Jumble Answers for 01/21/2019






O   HT   TI   OP    =   HOP TO IT

Good Morning, Everyone!              📄  HONEY DO, KANGAROO… 📄

🎶 Bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah…Bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah, at the HOP! Well, you can rock it, you can roll it…You can slop and you can stroll it at the HOP…When the record starts spinnin’, you chalypso when you chicken at the HOP…Do the dance sensation that is sweepin’ the nation at the HOP…🎶 “At The Hop” Danny and the Juniors 1957 https://tinyurl.com/y9jdhrko

📄The old joke about “Honey Do” can always get its laughs,
The husband being put upon, the object of the gaffe…
Sort of a Dagwood Bumstead…a MOUND of chores to do,
When all the while he’s longing for a way to bid adieu.
His vision kind of OPAQUE, he can’t see past the door,
He THINLY tries excuses hoping he can dodge the chores…
Repair the HUTCH, clean the garage, prepare the yard for flowers
And all the while keeping in mind that there is just an hour…
I think she’s really pushing it although the guys no slouch,
That list is way too long for him to get under his pouch…
So her expectations really need to be cut down a bit…
She’s got the poor guy jumpin’, but he can’t just HOP TO IT! 📄

After having a new word on Friday and two more yesterday, I really didn’t expect another today. And yet it looks like there is…in THINLY. Our other words have appeared numerous times before, with MOUND making its 8th showing this morning. HUTCH last appeared on June the 9th, and OPAQUE on March the 29th. None of them posed any problem, although 3 of the Early Birds weren’t that CLEAR at first with OPAQUE

Today our puzzle once again brings us Down Under to Australia. If you remember, we were just here Thursday, watching the Father and son duo CUTTING IT...But today, we’re indoors, and the Aussies are KANGAROOS. We see a couple, the ROO-MATES and their two baby JOEYS. (I’m taking them both as boys, since neither has Jeff’s female eyelashes). Our dialogue is telling us that Mrs Roo-Mate will be out for an hour, and she’s expecting her husband to do a list of chores before she returns. Mr Roo-Mate, having hoped to hang OUT BACK with the guys, maybe listen to a little Hip-HOP, doesn’t seem thrilled…And who can blame him? In order to complete that TO-DO list he’d really have to…HOP TO IT! Good one, David…ROO never let us DOWN..

OK, eye candy…Let’s find that Lolli-HOP…All four are a soft shade of brown…Mrs Roo-Mate has a fancy do…her blonde hair LEAPS up in the BACK. She’s wearing a string of pearls. There’s a red and blue block on the ground reading A-B-C…And the JOEY at left is holding a Platypus doll, while the one at right is getting a KICK out of his ability to JUMP…he’s LEAPING for joy…But the real KICKER here? Mrs Roo-Mate did say she’d be back IN AN HOUR, right? Well that list?…This is how it reads: Clean…Wash windows…Give Joey’s bath…Clean up brush…Make dinner…Are you KIDding me? IN AN HOUR? Boy..talk about a LEAP of faith! I’d be HOPPING mad! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And if you’re lucky enough to be home today, in celebration of Martin Luther King Day? Considering the weather? Relax…It’s a great day to be a POUCH potato! 📄🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 01/20/2019








OSO   NN   GTL   IG   TRG   SIL   =      🏋🏻 STILL GOING STRONG 🏋🏻

Good Morning, Everyone!           🎶WE CAN WORK IT OUT🎶

🎶 Because you know I’m all about those WEIGHTS, ‘Bout those WEIGHTS, no TREADMILL..I’m all ’bout those WEIGHTS, ’bout those WEIGHTS, no TREADMILL, I’m all ’bout those WEIGHTS, ’bout those WEIGHTS, ’bout those WEIGHTS…🎶 “All About That Bass” – Meghan Trainor 2014   https://tinyurl.com/kpjrk4n

🏋🏻 For those who know of Muscle Beach, the story is a good one,
A place where people work out ‘neath the California sun…
A GENTLE breeze surrounds you, like CANCAN dancers frills,
And no need to TRUDGE to a gym to get your workout thrills.
The COSMOS all around you, wide spaces where you’d SWIVEL,
Nobody right on top of you, no listening to drivel…
You see these happy people, where once we had seen Gidget,
In gym attire of all kinds, around their necks a WIDGET.
A great place for a visit, or perhaps you may belong…
But either way, 85 years…and it’s STILL GOING STRONG...🏋🏻

