Jumble Answers for 09/22/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!            🐶 DOGGONE IT! 🐶

🎶 If I had my life to live over…I know just what I’d like to be. A pampered PET of a rich brunette, sitting on my Mama’s knee…Someone to love me, Someone to care..Rubberduck dubble little fingers through my hair…I need a DOG’S life, What a life, that’s good enough for me….That’s good enough for me…🎶 “A Dog’s Life” – Elvis  1965

🐶 At first we feel UNEASY picking on the little pup,
We must look so big and BURLY when the little guy looks up…
It’s a KNOTTY situation…once you start the habit forms,
And then Dog upon your furniture has now become the norm.
But it simply stands to reason that a chair that you love best,
Is going to be the one he’ll choose when looking for a rest..
Only now his presence like a GRAFT has taken its’ own place,
And there’s times when who first hits the chair becomes a little race…
So the pup who’s now a full grown Dog’s become a cushion scrounger,
And just like you his favorite chair is now the “BARK-A-LOUNGER”!🐶

Each of our words today is a Sweet Repeat. We have 2 words from 2016, and 2 from 2017. As to today’s COMFORT LEVEL within our words, what I’m hearing so far this morning is that UNEASY made quite a few Folks just that…UN is it the U-N? Most likely…but seeing SAY as soon as we look at the word may also have something to do with it. Although when it last appeared on December 14th, ’17 as YUSANE, it also caused a bit of Unease…Let’s see what tree it BARKS up this time around…

Our cartoon today brings us into an average living room, where we see a not so average BARCALOUNGER. I only say this because the LOUNGER we see here  is a bright Salmon-colored one, not the usual Black, Brown, Beige we’ve all come to know and love over the years. We see our co-star, a man looking to be in his 30’s, showing annoyance at finding his DOG cozily ensconced in his favorite chair. He’s TAILing him to MOVE off his chair, but our REGAL BEAGLE seems to be the KING of this Castle..and gives him a “WOOF you leave me alone” in response! …And we’re given the question..The DOG’S FAVORITE CHAIR is a? Hmm…Are we FACEd with a conflict of interest? A PAWS for concern? A RUFF patch to get over…with ROVER? Is the POOCHer a Moocher? Perhaps so, because our DOG’S favorite chair is the…”BARK-ALOUNGER“! Well, look at that…We’ve UNLEASHED another good one! Great job, David! You took a nice BITE out of this!

Ok, eye candy. We see a credenza against the back wall, nicely FRAMED. Two photos sit atop, one an oval-shaped wedding picture of our home owner and his wife, and the other a square shot of ROVER with a ball. Beyond that, a flight of steps. Our man, bespectacled, is wearing a Blue T-Shirt, and sporting the trendy Sponge-Twist hairstyle popular among African-American males today. I love the longer length in the back. He’s holding a newspaper, folded to the Comics section, where we can see from top left…Pass, Ziggy, Family Circus, and below that…Pass, and then the Jumble. It doesn’t appear to be today’s Jumble though, since the answer circles are different, and the man in the puzzle has straight hair. If anyone can make out the two Comics I passed on, please let me know. They both DOGGED me…So, what would be my eye candy today? RUFF call…But I’m running so late as it is, and not to spend too much time KIBBLEing over it, I’m just going to go with the look on ROVER’S face...We can’t see any CANINE teeth being bared…but those EYES? The angry deTAIL Jeff’s giving us with those furrowed Brows?  I do think this may prove to be quite the STAND off…So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And remember…It’s far FETCHED to go through Life thinking we’ll never have to ROLL OVER…What’s important is knowing what’s worth fighting FUR, and when we should just TAKE A WALK….🐶🙋🏻





Jumble Answers for 09/21/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!        🤔 🎶I THINK We’re Alone Now…🎶🤔

