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Good Morning, Everyone!    🃏♦️ I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE ♦️🃏

🎶 Close enough to start a war, all that I have is on the floor. God only knows what we’re fighting for…All that I say, you always say more. I can’t keep up with your TURNING TABLES ...Under your thumb, I can’t breathe. So I won’t let you close enough to hurt me…No, I won’t ask you, you to just desert me. I can’t give you, what you think you gave me…It’s time to say goodbye to TURNING TABLES…yes to TURNING TABLES…🎶  “Turning Tables” – Adele 2011 (Ironically from the Album: “21”)

♦️🃏 The funny thing ’bout Blackjack is it’s like a fine guitar,
Most of the time you’re better off just sitting at the bar.
You enter a Casino, the atmosphere so PLUSH,
You sit down with your System…and it starts out that you’re flush
This only helps ENTICE you, it makes you feel UPBEAT
When really you should take your chips and quietly retreat.
But just like playing that guitar, where chords you sit and STRUM,
Thinking you’ve made the house your girl? I’ve got news for you Chum…
That System’s only gonna work…as long as you are able,
To act your age, not 21…’Cause you’ll never TURN THE TABLES! 🃏♦️

So today, we have UPBEAT…Which I WASN’T feeling after 3, yes 3 of my early morning Jumblers insisted was BEATUP…Which by now I WAS feeling…Trying to tell them that BEAT UP was 2 separate words just wasn’t enough, so I suggested we try keying it. Did it take? No, of course not. The keyboard went ahead and separated the two words. Because of all that, I think it might be the toughest of our words today. But isn’t it interesting that by reversing the 2 syllables, we have 2 words of such totally different sentiments? Just another one of those quirky little things…Ok, let’s TURN our attention to our cartoon, and it’s solution…

Today we find ourselves sitting at a BLACKJACK TABLE at the JUMBLE CASINO. Yes, you heard me right, the JUMBLE CASINO. And we see our favorite Graphic Artist trying his best to DRAW 21. Yes, you heard me right again, it’s JEFF, sitting along side a man who looks vaguely familiar, but I’m not DRAWing a bead on him. And what a PAIR! They think they have a SYSTEM! But, they’re losing, although we can’t see what cards they held. We can see the DEALER thoughshowing a winning hand of  21: An ACE of Diamonds, which is worth 11, and a PAIR of 5’s. And as many of you may know, to WIN at BLACKJACK, a PLAYER needs to acquire cards with a face value as close as possible to 21, WITHOUT GOING OVER. And unfortunately, too many PLAYERS think they’ll GET OVER the House instead! But as our dialogue is telling us…No matter how smart you think you are…”The ODDS always favor the HOUSE“…Which most seasoned GAMBLERS know, translates to..”They’ll clean you out of HOUSE and home”! So with our question asking what it’s hard to do when trying to win at BLACKJACK? It’s hard to..TURN THE TABLES! Good one, David…You definitely deserve a HAND for this one!

Ok, eye candy. Today’s panel is RICH with details. We have Jeff in one of his favorite Wilco T-Shirts, this one green, and showing a Bicycle. He just never gets TIREd of those shirts. His companion, holding what apPAIRS to be a Hurricane, is DECKed out in a Blue Chicago Cubs Jersey. The logo should be IN RED though, not GREEN….And think about it, Folks…How ironic is that? (Come to think of it, maybe he should have put his money on the Cubs instead. They’re PLAYING very well, and have WON a spot in the PLAYoffs)…At the TABLE we can see the SHOE at left, and the CHIP TRAY, and as noted above, the Dealer raking in those losing Chips. Our PIT BOSS is nattily dressed, in a Blue Suit and Red tie, while his colleague is seen HOLDing a DECK OF CARDS showing a Black Spade, and embossed with the words “Jumble Casino“. All three of the Casino employees are wearing name tags, but they’re all blank. But the eye candy? Off in the background, at another TABLE, there’s two chairs. And the backs of them reads “Jumble Casino”. A fine detail…Maybe our guys should have TURNED they’re attention to that TABLE…They might have had BETTOR luck! So, There you have it Folks, Done….Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind, those SYSTEMS? You know you can’t COUNT on them…Leave it to the analysts…BLACKJACK? Let me put it this way…I have a favorite T-Shirt too…It reads: “If this GAME was called 22? I’d own this town“! ♦️🃏🙋🏻

14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/28/2018

  1. To ENTICE customers into their PLUSH new cafe, the owners hired a guitarist to STRUM UPBEAT tunes in the foyer.
    Compound words–UPBEAT and ENTICE—almost always aggravate me. So it was this Friday. I finally got them, wrote out the letters and could not get beyond having BEAT be one of the words. Alas, that was not to be. I paused for an hour and then in total ennui with the cartoon and the solution, gave up and looked for the answer for the first time in many months.
    Adele’s song, Angela, is almost as depressing as a day/night/ morning in a casino. I like her voice but not this tune. I wish I could say something positive about casinos and gambling but I cannot. Enjoy card games, but not for money.
    Your eye candy and poem, as clever and witty as they are, just don’t change my mood this morning. My fault entirely and I appreciate your contributions .
    Not one of my favourite cartoons or solutions but odds are others will love them.

