Jumble Answer for 05/20/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!         🚙 “WRECK” AND ROLL 🚙

🎶 Got two CARS and a chainlink fence, got INSURANCE for ACCIDENTS. Nevermind what I don’t know, I dream of places I won’t ever go. But I lead a good life…Yeah, I lead a good life. ‘N every Sunday we’re out at the lake, teachin’ the KIDS how to jump the wake…We drag em on two skis, they kick one loose, they don’t know it, they hadn’t got a clue…That they lead a good life…Yeah, they lead a good life…🎶

🚙 The time must come when baby birds must fly off from the nest,
And with it comes inevitably…”My kids got a road test”…
The PERMIT went real smoothly, maybe a KERNEL here or there,
You try to act so nonchalant, you don’t want to seem SQUARE.
You teach them rules and reason…like “EIGHTY never hit”..
But inside you’re a COWARD ’cause you’re worried over it.
You see them drive SUPERBly, hovering you now must quit…
But worrying and parenting? It’s just “PRE-WRECK-QUISITE”! 🚙

So…Do we think this was an ACCIDENT? Or did David really try to pull out all the STOPs on this one? These are some SMASHing anagrams today! I did a quick search, just to be sure, and yes, they’re all old favorites. Well, old anyway! We weren’t JUMP STARTING over them last time either! I mean we made some DENTS in them, but they did SLOW us down. I found this: Permit, Superb and Coward, seem to go back to 2016, Square: July ’17, Kernel: Nov ’17, and Eighty, believe it or not, just this past February. Maybe after today, they’ll become favorites…

Ok, our cartoon. Notice INSURANCE being mentioned twice? Once in the dialogue and again in the question? That doesn’t happen very often. So I’m immediately thinking that I should concentrate on a requirement. The Mothers’ comment about needing it…”PRE“. Prerequisite? Hmm…And then it was like that V-8 commercial, and I SMASHED my hand against my forehead! INSURANCE? In case there’s an ACCIDENT? “PREWRECK-QUISITE”!! Ha! I was ALL (in a) STATE of euphoria! This one’s no DRIVE BY, Folksthis one’s a CRASH COURSE in cleverness! Great job, David! I’m BRAKEing up with laughter

Ok, eye candy…The young girl has a Unicorn on her T-Shirt. Not significant, but I thought I’d POINT it out. The Mom’s pretty nondescript, but her hair is TIED UP nicely in a bun. Dad’s just standing there..IDLING, mostlySo, what’s the KEY to the eye candy today? Hard to say..through NO FAULT of my own…This one’s all on Jeff. He’s given me nothing in PARKticular to ZOOM in on…Hmm. A little WRECKless on his part, I’d say…Really, I’m SHOCKed..ABSORBERing it all in, and coming up EMPTY! I guess I’ll just GO with the CAR. It’s purple…A Purple CAR! IMO? Uh, Mr. Colorist? You AUTO know better than to do that…A Purple CAR? C’mon, gimme a BRAKE! I really wish I could have DODGEd this one! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember..Texting and DRIVING? Oh, CELL no! 🚙🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 05/17/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!       2️⃣5️⃣  🎶QUARTER TO …BE 🎶 2️⃣5️⃣

🎶 The stars are gonna twinkle and shine…This evenin’…’bout a QUARTER to nine…My lovin’ arms are gonna tenderly twine…This evenin’ around you, around a QUARTER to nine…🎶

2️⃣5️⃣ In the QUEST to mint a Quarter, back in 1932
John Flanagan came forward wth the portrait that he drew…
Since they wanted nothing SYRUPY, it must portray a look,
Of Washington’s strong leadership, and must be by the book.
So now armed with an AGENDA, he began what came to be,
The 25-cent piece that is a part of History.
A profile neat and stalwart, not too HAIRY nor too cold,
And it lasted until ’64 with silver, never gold.
Then the nickel and the copper, were minted to take its place,
But the portrait never faltered and we still had George’s face.
So with Flanagan’s design and Andrew Mellon as supporter…
We’ve just reviewed the story of the Washington HEADQUARTERS! 2️⃣5️⃣

