Jumble Answers for 09/29/2018






SH   O   UB   PT  =  STOP “BUY”

Good Morning, Everyone!          🎂 LIFE IS WHAT YOU BAKE IT! 🎂

🎶 SUGAR, I call my Baby my SUGAR…I never maybe my SUGAR, That’s why my baby is so CONFECTIONARY…Funny, he never asks for my money…all I can give him is HONEY…That he can spend anytime…🎶 “Sugar (That Sugar Baby O’ Mine)” – The Manhattan Transfer  2000

🎂 I’m taken with a place like this, we have a few by me…
There’s one that serves you waffles topped with anything you see.
They’d rival any HUBCAP, they are huge and piled with Sweets…
And you sit there and you dig in…it takes so much time to eat!
But I had to slow my visits, tight pants brought HUSKY to mind,
And with planning to get OLDER, the Cholesterol’s a grind…
(But how perfect if this PALLET could be Palate here instead?
The homonym would surely help me put this thing to bed)!
With this new store, I hope she has success and sales are high…
I know I’d be a patron, and hope people do STOP “BUY”! 🎂

Today’s words were a piece of CAKE, except for HUBCAP…After being fed UP with UPBEAT y’day…first instinct was to start this word with the UP…But after that hit rock BOTTOM…I had to really sink my TEETH into this one..When it finally came into view, it was a SWEET victory! And just to mention, HUSKY was last seen way back on October 10th, 2014! Now that’s a BIG gap in time, isn’t it?

Ok, let’s take a BITE out of today’s cartoon…We find ourselves on a busy city street, where a new store has opened, “SWEET TOOTH BISTRO”. The proprietor, CANDY, is seen standing by the front window, looking for CUSTOMERS. Let’s KNOT SUGARCOAT this, Folks…CANDY is one smart COOKIE. She knows that opening any new business is WHISK-taking, so since she took over CRUSTtody of the store, she’s been inviting  passersby to “Please come in”, and she’s hoping they’ll STOP “BUY”. Boom! Short and SWEET! Good BUN, David! ICING your praises!

The eye CANDY: The adobe storefront is a beautiful natural color of sun-BAKED clay. The stores’ sign, plus it’s’ entire interior are shaded in Powder Blue, as is CANDYS‘ blouse. There’s drapery surrounding the window, (a shade darker than the Brick), something rarely seen on a Storefront window. It’s a SWEET touch. But there’s a lot of color CAST by the CHARACTERS. The sole male, at left, is wearing a purple shirt with green pants. The woman he’s accompanied by, sports an orange top, black pants, and she’s carrying a yellow bag. The woman seen walking the dog, has matching beige shoes and top, worn with a black skirt…She’s not carrying a “Doggie Bag” of any kind DOUGH. Doesn’t she KNEAD to? ..But I think the eye candy today has to be what makes the SWEET TOOTH BISTRO so inviting…We can see two round vintage BISTRO tables, with two chairs at each. There’s CUPCAKES on a stand, and a two-tiered FROSTED CAKE, atop a glass showcase. Inside it, we see displayed two PIES at right, and two MINI CAKES at left. Ah, La DOLCE VITA! It’s what you BAKE it! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!..I got a little JAMmed up this morning, trying to make some BUTTER puns, but the MARGARINE for error was too big. But I will leave you with this…A good BAKER will RISE to any occasion.  It’s the YEAST she can do…🎂🙋🏻