Of our 6 words today, only 4 were found in our listings. CANCAN and WIDGET seem to be joining us for the first time. And except for COSMOS, which appeared in 2017, and just happens to be the one word that caused a FIT or two this morning, we’ve WORKED OUT the other three words within the past 9 months…

Before we begin today’s cartoon, I have to get something off my CHEST. Today’s puzzle seemed familiar, so I went looking through my files, and found the Jumble from New Year’s Eve, 2017. That day we had a puzzle about older guys in their 70s and 80s LIFTING WEIGHTS in a GYM. And the puzzles’ answer was?…WEIGHT for it…Yep, STILL GOING STRONG!...What’re the odds?  Anyway…Despite a good portion of the country being in the midst of a winter storm, our cartoon today brings us to sunny Los Angeles, California, and places us at MUSCLE BEACH, https://tinyurl.com/y7zkbhxo the famous outdoor GYM. We see 13 figures, 6 in blackened silhouette, one of which is lifting WEIGHTS way in the backgroundOf the 5 secondary action characters, left to right, we see a man BENCH PRESSING, a man with DUMBBELLS, a man using a Cable BICEPS Bar Machine, a woman on a Leg Raise Machine, and a man sitting, lifting a BARBELL under the Beach’s concrete BARBELL SCULPTURE. And ourmain characters at front, are a man in a gray Batman Tank and blue Shorts lifting a BARBELL, and saying that his family has been TRAINING there for years, and a woman, clad in a black Sports Bra and Sweatpants, lifting DUMBBELLS and remarking about how the area has grown over the years. A yellow sign reading MUSCLE BEACH VENICE is hanging from an overpass. And as our question states…MUSCLE BEACH, founded in 1934, is STILL GOING STRONG. “Still Goin’ Strong” – Alabama 1993  https://tinyurl.com/y6vdfeqo%C2%A0  Now how cool is that? Both the BEACH and David’s UPLIFTING play on words! Very clever…even though we didn’t need any HEAVY LIFTING to solve this one today!

Ok…eye candy. Except for the 2 main characters at front, the entire background is shaded in purple. The sky is a clear bright blue, with two puffy clouds afloat. Eight Palm Trees, and a lot of beautiful bodies...And that’s the SWOLE story…Need I say more? So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And I’ll leave you with a favorite saying of a friend of mine who just can’t seem to stick with a program…”I’ve been trying to DIET and WORK OUT for years, but with no luck. So I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that the only way I’m going to get “Smokin’ Hot” is by being cremated…”…All new meaning to FEEL THE BURN, huh? 🏋🏻🙋🏻



Jumble Answers for 01/19/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!          👓 THE EYES HAVE IT 👓

🎶 For your EYES only, can see me through the night….For your EYES only, I never need to hide…You can SEE so much in me, so much in me that’s NEW…I never felt until I LOOKED at you…FOR your EYES only..🎶  “For Your Eyes Only” – Sheena Easton  1981 https://tinyurl.com/yarhyap7

👓 When shopping for new glasses, it’s sometimes hard to choose,
So many frames considered, it’s often win or lose…
EPOXY plastic, tortoise-shell, the ones shaped like a  SLEIGH, 
And ones that make you feel like you’re a BIKER chick at play.
You’re sitting there so FREELY, the colors, shapes abound
It’s hard making decisions with so many choices ’round…
Designer names among them, the name upon the frame,
Not really that impressive, ’cause they’ll fit you just the same…
But like our girl we see here, before we make those buys…
Perfection’s what we look for…and that’s “BE-FOR” HER EYES!👓

While none of today’s words were new, there were a few tics here and there. FREELY last seen on September 9th, didn’t come so freely, a few of the Early Birds BLINKED at BIKER, and SLEIGH slayed 3 of the guysOur oldest entry today: EPOXY, not seen since September 2016, and posing no problem…Ok, LENS SEE what our cartoon has to offer…

Our puzzle today brings us inside a neighborhood EYEGLASS Emporium, the HOCUS FOCUS. We see Sarah, the Optician, EYEdentifEYEd by her name tag, fitting our girl, EYEleen for a new pair of glasses. Her dialogue, stating “fit you perfectly NOW“, let’s us know that this isn’t the first LOOK…we’ve walked in on the second FRAME of this picture. But this time, Sarah has adjusted the glasses to an EYEdeal fit, and EYEleen is loving it…So much so, that she’s LOOKING forward to wearing them out…And why not? Let’s FACE it, every woman wants GLASSES that make her LOOK SPECtacular, am I right? And a little SPECS Appeal doesn’t hurt either…So of course EYEleen wants what’s perfect FOR HER…So, in answer to our question? The new GLASSES are right…”BE-FOR” HER EYES!