Today’s words are all old favorites. But two words may cause a little tic. Agenda and Syrupy, last seen on 3/13 and 5/11 respectively last year, both stirred up a ripple or two then. Will HISTORY repeat itself? We shall see…Our cartoon. Set in 1932, we find ourselves seated in what I believe to be the Office of The Treasury. Or within the confines of the US MINT. Or both. FLIP a COINHeads, I have Vertigo. Tails, I have Vertigo…So, how about I’ll leave it to any of you to do the research today? I tried. But since I can’t CHANGE the way I’m feeling, I’m just CASHING in my chips…I do have a little info for you, but it’s really just a DROP IN THE BUCKET. I know the man at the easel is JOHN FLANAGAN, who designed the WASHINGTON QUARTER, and the man seated behind the desk, I believe is Andrew Mellon, who was Secretary of the Treasury at the time. The bespectacled gentleman seated at the other side of the desk? Anyone? I need you to CHIP in here…Anyway, we see the drawing of GEORGE WASHINGTON’S HEAD, which will be depicted on the QUARTER. Our question asks what the MInt was…It was the HEADQUARTERS! Cha-Ching!!! Now that ADDS UP to a great pun, doesn’t it? A gift! Great job, David! We can always COUNT on you! Ok, eye candy. On the desk, we have a statue of the American Bald Eagle, the great Seal of the US; complete with its olive branch of Peace, and it’s arrows symbolizing the powers of War. I’m INVESTed in it, but it’s not the candy today. There’s neckwear…the bow and bolos are nice, but I don’t want to get TIED up with that. The portrait of WASHINGTON has the year 1932 inscribed on the COIN. That makes a lot of CENTS. But the one I’ll put my MONEY on today? Through the window in the office, one can see into the MINT itself. And we see two workers, at COIN MINTING machines. On the wheeled trolley used transport the coins, Jeff has printed…”US MINT“. What a great tiny detail. I’m calling it a “MINUTE ABSOLUTE“…And I think I’ve just COINED a new Jumble Jeff Phrase! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember, CHANGE is inevitable. You can always COUNT on that…2️⃣5️⃣ 🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 05/13/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!             ☎️   HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY   ☎️

🎶 When the evening shadows fall…and the lovely day is through, then with longing I recall the years I spent with you…MAMA, I miss the days when you were near to guide me…MAMA,  those happy days when you were here beside me. Safe in the glow of your love, sent from the heavens above…Nothing can ever replace the warmth of your tender embrace… Oh, MAMA,  until the day that we’re together once more…I’ll live in these memories…Until the day that we’re together once more…🎶

❤️ Mothers are a breed apart…There’s no one can compare
We needed them as children, but the need don’t disappear.
For those of us who’ve lost them, today takes quite a toll,
You’re happy for the others, but your heartache still unfolds.
My MOTIVE here’s not sadness, but that emptiness I bear?
I can go through all the MOTIONs, but the echoes I still hear.
I’ve a NOTION just to let it go, not do a foolish rhyme
But I’m wide awake and you know…You can’t run away from time…
Always.. daily…even HOURLY, my thoughts of her are close,
And I’m not the one of FEWEST words…in fact I’m quite verbose.
So now how do I DEPICT this, this cartoon of Mother’s pride…
When I’m missing my own Mother, and my heartache’s hard to hide?
I’ll just say that it’s quite timely, and the Jumble’s sweet intention…
Isn’t lost on me…It’s nice to see this MOTHER OF INVENTION…❤️

