Jumble Answers for 02/17/2019









Good Morning, Everyone!                👗  FASHION (NON) SENSE 👗

🎶 Well every time I turn around, you’re standin’ at my door, I’d like to ask you over but you ain’t my gal no more…You’re gonna WEAR OUT YOUR WELCOME treatin’ me like you do…Why don’t you leave me alone…’Cause you and I are through…🎶 “Wear Out Your Welcome” – Wayne Hancock 2016  https://tinyurl.com/y4eqgtw8

👗 The attitudes of models, these women food deprived,
May sometimes come off hinky, may seem a bit contrived…
The pressure to stay rail thin, success is not illGOTTEN,
The sleep CURFEW, the air-blown SMOOCH…the men a lot besotten’
The critics love to CACKLE, like nails on a chalkboard…
The media may criticize, yet still the girls adored…
They BROKER for these coveted spots, and then when they are chosen,
You’d think the most important thing would be just do the posin’…
But sometimes one may WALLOW in the thought that they’re the best..
And feel that personal fashion sense puts them above the rest.
So when an ego rears its head…and diva one becomes,
I guess a model easily may WEAR OUT HER WELCOME...👗

WEAR have I seen WALLOW before? On the Just Jumble App I supPOSE, because it’s not showing up in the Archives. But all our other words are, with CACKLE going back as far as 2016, and SMOOCH being PLANTED this past July. And while we’re FACED with masterful anagrams this morning, the word that PUT ON the most pressure?  CURFEW. It had it’s LIMITS…

Today our cartoon brings us onto the set of a FASHION SHOOT. We see the CLOTHING STYLIST, the PHOTOGRAPHER, the DESIGNER and finally our girl of (…those who get paid very well by…) the HOUR, our MODEL. Being shown the dress chosen for her to WEAR, we hear her having a bit of a FIT, and refusing to do so. With her attitude WEARing THIN on the nerves of both the Photographer and the Designer, we learn that this Designer won’t STAND for behavior of this FASHION, and it’s resulting in our MODEL being told to WALK. She managed to…WEAR OUT HER WELCOME. News FLASH…David’s done it again! Good JOB David!

Ok, eye candy. Without much detail displayed in the panel today, I didn’t need to RACK my brains out looking for eye candy. There’s the DRESSES, the photographers’ CAMERA, and the two adjustable light stands in the background. I don’t know…I supPOSE I’m being just a little too CLOTHES-minded, but I think it FITTING that I take a pass and WALK today…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! Hope it’s PICTURE perfect…👗🙋🏻

PS: 3:30 and still no colored puzzle to be seen…and I’m WORN out waiting! I’ll fill you in on the colors later..🎨

Later: COLOR COMMENTARY: The panel, a soft very pale BURCH…The dresses, all on red hangers: The one the model deKLIEINs: A medium blue, spaghetti strapped affair, with a deeply jagged hemline. (L-R)…A green one-shouldered number, with a pleated, I QUANT to say…tulip-like draping? A black top, red bottomed boxy piece, with a large red bow at the neckline, and lastly, a two-toned purple number, with a lighter shaded spiked neckline, matching an ornately shaped petalled bottom. The dress is fitted until the waist, and then spreads out FORD effect, into a ballooned LAUREN. ( Why? KORS I was going for “lower end”. Hmm…Not so much? Oh well, I took a shot)! The Model: Black halter top, with skinny white jeans and black spike-heeled CHOOS. The stylist: Teal T-shirt, tan pants. The photographer: Black tee, with jeans, (maybe WANGler’s), the camera he’s KARAN, gray with an olive green strap. And our designer: A mauve tunic, WORN with a black beaded necklace. Sans earrings…SAND MAN...😴💤😴


Jumble Answers for 02/15/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!      🎶...AND THE CHASE IS ON 🎶

🎶 Keep on TRUCKIN’ Baby…I got to keep on TRUCKIN’...Got to get to your good lovin…Huh…huh…huh…huh…huh…🎶 “Keep on Truckin'” – Eddie Kendricks 1973 https://tinyurl.com/yypv4ctr

