takes down all of the pins. Just to his right is another lane where we see two open seats and a small table. Jeff even added the ball return for some extra flair!

The layout for the final solution consisted of an 11-letter anagram. The IKS coupled together brought STRIKE to mind leaving AGAIN to be found in a flash. Have a magnificent Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!!!

Jumble Answers for 11/04/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!          🏡 A SITE FOR SURE BUYS? 🏡

🎶 I got my SIGHTS SET on you, and I’m ready to aim, I have a heart that will…never be tamed…I knew you were something special when you spoke my name…Now I can’t wait, to see you again…🎶 ” See You Again” – Miley Cyrus  2007

🏡 There used to be a time when as a DRIVER one would see,
A countryside so beautiful, each SEASON’s majesty…
With farmland lush, POTATO crops, just one that you’d see THRIVE,
MOSAIC-like the colors…Made one always feel alive.
But then the word “development” became the normal rank,
And over time the beauty and the lushness all but SHRANK
And homes appeared where trees once stood, the skyline gone away,
“Estates” became the go-to word…that dawned a brand new day.
One wonders when “development” will finally see it’s time to quit…
Until then we put up with he who HAD HIS “SITES” SET ON IT…🏡

With none of today’s words being new, the one showing up as the oldest is MOSAIC. Having appeared here on both September 18th, 2016, and again on March 4th, 2017, it was the hardest one to solve on both those days. And yet today, so far, I’m hearing no hosTILE rumblings. What is causing a bit of a turn, is DRIVER. Two of the Early Birds saw Varied…But the rest of our 6-letter words today haven’t yet BUILT up any steam…

Our cartoon this morning brings us out into the countryside, to the SITE of the Mountainous Edelweiss Estates. We see a man and a woman, from the DEVELOPEMENT Company. Our dialogue is telling us that despite there being some SET backs, the Developer came out ON TOP, and managed to get his HOMES built upon the MOUNTAINS. We hear words like..”finally”, “property” “vision”Insight!…Or do we hear words like…Money, greed, and “There goes the neighborhood”? Anyway, with our question stating that despite the difficulties, the homes were built…it was because the developer..HAD HIS “SITES” SET ON IT. Very clever pun, David. It hit HOME!

Ok, eye candy…While Edelweiss means “white flower” there’s not a one to be seen. Ironically enough, the entire panel is awash in green. The mountains, the sky, the clouds, the HOMES…all green. The color of money? Ah, development! We see two homes, one completed, one just framed. The one that’s completed shows solar panels on its’ roof, an attached mail box, an ornately S-shaped doorknob, (nice detail, Jeff), a glass-paneled door with a lintel above, a large bay window, and two small bushes flanking the doorway. Oval shaped tiles lead from the doorway to the front of the property…But again, there’s no color. Off into the background, we see placards showing where I imagine an additional three homes will be built, going further up the mountain. (But what about the roads? ERODE is needed, no)?…And at front, we see the large sign claiming “Edelweiss Estates-Wonderful VIEWS Available“. The irony, huh? Déjà VIEW…we’ve heard and seen it all before…We see our two developers, she in a black dress, with a thin necklace and button earrings, he in a blue shirt and black tie. She’s holding papers, he’s got binoculars..better to VIEW his “Reality”…His inSITE! Maybe it’s me, but somehow there’s not much of anything sweet enough here today to earn the TITLE of eye candy…I think I’ll go with what’s without…what we don’t see. The blue sky, the tress, the white flowers…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember to stop and smell the white flowers…🏡🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 11/03/2018






VE   PR   OR   UO   =  POUR OVER 

Good Morning, Everyone!                🍦 TO “B” OR NOT TO “B”? 🍦

🎶Giddy yap, Giddy yap, Giddy yap….Buy BORDENS today….🎶  VINTAGE 1960 BORDENS MILK COMMERCIAL..


🍦 I always wondered what’s involved with creating a new taste
The pros and cons, how much is good and how much goes to waste…
To feel you’re on the VERGE of something that could be a smash,
And reach the point where you can UNLOAD what’s considered trash.
The best one’s always set APART, the one that goes to fame,
The one whose formula you HARBOR searching for a name.
But seeing this I’m thinking now my thoughts should tell me that
The bottom line is somebody must play the old lab rat…
And there is nothing glamorous here with wires all stuck on her
The girl’s an Ice Cream Guinea pig, and her brain they POUR OVER! 🍦

First things first…Today’s words are all SWEET Repeats. VERGE is our oldest, dating back to August 29th, 2015. None of them are words we’ve seen this year at all. UNLOAD caused a slight bit of unrest, because the Early Birds say they kept hearing Aloud speaking to them..When we last saw it here, on July 13th, 2016, anagrammed as Uldnoa, it was easily solved. Today’s anagram may be a bit more difficult, and may be the reason that it slowed a few of the guys down. Usually, when I see a U and a N in one of our words, I always try it first…UN..etc. Just a thought. Anyway, what are your thoughts this morning? Was UNLOAD a burden or not? Write in and let us know…

So…Today’s cartoon brings us into a Lab where we read that two scientists are monitoring a young girls reactions to a new sauce. I got the answer immediately upon reading our question, but for some reason, something about the cartoon was gnawing at me. I think it’s because I saw the Ice Cream carton, and the Cow. And I saw ELSIE, the old BORDENS trademark. And then I saw our girl, POURing from example “B“…I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I went to do a little research. And I ask…Is it just me, or do you, our readers join me in NOT knowing that there isn’t a “BORDENS” anymore? Not since the 1990’s. And yet, I can’t help but think that the cartoon screams…Bordens!! Anyway, I could be so far off the mark that it isn’t even funny as they say, but this is where my head ended up this morning. 🎶I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream…🎶 Ahem…And the scientists studied our girl, POURing the sauce of her choice, and gathered the data, so that they could POUR OVER it…A SWEET surprise of a solution…Great pun, David, you’ve dished up another winner!

