Jumble Answers for 11/02/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!         💃🏻 LAST TANGO IN…MARRIAGE? 💃🏻

🎶 Will you be my Mr. Right?…Can you fill my appetite? I can’t be sure that you’re the one for me…But all that I ask is that you DANCE with me…Oh I need you, by me, beside me, to guide me, to hold me, to scold me, ’cause when I’m bad, I’m so, so jbad…So let’s DANCE, this last DANCE..Let’s DANCE, this last DANCE..Let’s DANCE, this last DANCE, tonight…🎶 “Last Dance” – Donna Summer 1978

💃🏻When “Dancing With the Stars” began so many years ago,
I think most people thought..”Dancing? Boy, what a joke this show”…
To take professional dancers and try to UNIFY a team,
With stars and teach them how to dance…far-fetched is what it seemed…
The stars we thought would be SCARCE, but little did we know,
The show became an instant hit, on air and VIDEO.
We saw a renewed interest in dancing where there’s touch…
With backgrounds of PAGODAs and Castles and the such.
The romance found resurgence, more couples took a chance…
And soon enough we got to see much less of “AVOID DANCE”! 💃🏻

OLE…Friday! Today’s words, while all Sweet Repeats, in my opinion, are anagrammed with a little more difficulty this time around. The oldest of our group, VIDEO, last appeared back on December 15th, 2016, but as Voide. A lot easier to SEE…And so far this morning, this is what I’m hearing from the Early Morning Jumblers: Avoid and Endive. Endive? N ..where’s the N? And the other stickler, SCARCE, seen a mere three weeks ago exactly, on October 13th as Racesc, didn’t cause any of the brouhaha that it’s causing today. Im getting a lot of Saucer! Well, U know there’s no U…So, if you’re going to DISH it out…etc, etc…Anyway, our remaining two words, both last seen in 2017, were easily side STEPped…So with that said and done, let’s TROT over to our cartoon…

Today we find ourselves in the living room of JUANA and ROCK. Juana, dressed to the nines, is looking forward to TANGO DANCING the night away, but Rock is doing anything he can to SHIMMY out of it, and SIDESTEP  the idea by giving her some JIVE excuses…I say, “What a CON. GA on, Rock…dance with the woman! Claiming you’ve got work to do and puzzles to catch up on? What a HUSTLE! I can’t even BEGUINE to FIGURE you out…” Oh, it just makes me want to STOMP my foot…But what’s the POINTE? It doesn’t look like we’re going to get Rock to MOVE off that chair…Because no matter how we TWIST it, I doubt we’re going to get past his…”AVOID-DANCE“! Well what do you know, FOLKs! David’s given us another PAS..O, he’s good!

Ok, eye candy…Within a Blue shaded panel, we see Juana decked out in a Cranberry colored dress, fringed in Black at the hem…Her shoes are Black spikes, sexily laced up at the ankles. She’s wearing 2 Bangles on each of her wrists, and BALL-shaped hanging earrings…Perfect jewelry, not an overabunDANCE…Her hair is styled high upon her head, in two buns. I wonder if a low PONY tail may have worked better, though. But she looks beautiful, and you’d think she’d definitely SHAKE Rock up a little…Rock, on the other HAND…JIVE looking. Sitting clad in casual clothes, shoeless with black socks, we see him reading a newspaper. Featured on the page are a Jumble puzzle with a puppy, Jeffy from Family Circus, and a SQUARE shaped cartoon that I can’t identify. If anyone can make it out, please let me know. Except for Rock’s Brown easy chair, and matching side table with a Gold-shaded reading lamp, there’s no other furniture showing…So what will the eye candy be? I have to go with Juana’s SHOES…They’re just so on POINTE! So, There you have it, Folks, Done. Have great day, Everyone…and remember…Never stop DANCING…It’s so good for our SOLES…💃🏻🙋🏻

** I just realized that the Email sent out this morning had the letters VDN listed as being taken from VIDEO. It should have read the letters VD only. I apologize if the typo caused any confusion. Thank you.🙋🏻



Jumble Answers for 11/01/2018









Happy first day of November, Jumble geniuses! David started the month off by offering up our daily anagrams in alphabetical order. Although they were all recycled favorites, one in particular took a bit longer to work through. CAVIAR stumped me just enough to earn the title of most difficult anagram of the day. It was the exact same anagram as the last time we saw it on 5/18/17, but figuring out the placement of the two A’s had me frazzled. The oldest clue word of the bunch was purify and it was last used in gameplay on 12/11/16.

