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Good Morning, Everyone!            🗣 CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? 🗣

🎶 Ain’t no MOUNTAIN high enough….Ain’t no valley low enough, (Say it again)..Ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from you…Ain’t no MOUNTAIN high enough…Nothing can keep me…keep me from you…🎶 “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – Diana Ross   1970

🗣 To a person plagued with Vertigo, a mountain top’s not grand,
We function so much better when upon the ground we stand….
The Nitty-GRITTY comes to this, we count ourselves among,
The group content to HOBNOB at a ladders’ bottom rung…
There is no quest to scale a peak…A peek to us just means
We peek inside a package, if we can’t SUBDUE a scheme…
Adventurous is not a tag that ROTATEs in our realm,
We lead and we may FOLLOW, but we never overwhelm.
The Top to us means TOUPEE, or a Tune within the Ten,
You’re never gonna see us any higher than a Glen…
So as I stated earlier, we stay at bottom rungs…
And listen to the rest yell at the TOP OF THEIR LUNGS! 🗣

Sunday. My favorite Jumble Day! More words, bigger words…I can get HIGH from this, really! So, first glance? Those two at the left? Left me no doubt…Solved! Next, our words…Despite 5 of the 6 being Sweet Repeats, today’s anagrams are of an exceptionally HIGH quality! The newcomer to TOP it off? TOUPEE! And I have to share…One of my early morning Jumblers? After I asked did he think it might garner the HIGHEST number of votes to be the stumper? His response? …”I’m sure several people will WIGgle around it”! LOL…See, this is why he’s my favorite! Ok, ok, so I’m easily impressed…what can I say? And 3 votes came in for HOBNOB, which is defined as…”mix socially, especially with those of HIGHER social status”…It’s just a serendipity day, isn’t it? Ok, our cartoon…We find ourselves ATOP a MOUNTAIN. To me, a pure cry for ALP! As I mentioned earlier, I am soooo not one of these people. These BOULDER types, that REACH their potential in life by CLIMBING these MOUNTAINS. Again, I don’t even like CLIMBING a ladder! But Jeff’s giving us three people, two men and a woman, having reached their PEAK. And of COURSE, they’re TRILLed! Celebrating, and rejoicing at the…TOP OF THEIR LUNGS! Well…YODEL Dee..YODEL Die…Good one, David…And I’m sure all of you out there ECHO my sentiments…

Ok, eye candy…Today, I’m giving major Kudos to the Color Man, because this one is really a BUTTE! I’ll have to SHOUT OUT to Jeff later, and ask what name these people who color the panels go by…The MOUNTAIN they’re standing on, is a BUTTEiful shade of Salmon, with brown shading, and it looks perfectly drawn to SCALE in comparison to the others in the background. Those are a brown shade, PEAKed with black. The sky is blue, the clouds are white…This truly is a pure deLIGHT! And Jeff’s even sketched in a bit of water flowing on each side…WATER nice touch…And there’s a tiny TREE sprouting at the forefront…Our CLIMBERS are impeccably dressed…surprising though, considering that they’ve been CLIMBING..Should we just take it for GRANITE? I’m KNOT sure…But the real eye catchers today? It’s what’s missing…What I can’t SCREE…The man to the left, and the woman…Where are their TREKking POLES? How’d they get all the way UP there without POLES? And now that I’m thinking about it…Where are the BACKPACKS?  I see one little POCKET in the woman’s CARGO shorts…What could she possibly fit in there?  No matter how much she SCALED back? ARÊTE a minute…Where’s the cREST of the details? Hmm..I think this is a little ROUGH around the EDGES…don’t youSo, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And to SUMMIT all up? Let’s all LIFT one another UP today…Set our Sights HIGHER, sPEAK HIGHLY of our neighbors, and just ROCK ON! 🗣 🙋🏻   And let’s remember those in Florence’s path…🙏🏻


16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/16/2018

  1. Toupee ? I had to back into that one as I was putting out or up together w no luck.Plus I wasn’t sure how to spell toupee.I’m home,so had ready access to my newspaper,having gone to the Western Illinois U (WIU) FB win over Montana U yesterday afternoon.I’m an Emeritus Prof from WIU,so I do follow their athletic exploits.Finally my Cleveland Indians clinched the AL Central,and may be on to the WS.