🚓 The police chase when it happens, can always cause a stir,
Attention in a minute can SHIFT to him or her…
We all pay close attention, an EYEFUL‘s what we want,
The moving PHOTO we look for, we’re all part of the hunt.
Cross city streets or parkway lanes, a CACTUS we might see,
For some reason we’re all drawn in, there’s camaraderie…
The news follows the story, the cameras keep up pace,
And every local station says “We’ll now CUT TO THE CHASE” 🚓

While none of today’s words are new to our Jumble mix, we have seen SHIFT only 9 days ago on the 6th, when it appeared as FISTH. PHOTO, last seen back in August 2017, is our oldest word for the day. And while CACTUS STUCK a few of the Early Bird Jumblers, it’s EYEFUL that seems to be the word calling for the real second LOOK… It wasn’t a stumper, but it caused a few BLINKS

Today we’re finding ourselves at the news desk of a local network, “J” TV. We see that our Anchorman, who I’ve dubbed BEN THERE, has just been told that a “pursuit is in progress“, and as a result, we’re going “live” to the scene of the police CHASING A STOLEN TRUCK. Since the Anchorman pictured doesn’t have that usual generic look of our Jumble characters, and being unfamiliar with “Jumble-TV”, I tried looking for PHOTOs of the on-air personalities at a local Indiana station, since Jeff lives in Indiana. And I thought I hit the “J”ackpot when I found a news personality that I felt bore a pretty close resemblance to the Anchorman we see here in our cartoon. Turns out his name is Dave…only thing is he’s a Sportscaster…So, it was either keep looking, or just CUT TO THE CHASE and do the eye candy…

So…The eye candy. Our panel today is shaded in a soft shade of light brown. Ben’s DESKed out in a gray suit, and a black tie. The CHASE scene playing out on the monitor behind him, is totally shaded in blue, and I can see three police cruisers, lights flaring, CHASING the stolen TRUCK. But looking closely I see what looks to be an Ice Cream Cone, crossing atop an Ice Cream Pop, pictured on the TRUCK, beside a window. Sweet detail, Jeff. And the “J” on the front of the Anchor desk is bright red…But my EYE Witness News? If you look closely at Ben’s right ear, where his hand is touching? You can see a tiny little COILED WIRE leading down into his collar…Another nice detail, Jeff…Now let’s just hope the police COLLAR our suspect! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And 🎶Keep on Truckin‘🎶…🚓🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 02/10/2019









Good Morning, Everyone!         🙌🏻 FROM HERE TO ….EXTREMITY 👣

🎶 Papa told Willie “You’ll ruin my home…you and that HAND jive has got to go”…Willie said “Papa, don’t put me down…Been doin’ that HAND jive all over town”…HAND jive, HAND jive…HAND jive, doin’ that crazy HAND jive…🎶 “Hand Jive” – Johnny Otis 1958    https://tinyurl.com/y6ash7zb

🎶 Get on your FEET…Get up and make it happen…Get on your FEET…Stand up and take some action…🎶 “Get On Your Feet” – Gloria Estafan 1989 https://tinyurl.com/yxk5brao

🙌🏻 I realize men don’t hardly care ’bout gloves matching the shoes…
But women like the IMPACT that comes from different hues.
To FLAUNT the shades from WOODSY-green to WEASEL-tones of brown…
There’s nothing ORNERY about accessories we’ve found…
DETACH ourselves from leather, suede? It’s definitely too off-put
This store would be just perfect to be WAITED ON HAND AND FOOT👣

Of our six words today, five are Repeat-Repeats. Although DETACH is showing for just the 3rd time, we have WEASEL, coming in with its’ 5th appearance, FLAUNT its’ 7th, IMPACT, its’ 9th, and ORNERY its’ 10th. IMPACT dates back to August 12th, 2014, while FLAUNT was last seen on August 26th, 2018, making them are oldest and most recent entries. WOODSY, is making its debut, while ORNERY was voted just that…ORNERY!...It came in as the one that took the longest to unscramble…