Ok, EYE candy! Really…EYE candy! There’s a few things to FOCUS on. The entire FRAME is SHADEd light blue, as is Sarah’s blouse, which kind of BLURS her into the background. She’s a redhead, something we don’t SEE all that often. EYEleen is wearing a purple sweater, with some nice RIBbing. The sign, HOCUS FOCUS with its EYEBALL logo, is a great LOOK, inSIGHTful…As are the three rows of FRAMES to the right of it. But as good as it all LOOKS, and as OPTOmistic as I was about the EYE candy, I feel like I’m not making CONTACT, since nothing’s really catching my EYE. So LENS just go with the happy smiles of our two girls…they’re so beFITTING! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll share a little VITREOUS HUMOR with you…Upon being asked recently where I SAW myself next year, I came to this OCCLUSION…I’m not really sure…I don’t have 20/20 VISION!..Yea, I know…I just get CORNEA and CORNEA! 👓🙋🏻   https://tinyurl.com/y85vlrs9  “I Can See Clearly Now” – Johnny Nash 1972 

Jumble Answers for 01/18/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!         📵 NO DIN AT THE INN 📵

🎶 You give me deja vu…Like l’ve been waiting my whole life to find that view…’Cause when i’m lookin at your eyes, I go from California to Timbuktu…Back to dancing in the living room, if I got you, Baby everyday’s a HONEYMOON, Oh, it’s a HONEYMOON…Baby everyday’s a HONEYMOON…🎶 “Honeymoon”- Johnny Stimson 2017   https://tinyurl.com/y9kz9jh5

📵 Today a Honeymoon’s not like it was in bygone days,
It’s been a long time since tradition dictated mores…
Where some things were kept INWARD and couples lived apart,
Today there’s often in our MIDST the horse behind the cart…
But romance still does blossom, whether Honey Bunch or MUNCH
And Honeymoon’s still follow that reception or that lunch…
So this B&B’s a great idea, no phone and no distraction,
(I’m thinking BRONCO missed the cut in this little attraction)…
And couples should enjoy this, just the two without bravado…
A Honeymoon for lovers, truly “INN”- COMMUNICADO! 📵

While we haven’t seen MUNCH since way back in 2014, INWARD appears for the 4th time today, last seen on March 25th, ’18. BRONCO ran through this past July, but it’s MIDST that seems to be amongst us for the first time…None of our words were HEART stoppers, but the Early Birds felt MUNCH took a BIT longer to solve then the others…And while today’s solution is definitely a mouthful…(14 letters long), and one that does require a bit of creative thinking, IT’S FAR from disHEARTening…Ok, Let’s CHECK IN on our cartoon…

No TECH? What the heck! It’s a welcome change…Today we see a newlywed couple, ILONA, LONE for short, and her husband, WOLFGANG, who goes by WOLF, checking in for their Honeymoon at a quiet, cozy, REMOTE BED & BREAKFAST. With the view from the window, it seems they’re somewhere in the mountains. HEARing Lone telling the inn’s proprietor, MR. PEACE N. QUIET, that they left their phones at home, and Wolf saying that they don’t want to be disturbed, they’re stressing that they’re looking for privacy. And from the quaint look of the place, and Peace assuring that no one will bother them, it seems like a MARRIAGE made in Heaven! No outside communication, no DIN at the INN...This place allows the NEWLYWEDS to be…”INN”- COMMUNICADO! https://tinyurl.com/y8zzghg4 Good one, David, really good one…I HEAR you!

So, eye candy…Our couple’s dressed in summer clothing, with shades of blue. Lone is wearing purple sunglasses, with bracelets on both wrists. Wolf is bearded and mustached. They have one very small red stand-up suitcase, on wheels…A small dark yellow cat is seen, peeking around the desk. .Mr. Quiet, sporting a large bushy mustache, and glasses, is dressed in a rust colored shirt, with navy pants. The key he’s holding for them is attached to a green card, and it reads “H” and a second letter that’s hidden behind his thumb. The sign-in register is yellow, and the top line shows a name beginning with a Capital Cursive “J“, but I can’t make out the rest…And above the flower-patterned wall paper, where the large picture window begins, we see out to a porch…with an old-fashioned ROCKING CHAIR. I’m going with the CHAIR. Those old rocking chairs always spell B&B to me...So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And may all your getaways get B-etter and B-etter...📵🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 01/17/2019