🎶 You better THINK (THINK)…THINK about what you’re trying to do to me, THINK (THINK, THINK)…Let your mind go, let yourself be free. Let’s go back, let’s go back, Let’s go way on, way back when…I didn’t even know you, you couldn’t have been too much more than ten (just a child)…I ain’t no psychiatrist, I ain’t no doctor with degrees, But it don’t take too much high IQ’s…To see what you’re doing to me…THINK (THINK)…THINK about what you’re trying to do to me, ooh…THINK (THINK)…Let your mind go, let yourself be free…🎶 “Think” – Aretha Franklin  1968

🤔 Originally named the “Poet” and part of “The Gates of Hell”,
Rodin then second guessed it and the idea he did quell.
Not a BISON nor a GEYSER nor a CELLO needed here…
He thought and then decided on its own this one could bear.
So renamed as the “The Thinker”, something we could look up to,
It re-emerged in 1904, treated DEARLY in reviews…
And today it’s widely recognized as quite venerable,
Think what you may, the effort here was “CONSIDER-ABLE”! 🤔

Despite all of today’s words being Sweet Repeats, I’m hearing from the early morning Jumblers that both CELLO and GEYSER are causing them to THINK a little more than usual. And also that a good number of them had to CHIP AWAY at today’s answer…That “CONSIDER-ABLE” POSED a bit of a problem…It does seem to BEND the rules a bit…But what a gift with DEARLY, right?  Even spelt wrong, it’s still reads Right!

So, on to our cartoon…Today, we’re visiting the ART Studio of famed Sculptor, AUGUSTE RODIN, and we see him putting some FINISHING touches on his iconic SCULPTURE “THE THINKER”. Deciding to make it a solo piece of ART, he’s telling his visitor that not only will it STAND ALONE, but that he has LOFTY IDEALS for it, and envisions it as being viewed from below…He’s obviously put a LOT of THOUGHT  into this, and carefully CONSIDERED the odds…So, in answer to our question? The effort RODIN put into the SCULPTURE was…”CONSIDER-ABLE”! Good one, David! Right UP there with the best of them…

Ok, eye candy. RODIN’s guest is very fashionably dressed for the time period, early 1900’s. Wearing a Khaki colored suit, he’s sporting a blue shirt and a Reddish-Purple Tie. Knee high Black Boots give him a very debonair look. The mustached, bearded RODIN, RUNG UP on a ladder…is attired in various shades of Blue, and looking ever the ARTISTE in his longer-length duster. The ubiquitous Black Beret sits atop his tête…Clumps of the Bronze Clay can be seen on the floor below the Statue. But the “pièce de résistance” today? If you look closely, way in the background, on the bench? You’ll see some ROBED FIGURES that were part of RODIN’s original work of ART, the aforementioned “GATES OF HELL”... Now how cool is that? Oh, wait..I mean How HOT is that? So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone!…And enjoy! As for me…It’s still so early…I THINK I’ll just SIT for a while, and CHILL….🤔🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 09/20/2018









Happy Thursday, everyone! All of the clue words this morning were recycled favorites, but the anagrams were fresh and new. WIZARD and SENSE were both instantly visible leaving me plenty of time to work through the other two. At first I thought GAVEL might have been GLAVE but it just didn’t look right. SUBMIT took the longest to decipher and is my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. The oldest clue word today was WIZARD. Last used on 5/17/17, it was jumbled as DIRZWA. There’s no hiding the “Z” and “W” which makes the answer jump right out at you, almost as if by magic.

Our cartoon today was sports themed with the setting being a boxing arena. My eyes were instantly drawn to the boxer that is down on one knee which seems to indicate that he’s about to make a marriage proposal. The cartoon sentence confirmed my suspicion so I read the dialogue between the characters to get all the juicy details of this heartwarming event.

The commentators in the rear of the panel are telling their audience that they have a great view of the proposal. One would think that the boxing ring would obscure their view but Jeff took care of this obstacle by making sure that their table was elevated just enough to see over the ring and down on the floor. Jeff truly takes into account all of these minor details while drawing to make sure his work is as accurate and convincing as possible.