Today’s cartoon brings us inside a store with a novel idea. FITTINGly, I’m calling it “From Here to Extremity”. We see six Jumble characters, three customers and three sales personnel, and Jeff’s FIT them into the panel quite well. At left we see a man needing new work GLOVES, and the salesman is ready to HAND them right over. At right, a woman looking for MITTENS, is agreeing with the young salesgirl that they do “fit her like a GLOVE“. And at front, we find a woman being FITted for BOOTS, with the salesman sitting at her FEET, offering up HANDS on attention. You gotta HAND it to them…the service here is very personalized, and customers are WAITED ON with that special TOUCH. You can see that they’re made to feel as if they’re the SOLE customer in the store. So between the dialogue and the leading nature of our question…the solution is right at HAND…The customers were..WAITED ON HAND AND FOOT! Good one, David..You deserve a HAND! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Ok, eye candy, and today Jeff’s given us quite A HANDful!…Our panel is colored with a more true to life feel. The backdrop SOLEly is shaded in beige, but all of our characters and a good number of the accessories are shown in vibrant color. The three salespeople are dressed uniformly in white short-sleeved polo shirts with beige pants. They each sport a name tag, but no names are visible. Starting left, we see two pairs of brown gloves hanging on the wall, one fleeced lined. Our bearded and mustachioed workman, dressed in a red plaid flannel shirt and a matching cap, is holding his old GLOVES in his right HAND, while the salesman is seen POINTing to a display showing four different new styles. The salesgirl at right, sporting a pony tail, is FITTING her customer with light green MITTENS, contrasting perfectly with the woman’s green woolen coat, with its white scarfed collar. On the showcase next to them, we see a pair of patterned MITTENS, with fleece cuffs. And our female customer at front, being WAITED ON by the mustachioed SHOE salesman, is dressed in a purple top and black jeans, and is having the laces tied on purple BOOTS that suit her outFIT perfectly. Behind the man we see a two-tiered display, with a patterned SNEAKER, a two-toned laced short BOOT, and a patterned SLIP-ON. But the eye candy? Easy to put my FINGER on..Next to the display of work GLOVES,  if you look real closely, you’ll see a fisted GLOVED HAND, either gripping a rolled up piece of paper or sitting on a GLOVE stand of some sort.  BEFITTING, I suppose, but I’m not getting a definite READ into it…So, There you have it, Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone…And I hope nothing comes along today that you can’t HANDle! 👏🏻👣🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 02/09/2019






NA   U   HG   SP   =   HANG – UPS 

Good Morning, Everyone!              📞 PHONE…BEMOAM 📞

🎶 DON’T HANG UP (No No)..Oh don’t you do it now, DON’T HANG UP...(No No)...DON’T HANG UP like you always do, I know you think our love is true…I’ll explain the facts to you, just DON’T HANG UP...🎶 “Don’t Hang Up” – The Orlons 1962     https://tinyurl.com/yyclrygj

📞 You have to have a certain KNACK to work a job like this,
It’s not a PLUMB position…rejection more than bliss.
The reputation’s SHAGGY, most people not too keen,
On being interrupted…that’s why we all call screen.
Four Telemarketers sitting, a SEPTUM does divide,
But two of them are more interested in who they sit beside…
Afraid of shadows, painfully shy…this guy’s in a real slump
Aggression’s not his selling point…he’s just full of HANG-UPS…📞

I didn’t expect to find SEPTUM in the Jumble LISTINGS, and it was a good CALL…since it’s making its’ debut today. As for our other words, they’re truly old favorites, with PLUMB from 2015, SHAGGY from 2016, and KNACK 2017. But it was SEPTUM that DIVIDED the Early Birds this morning…SEPTUM stumped ’em! …

Finding ourselves at a TELEMARKETING CALL CENTER, we’re LISTENING in on today’s cartoon dialogue. We overHEAR two co-workers, COLIN TODAY, and MAYA SPEAKWITH, discussing the shortcomings of a third. A fourth worker, I.M.BORED, can be seen beyond them, off to the right. The gossip has it that our main character, NOAH VALE, isn’t doing so well emotionally, hasn’t made a SALE, and is plagued with a growing LIST of “issues”. CENTERing in on Noah, we see him with a look of anxious desperation, and a single bead of sweat falling from his brow. We can hear him on the phone, saying that he used to be very shy, and that he’s afraid of shadows. His phone technique isn’t exactly a SELLing point. And we can tell from his dialogue that once again, he’s been HUNG UP on…So in answer to our question…What tells us that our guy has “emotional issues”? He had a lot of…HANG-UPS! Good CALL, David! Good CALL!