Happy Thursday, Jumble players! The hardest part about today’s puzzle were the clue words with Mr. Hoyt offering up a couple that were no pushovers. GETUP is a brand new word making its debut into gameplay and it took the longest time for me to decipher. It didn’t look right after I figured it out but I stuck with it to see just how far it would get me. ARTNUT was also a brilliant jumble with the anagram being compsed of two words that completely derailed my train of thought. Mixing up the letters in the margin of my paper was all it took to bring it into view allowing me to fly through FLINCH and arrive at the cartoon.

Today’s panel wasn’t a continuation of the storyline that had been playing out since Monday with Jeff deciding to change it up by offering us a couple of new Jumble characters in a precarious situation. The men that we see in the cartoon appear to be a father and son duo that have decided to take advantage of the nice weather by mowing their overgrown lawn. Junior made only one pass with the machine before it stopped working and we see dad coming to his rescue. With the machine on its side we see dad crouched on one knee and he’s pointing to the lawnmower blade. The blade needs to be completely replaced because there’s no way to sharpen such a jagged edge. I guess you could say that they fought the lawn, but the lawn won!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 9-letters. ING was conveniently placed together at the front on the layout allowing me to see CUTTING. IT was all that remained for the finish making the solution a no-brainer! Have a terrific Thursday, everyone, and go out there and kick some grass!!! 😎

Jumble Answers for 01/16/2019










Happy Wednesday, everyone! Did you immediately notice a theme playing out with today’s cartoon? This is the first time that I can remember where Jeff has used bits and pieces from his panels earlier in the week to keep the story going. Often times I’ve commented that I’d like to see this sort of storytelling happen because it gives us a deeper look into the lives of our beloved Jumble characters. I know the Jumble cartoons aren’t a comic strip but it’s fun to see which elements Jeff chooses to expand his story and it gives the game a breath of fresh air!

Our puzzle began with clue words that were recycled favorites from the past. I’ll take a guess and pick SHREWD as the most difficult anagram of the day as they all came to me instantly upon first glance. Our oldest word of the day was BIRCH and it was scrambled as CRIBH the last time we saw it on 1/31/17.

The setting for today’s cartoon is a bathroom where we see two Jumble characters staring at a scale. The woman on the left, identified as Anne by the dialogue, is the person that we saw purchasing a talking scale yesterday at a department store. She politely asks the scale how it’s doing this morning and its response was rather verbose. It tells her that she’s feeling much lighter than yesterday and it asks if she’s been working out. Anne’s significant other has an upset look on his face and we learn from his dialogue that it told him he was getting fatter. That scale surely doesn’t mince words but it might mince a few pounds if you talk to it nicely like Anne did!

After reading the dialogue a couple of times it occurred to me that today’s cartoon was a bit out of continuity if we are to assume that this is the very next day. We saw Anne purchasing the scale yesterday so unless she didn’t eat anything and worked out all night, there’s no way that she’d have been “much lighter” as the scale suggests.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 14-letters and the layout was absolutely stunning. It gave nothing away and if the quotes weren’t given to us, I’d have had a much more difficult time solving it. Looking at the letters I noticed that both TIGER and SHREWD could be found. I knew they wouldn’t be in the final solve but it’s always fun to play with the letters to see what words you can make. With playtime over, I got down to business and chose WEIGH as the word in quotes. With those letters crossed out I found WITH next and WORDS for the finish.

Do you think Jeff will continue this storyline within his cartoon tomorrow? I sure hope so but I have no idea how he’d do it! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Jumble Answers for 01/15/2019










Happy Tuesday, Jumble fans! This mornings puzzle featured clue words that were all recycled favorites. Even though we’ve seen them before, there were a couple of them that ended up being rather tricky. SONATA took the longest time to decipher making it my pick for for the most difficult anagram of the day. INTENT was a close second but we talked about this word in the forums a couple of days ago so it was still fresh in my mind. The oldest word of the day was DERBY and it was scrambled as YREDB the last time we saw it on 12/4/17.

When first looking at today’s cartoon, it was immediately apparent that what we’re seeing is a continuation of yesterday’s panel. This had me very excited because Jeff doesn’t do this very often. In the background is the same exact food court that we’ve previously seen, but the main action is now occurring at the point of sale in a department store.