Ok, Eye candy…The entire panel is shaded in purple. Once I got past the 4 EEG wires connecting our girl to the laptop, the other little tidbits were: The tiny droplet about to drop from the burner on the back table. The female scientist is left handed. Yay! The three sauce choices are labeled as: A in peach, B in pink, and C in yellow. The Ice Cream is a beige color, and the sauce POURing out of the B bottle is Brown. The scooper is gray. Jeff’s now familiar Pineapple logo can be seen on the laptops’ cover. But the eye candy? Atop Elsie’s head, on  the Ice Cream carton? It says “MOO”! ..MOO HOO...What happened to Bordens? So, There you have it Folks, Done.  I realize that my thoughts may seem a little scrambled this morning, and I apologize. I’ve included a link above, to an old Bordens commercial. Again, as I said, I could be way out in LEFT FIELD with this whole thing, but that’s just my take on it today…and I didn’t  want to feel COWered into being ashamed to say it! Have a great day, Everyone! GOT MILK? 🍦🐄🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 11/02/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!         💃🏻 LAST TANGO IN…MARRIAGE? 💃🏻

🎶 Will you be my Mr. Right?…Can you fill my appetite? I can’t be sure that you’re the one for me…But all that I ask is that you DANCE with me…Oh I need you, by me, beside me, to guide me, to hold me, to scold me, ’cause when I’m bad, I’m so, so jbad…So let’s DANCE, this last DANCE..Let’s DANCE, this last DANCE..Let’s DANCE, this last DANCE, tonight…🎶 “Last Dance” – Donna Summer 1978

💃🏻When “Dancing With the Stars” began so many years ago,
I think most people thought..”Dancing? Boy, what a joke this show”…
To take professional dancers and try to UNIFY a team,
With stars and teach them how to dance…far-fetched is what it seemed…
The stars we thought would be SCARCE, but little did we know,
The show became an instant hit, on air and VIDEO.
We saw a renewed interest in dancing where there’s touch…
With backgrounds of PAGODAs and Castles and the such.
The romance found resurgence, more couples took a chance…
And soon enough we got to see much less of “AVOID DANCE”! 💃🏻

OLE…Friday! Today’s words, while all Sweet Repeats, in my opinion, are anagrammed with a little more difficulty this time around. The oldest of our group, VIDEO, last appeared back on December 15th, 2016, but as Voide. A lot easier to SEE…And so far this morning, this is what I’m hearing from the Early Morning Jumblers: Avoid and Endive. Endive? N ..where’s the N? And the other stickler, SCARCE, seen a mere three weeks ago exactly, on October 13th as Racesc, didn’t cause any of the brouhaha that it’s causing today. Im getting a lot of Saucer! Well, U know there’s no U…So, if you’re going to DISH it out…etc, etc…Anyway, our remaining two words, both last seen in 2017, were easily side STEPped…So with that said and done, let’s TROT over to our cartoon…

Today we find ourselves in the living room of JUANA and ROCK. Juana, dressed to the nines, is looking forward to TANGO DANCING the night away, but Rock is doing anything he can to SHIMMY out of it, and SIDESTEP  the idea by giving her some JIVE excuses…I say, “What a CON. GA on, Rock…dance with the woman! Claiming you’ve got work to do and puzzles to catch up on? What a HUSTLE! I can’t even BEGUINE to FIGURE you out…” Oh, it just makes me want to STOMP my foot…But what’s the POINTE? It doesn’t look like we’re going to get Rock to MOVE off that chair…Because no matter how we TWIST it, I doubt we’re going to get past his…”AVOID-DANCE“! Well what do you know, FOLKs! David’s given us another PAS..O, he’s good!

Ok, eye candy…Within a Blue shaded panel, we see Juana decked out in a Cranberry colored dress, fringed in Black at the hem…Her shoes are Black spikes, sexily laced up at the ankles. She’s wearing 2 Bangles on each of her wrists, and BALL-shaped hanging earrings…Perfect jewelry, not an overabunDANCE…Her hair is styled high upon her head, in two buns. I wonder if a low PONY tail may have worked better, though. But she looks beautiful, and you’d think she’d definitely SHAKE Rock up a little…Rock, on the other HAND…JIVE looking. Sitting clad in casual clothes, shoeless with black socks, we see him reading a newspaper. Featured on the page are a Jumble puzzle with a puppy, Jeffy from Family Circus, and a SQUARE shaped cartoon that I can’t identify. If anyone can make it out, please let me know. Except for Rock’s Brown easy chair, and matching side table with a Gold-shaded reading lamp, there’s no other furniture showing…So what will the eye candy be? I have to go with Juana’s SHOES…They’re just so on POINTE! So, There you have it, Folks, Done. Have great day, Everyone…and remember…Never stop DANCING…It’s so good for our SOLES…💃🏻🙋🏻

** I just realized that the Email sent out this morning had the letters VDN listed as being taken from VIDEO. It should have read the letters VD only. I apologize if the typo caused any confusion. Thank you.🙋🏻