Ok, eye candy…The panel, shaded in beige, has black pattern showing on the cubicles. All three of our men are wearing white short-sleeved dress shirts. Colin, mustachioed and sporting a goatee, has on a red striped tie, while I.M. and Noah wear black ones. Maya has a teal headband to match her blouse. I.M. is playing with a Rubik’s cube, where we see some red, yellow, green and blue, and all four workers are wearing head sets. But if I had to MONITOR the panel and pick the HI-LITE? It has to be the LIST of seven names on Noah’s gray SCREEN, all showing X’s. They read: Carlucci, Hoyt, Kent, King, Knurek, Morgan, and Shortz…Names somewhere between SEVEN and SELL. So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind…We all have HANG UPS...we just have to be careful enough not to get ROPED into things…📞🙋🏻

Jumble Answer for 02/08/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!                  🚗 GET A GRIP 🚗

🎶 It’s hard enough, I know…to find the strength to GO, back to where it all began…It’s hard to enough to GAIN, any TRACTION in the rain…You know it’s hard for me to understand…🎶 “Traction In The Rain” – David Crosby 1971 https://tinyurl.com/ydh6zx38

🚗 I really never gave much thought to tires and inflating,
They’re there, they’re round, as always…they’re ready and they’re waiting…
It’s not a question of INEPT, it’s just taken for granted,
Like if you eat a HOAGIE, sure it’s good…but not enchanted.
Or take the THORAX that acts like a CABIN for our chests,
We know it’s there, but we don’t celebrate it with a fest…
Pneumatic this, vulcanization…words to me distraction,
But with inflated tires, things turned ’round so to GAIN TRACTION🚗

With today’s words, the 5’s have it. INEPT, making its’ 8th appearance, was last seen on June 5th,’18 as PINTE, and dates back to March 2015, while CABIN last seen here on October 26th,’17, as ANBIC, goes back to 2014. I couldn’t find our two 6-letter words in the files, although any of you who are familiar with the Just Jumble App, knows we’ve seen THORAX. But HOAGIE? I can tell you this much…Almost all of the Early Bird Jumblers agreed that they BIT off more than they could CHEW with HOAGIE… It stumped 7 of the 11. It’s an exceptionally well done anagram.

Today’s cartoon brings us to what appears to be an outdoor garage, where we see a mechanic kneeling, adjusting the new “INFLATABLE TIRES” on a car. I’m going to go out on a RIM here, and take a guess that the time is circa early 1900’s. I could be wrong, but since it’s pretty well known that I’m not all that great at Math, I’m just ROLLING the dice. I tried doing some research on TIRES, but I came up a little FLAT. John Boyd Dunlop, Robert Thomson, Charles Goodyear...With so many names being ROLLED around, it was just too much PRESSURE, and to be honest, it WORE me OUT…So I just quit, because not only was I TIREd, I started to feel like I was losing my GRIP tooBut if anyone out there is interested in the History, feel free to go right aTREAD and look it up…Speaking with our mechanic, we see a well-dressed gentleman, trying to WRENCH some information from him regarding the new “rage“. The mechanic is seen telling him that these NEW TIRES are “CATCHING ON“. And voilà! The NUTS and BOLTS of our answer…After the new TIRES were introduced, it didn’t take long for them to…GAIN TRACTION! Good one, David! GRIPPING!