Words. We’re here for Words. And I’m going on record to say that the most beautiful word in any language, is Mother. Period. And today we celebrate all MOTHERS. And maybe David. MOTION and NOTION? Anagrammed to look nothing like one another? I say, Kudos, Sir. But Jeff? The hips? What was your MOTIVE there? A little bit of a broad stroke of that pen, no? And you know I checked. But most images of NANCY EDISON DEPICT her from the waist up only, so I really can’t judge. But since I have such great faith in your artists’ eye…I’ll let it go. It’s the FEWEST of my worries this morning. As for the Thomas Edison-Mothers Day connection? Well….Here’s another broad stroke. I’m just going to tell you all that there’s a ton of stories on line. What’s true, what’s not? A ton of stories. Was MAMA Edison supportive? Of course she was. Was EDISON creative? Of course he was. Was he one of our greatest inventors? Of course he was. Did he probably do more to shape the physical and cultural makeup of our present day civilization? I suppose he did. Did he “INVENT” MOTHER’S DAY? Of course he didn’t! Anna Jarvis did Folks. As I said….A ton of stories on line. Ok…Today, we’re in the childhood home of THOMAS EDISON, which we see also doubles as his workshop/lab. He’s with his MOTHER, and our question asks…What was his MOM happy to be? The MOTHER OF INVENTION! Bravo, David! You’ve CREATED a really good one here!! Ok, eye candy.. Today, the cartoon’s a gem. A plethora of amazing detail! And if I can get past the hips, I’ll do my best to list them for you…On the table: A hammer. A candle encased in a glass holder. An early day megaphone. A paper airplane. A pair of scissors. Crude early day earphones. Two spherical objects that I’m unsure of…one depicting the tiniest of figures running. The other? A speaker perhaps…A drawing of an early telephone…And thread. Phew! SEWing it all up so far?  Masterful. And then we have two framed photos, on a credenza. One of Thomas alone, one of him with whom I’m assuming to be his parents. On the wall, a lamp. MAMA Edison is wearing a necklace. Thomas is wearing a cap and a string tie. The chair is engraved with a flowery design. And there’s a pencil behind Thomas’s ear. There’s just so much here… The solution? There’s Thomas, speaking with his MOTHER through tiny hand held megaphones, connected by a string wiring….He’s calling his MOTHER…❤️💔 So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And to all those celebrating MOTHER’S DAY today…I wish you a wonderful day of Laughter, Love and Happiness! Enjoy! ☎️ 🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 05/11/2018






IT WAS THE – – –

GY   TU   ET   OR =    “OTTER” GUY 

Good Morning, Everyone!           🐚 ONE OR THE “OTTER”  🐚

🎶 You OTTER be in pictures, you’re wonderful to see, you OTTER be in pictures…Oh what a hit you would be! You OTTER shine as brightly as Jupiter and Mars, you OTTER be in pictures…My star of stars…🎶

🐚 We’re looking at an Otter who’s floating on his back…
Two Sea Lions are still on shore and happiness they lack.
The presence of some urchins that ABSORB into the skin,
Have caused one lion to get stung and he’s blaming his kin…
The other sea lion takes offense and he won’t take the blame,
He claims that he’s not guilty and DECEIT is not his name.
He blames the little otter, now the three show nothing GIDDY,
This may become a brawl of sorts, this guy’s talking quite pithy!
Not flowery, no TULIP talk, we just hear them decry…
“Who did it”? “Well it isn’t me…It’s him…the “OTTER” GUY”! 🐚

Our first two words today are simple enough, but the two 6 letter words may not be that easy to SEA, and cause a little tic. We’ve had them before, but the new anagrams are exceptionally well done. FLOATING over to our cartoon, we find ourselves in Seattle, Washington. We see a body of water, where we find two gray Sea Lions and a brown OTTER. Scattered on the shore, are several Sea Urchins and shells. The Sea Lion on the left, has stepped on one of the Urchins, and is complaining loudly about getting stung. He’s looking for who’s responsible for leaving the Urchins lying around. He’s mad…and I don’t think he’s planning on turning the OTTER cheek! Quick to blame his fellow Sea Lion, he’s met with righteous indignation! Pointing to the little OTTER, FLOATING on his back, the Sea Lion says… “Get OTTER here…You’re being OTTERly ridiculous. It wasn’t me! It was him…the “OTTER” GUY! And there’s our solution, Folks! I love it! The OTTER guy! Good one, David! But may I ask…Are these Brooklyn Sea Lions? ‘Cause I just love the accent! Ok, eye candy. As much as I find these Sea Mammals, OTTERtaining, I’m getting out of the water, and going with the landscape today. The Seattle Space Needle, the Seattle skyline, and Mt Rainier in the background are beautifully detailed in silhouette by Jeff, and I find it all OTTERly beautiful. So, There you have it, Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone, I’m OTTER here! 🐚🙋🏻





Jumble Answers for 05/06/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!      🔌🎚HOW COOL IS THIS? 🎚🔌

🎶 They got an HEIR CONDITIONER for when I’m hot…A RADIATOR for when I’m not…Two big chairs sittin’ side by side, with a Holy bible and a TV guide…TV guide, TV guide, great God o’ mighty…It’s a TV guide….🎶