Turning my attention to the lovebirds, I was overjoyed to see that she accepted his proposal. Upon hearing the positive response, our champ enthusiastically responds with a punny reply of “You’ve knocked me out!”. Looking at the boxers eye, it seems as though this is the second time that he’s been knocked out today. My paper prints the cartoon in black and white and there’s a noticeably large black ring around his eye. This leads me to believe that the proposal took place shortly after the boxing match ended.

The surprise answer contained a pair of quotes which lets us know that we’re most likely going to have to work a bit to figure it out. After a few easy puzzles this week, I was more than ready to accept the task and enthusiastically began my solve. The letter layout was a modest 12-letters in length which I admit looked cryptic at first. The visual clues of the engagement ring and the boxing ring made RING the obvious starting point. SEAT and SIDE were easily found to deliver the finishing blow to this touching Jumble puzzle. Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Bonus Content:

Earlier this year the Jumble creators helped a gentleman deliver a marriage proposal of his own in one of their puzzles. Click HERE to read this amazing story!

Jumble Answers for 09/19/2018









Good morning, Jumble players! For a Wednesday surprise, Mr. Hoyt gave us a new clue word in FOLKSY. It was also my choice for the most difficult anagram of the day so it’s pulling double duty this morning. I’m sure some of you are thinking that ROTARY deserved the top spot but we’ve seen it too many times in the past for it to cause any problems other than perhaps a quick second glance. BEACH is the oldest clue word of the group having last been used on 6/6/16 and jumbled as CABHE. With all of the clue words out of the way, I was ready for some cartoon fun!

The setting for today’s panel brings us to a repair shop where we see two Jumble characters hard at work. The man on the left, identified as “Tom” by the name tag that he’s wearing, pauses for a moment to have a few words with an employee seated to his right. The cartoon dialogue centers around the billboard across the street while the cartoon sentence informs us that Tom has invested quite a bit of his hard earned money on the sign.

The words on the billboard were quite large and easy to see in my newspaper. For those that couldn’t make it out, it reads “FAMILY FIX-IT SHOP” followed by “We can fix anything!”. The sign also had a picture of a lamp on the left and a lawnmower on the right. At the very top of the billboard there are three small lights to indicate that it can be illuminated. That must have been a pricey feature and no doubt added significantly to its’ cost.

Since the sign says “Family Fix-It Shop”, we can reasonably assume that the female character we see is either Toms wife or close relative. Both of the characters hands are obscured from view so we aren’t able to see a wedding ring. Her dialogue says “We’ve put everything into them” which seems to indicate that it was a mutual decision. Based upon these observations, I’d venture a guess and say that they are indeed married but it really had no impact on the overall puzzle.

We do see quite a few details within the drawing, so let’s start with Tom first. He’s holding a screwdriver in his right hand and his bench has two screws, a spring, some wire snips, and a lawn trimmer. The female, who is wearing a name tag with no name on it, is also holding a screwdriver and can be seen fixing a small gadget. There are a few tiny parts on her desk that look like a flat washer, a gear and a hex key. My favorite detail wasn’t any of these, but if you look out their window you’ll probably notice it. It was the two-tier cake visible in the shop across the street!

The letter layout for the final solve was 10-letters in length. FOR was instantly visible after writing out the letters. Crossing it out, GO came into view next followed by BROKE for the finish. The surprise answer seemed like a repeat and a quick search showed that it was used on 3/16/16 with the layout of ORBFKOEROG. Even though it was a repeat solution, the well-drawn cartoon and new clue word in FOLKSY made for a Wednesday winner. Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jumble Answers for 09/18/2018











Happy Tuesday, Jumble fans! VIGIL is a new clue word making its debut this morning. The rest are recycled favorites that were repurposed into all new anagrams. DISMAL is the oldest one of the bunch and was last used in gameplay on 12/27/16. The most difficult anagram for me this morning was KNIGHT. At first glance it looked like THINK or THING but a bit of mental gymnastics allowed the correct answer to finally reveal itself.

When first looking at the cartoon, we see two people admiring the outside facade of a home. They both have expressions of happiness and appear to be awestruck by the structure. The cartoon sentence reveals that the building is Graceland which was home to the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley!