Ok, eye candy. The entire panel is shaded blue, with everything CAR-related drawn in black: The CAR being DRIVEN off in the background, leaving a stream of exhaust, the 3 wheels lying on the ground, the CAR being worked on, and the TIRE lying next to our mechanic. He’s dressed in a dark Beige PULL OVER with Black pants. But what AUTOmatically caught my eye? The HANDLE BARred-mustachioed Dandy speaking to him. The man is definitely a MODEL of sartorial splendor. Dressed in a Double-Breasted Navy suit, with a Black top hat, one can see he’s a man DRIVEN to excellence. And the pièce de ré·sis·tance? Those stylish two-toned shoes. Beige and Brown…they compliment his TREADS perfectly!…So, There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I’ll leave you with a little TIRE humor…You used to be able to FILL your TIRES with AIR for a quarter…Now it’s usually more than a dollar…I guess that’s INFLATION for you! 🚗🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 02/03/2019








AI   DCE   GA   NY   AS   PSH   =       EACH PASSING DAY

God Morning, Everyone!          🏈 DAY BY DAY….PLAY BY PLAY....🏈

Super Bowl Sunday! …And we’ve got ourselves a FOOTBALL Themed Puzzle!

I’ll be back….OK. Made 8 o’clock Mass and RAN BACK to  TACKLE today’s puzzle…

🎶 I find that DAY by DAY, you’re making all my dreams come true..
So come what may, I want you to know…I’m yours alone, and I’m in love to this DAY…As we go through the years…DAY by DAY…🎶 “Day By Day” – Frank Sinatra 1946  https://tinyurl.com/yag2g8vc

🏈 It’s hard to remain PLACID if you’re a Football fan,
Today’s the day we party across our entire land.
Large screen TV’s, and every single phone and/or DEVICE,
Is tuned into the Super Bowl…it’s Footballs’ greatest vice.
We root with ABSURD passion, whether our team’s there or not
We bet on every single thing…for everything a pot…
Commercials make debuts and SPLASH our consciousness with thought,
The money involved mind-boggling…but still the slots are bought.
But if we’re seeing Jared Goff, there’s something quite amiss…
Sean McVay has the GOATEE, but the body? What is this?
The man is lean, and quite handsome, so I must NOTIFY
You guys out there…can I be wrong and 16’s not our guy?
The bottom line, a Quarterback is who is on display…
And he, we know aims going longer with EACH PASSING DAY🏈

Two of today’s words called for a second PASS: DEVICE and GOATEE…but upon COMPLETION…all the Early Birds SCORED well…

Today we’re out on a FOOTBALL Field. We see a man who kind of resembles Bill Belichick, the Coach of the New England Patriots, who are playing in today’s Super Bowl, being interviewed by a female Reporter. She’s asking about the QUARTERBACK and the “Big Game“. But then we see the Quarterback, who’s wearing #16, and PASSING the pigskin… JARED GOFF, the Quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, who are also playing today, wears #16. And those are LA Ram emblems showing on the jerseys…So..maybe the woman’s interviewing Stan Kroenke, the owner of the Rams, and it’s Sean McVay we see saying “Nice throw” to Goff? A little confusing, no? Is it just me? Am I the only one out here in the END ZONE with thisWell, whatever…We still can see our way DOWNFIELD to get to our solution…The Quarterback’s performance improved with…EACH PASSING DAY! Good one, David…You’ve SCORED once again!

Eye candy…There’s a 513 on the Football that’s waiting to be PASSED next to Goff. But what’s it stand for? Total SEASON POINTS for the Rams?  No, that was 527. Goff’s Total Season PASSING YARDS? No, wasn’t that 483? I just don’t know…So I’m WIDE OPEN to suggestion…And I’m PICKING the Football, but I need an ASSIST…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great Super Bowl Sunday, Everyone! And PASS those Hot Wings! 🏈🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 02/02/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!                       🌿 OH, DEER! 🌿

🎶 The stars come out, lighting a deep blue sky…When MOTHER NATURE sings her lullaby…The moon bends low, kissing each rose goodnight…When MOTHER NATURE sings her lullaby…🎶 “When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby” – Bing Crosby 1939     https://tinyurl.com/y8359vva

🐿 It’s said that Mothers always know the how, the what, the where…
And it would stand to reason that the same applies to Deers,
A WEALTH of care and concern and nothing to MISUSE,
A Mother Deer gives birth and then protects from all abuse…
We see her by this tree TRUNK with FAVOR towards her fawn,
With Father and son watching the two Deer upon the lawn…
The scene just so bucolic, the perfect portraiture,
We’re seeing what comes naturally, and it’s MOTHER NATURE 🐿