The setting for today’s cartoon brings us to a casino where we see several Jumble characters working the tables. The main action is occurring up front where a gentleman is about to begin playing cards. The dialogue of the dealer suggests that she has encountered this frequent flyer before and seems to know his playing routine. The player explains that he usually starts with roulette but he’s switching it up and going with blackjack first.

Our dealer is drawn with a friendly smile and she is dressed in a vest and bow tie. Her left hand is hovering over the shoe which indicates that gameplay is about to begin. The gambler is decked out in an oversized cowboy hat with a decorative feather decoration on the front. His glasses are also oversized and give him the appearance that he’s one serious card shark. I also noticed that his facial hair is neatly groomed but it was his nose that struck me the most — it’s huge! His left pinky finger has a small ring and his right hand is clutching a martini glass with a single olive on a stick.

In the rear of the panel we see a couple of Jumble characters playing roulette. The woman is placing a single chip on the board with her right index finger while a man can be see chomping on his tongue as decides where to place his bet. In his left hand is a large drink glass that contains a small umbrella, straw, and a fruit garnish on the rim.

The letter layout for the final solution was an anagram consisting of 9-letters. The dialogue of the gambler was very similar to the cartoon sentence and informs us that he sometimes plays the tables in the reverse order. The two V’s in the letter layout brought VICE VERSA to mind making this one an instant solve. Since the solution had VICE in the answer, it was only fitting that the panel setting be a casino with a couple of intoxicating beverages on display! Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jumble Answers for 10/31/2018









Ghoul-morning, Jumble friends, and Happy Halloween! It was such a treat to open the newspaper and find a spooktacular Halloween themed puzzle waiting in the comics section. David started off gameplay by arranging the anagrams in reverse alphabetical order and then offered up a new clue word in THREW. The word that haunted me the longest was SMOKER and it took an extra minute or so before coming into view. The oldest clue word of the pack was FIASCO with its last appearance in the game on 8/27/16.

Today’s cartoon featured a character that we’ve seen numerous times this year so it was only fitting that he return once again on Halloween. Within the panel we see our old friend, the Headless Horseman, resting comfortably in a chair. His dialogue states that he’s going to go the extra mile by giving everyone in Sleepy Hollow a major fright tonight. His wife can be seen tenderly touching his pumpkin head and smiling as she listens to his plan.

There were a few fun details within the panel that caught my attention. The Horseman’s boots are waiting by the side of his chair and there is a small buckle on each one. His wife is holding a cast iron pot by its’ handle as if she’s about to place it on the fire. My favorite detail had to be the mug that ol’ pumpkin head is holding. It has a small shield logo on the front as well as a tiny crack on the top left side!

The letter layout for the final solution was 13-letters in length. It was extremely cryptic which left the solution well hidden. Since the cartoon featured the Headless Horseman, I figured HEAD would be in there. Crossing out the letters brought WORK into view leaving OFF and TO for the finish. Have a wonderful Halloween, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jumble Answers for 10/30/2018









Happy Tuesday, Jumble players! All of the clue words in today’s puzzle were recycled favorites. After working my way through the five letter anagrams, I found that ZESTY was used in gameplay a mere eight days ago while SORRY is the exact same anagram as the last time we saw it on 9/18/17. PASTOR took me the longest to decipher making it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. It was also the oldest clue word of the group with its last use on 2/27/16.

If you enjoy James Bond movies then today’s cartoon panel was a visual feast for your eyeballs. Not being a fan of the franchise left me struggling a bit with the names and faces that we see, so feel free to fill in the blanks in the comments section below.