Graceland is a mansion situated on a 13.8 acre estate in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s street address is 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard and is about 9 miles from Downtown and less than 4 miles north of the Mississippi border. Presley purchased Graceland on March 19, 1957 for the royal sum of $102,500.

There were a few interesting details hidden in today’s panel that I’d like to call your attention to. First up was the female sightseer taking a photo of Graceland with her phone. Jumble artist, Jeff Knurek, somehow managed to capture all of the beautiful detail of the home and produce a mirror image of it on her tiny screen. Super impressive! The shirt that our male half is wearing has a logo with the letters TCB and is accompanied by a lightning bolt. TCB stands for “Takin’ Care of Business” and was a favored motto of the king while the lightning bolt represents “In a Flash”. Lastly was the marble lion statue near the walkway of the home. Elvis purchased two lion statues in August, 1957 and an invoice shows that the cost and installation of them totaled $1,000.

The letter layout for the final solution was an enormous 14-letter anagram. The KNG at the end of the anagram brought KING instantly to mind. LIVED jumped out at me next leaving LIKE and A for the finish. A very impressive cartoon and a terrific surprise answer made today’s Jumble a treat to solve. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jumble Answers for 09/17/2018









Good Monday morning, Jumble friends! It was a super easy puzzle today with all of our clue words being recycled favorites. The anagrams were all new but didn’t pose much of a challenge. VIOLIN was the only one to give me a moment of pause making it my choice for the most difficult anagram of the day. It was also the oldest clue word in the bunch having last been used on 10/25/16 and jumbled as IONLIV.

At first glance, the setting for today’s cartoon looked like a repeat. We see three men in the middle of a wide open expanse that appear to be taking pictures of a plane going by. The cartoon sentence informs us that it’s Chuck Yeager that they’ve come to see, but he’s going so fast that they can’t take a decent photo or recording of the flight.

Regular players of the game might recall that back in June we had another Yeager themed cartoon. It also featured three people staring up at the sky, but they appeared to be members of the air force. Since today’s game was a cinch, I figured that I’d include a link to my previous post where you can read all about this historic event in more detail.

Since the cartoon featured an event that occurred in 1947, Jeff was able to capture the feel of a period piece with the members of the press dressed in suits and hats of the era. The equipment that we see them using must have been high-tech at the time but it appears oversized and outdated which also added to the period effect. My favorite detail of the piece was the vapor cone that we see indicating the point where Yeagers’ aircraft broke the sound barrier.

The letter layout for the final solution was 6-letters in length. The “Z” was all I needed to see to figure out the solution. Although the surprise answer was an easy task, it suited the cartoon perfectly and made for a fun finish. Have a merry Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jumble Answers for 09/16/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!            🗣 CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? 🗣

🎶 Ain’t no MOUNTAIN high enough….Ain’t no valley low enough, (Say it again)..Ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from you…Ain’t no MOUNTAIN high enough…Nothing can keep me…keep me from you…🎶 “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – Diana Ross   1970

🗣 To a person plagued with Vertigo, a mountain top’s not grand,
We function so much better when upon the ground we stand….
The Nitty-GRITTY comes to this, we count ourselves among,
The group content to HOBNOB at a ladders’ bottom rung…
There is no quest to scale a peak…A peek to us just means
We peek inside a package, if we can’t SUBDUE a scheme…
Adventurous is not a tag that ROTATEs in our realm,
We lead and we may FOLLOW, but we never overwhelm.
The Top to us means TOUPEE, or a Tune within the Ten,
You’re never gonna see us any higher than a Glen…
So as I stated earlier, we stay at bottom rungs…
And listen to the rest yell at the TOP OF THEIR LUNGS! 🗣