After having both 6-letter words being new yesterday, today all 4 of our words are Sweet Repeats. FAVOR is our oldest, having last been seen on December 28th, ’17, while MISUSE last appeared on October 21st, ’18. And it was the only one of the 4 that caused a pause…Surmise was surmised…

Finding ourselves outdoors this morning gave me a bit of a chuckle, considering the cold gripping most of the country, and the fact that it’s Groundhog Day. But it’s a welcome respite. We see a 🎶Doe, a Deer a female Deer…🎶, having just given BIRTH and she’s understandably FAWNing over her child. And according to NATURE’S schedule, the month must be May or June. Seeing the pair of DEER looking so happy together, and overhearing the dialogue between the Father and the Son whom are watching from the winDOE, …”She just DOEs”…our question is easily answered…We see that Animal Instincts kicked in and the DEER was in the clear, because of her MOTHER NATURE! Good one, David…we all FAWN over you…

Ok, eye candy…It’s an aDOEable image, but FOREST I can tell, there’s nothing really LEAPING off the page. I’m FAWNed of the whole cartoon, but I really have no iDEER what would constitute candy. There’s not much DEER that’s hidden. The Father and Son looking on from behind a Blue-shaded window pane, Green grass, carpeting the panel…A Brown Squirrel on the tree, a Gray Rabbit, with a WHITE TAIL…just NATURal woodland creatures...So, I’ll just pass the BUCK today, and not upset the NATURE of things…Well, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And I’ll leave you with a classic movie line…”Frankly my DEER, I don’t give a damn”…That Rhett sure gave Scarlet a good dose of her own VENISON! 🐿🙋🏻

Jumble Answers for 02/01/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!      🎳  STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT 🎳

🎶 Rolling down the alley…Anticipating [the] tally…Rolling down the alley, BOWLING Sally and me…The score will show we are pretty bad, but look at all the fun we’ve had…Rolling down the alley…My Sally and me…🎶 “Bowling Song” – Joe Montgomery 1957    https://tinyurl.com/y9ads8bz

🎳 These bowlers clad in matching shirts, are looking like league mates,
We see them trying hard to set a morning bowling date.
One TIDIER than the other, they both appear quite calm…
I’m CONNED to think Florida’s the scene, because I’m seeing palms…
Their team name is OMEGA, but trust that they’re not last,
Bob, shown at left’s called WIPER…he’s cleaned up in the past.
And Dan who sits relaxing, hot coffee in his cup,
Appears to like a later start, he’s not that early up.
They’ve scheduled a Monday…that seems their paradigm…
Now all that’s left for them to do is just PIN DOWN A TIME…🎳

…I’m trying to PIN DOWN some TIME myself…I overslept, and now I’m caught up in a bit of a scheduling dilemma. So I’m going to take care of some business here, grab that cup of coffee, and I’ll be back in a little while with plenty of TIME to SPARE…How about we meet back here at NINE…🎳🙋🏻

Searching the Archives for today’s words, I had a feeling I might not find CONNED or TIDIER…and I didn’t. New entries into the LEAGUE. Our other two words though are true Oldies but Goodies, both ROLLING way back to 2014. OMEGA, making its’ 6th appearance today, was last seen on October 18th, ’17, as Ogame, and WIPER, having appeared 4 TIMEs in the past, was last here on November 16th, ’16, where it was anagrammed as Riwep… And it was TIDIER that was AWARDed the “Three STRIKES you’re out” prize for the day, since it stumped 6 of the 11 Early Birds….But now, let’s switch LANES and get to our cartoon…

This morning Jeff’s brought us to a warmer climate, and to what appears to be a warm, comfortable friendship. Two wonderful things,  that especially in light of the weather, I think we’d all be happy to PIN our hopes on. Although we’ve had BOWLING as a theme in our puzzle 4 TIMEs last year, (the last being on November 5th), and twice in 2017, today it’s a little more personal. We see two men, identified by the names on their shirts, as BOB and DAN. Trying to PIN DOWN a date and TIME to meet for BOWLING, we overhear that 9 o’clock seems a little too early, and that 10 PLAYS out better, since Dan, seen doing the Jumble, needs the SPARE TIME. So in answer to our question? They need to...PIN DOWN A TIME...Good one, David…you’ve THROWN us another WIN!