The sign at the register reads “50% Off” so it’s no wonder that we see so many Jumble characters waiting in line to take advantage of the sale. There’s one associate tending to a customer at the register with 5 more people waiting behind her. Each character is holding a different item that they’re interested in purchasing so I’ll describe each one (as best I can) starting at the front of the line. The first woman looks like she’s about to buy a picture frame and she has her credit card out to finalize the transaction. Behind her is a woman holding a large box that appears to be a crockpot. Next is a woman holding some clothing with a man behind her that’s picked out a dress shirt. This leads us to our two main characters with the one on the left holding a box that appears to say “Talking Scale” while the one on the right is holding some dresses or pants.

The last character that we see in the panel doesn’t look like she wants to wait in such a long line and the two women with dialogue believe that she may be shoplifting. You can see that she’s wearing a hat with the price tag still dangling off of it and she appears to have several shirts on under her bulky sweater. I hope she does the right thing and pays for the merchandise because stores pass on their losses by making everyone else pay more!

The final solution consisted of an 11-letter anagram that was extremely cryptic for a Tuesday puzzle. While looking at the layout I happened to see all of the letters for DERBY which was one of our clue words. The BY coupled together brought BUY to mind leaving me to struggle a bit to find STANDERS. This puzzle was on the difficult side after yesterday’s gimme answer, but the challenge was definitely appreciated. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jumble Answers for 01/14/2019









Happy Monday, Jumble friends! Our weekday Jumble duties began with four clue words that we’ve encountered before. FIDDLE was the easiest of the bunch since it was used less than a week ago on January 8th. My choice for the most difficult anagram of the day was THEORY. The anagram was just cryptic enough to make it require a couple of extra glances before coming into view. Our oldest clue word of the day was CRAMP and it was last seen in gameplay on 3/29/16 where it was scrambled as MPRAC.

Today’s cartoon was the highlight of today’s game with Jumble artist, Jeff Knurek, offering up eleven different characters in his panel. Our focus is drawn to the large square table in the front where see a man and a woman eating some food. The cartoon sentence informs us that they’re a couple of lawyers and that they’ve decided to meet at this particular spot for lunch. It wasn’t surprising that their dialogue was legal jargon with both of them dishing out some complaints about their jobs.

The fine detail work within the piece is what really made this cartoon visually appetizing! There were so many different foods being consumed with each one drawn in intricate detail. Starting with the lawyers that are front and center, we see the gentleman enjoying a burger with three visible bite marks in the sesame seed bun. His left hand holds a drink with the label reading “Jumble Burger”. The woman has decided to have a tossed salad as her entree and she’s holding a drink cup with a picture of some vegetables on it making me think it’s some type of smoothie. Just behind them we see a couple of younger men eating as well. The one on the left is enjoying a slice of pepperoni pizza while his friend enjoys a bowl of noodles. Zooming in on the bowl, I was surprised to see that it had some writing on it which said “Pho To Go”!!! The hardest dish to identify was the one being eaten by the woman sitting alone. It looks like some type of sandwich wrap, or maybe even a burrito.

You may have noticed the artwork on the wall in the rear of this lunch spot that looks like a piece of a puzzle. Zooming in on it I was surprised to discover that it was actually the layout of the building and it it says “YOU ARE HERE”. It ended up being my favorite hidden gem this morning as well as the key for me to instantly solve today’s game.

The letter layout for the final solution was an anagram consisting of 9-letters. The F & D that were coupled together at the rear of the layout brought FOOD instantly to mind with COURT being found within the remaining letters for a quick finish. Even though this puzzle wasn’t overly difficult, the superb detail within the cartoon left my Jumble craving sated for today. Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!

Jumble Answers for 01/13/2019









Good Morning, Everyone!         🎸 SOME KINK  OF WONDERFUL 🎸

🎶 Girl, YOU REALLY GOT ME goin’…You got me so I don’t know what I’m doin’ now…Yeah, you really got me now…You got me so I can’t sleep at night…You really got me…You really got me..YOU REALLY GOT ME…🎶You Really Got Me🎶 -The Kinks 1964 https://tinyurl.com/y9947qgq

🎸The music of the 60’s brought Britain to our shores,
At one point an ABACUS would help us to keep score…
America did BECKON, bringing boys with their hair long,
You’d have to be a HERMIT to not hear some of their songs.
We wondered about talent, would they even have a KERNEL
But soon enough we saw they did…this invasion fraternal…
We opened up our WALLETs, we opened up our hearts,
With not a STOCKY lad amongst them, we took to the lot…
And this group was no different, some good music’s what I think
The Kinks arrived as soon as they could WORK OUT THE KINKS!🎸