🔌🎚We just got in from a long day, the parties back to back…
The Derby and the Cinco crowds, I need to hit the sack.
If I eat just one more NIBBLE, I think that I may burst…
And I need to get out of these heels, cause man, do my calves hurt.
The Air Condition’s blasting, and I’ve GOTTEN quite a chill…
So I’m opening the windows, let the fresh air the rooms fill.
Then I see the puzzle for today, IRONIC comes to mind.
‘Cause air condition is the theme that we are going to find!
Or is the word coincidence? I blur them quite a lot,
Sometimes my friend may HOLLER that what I call one is not.
But I liken it to gambling, a CASINO game of dice…
Using one word when the other is the one that would suffice…
Hmm…Before I lose my train of thought, and God knows where that ends
I better do this write up..(And I’m squeezing in OFFEND)…
Let’s see what’s with our family and the business that’s transitioning…
And concentrate on dealing with today’s theme “HEIR” CONDITIONING! 🎚🔌

Early Sunday morning, and I’m looking at today’s words. Old favorites, and pretty easy, BREEZY, right? Or did you think you’d NOT GET GOTTEN? We’re you put OFF by OFFEND? What about CASINO? Now if I had to put my money on the ODD word for today, that would be the one I’d BET on…But you know what really BLEW me away about today’s words? The onslaught of double consonants! Two “F”s in OFFEND, two “B”s in NIBBLE. two “T”s in GOTTEN, and two “L”s in HOLLER! And in each word, they go together! Now how COOL is that? I don’t believe we’ve ever seen this before! I mean I wouldn’t take a VOW..EL, maybe I would! But it is quite a coincidence, right? Anyway…Let’s not put this OFF any longer, and just RUN over to our cartoon. Today Jeff is showing us a Father, Mr. JOHNSON, with his son, JR, and his daughter, FRIA, at their place of BUSINESS. Looking CLOSEly, we see their names are written on their name tags. FRIA! It means cold! You PLUGGED a real good one in there, Jeff! Well done! The cartoon shows that Mr. JOHNSON has DRAFTed  a new sign announcing that he’s formed a new BUSINESS: JOHNSON FAMILY HEATING & COOLING. By the happy looks on everyone’s faces, you can almost feel the TEMPERATURE changing in the room. You get that WARM fuzzy feeling…Nice to see him create a LEGACY for his kids….Makes you a little MISTy eyed, doesn’t it? Yea, gives you CHILLS! Anyway, he’s shown HEIR with his two HEIRS. Cute. We can see JR, screwdriver in hand, announcing that he’s just fixed the HEATING/COOLING unit in the picture. He NAILed it too! His Father taught him well… And our question GOES ON to ask…what would you call what Mr. JOHNSON is giving his kids? …”HEIR” CONDITIONING! Well flip the switch, there’ll be no COOLING our heels with this one! We got our solution! Good one, David! That word “conditioning” just FLUE right off the page! Ok so, with all our DUCTS now in a row…let’s move on to the eye candy…I like Mr. JOHNSON’S mustache, but you don’t have to be a SEER to know we’ve seen too many mustaches already. I like the little name plate on the HVAC unit...but I don’t think I’ll put it into the SCRIPT…There’s the two symbols on the sign: The sun, and the winter branches of a tree…Definitely RAISES the bar, and of course there’s JR’s screwdriver, but mentioning it again might be a little TOOL much..So, I guess that leaves the coil wiring and what I think is an adapter or a capacitor on the floor…I’ll go with those. Not that I’m a big FAN, but mostly because I need to WRAP this up…So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And be COOL..🎚🔌🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 05/05/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!           🐎 HEADS….UP? 🐎

🎶I wanted to be with you alone…and talk about the weather…But traditions I can trace against the child in your face, won’t escape my attention…You keep your distance with a system of touch, and gentle persuasion…I’m lost in admiration, could I need you this much…Oh, you’re wasting my time, you’re just, just, just wasting time….Something happens and I’m HEAD OVER HEELS…I never find out till I’m HEAD OVER HEELS...Something happens and I’m HEAD OVER HEELS…Ah, don’t take my heart, don’t break my heart, don’t, don’t, don’t throw it away…Throw it away, throw it away🎶

🐎 This definitely ‘ain’t a RODEO, despite us seeing “horse”…
And if you feel that that word “ain’t”, should maybe cause remorse?
Sometimes I THRASH the language, I know it and still yet…
I’ll use the slang to form a rhyme, and this I don’t regret.
The VOLUME and the wording to create poems every day?
Can sometimes make me feel as if MY head has gone astray!
So with the Headless Horseman, well I’m not as bad as he…
This guy is quite content..though he ELUDEs what we can see…
He’s wearing some new footwear, and it’s taken up his fancy,
Yet not having his head attached? He’s quite pococurante!
I too love shoes, a lot in fact, but feeling as he feels?
I’d rather have my head attached…then be HEAD OVER HEELS! 🐎