  • Ok, eye candy…Where do I start? At first I was trying to PIN DOWN the two men, since it’s obvious they’re not the usual generic Jumble characters. I thought maybe they were Jeff or David’s Fathers, but it’s hard to gauge the ages of these men, and besides, I know that Jeff’s father is named Tom, and David’s is named Russell. So that was my first STRIKE…Whoever Bob and Dan are remains to be seen…Ok…Starting left with Bob…The shelf hanging near his head, shows 3 Trophies. A BOWLER in stance, 2 BOWLING PINS  with a BALL, and a PIN AWARDed in 1978,  for a 299 GAME and looking to be sponsored by Budweiser. I can make out the Bob on it, but the last name is indistinguishable. As is the writing on the 2nd trophy…If anyone of you can make out the lettering, please write in and let me know. Moving on to Dan…We see a Jumble coffee mug, with sTEAM emanating. Next to it we see a BOWLING BAG, with a CROWN logo, and a name below it that’s beginning with a “K”. I know that Brunswick uses a crown as its logo, but it’s a 3-pointed one, which thus Crown isn’t,  and then what’s the”K” for? So…STRIKES 2 and 3…so far! Dan has his newspaper opened before him, and on the left hand side, we see a Sudoku grid, with Family Circus beside it, and below it the Jumble he’s working on, in pencil. It shows Jeff and Gizmo. The opposite page, top to bottom, is showing 4 drawings, and they’re harder to decipher. I think it’s the comic strip “Pearls Before Swine“, since I’m seeing Rat,  the 2nd one I’m drawing a blank on, (Again, if anyone can identify it, please let me know), the 3rd reads ” Hi Angela” with a Smiley Face and signed “Jeff“, and the last is a drawing of 2 Snowmen, one of whom has lost his head, which is lying between them. This drawing looks very familiar…but I can’t put my FINGER on it…And I’m feeling like I’ve lost my head here too, for more reasons than one! There’s a lot to SPARE! So my eye candy today? I’ll let you guess… What do you think it is? So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And 🎶Let the Good Times Roll🎶…Shirley & Lee 1956   https://tinyurl.com/yab9yze2    🎳🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 01/30/2019









Happy Wednesday, Jumble geniuses! All of today’s anagrams were new but their solutions were old favorites. NAPKIN took just a moment longer to decipher than WETTER so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. GOOEY was the oldest word in the group with its last appearance on 10/24/17 while HARSH was our most recent repeat back on 7/31/18.

If you’ve ever wondered what Jumble artist Jeff Knurek looks like, well today’s your day to meet him! We see Jeff strumming on his guitar while he’s using a hassock as a seat. His wife, Kathy, can be seen sitting in a comfy chair in the next room over while diligently working on her laptop.

The dialogue in today’s cartoon revolves around music and Kathy is asking her husband if he’s writing a new song. Jeff replies that he’s playing around with some new chords and we see he has a pencil behind his ear in case he hears something he likes. At his feet are his dogs, Fifi and Gizmo. Fifi is a Pappillon and is on the left side of the music stand and Gizmo is a chi-weenie and is laying on the right. Gizmo has something in his mouth which looks like either a leash or a toy.

There was so much detail in today’s panel that I’ll just go ahead and list what I saw. Kathy is wearing an Indiana School of Nursing sweater while working on her laptop. The laptop has a pineapple logo on the back which is common in tv, print, and movies so as not to infringe on Apple copyrights. Jeff, of course, is wearing a Wilco t-shirt and it looks like his residence is a no shoes zone as he depicts himself wearing socks. My favorite detail of the piece wasn’t visible to the unaided eye. If you look closely at the headstock of his guitar, you might see some writing. Zooming in on it, it says “Martin” which is a popular guitar brand for musicians.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters which is the same amount as yesterday’s. The layout kept the solution very well hidden and gave nothing away. The cartoon sentence gave us “guitarist” and “melody” as potential clues which weren’t much help in guessing the answer. I started the solve by eliminating -ING which left me 8-letters to work with. WORTH was clumped all together and jumped out at me first leaving NOT to be found for the finish. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!