The setting is an outdoor café where we encounter a cast of different characters from the films. Front and center is the man himself, British Secret Service agent James Bond, having a chat with a close ally. Our cartoon sentence informs us that Bond has recently stolen some plans for a weapon while his dialogue reveals that he’s delivering them in a most peculiar way. Upon hearing that Bond has stuffed the pastry with the secret plans, we can see the surprise look on the mans face as he stops eating and takes a glance inside.

Two of the three characters in the background were easily identifiable as Bond villains. We see Oddjob peeking around the corner of the building and he’s wearing his steel-brimmed bowler hat. Seated directly behind Bond is Ernst Stavro Blofeld and he’s stroking his white persian cat. The woman in the rear had me perplexed but I’m sure someone will let us know what this baddies name is.

The anagram for the final solution was 9-letters in length. The layout wasn’t overly cryptic with EASY almost completely spelled out for us in the front. Crossing out the letters brought AS into view leaving SPY for the funny finish.

Will we see a Halloween themed cartoon for tomorrow’s game? The holiday cartoons are always a treat so hopefully Jeff won’t play a trick on us. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you then!

Jumble Answers for 10/29/2018









Happy Monday, Jumble friends! We were greeted with a very easy puzzle this morning that took no time at all to solve. Mr. Hoyt gave us a new clue word in hammer but I was able to nail it upon first glance. Since all of the clue words were instantly visible, I’ll attach a poll and let everyone vote for the most difficult anagram of the day. The other three clue words were all used in 2017 with FETCH being the oldest of the quartet (1/11/17). My final observation of the anagrams is that they were presented to us in reverse alphabetical order.

Today’s cartoon was the highlight of the game and it contained a mathematical twist! Although the setting wasn’t exactly clear, it looks like we’re most likely seeing the storage area of a clock production facility. The panel shows us three Jumble characters standing in front of a large garbage can full of discarded clocks. A man in safety glasses and gloves is tossing them into the bin one at a time as the other two characters try to come to grips with the mistake. The female is disheartened that they can’t be recycled while the male does some quick match to try and figure out what went wrong.

There are a total of 16 clocks in the drawing with six of them displaying a time of 26:00. Jumble artist, Jeff Knurek, decided to make today’s cartoon a little more interesting by giving us a math problem to go along with it. In the gentlemans dialogue, he explains that the time is off because each clock is adding 5 minutes to the hour. Over the course of a day, that would equal 2 extra hours. Since the time is displayed in a 24-hour format, the 2 extra hours would make all of the clocks read 26:00. Absolutely brilliant!!!

The layout for the final solution was an 11-letter anagram. The visual clue of the clocks coupled with the leading nature of the sentence made the solution a blind solve. The addition of Jeff’s math quiz had me spending a few more minutes on the puzzle than I should have, but it definitely wasn’t a waste of time. Have a merry Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jumble Answers for 10/28/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!                🎪 CHECKS?…AND BALANCES? 🎪

🎶 He’d fly through the air with the greatest of ease…A DARING YOUNG MAN ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE…His movements were graceful, all girls he could please…And my love he purloined away. This young man by name was Signor Bona Slang…Tall, big, and handsome as well made as Chang…Where’er he appeared the Hall loudly rang, with ovations from all people there…🎶  “The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze” – Eddie Cantor  (circa) 1936-1946) 

🎪 I think I’d EQUATE Trapeze work with boarding SUNKEN ships,
I’d have to have the CLERGY there to watch should I do flips.
My Vertigo would HINDER me, so if up there I’d be?
The reason would be baffling…a losing bet maybe?
I picture an AMOEBA, splattered along the floor,
There’s no remote thought comes to mind, and trust me, I am sure…
Forget the bet, I wouldn’t dare, and save the TROPHY too,
I like to swing, but not this way…you won’t see me persue.
In life we all have qualities, but of my any talents?
Nothing comes close to this right here: Oh, no…HUNG IN THE BALANCE! 🎪

What an eclectic group of words we’re seeing this morning. All Sweet Repeats, and I really think their previous anagrams were much more challenging than these, because I SWUNG through these…🎶with the greatest of ease...🎶!..And none of the Early Bird Jumblers found any of our words to be too IN TENTS, except maybe for AMOEBA. One of them did find it just a tad bit STICKY… And I did come ACROSS one little quirk, with CLERGY. It was anagrammed exactly as it is today, back on August 28th. The rest of our words? A mix between 2017-18, with AMOEBA bringing up the rear from July 22nd of 2016. Ok, enough time spent here…Let’s get on the the MAIN ATTRACTION!

