Jumble Answers for 09/20/2018









Happy Thursday, everyone! All of the clue words this morning were recycled favorites, but the anagrams were fresh and new. WIZARD and SENSE were both instantly visible leaving me plenty of time to work through the other two. At first I thought GAVEL might have been GLAVE but it just didn’t look right. SUBMIT took the longest to decipher and is my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. The oldest clue word today was WIZARD. Last used on 5/17/17, it was jumbled as DIRZWA. There’s no hiding the “Z” and “W” which makes the answer jump right out at you, almost as if by magic.

Our cartoon today was sports themed with the setting being a boxing arena. My eyes were instantly drawn to the boxer that is down on one knee which seems to indicate that he’s about to make a marriage proposal. The cartoon sentence confirmed my suspicion so I read the dialogue between the characters to get all the juicy details of this heartwarming event.

The commentators in the rear of the panel are telling their audience that they have a great view of the proposal. One would think that the boxing ring would obscure their view but Jeff took care of this obstacle by making sure that their table was elevated just enough to see over the ring and down on the floor. Jeff truly takes into account all of these minor details while drawing to make sure his work is as accurate and convincing as possible.

Turning my attention to the lovebirds, I was overjoyed to see that she accepted his proposal. Upon hearing the positive response, our champ enthusiastically responds with a punny reply of “You’ve knocked me out!”. Looking at the boxers eye, it seems as though this is the second time that he’s been knocked out today. My paper prints the cartoon in black and white and there’s a noticeably large black ring around his eye. This leads me to believe that the proposal took place shortly after the boxing match ended.

The surprise answer contained a pair of quotes which lets us know that we’re most likely going to have to work a bit to figure it out. After a few easy puzzles this week, I was more than ready to accept the task and enthusiastically began my solve. The letter layout was a modest 12-letters in length which I admit looked cryptic at first. The visual clues of the engagement ring and the boxing ring made RING the obvious starting point. SEAT and SIDE were easily found to deliver the finishing blow to this touching Jumble puzzle. Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Bonus Content:

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