Today’s words? We’ve been down this RODE before, Folks…All old favorites, and nothing to LOSE our HEADS OVER! If anything, I’d say that VOLUME may carry the most weight…Great anagram…Ok, our cartoon! Well, well, look who we have here! It’s our old friend, the HEADLESS HORSEMAN! Today, once again, David and Jeff have brought us back to SLEEPY HOLLOW! We visited last summer in June, and then again in October. And now we’re here in Spring. All we need after this, is one more visit in the FRIESIAN weather, and we’ll be able to close the BOOK on this one! And what a LEGENDary story, am I right? It must be a favorite of one of our Jumble Guys, but which one? Who do you think LOST their CRANEium over this CLASSIC, FOLKs? TALE me what you think…Anyway, we see our old pal, “HH“, and his wife, the long-suffering KIM MEABREAK. (You’ll note that she kept her maiden name, which is very reFRIESIAN for the time. You’ll  also note that she’s a blonde, and she’s clad entirely in purple! ICH!…A BOD should be clad in other colors, don’t you think)? So, HH is going on and on about how comfortable his new BOOTS are. And his wife is saying…”Enough already, with this HAUNTING refrain…” Poor thing! She’s probably so ready to just RUN AWAY…I mean he seems more in love with those BOOTS than he does her! GuaranSTEED  this is a recipe for disaster, and I fear if he continues to STIRRUP this nonsense with these BOOTS, he’s going to be living SOLEo! So, with his HEAD on the table, looking down on those BOOTS, our question is asking..what was the HEADLESS HORSEMAN? He was…HEAD OVER HEELS! Hip, Hip HorNEIGH! We have our solution! GOURD one, David…Ok, eye candy…Just as yesterday, aside from the candle burning bright, and the period clothing…not much remains. I guess I’ll settle for the HEAD…and just SHOULDER on…Have a great day, Everyone…And may happiness REIN! 🐎🙋🏻




Jumble Answers for 05/04/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!             🔫 A SHOT IN THE…PARK? 🔫 

🎶 BANG, BANG, he SHOT me down…BANG, BANG, I hit the ground…BANG, BANG, that awful sound…BANG, BANG…my baby shot me down…MUSIC played and people sang….Just for me the church bells rang. Now he’s gone, I don’t know why, and ’till this day, sometimes I cry…He didn’t even say goodbye, he didn’t take the time to lie...BANG BANG, my Baby SHOT me down….🎶

🔫 We’re looking in on History, the bitter and the SUITE,
And ODDLY what we’re seeing has audiences on their feet.
The Broadway musical “Hamilton” has taken us by storm…
And trying to get tickets is no where near the norm.
Lin-Manuel Miranda has written quite the hit,
And it don’t matter who you know, it’s hard to get in it…
You want to hear some music, see the play about the Duel?
You’re probably more LIKELY using HYMNALs as a rule.
This play about our History, for Tony’s it was voted…
The story is a good one, and today it’s “DUEL-Y” NOTED! 🔫

Looking at today’s words, we can see that they may be the most difficult of the week so far. DUELable, surebut a bit of a CHALLENGE. Were you playing with DOLLY before ODDLY came to mind? Were you convinced that the word began with an “L”? And HYMNAL? …What can I say? Doesn’t end in “Y”, loaded with consonants…SING David’s praises! I think it’ll be the word to make NOTE of today…So, on to our cartoon. Today, Jeff has given us art imitating life. We’re brought back to Summer 1804. We see AARON BURR, the sitting Vice President of the U.S., left, challenging ALEXANDER HAMILTON, the former Secretary of the Treasury, right, to a DUEL, using WOGDON PISTOLS. And as History has NOTED, the DUEL took place on July 11th, at Weehawken, NJ. HAMILTON was shot and mortally wounded, dying on July 12th. (The background story, and the subsequent historical happenings, are available online for anyone interested in reading up on it). Our dialogue gives us the formal challenge, and our question asks what the challenge was…It was “DUEL-Y” NOTED. Son of a GUN! Good one, David. You killed it! Very clever!…Ok, eye candy…Once again, Jeff’s art work is RIGHT on the MARK. His caricatures of the two men is extremely well done. But the panel doesn’t lend itself much to eye candy. Except for the candle burning, and the expected period clothing and hairstyles, the only thing that I can put my finger on, is the pair of gray GLOVES in BURR’S hand. Nice TOUCH, Jeff. I’ll take a SHOT with that…So, There you have it, Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone, and remember…Violence is never the solution, and hatred is a DUEL-edged sWORD….Better to just…BURRy the hatchet…🔫🙋🏻