Today, we find ourselves at the BIG TOP. I’d be LION if I tried to tell you where we are exactly, since CIRCUS to me was always Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey…but as we all know, they FELL through the cracks last year. So, let’s just say we’re looking at the Jumbler Tumblers. It has a nice RING to it, no? Standing CENTER RING we find a RINGMASTER and a performer who I believe to be a TIGHTROPE WALKER, since she’s seen holding a BALANCE BAR. The conversation is CENTERed on the fate of the male TRAPEZE ARTIST that we see FLYING overhead, with his female partner. It seems that his PERFORMANCE hasn’t been UP to par, and he’s just NET SWINGING it. It looks like his job may be UP IN THE AIR, unless he gets his ACT TOGETHER. It’s not an easy POSITION to be in, and he may end up being the FALL GUY…Anyway, with our question asking where his future was after all these SHORTcomings? It HUNG IN THE BALANCE! Good one, David! You’ve definitely GRABbed my attention!

Ok, eye candy…The panel is shaded in light Blue. The RINGMASTER, clad in the requisite Tuxedo and Top Hat, is scowling…You can see he’s definitely not CLOWNing around. Our Prima Little Schemer, clad in Purple, is shown smiling, gloating over the fact that, as she puts it..”You never see me falling”…Obviously, she’d never lend A HAND…Beyond them we can see the NET. But the Eye CATCHER today? Our TRAPEZE guy…With his tongue HANGING out? Take a real close look…He’s not gonna CATCHER this time either..🎶.A NETter one bites the dust🎶!  So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone..and remember…It may be fun being a TRAPEZE ARTIST…until you’re LET GO! 🎪🙋🏻



Jumble Answers for 10/27/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!          👂🏻🗣CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? 🗣👂🏻

🎶 Here you are again…Tellin’ me you’re sorry, Baby, tellin’ me you wanna come on back home…Where you belong. There you go again, lyin’ and alibiin’..Singin’ that same old worn out song…Here it comes now...I CAN’T HEAR YOU NO MORE...I’ve HEARD it all before. You ain’t a reachin’ me no how…No way, no time until dooms day...I CAN’T HEAR YOU NO MORE, I CAN’T HEAR YOU NO MORE...🎶 “I Can’t Hear You” – Betty Everett  1964

🗣👂🏻As much as I feel for this guy…his hearing now impaired,
You have to sympathize with her, her feelings not be spared.
As VOCAL as she probably gets, I’ll bet it brings a FRIGHT
To call and get no answer… it really isn’t right.
What AVENUE can she turn to, what options can she use?
If asking him just does no good, if he will still refuse?
(I bet they can’t play RUMMY, it’d lead her to the Gin,
It’s useless, him not hearing? There’s no doubt who’d always win)
Bottom line, let’s hope Tom got on board, and things went back to cheerful…
Until that time she had no choice, she just GAVE HIM AN EARFUL…👂🏻🗣

With all of today’s words being old favorites, the oldest one, FRIGHT, last seen way back on June 5th, 2016, appears to be the only one that put a little tic of fear into the Early Bird Boys this morning. I haven’t HEARD anything else about any of the others, but then again, it’s still really EARly…And with that being SAID…it’s on to our solution…

Relaxing comfortably on his couch, in his living room, today we meet TOM. As he sits with his tablet in his lap, we see his wife, whom I’ll call GERI, raising her voice and  SOUNDing off at him, in obvious frustration. From our question and our dialogue, we HEAR that Tom, who should be wEARing HEARING AIDS, refuses to…And Geri, who’s forced to talk to the wall, isn’t happy about it. So she…GAVE HIM AN EARFUL! How’s that SOUND, Folks? Good one, David…AURAL good one!

