Jumble Answers for 09/19/2018









Good morning, Jumble players! For a Wednesday surprise, Mr. Hoyt gave us a new clue word in FOLKSY. It was also my choice for the most difficult anagram of the day so it’s pulling double duty this morning. I’m sure some of you are thinking that ROTARY deserved the top spot but we’ve seen it too many times in the past for it to cause any problems other than perhaps a quick second glance. BEACH is the oldest clue word of the group having last been used on 6/6/16 and jumbled as CABHE. With all of the clue words out of the way, I was ready for some cartoon fun!

The setting for today’s panel brings us to a repair shop where we see two Jumble characters hard at work. The man on the left, identified as “Tom” by the name tag that he’s wearing, pauses for a moment to have a few words with an employee seated to his right. The cartoon dialogue centers around the billboard across the street while the cartoon sentence informs us that Tom has invested quite a bit of his hard earned money on the sign.

The words on the billboard were quite large and easy to see in my newspaper. For those that couldn’t make it out, it reads “FAMILY FIX-IT SHOP” followed by “We can fix anything!”. The sign also had a picture of a lamp on the left and a lawnmower on the right. At the very top of the billboard there are three small lights to indicate that it can be illuminated. That must have been a pricey feature and no doubt added significantly to its’ cost.

Since the sign says “Family Fix-It Shop”, we can reasonably assume that the female character we see is either Toms wife or close relative. Both of the characters hands are obscured from view so we aren’t able to see a wedding ring. Her dialogue says “We’ve put everything into them” which seems to indicate that it was a mutual decision. Based upon these observations, I’d venture a guess and say that they are indeed married but it really had no impact on the overall puzzle.

We do see quite a few details within the drawing, so let’s start with Tom first. He’s holding a screwdriver in his right hand and his bench has two screws, a spring, some wire snips, and a lawn trimmer. The female, who is wearing a name tag with no name on it, is also holding a screwdriver and can be seen fixing a small gadget. There are a few tiny parts on her desk that look like a flat washer, a gear and a hex key. My favorite detail wasn’t any of these, but if you look out their window you’ll probably notice it. It was the two-tier cake visible in the shop across the street!

The letter layout for the final solve was 10-letters in length. FOR was instantly visible after writing out the letters. Crossing it out, GO came into view next followed by BROKE for the finish. The surprise answer seemed like a repeat and a quick search showed that it was used on 3/16/16 with the layout of ORBFKOEROG. Even though it was a repeat solution, the well-drawn cartoon and new clue word in FOLKSY made for a Wednesday winner. Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!