PS: I should mention that HAMILTON, the Broadway musical, is truly NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET...no pun intended! 🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 05/01/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!              👡 “KLOMPEN” AT THE SAVOY…..👡

🎶 WOODEN it be nice if we were older?…Then we WOODEN have to wait so long…And WOODEN it be nice to live together, …In the kind of world where we belong…? Oh, WOODEN it be nice…? 🎶

👡 The store will not be “crowded”, if that thought had crossed your mind,
There’d be no pun or play on words, or “W” to find…
Of course the answer’s obvious, and the idea is real cute,
A wooden shoe is called a clog, or else it’ll all be moot.
A line is GOING out the door, the LOBBY full to brim,
The owner of the shoe store? What a boon this is for him!
You’d think he’d blow a GASKET, to keep up with demand,
But no, Roel’s a happy man to have these shoes at hand.
Would you believe he named the store quite simply “AS A RULE”?
He got a leg up on the trend, this Roel…he’s no fool…
A leather shoe, when it got wet, the sole would just DETACH,
But not with these new wooden ones…the idea on he latched….
So now the orders pile up, and records are back-logged,
And “AS A RULE” is stepping up…The store is always CLOGGED! 👡

GOING, GOING…”WEG“! And no, it doesn’t rhyme with LEG, although how FITTING would that have been? Actually, it rhymes more with MEH with a bit of a “K” sound at the end…But since this is SOLEly a Jumble Blog, and not a BRANCH of Berlitz, we must move on. So, will today’s words have you STOMPING your feet,? WALKING on eggshells? TREADING water? No…Ok, maybe DETACH might leave you feeling a bit left out, but I’m sure you connected. We’ll move on…Our cartoon. Today Jeff brings us to HOLLAND, where David has laid the GROUNDwork for a very cute pun. We see a SHOE STORE, and the salesman, who I’ve named ROEL, a good old DUTCH name. His store, “AS A RULE“, is bursting at the SEAMS, since he began making and selling these new WOODEN SHOES, called CLOGS. With the main selling PLATFORM for the shoe being that your FEET won’t get wet as they might with leather shoes, Roel can’t make them fast enough! So many SHOES, so WHITTLE time! And WOOD you believe the crowds? We see four female customers, with a fifth one at the door, and a SOLE male customer. A DUTCH UNCLE, perhaps?  We could almost hear Roel saying…”STEP right up, Folks, there’s always ROOM for more. C’mon, we can FIT a few more in here.” HEEL really make a lot of GELD today! (And for the record, that means money in DUTCH, and it’s pronounced as FELD! Again, how FITTING, no? “Oh, these new WOODEN SHOES FELD just great…”). Hmm…So, our question asks…What were the stores..? They were CLOGGED! WONDERBAAR, David! The solution’s a real SHOE IN! A regular DUTCH TREAT! Ok, the eye candy…There are all the DUTCH CAPS or BONNETS, (with those elaborate WINGS),…but they won’t FLY. There’s the requisite WINDMILLS, but I’m not that much of a FAN…I’m going to go with the SHOE BOX in Roel’s hand….It’s a WOODEN Box, and he’s shown saying that the SHOES are SPLINTER PROOF! I SPLIT my sides laughing over that! And WOODEN SHOE just love to have that box? So, There you have it, MENSEN, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember, don’t take any WOODEN NICKELS, you can get IN DUTCH that way 👡🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 04/30/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!      👣I GOT THE HIPPY HIPPY SHAKES 👣

🎶 For goodness sakes, I got the HIPPY HIPPY shakes…Yeah, I got the shakes…I got the HIPPY HIPPY shakes. Ooh, I can’t sit still…With the HIPPY HIPPY shakes.. Well, now you shake it to the left, you shake it to the right…You do the HIPPY shake shake…With all your might. Oh Baby…Yeah, come on and shake…Aw, it’s in the bag…Oh, the HIPPY HIPPY shake, oh yeah…🎶

