Jumble Answers for 09/21/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!        🤔 🎶I THINK We’re Alone Now…🎶🤔

🎶 You better THINK (THINK)…THINK about what you’re trying to do to me, THINK (THINK, THINK)…Let your mind go, let yourself be free. Let’s go back, let’s go back, Let’s go way on, way back when…I didn’t even know you, you couldn’t have been too much more than ten (just a child)…I ain’t no psychiatrist, I ain’t no doctor with degrees, But it don’t take too much high IQ’s…To see what you’re doing to me…THINK (THINK)…THINK about what you’re trying to do to me, ooh…THINK (THINK)…Let your mind go, let yourself be free…🎶 “Think” – Aretha Franklin  1968

🤔 Originally named the “Poet” and part of “The Gates of Hell”,
Rodin then second guessed it and the idea he did quell.
Not a BISON nor a GEYSER nor a CELLO needed here…
He thought and then decided on its own this one could bear.
So renamed as the “The Thinker”, something we could look up to,
It re-emerged in 1904, treated DEARLY in reviews…
And today it’s widely recognized as quite venerable,
Think what you may, the effort here was “CONSIDER-ABLE”! 🤔

Despite all of today’s words being Sweet Repeats, I’m hearing from the early morning Jumblers that both CELLO and GEYSER are causing them to THINK a little more than usual. And also that a good number of them had to CHIP AWAY at today’s answer…That “CONSIDER-ABLE” POSED a bit of a problem…It does seem to BEND the rules a bit…But what a gift with DEARLY, right?  Even spelt wrong, it’s still reads Right!

So, on to our cartoon…Today, we’re visiting the ART Studio of famed Sculptor, AUGUSTE RODIN, and we see him putting some FINISHING touches on his iconic SCULPTURE “THE THINKER”. Deciding to make it a solo piece of ART, he’s telling his visitor that not only will it STAND ALONE, but that he has LOFTY IDEALS for it, and envisions it as being viewed from below…He’s obviously put a LOT of THOUGHT  into this, and carefully CONSIDERED the odds…So, in answer to our question? The effort RODIN put into the SCULPTURE was…”CONSIDER-ABLE”! Good one, David! Right UP there with the best of them…

Ok, eye candy. RODIN’s guest is very fashionably dressed for the time period, early 1900’s. Wearing a Khaki colored suit, he’s sporting a blue shirt and a Reddish-Purple Tie. Knee high Black Boots give him a very debonair look. The mustached, bearded RODIN, RUNG UP on a ladder…is attired in various shades of Blue, and looking ever the ARTISTE in his longer-length duster. The ubiquitous Black Beret sits atop his tête…Clumps of the Bronze Clay can be seen on the floor below the Statue. But the “pièce de résistance” today? If you look closely, way in the background, on the bench? You’ll see some ROBED FIGURES that were part of RODIN’s original work of ART, the aforementioned “GATES OF HELL”... Now how cool is that? Oh, wait..I mean How HOT is that? So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone!…And enjoy! As for me…It’s still so early…I THINK I’ll just SIT for a while, and CHILL….🤔🙋🏻


24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/21/2018

  1. The CELLO ,master paid DEARLY when he was chased by a BISON and ran too close to a famous GEYSER.
    Usually I can unscramble two or three words at first glance. Not today. The first word was a snap, the others took a little longer. CELLO proved most difficult—I could not get ecole out of my head.
    The solution? I thought, because of the inverted commas, it would be more of a PUN than a play on the word CONSIDER. Once I separated ABLE from the others, the answer eventually came.
    Love your song choice Angela and a fitting tribute to her.
    Thanks for the details,about the use of colour, which I cannot see and can’t be bothered this AM to go to another website and see—I’ll take your word for all of that. Learnt a lot about this famous statue, also. Did not know it was part of a group. Thanks for the enlightenment.
    Puns and poem proved pretty piquant and philosophically pertinent per puzzle..

