Jumble Answers for 09/22/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!            🐶 DOGGONE IT! 🐶

🎶 If I had my life to live over…I know just what I’d like to be. A pampered PET of a rich brunette, sitting on my Mama’s knee…Someone to love me, Someone to care..Rubberduck dubble little fingers through my hair…I need a DOG’S life, What a life, that’s good enough for me….That’s good enough for me…🎶 “A Dog’s Life” – Elvis  1965

🐶 At first we feel UNEASY picking on the little pup,
We must look so big and BURLY when the little guy looks up…
It’s a KNOTTY situation…once you start the habit forms,
And then Dog upon your furniture has now become the norm.
But it simply stands to reason that a chair that you love best,
Is going to be the one he’ll choose when looking for a rest..
Only now his presence like a GRAFT has taken its’ own place,
And there’s times when who first hits the chair becomes a little race…
So the pup who’s now a full grown Dog’s become a cushion scrounger,
And just like you his favorite chair is now the “BARK-A-LOUNGER”!🐶

Each of our words today is a Sweet Repeat. We have 2 words from 2016, and 2 from 2017. As to today’s COMFORT LEVEL within our words, what I’m hearing so far this morning is that UNEASY made quite a few Folks just that…UN is it the U-N? Most likely…but seeing SAY as soon as we look at the word may also have something to do with it. Although when it last appeared on December 14th, ’17 as YUSANE, it also caused a bit of Unease…Let’s see what tree it BARKS up this time around…

Our cartoon today brings us into an average living room, where we see a not so average BARCALOUNGER. I only say this because the LOUNGER we see here  is a bright Salmon-colored one, not the usual Black, Brown, Beige we’ve all come to know and love over the years. We see our co-star, a man looking to be in his 30’s, showing annoyance at finding his DOG cozily ensconced in his favorite chair. He’s TAILing him to MOVE off his chair, but our REGAL BEAGLE seems to be the KING of this Castle..and gives him a “WOOF you leave me alone” in response! …And we’re given the question..The DOG’S FAVORITE CHAIR is a? Hmm…Are we FACEd with a conflict of interest? A PAWS for concern? A RUFF patch to get over…with ROVER? Is the POOCHer a Moocher? Perhaps so, because our DOG’S favorite chair is the…”BARK-ALOUNGER“! Well, look at that…We’ve UNLEASHED another good one! Great job, David! You took a nice BITE out of this!

Ok, eye candy. We see a credenza against the back wall, nicely FRAMED. Two photos sit atop, one an oval-shaped wedding picture of our home owner and his wife, and the other a square shot of ROVER with a ball. Beyond that, a flight of steps. Our man, bespectacled, is wearing a Blue T-Shirt, and sporting the trendy Sponge-Twist hairstyle popular among African-American males today. I love the longer length in the back. He’s holding a newspaper, folded to the Comics section, where we can see from top left…Pass, Ziggy, Family Circus, and below that…Pass, and then the Jumble. It doesn’t appear to be today’s Jumble though, since the answer circles are different, and the man in the puzzle has straight hair. If anyone can make out the two Comics I passed on, please let me know. They both DOGGED me…So, what would be my eye candy today? RUFF call…But I’m running so late as it is, and not to spend too much time KIBBLEing over it, I’m just going to go with the look on ROVER’S face...We can’t see any CANINE teeth being bared…but those EYES? The angry deTAIL Jeff’s giving us with those furrowed Brows?  I do think this may prove to be quite the STAND off…So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And remember…It’s far FETCHED to go through Life thinking we’ll never have to ROLL OVER…What’s important is knowing what’s worth fighting FUR, and when we should just TAKE A WALK….🐶🙋🏻