👙👣She’s visiting Hawaii, she figures push come SHOVE
She’d like to get the most of it, and do the things she loves…
She’s always enjoyed dancing, it’s rhythm and the RHYME,
So she thought she’d try hula…she’d definitely make the time.
But one of the instructors, ABRUPT and quite annoyed,
Told her that body movement wasn’t something to avoid.
“You really can’t do hula, if your body stays INTACT,
You need to loosen up and move your arms and hips and back”
But she felt she could do it, with the coffee to her lips…ER…
I think a rude awakening will sway this city HIPSTER! 👣👙

Our words today…All old favorites, but with a definite new SPIN. I think perhaps of all four, RHYME may SHAKE you up a bit. Today, our cartoon brings us to the shores of HAWAII. We see a trendy city woman, attending a HULA dance class. With her steaming coffee in hand, and cell phone loosely placed in her pocket, the instructor is asking her…”So, HAWAII you here? You’re not dressed properly, your hands aren’t free, and I’m getting the impression that your idea of grass is different from mine.. Just HULA you think you are…” Oh POI! She’s not HULAing around, is she? Talk about Urban reBOOal! So our question asks…What was the City Kicker, looking to learn the HULA? Solution? She was a HIPSTER! Well, What do you SWAY? Good one, David! A real HAWAIIAN PUNCHline! Ok, eye candy…Palm trees, leis, HULA dancers...We’ve SCENE it before, so I don’t care ATOLL…Let’s go with our City Kickers’ plaid skirt and boots...Good REEF! Y-ORCHIDDING me, right? So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And ISLE be seeing you…👣👙🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 04/29/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!             🎶 NAME THAT TUNE….SMITH! 🎶

🎶I have climbed the highest mountains…I have run through the fields, Only to be with you…Only to be with you…I have kissed honey lips, Felt the healing in the fingertips….It burned like fire….This burning desire…But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…But I still haven’t found…what I’m looking for…🎶

🎶 The SHADOW of those SUMMER nights with U2 playing soft…
The sound of Bono’s dulcet voice that takes ones heart aloft.
A fan of both the band and he there never was DISMAY
While listening throughout the years to what they had to say…
And besides the great music, Bono works for the INFLOW
Of money for the charities that he has come to know…
Philanthropy he’s noted for, he’s ACTIVE and he’s kind,
So many causes he has helped, you need him, you will find.
He’ll use his social MUSCLE..go above and go beyond
Which is the reason many of us of him, have grown fond.
For so very long I’ve been a fan, his music’s on my shelf…
And Bono has o’er all these years MADE A NAME FOR HIMSELF! 🎶

Today’s words. What can we say? I think INFLOW may cause a few eye rolls…Not only being a compound word, which sometimes causes a tic or two, but it’s also not a commonly known word. And then we have ACTIVE. Definitely a common word, but David’s anagram is exceptionally good. MUSCLE? Muscling in? And maybe, to your DISMAY…Well, enough said! Let me know your thoughts…So, our cartoon and solution. We seem to be at a recording studio, in 1976, the dialogue telling us that BONO is announcing his new name. He settled on Bono, after going by a series of other nicknames. The first? Are your ready for this? Here goes: “Steinhegvanhuysenolegbangbangbang“…! No, I’m not kidding, and Yes, you heard it right! Boy, that would have played out well on a marquee, huh? Anyway, there’s plenty of information on line about both Bono, and his band, U2, for anyone who’d like to learn a little more. The dialogue goes on to show the other band members making a few remarks. (And since I’m going with the year being 1976 here, I may be wrong with the names, but Jeff can always correct me if I am). The line spoken by Dik Evans, about Cher is funny, since she was still using Bono as her last name at the time. Nice touch, Jeff. The Edge (Dave Evans), is the man speaking of wearing a cap, and in the foreground, is Larry Mullen, the drummer. Our question, paraphrased, asks…After Paul changed his name, he started to…MAKE A NAME for HIMSELF! I love it! Very clever, David, well done! ..And Jeff? U2! Great caricatures! In fact, I’m just going to give you the Eye Candy Award today…the whole panel is a keeper! (Although, if that is Bono’s navel I think I see? Well, Jeff…There goes my 🎶VERTIGO🎶)! And since the band is embarking on their EXPERIENCE + INNOCENCE TOUR, I’d say your usual 🎶MYSTERIOUS WAYS🎶 aren’t so mysterious this time around! So, There you have it Folks, Done. And I wish you all a really 🎶BEAUTIFUL DAY🎶…🎶🙋🏻