Sunday. My favorite Jumble Day! More words, bigger words…I can get HIGH from this, really! So, first glance? Those two at the left? Left me no doubt…Solved! Next, our words…Despite 5 of the 6 being Sweet Repeats, today’s anagrams are of an exceptionally HIGH quality! The newcomer to TOP it off? TOUPEE! And I have to share…One of my early morning Jumblers? After I asked did he think it might garner the HIGHEST number of votes to be the stumper? His response? …”I’m sure several people will WIGgle around it”! LOL…See, this is why he’s my favorite! Ok, ok, so I’m easily impressed…what can I say? And 3 votes came in for HOBNOB, which is defined as…”mix socially, especially with those of HIGHER social status”…It’s just a serendipity day, isn’t it? Ok, our cartoon…We find ourselves ATOP a MOUNTAIN. To me, a pure cry for ALP! As I mentioned earlier, I am soooo not one of these people. These BOULDER types, that REACH their potential in life by CLIMBING these MOUNTAINS. Again, I don’t even like CLIMBING a ladder! But Jeff’s giving us three people, two men and a woman, having reached their PEAK. And of COURSE, they’re TRILLed! Celebrating, and rejoicing at the…TOP OF THEIR LUNGS! Well…YODEL Dee..YODEL Die…Good one, David…And I’m sure all of you out there ECHO my sentiments…

Ok, eye candy…Today, I’m giving major Kudos to the Color Man, because this one is really a BUTTE! I’ll have to SHOUT OUT to Jeff later, and ask what name these people who color the panels go by…The MOUNTAIN they’re standing on, is a BUTTEiful shade of Salmon, with brown shading, and it looks perfectly drawn to SCALE in comparison to the others in the background. Those are a brown shade, PEAKed with black. The sky is blue, the clouds are white…This truly is a pure deLIGHT! And Jeff’s even sketched in a bit of water flowing on each side…WATER nice touch…And there’s a tiny TREE sprouting at the forefront…Our CLIMBERS are impeccably dressed…surprising though, considering that they’ve been CLIMBING..Should we just take it for GRANITE? I’m KNOT sure…But the real eye catchers today? It’s what’s missing…What I can’t SCREE…The man to the left, and the woman…Where are their TREKking POLES? How’d they get all the way UP there without POLES? And now that I’m thinking about it…Where are the BACKPACKS?  I see one little POCKET in the woman’s CARGO shorts…What could she possibly fit in there?  No matter how much she SCALED back? ARÊTE a minute…Where’s the cREST of the details? Hmm..I think this is a little ROUGH around the EDGES…don’t youSo, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And to SUMMIT all up? Let’s all LIFT one another UP today…Set our Sights HIGHER, sPEAK HIGHLY of our neighbors, and just ROCK ON! 🗣 🙋🏻   And let’s remember those in Florence’s path…🙏🏻


Jumble Answers for 09/15/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!          🙏🏻 MAY THE SPIRIT BE WITH YOU 🙏🏻

🎶 If you think you’re hearing something….And you can’t think what it is, If you feel a quiet longing…Lift your heart into the wind. There you’ll find my KINDRED SPIRIT…There you’ll meet me as a friend….It is just a KINDRED feeling…And a song to let you in…🎶 “Kindred Spirit” – Cyndi Lauper 1989

🙏🏻 In life we all will come across so many different souls…
We’re PRONE to form a friendship where a certain bond enfolds.
With a person who won’t STRAND you, and who’ll keep your secrets near…
Someone who sees the you, that’s you and keeps the friendship dear.
With nothing to DIVIDE you, and a sense of SILKY ease,
You look upon this person with whom life is such a breeze…
A friend like this is rare indeed…you’ll never call it quits,
You’re truly blest to be known as the two KINDRED SPIRITS…🙏🏻