Anyone familiar with the music of the 60’s not only knew today’s answer immediately…but got a smile from it too. But I fear anyone not a music aficionado may find yourself stymied. Yet the solution is a very common phrase that cleverly fits today’s cartoon…The KINKS were a British Rock group, active from 1964 to 1996. They reunited last year, and are said to be working on a new album. But let’s KNOT get ahead of ourselves…With all old favorites being used today, we opened with SCUBA…No, of course not Scuba…WATER we KNOT seeing the other “A”? And except for a pause here, the rest of the words we got for a SONG

Britain 1964. Most likely in Mrs. Davies’s garage, we find her two sons, RAY and DAVE, at front, along with Mick Avory on drums, and Pete Quaife on bass guitar, at back, below the Union Jack seen hanging on the wall. Forming a rock band, THE KINKS, https://tinyurl.com/ya2xly6p they realized that there were a lot of decisions to be made, and our dialogue attests to it…Scheduling, practicing, etc…they had to WORK OUT THE KINKS! Good one, David! Music to my ears…

Ok, eye candy. Jeff, showing us that he doesn’t use that pen just to draw a picture….has given us two absolute gems with his cartoons’ DIALOGUE today.  Two of THE KINKS biggest hits were: 🎶YOU REALLY GOT ME🎶 , and 🎶ALL DAY and ALL of the NIGHT🎶! KINKy, Jeff…quirky, creative and KINKy! Major Kudos today! 👏🏻👏🏻 You’ve given us both the WORDS and the 🎶MUSIC…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And even though a lot of us are seeing snow this morning, I’m hoping we all have a 🎶SUNNY AFTERNOON🎶 ..🎸🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 01/12/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!            🚀 THE REAL REMOTE CONTROL! 🚀

🎶 Fly me to the MOON…Let me play among the STARS…Let me see what spring is like on JUPITER and MARS…In other words, hold my hand…in other words, Baby, kiss me…🎶 “Fly Me to the Moon” – Frank Sinatra 1964  https://tinyurl.com/yczrbc5c

🚀 I guess it could be feasible, I’m not one to deny,
But I don’t care to think of life and living in the sky…
I’m happy in my BLISS down here, the Earth beneath my feet,
I like it where there’s country roads and pavement in the streets…
But looking at these faces, so young and full of glee,
Perhaps they GLOAT for what they have…these free falling TVs…
But would their skin stay CREAMY? Space does affect the pores,
And Zero Gravity might call the need to SPLINT fissures…
The bottom line is I’m content with this of God’s creations,
So even if I had a chance, I’ll pass on these SPACE STATIONS 🚀

Once again today, our words are all Sweet Repeats. While BLISS seems to have been seen only once before, in 2016, GLOAT makes its 10th appearance today, last in use 5 weeks ago on December 7th. CREAMY dates back to 2014, and only SPLINT caused a bit of a pause…but nothing to go FAR OUT on a limb about…

ORBIT…Finding ourselves aboard a Spaceship, we see four young people, pre-teens perhaps, drifting around watching TV. With “2001 A Space Odyssey” https://tinyurl.com/y7puqxub playing on screen, the dialogue is telling us that some of the group would rather be watching Cartoons, (on the COMET-y Channel perhaps)? or a game on another STATION. Hmm… In SPACE?  Need I say more? In answer to our question? One day people will be watching TV on…SPACE STATIONS! Good one, David! ME? TEOR to know by now how much I love your work!

Ok, eye candy. Earth can be seen as a blue orb outside the darkened window. Some controls are seen on the panel above the TV screen. With the Apes and the Monolith (a curve though)? showing, the scene playing looks to be the “Dawn of Man” segment https://tinyurl.com/ybkzgapt from the “Classic Kubrick” movie as the young boy at left is heard referring to it. Between him and the girl farthest left, is a floating blue bottled drink with a straw extended. Above said girl, a gray remote control is afloat. The “Kubrick” boy is eating a chocolate chip cookie. And the boy farthest right is holding what seems to be a sheet of yellow legal pad paper. (TV Guide)? All four of our floaters are dressed in shades of blue and black…Once again, Jeff’s great little details are OUT OF THIS WORLD. My pick? The Monolith…The curve? SIRIUSly? So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone! PLANET well! 🚀🙋🏻