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    • Good Morning, Earl. I’ve had 11 people check in so far. You make number 12. Except for myself and one other? No one seems to feel comfortable with today’s solution. Others have echoed your looking for a pun upon seeing the quotation marks, while a good number don’t “get” the CONSIDER…There’s a little extra complaining this morning…I have to keep reminding these Early Bird men of mine that I don’t make the news..I just report it! 😉 And I’ll make you laugh..Ecole is the last name of one of these friends…That was a whole other conversation! 😂 Thanks for the Shout Outs..Today the song definitely picked itself…and you’re very welcome for whatever you feel I helped you with…It took some motivation on my part to really get into it. Funny thing is, I have three of these statues in my homes, and yet I couldn’t get excited about the puzzle!…And I thoroughly thank you for your thoughtful tidbits towards my tackling of today’s theme…Not a topical one, but I THINK some food for THOUGHT! 😉 Your alliteration made my morning…while your charging BISON had me LOL! Have a good one, Earl! 🙋🏻

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  2. Hi, Angela! Let me enlighten you on a couple of details from today’s cartoon. The visitor to Rodin’s studio was one of his biggest fans, Oscar Wilde. The statues in the background are part of my favorite, and I believe his most powerful pieces, Les Bourgeois de Calais. The story of the Les Bourgeois de Calais is just amazing and heart breaking. There you go. Have a great weekend!

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    • Hey Jeff! There’s a few coincidences and contradictions here that are a little eerie….Just y’day I wore my “Born To Be Wilde” T-Shirt…And I’ve always appreciated the mans’ use of puns and witticisms…Then there’s having the three statues of “The Thinker”! …And topping it all off, I recently helped my nephew with a term paper on Dante’s Inferno…But did I do any research on Rodin this morning? No! I just couldn’t get into it…Adding to it, Bourgeois de Calais never crossed my mind…YET…the figures in the “Gates of Hell” are naked, and I went so far as to mention the robes! (At least I did mention the lack of motivation)! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that my Nephew fares better than I did! Thanks for the info, Jeff. As we speak, I’m waiting to meet with my broker…That heartbreak you mention? Depending on how this goes…I may look into it…Or not! 🙄 And there you have it! Have a good one, Jeff! 🙋🏻


  3. Good morning. Perfect choice again on song Angela. Loved the poem and puns plus your extra tidbits that I had no idea about. Earl,it wasn’t bad enough that the poor guy is being chased by a bison but then runs right into a geyser. You left us with a nice picture of his misfortune. Loved the words today. They really made you think (no pun intended). I really struggled with Cello which would be my choice for hardest word. When it came to the cartoon,I’m sure Angela knew what route I would take. Seeing all those letters and the quotation marks,I took the easy way out. I tried for about five minutes then realized my time is too important for such trivial things. Now if you believe that,then I just might be able to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Hey Brooklyn…Thanks for the Shout Outs…but after reading Jeffs’ message, don’t set out for the bank just yet…You’ll see there’s a hiccup in there 😉 You’re in good company with Cello, it had a few of my friends hung up this morning…The Bridge? You’re trying to sell? You mean you’ve bought it in the past..???😉 Have a good one, Bud! Glad you enjoyed Aretha! Talk to you later! 🤔🙋🏻


      • LOL…Tks! …Yes, I am…And I’m laughing, because I’m sitting in it, and I just thought..”How does Caroline know that we’re stuck in traffic”?!! ROTFL! ..God, I’m becoming a lost cause, really! My friend told me this morning that he doesn’t know how they let me out by myself!! 😂😂 They’re right! I’m getting dangerous! But yes,a lot of readers checking in…After this morning, the way my friends were RODIN me, I knew the answer would be a stumper! Oh, and I forgot to tell you..🎶Walking in Memphis🎶, Cohn’s version? It’s on the boat…I knew I’d been hearing it, and it was driving me crazy trying to place it. I knew I didn’t have it at home…but it was just too familiar. Another great mystery solved! LOL! Hope you’re enjoying your day! 🙋🏻


      • LOL..It is funny..but it just goes to show how fried my brain is! 🙄 And you’re welcome…I’m so glad I got to the bottom of the Cohn Conundrum too…it was bugging me to no end…Have a good one, Caroline! 🤔🙋🏻


  4. The Cleveland Art Museum has this statue of the Thinker in front.As a kid ,my parents used to take us there every Easter Sunday so my Mom and her sisters could promenade in a mini version of the Easter parade.So I have many fond memories of family pictures in front of that statue.