    • Good Morning, Earl…Damn, I hate seeing you so bummed. It’s been teeming here since 2AM, and it’s the gloomiest day…is it like that up by you too? I’m hoping that accounts for your sounding so down. You know I thought of you when I saw the puzzle this morning. You’ve mentioned before your aversion to gambling. But look at your closing line…Even though you’re voicing it, you still managed to get that little pun in there! And its a good one, too. It’s all good in the end…Gambling’s a touchy subject, I know…But please remember..I only report the news here..I don’t make it! 😂 So, I did wonder where you were, as the time was ticking by. I had figured UPBEAT would rankle you a little, but I didn’t think ENTICE Although since I’ve posted, two Jumblers have said to me that it was the one that caught them this morning…And you know how it is..once you’ve gotten a solution word in your head..it’s hard to shake it off. You’re not alone. As for Adele. I’m not the biggest fan, although I don’t know why. She has a beautiful voice. I didn’t know you were a fan. And yes, it is a rather sad song. But the title..and ironically the album? The music purist in me had no choice…I’m so sorry though, if it added to your feeling blue. Thanks for the Shout Outs, and I have to say, one wouldn’t be able to gauge your mood from the sound of your sentence. Brilliantly done, as always…I have a few Blackjack jokes that I know would cheer you up, but I can’t print them here..😷 Suffice to say, you could BET on me making you laugh…I hope the day improves..Earl. Let me know if there’s anything I can do! 😘🙋🏻

  2. Angela, Earl – I’m always impressed how you come through day after day.
    I almost gave up on the answer, too. i thought the first two words would be “beat the” but couldn’t get the last word. Then I saw tables and the phrase came to mind.
    Wishing all a great weekend.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. You saw BEAT too? Does everyone believe in the myth? “BEAT The SYSTEM”? 😂 You, Earl…Jeff?? 😉😂 Glad you didn’t FOLD, and were able to figure it out, it is a really clever one today. And Thank you sooo much for the Shout Out, you’re very “Sweet”! 😉 Hope you enjoy your day, Caroline, Be Well! ♦️🃏🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – I first saw STURM as in “Sturm und Drang”, or the former SJ Shark Marco Sturm. The IC trick didn’t work, but then I saw ENTICE. I think the third word was the hardest, but the UP trick solved UPBEAT.
    Then the answer. I also thought it would be “Beat the”, but what? Dealer? Casino? SLURNT?? So I wrote the letters, saw TURN THE, and TABLES was left.

    The Pool Hall yesterday, the gambling house today, whatever are these boys getting themselves into?

    Have a good Friday, everyone!

    Great details, Angela. Is that MA SHOE on the table? And if you stake anyone to an evening’s games, make sure to verify their character first. You never want to BACK A RAT. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

    • Sturm und Drang? ROTFL! Only you, G! 😂😂 Hysterical. Yea, the stress!
      And you too, with the BEAT? Like I didn’t get enough this morning with the BEAT UP? You’re killin’ me here! And I’m laughing at the pool hall connection..I was thinking the same thing…Thanks for the Shout Out, I had a lot of fun with this one…And as for Ma Shoe? Your Shoe..Anybody’s Shoe? Good one. 👏🏻 Maybe I should have explained about the Shoe? I mean I could have FIT it in! 😉 Good one on the Baccarat, too. Now there’s a game I could never get into…I’ve watched, I’ve been with the Board while they’ve played, and they’ve tried explaining it all to me..but I just don’t get the appeal. At least I’m not totally corrupted! 😂 Thanks G, you’ve given me a few good laughs…Nice! Have a good one…Talk to you later! ♦️🃏🙋🏻

      • Weren’t Sturm and Drang the German group who did “Neunundneunzig Luftballons”? Ach, nein, that was Nena. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

  4. Can I join the “beat the ” parade? Speaking of black jack we honeymooned inVegas in Sept of ’69 and played black jack at a 50cent JFK silver dollar per hand.No we didn’t win big,but also didn’t lose big at the tables.Also played dime and quarter slots with real levers to pull.

    • Hey Professor…How’re you doing? You may as well join up..it’s a landslide! 😂 ..Blackjack for 50¢ and a dollar? Now that’s amazing!.😳 And that’s another thing I’ve never done…Played a slot machine! Hope you’re having a good day, Chuck! 🃏♦️🙋🏻

      • JFK Half-dollars, right? But do you remember the Eisenhower silver dollars? Been a few years (decades) since I’ve seen one of those!

        Angela, all I’ve ever played are slot machines and video poker. Because you don’t have to deal with, you know, other people {shudder}. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

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