Ok, eye candy. The first thing I couldn’t help but notice, is that our couple has a rather distinctive look. For those of us who are regulEAR daily Jumblers, we’ve come to  recognize Jeff’s usual suspects, and these two aren’t. Instead, they seem to be patterned after a couple that may be “real life”. And considEARing that it’s late OctobEAR, the way thEAR dressed leads me to believe that it’s not a couple who lives nEAR Jeff, in the Midwest. Tom’s floral-patterned shirt and cargo shorts, and Geri’s sleeveless top seem better suited to a warmEAR climate. With the panel shaded in pink, the couch, the lamp, and the table are colored mauve. Hanging on the wall, is a mountain scene with water, framed in Bamboo. Tom’s two HEARING AIDS are shown lying on the table. But the eye candy HEAR today? LOBE and behold, it’s the Pineapple Jeff’s placed on Tom’s Tablet. APPLEsolutely endEARing! So, ThEAR you have it, Folks..Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with this little bit of selective HEARING humor: Married couple in the midst of a heated argument: WIFE: “You never LISTEN to me. You only HEAR what you want to HEAR“. HUSBAND: “Sure, I’ll have a beer”…BA-BOOM! Somebody’s gonna get HERTZ! 👂🏻🗣🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 10/26/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!                🎥”WHAT’S MY LINE”? 🎥

🎶 Is this the REEL life? Is this just fantasy?…Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality…Open your eyes…Look up to the skies and see…🎶 “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen 1975

📽 I can’t remember when I last waited in such a queue,
I’m not one to ADOPT and jump on things when they’re brand new…
It’s obvious this movie has brought out the crowds real STRONG,
But Queen never impressed me, so here I’d not belong.
Their music wasn’t SLUDGE to me…without it I could live,
What’s good for GOOSE don’t always mean a gander I should give…
So here’s this movie ’bout them, after months of trailers teasin’?
Makes sense that since it opened now? The lines just STOOD TO REASON!📽

With all of our words being Sweet Repeats today, they were easily recognizable, with perhaps a little pause at SLUDGE, since it’s a rarely seen word. A little quirk? GOOSE appeared here very recently, September 26th, to be exact…just one month ago! That’s a feather ruffler, wouldn’t you say?

Ok, on to our cartoon. Today we find ourselves lined up outside a movie theater, waiting to see the movie BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. Since it’s not slated to open here in America until November 2nd, I’m imagining Jeff’s brought us to the UK, where it just opened on Wednesday. The movie is a biographical piece about the former Rock Band from Britain, QUEEN, and it’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury. Not looking to further play either music or movie critic, I’ll just tell you that there’s information about it all over…on TV, in the papers…ALL over..So feel free to look into it if you chose….As for our puzzle, the dialogue’s telling us what the cartoon’s showing us…The lines are long, and everyone’s STANDING on them…(or in them, depending where you live)!..The long lines..STOOD TO REASON! Good pun, David…A STAND OUT as usual!

Ok, eye candy…The panel is shaded in Blue…Beyond the eight people we see at front, there’s a line wrapped around the corner, silhouetted in black. The movie marquee, bright Yellow with black lettering, is half hidden, but as I stated earlier…it’s ALL over the media, so we know! We see two couples, a group of three women, and a man alone. The man at back, noting the placement of his thumbs, seems to be texting…but I found it amusing that the woman he’s with is reading it…🎶ONE VISION🎶 I guess. He’s sporting rather interesting facial hair, and a little bit of a low pony tail. 🎶WE WILL ROCK YOU🎶 comes to mind…And the three women smiling happily, remind me of 🎶YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND🎶…But what’s got me totally stumped? The placard displayed on the wall of the theater. Shaded completely in blue, it’s showing a man. Pictured with heavy-lidded eyes, parted hair, wearing a suit and tie, he’s holding his fingers up in the air as he glances sideways. Very 1940ish. The letters “J E” are printed next to him…Who is he? I’m totally lost…If anyone out there knows, please write in and tell me…I haven’t the slightest clue…I mean I’m not 🎶UNDER PRESSURE🎶, but I sure am curious! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! 🎶ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST🎶! Have a great day, Everyone….And Jeff, if you’re LISTENING? Who is that guy? 🎥🙋🏻