Today’s puzzle contains all words that we’ve seen before. Our cartoon…It’s a bit eerie…In light of the devastation taking place in our country today, with the wrath of Florence, I find the puzzle very bittersweet. We see the smiling SPIRITS of two FIREFIGHTERS, sitting together on a park bench. The panel is very stark. Except for the green of the grass, the brown of the tree trunk, and a little blue-gray of the bench, there is no color…Even the leaves on the tree are white. The FIREMEN themselves are gray images, drawn with transparency, so as to blend into the bench; and you can see the blackened edging where the grass ends faintly transposed across their faces in waved lines. Their conversation centers on the dedication these brave men possess when it comes to helping others…and they find that they both became FIREMEN for that same altruistic reason. The men are SPIRITS, KINDRED SPIRITS. And what makes it so bittersweet for me, is that since they’re dressed in their uniforms, with the one man still holding a pick axe, I can’t help but wonder if they died “as FIREMEN. If they died in the line of duty...And after watching the news all day, and seeing these selfless men out there risking their own safety to help rescue others, it just makes me sad…Hence the somber tone of this write-up today. It’s just a bit overwhelming seeing what’s happening to our neighbors in the South. My heart goes out to them, my prayers go out to them, my Faith, however shaken by events such as this is with them… I wish Everyone a blessed day, and I’m going to end this with words that I always believed could mend any fence, right any wrong, and end any war…“Love thy Neighbor as Thyself”. 🙏🏻🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 09/14/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!      🙄 ESP…ecially WHEN THEY’RE WRONG! 🙄

🎶 GYPSYS, tramps, and thieves…We’d hear it from the people of the town,
They’d call us GYPSYS, tramps, and thieves…But every night all the men would come around…And lay their money down…🎶 “Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves” – Cher 1971

🔮 You pay the woman $10…You’re wondering what you’ll get…
And for Mr. Mittens sitting here, this seer ‘ain’t got it yet.
He hears her INVENT stories, her guesses off the mark,
The DEPTH of psychic knowledge so far looking pretty stark.
The IRONY, the disbelief, it’s all coincidence…
This seer is stabbing in the dark to gain his confidence.
So thinking Mr. Mittens with a name such as he has
Must have a cat is giving him a major case of blahs…
He’s getting mad, his attitude quite STORMY say the least,
His doubt is mounting as his thoughts of swindle are increased.
Let’s face it Folks, he should have known…What did he think he’d find?
I bet that I could tell you what might now ENTER HIS MIND! 🔮

All of our words today are Sweet Repeats, the most recent being IRONY, which adorned our pages not long ago, on June 26th. DEPTH, which we saw on October 14th of last year, was anagrammed as PHEDT, just a one-letter difference than today’s. The stumper to close out this week? If I had to GUESS? I’m READING INVENT, from what emails friends have sent this morningSo maybe that’s it? Or maybe not? 😉

Ok..Our Cartoon. Today we find ourselves at some sort of State Fair. I say this,  because, off in the background, silhouetted in black, we can see Carnival-type tents, and a Ride of some sort, perhaps a Tilt-A-Whirl. Sitting in a tent, we find MS. IDA TAKEAGUESS, claiming to have ESP..EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION, giving a PSYCHIC BLEEDING, I mean READING, to a MR. MITTENS. We “hear” her telling him that she SEES him “Thinking about” his cat…Only thing is...MR. MITTENS is ALLERGIC to cats! Now that’s nothing to SNEEZE at, that’s a big mistake! So that right there is giving him PAWS. He’s beginning to SEERiously doubt this whole thing…And rightfully so. She’s not READING his MIND at all…So what’s MR MITTENS really thinking? That he’s been HAD…And he wishes he HAD his $10 back!…Because, as our question is stating…The possibility that ESP is real? Really? It didn’t even ENTER HIS MIND! CRYSTAL BALL, CRYSTAL BALL! There you go, we’ve solved it all! Good one, David! SEERiously….Good one!

Ok, eye candy…What’s inside the tent is kind of BLANK. There’s the little Gold sign stating ESP $10, but I’m not READING much into it. IDA’s wearing a WINE colored TURBAN, which matches her dress, but DECANT get excited over that. MR. MITTENS? Blue shirt, incredulous look…Nothing EXTRAordinary. Blue-Black Fringed Tablecloth…I’ve COTTON better before…I GUESS it’ll have to be the Light Blue CRYSTAL BALL...Yea, it’s the best that I can SEE…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…You have an EXTRA $10 to burn? CATch a movie instead…ESPecially a comedy…You’ll laugh either way! 🔮🙋🏻