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    • Hey, Professor…That’s an adorable story…and such a sweet memory! And the “promenade” is a winner! I’m sure the ladies all looked gorgeous! Sooo… you must be like a pig in s–t today, huh? After ALL this time! I cheered for you! And you guys even managed to cover the spread! 😉 Kudos! I missed most of the beginning, I fell out, but that second half was a keeper, right! And today? Free beer? One of the announcers here said rumor has it the Jets are going into running Hot Dog carts…They’re very popular here in NYC…😂 The Hot Dog Carts…not the Jets! 😂 Oh, I left you a link last night…Take a look if you haven’t seen it yet…Hope your basking in the glory, Prof! Have a good one! 🏈 🙋🏻


      • For you guys? After 3 months shy of 2 years? It’s better than the Super Bowl! 😉 You’re very welcome, Prof! …And here’s 🍷to it being just the first of many! Have a good one, Chuck! (Did you see Jackson “trotting” into Lake Erie? He tried)! 😂 🏈🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – Now *there’s* A CELLO that I was looking for when trying to solve LOCALE the other day. I knew GRYEES was a word I’d been stuck on before, and after a minute of pondering, remembered GEYSER. Then thought READILY, but saw it was a standard word ending in Y, DEARLY.
    I had a hunch the answer ended in ABLE, but didn’t get the answer. Great pun, though!

    Angela, none of Tommy James, the Shondells nor I would ever “think we’re alone now” on this blog!

    Speaking of coincidences, Jeff checks in today, and while I was playing the Just Jumble app this morning, a Jeff self-reference came up. The Jumble shows a man and wife playing the Jumble in a newspaper. I can’t make out all the details, but in that paper there are three other cartoons, all Jumble related: “Cathy” saying “Ack!” (probably trying to do today’s), the expected “Family Circus”, and the very unexpected “Pearls Before Swine” by Stephen Pastis, even featuring the character “Rat” who is saying “something something this Jumble”. In Family Circus, Billy is holding up a paper with the list “Know”, “Knot”, and “Knurek” and saying “Why does the ‘K’ talk in ‘Knurek’? “

    Have a great day while I nurse the summer cold I picked up yesterday.

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    • Hey…That 🎶I THINK We’re Alone Now🎶, especially at 5 AM was a gem! Pearls Before Swine! I stand by it! 😂😂 And et tu? So, what does it boil down to? Just me and Earl, and..🎶 A Boy named Lou🎶…😉 This one really WHITTLED everyone down to size, huh? I didn’t SEINE that coming! This may be a first! And you’ll see now how the App puzzles are gonna be popping into your head and blurring the lines..of reasoning! 😂 ..Feel better, G. Liquids…liquids…🤕🙋🏻


  6. No problem with the clue words but the cartoon answer totally eluded me. Hated to do it but finally looked up the answer. Oh well, better luck tomorrow. Happy Friday everyone.

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    • Hi Betty..As you can see from the comments, you’re in good company! It was a stretch of an answer today, that’s for sure!..Here’s 🍷to t’row! Have a good one! 🤔🙋🏻


      • LOL. Thank you…And I don’t blame you…But you know the feeling you get when you see the answer and you think you could have had the V-8? This wasn’t one of those, right? So many people have told me that they saw the answer today…and still weren’t happy…It’s a tough answer, IMO! Have a good one, Betty! 🙋🏻


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