    • Good Morning, Professor…Emeritus, even? Nice….😉 Yes, TOUPEE! How’s that to TOP off the morning cup of coffee! First side eye glance, I thought OUT something too..but I quickly shook it off and recovered…I saw part of your game y’day, Chuck…I’m big on college football..it ended up a real nail biter, too…The Grizzlies had a nice little lead there…I didn’t think you guys would pull it off…Actually neither did anybody else going in…😉 It was a bit of a shocker, to say the least..But I’m glad now that I was rooting for the Leathernecks! I had no idea they were your team…Yep, you guys clinched…Congrats..But I can’t root for you all the way down the line…If NY’s not in the Series, I have to go National League for the win… As it is I caused my poor Father to turn over in His grave when I started watching Yankee games! 😂 Have a good one, Chuck! ⚾️🏈🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. I feel like the King of the mountain. I didn’t get stumped today. Must admit the words were not easy. From 1-6 they were solved 1,6,2,4,3 5. For some reason the second word was hard for me until that light bulb finally went on. I looked like the bobble head doll when after ten minutes it appeared. The cartoon answer took me about fifteen minutes to get playing around with the letters. Another good choice for the song Angela. On a spiritual note I thought of Nearer to God. When I use to go hunting and your up in the mountains and it’s snowing and your all alone,you do get that feeling. Nice work on the poem and puns. Yesterday they had all five boroughs in the bocce tournament. Our two teams didn’t do good. Angie’s team lost the first two games and was out. They were stuck with both games on the lousy court which made it tough for them. Our other team won one and lost two,so they were out. Never stuck around to see who won. The Manhattan team looked good. I’ll let you know when I find out. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! So, let me see if I have your formula straight…Gritty, Hobnob, etc…and Follow, you got last? Is that right? For some reason, it confuses me every week… So, you had the V-8 moment on Rotate, huh? Turned you AROUND a little? Wanna laugh? We last had it on December 11th, and guess what? It took you for a SPIN that day too! What’s up with that, Bud? Looks like your Achilles heel! We need to come up with a solution here! 😉😉 I’ll work on it! 😉 And 15 minutes isn’t bad for a Sunday…at least you scored in the clutch! Thanks for the Shout Outs, Bud. I like your song too, but I try to keep it non-sectarian! You know, easy, breezy! And I have to say…Whenever I was hunting, and sitting out there freezing my…whatever off…that wasn’t the song that came to me! 😂 Obviously you have a stronger faith than I do! 😉 But, tell the truth..Isn’t it fun to look at the puzzle and try to relate a song to it? Makes it more fun, right? And to think you used to say that you were only stuck in one little genre! Look how you’ve bloomed! 😂😂 I’m loving your interest! Sorry to here about y’day…But you were up against some heavy hitters. I thought you only had Dyker to deal with….The city was always known for the toughest soft ball and bocce players..So at least you can find some consolation in that. Is Dyker still in it? Oh, and what about refreshments? Anybdy come through? Anyway…at least you got to pass some time in the nice weather., right? ..Not a total loss…Have a good one, Brooklyn…Keep me posted!

      • Your a winner Angela. The words 1-6 were solved 1-6-2-4-3-5. Meaning Gritty 1st,Rotate 6th,Subdue 2nd,Toupee 4th,Follow 3rd and Hobnob 5th. The parks department was very good to all the people there. They had cold drinks,coffee, hero’s,sausage and peppers, and chicken cutlets. Plus a tee shirt.

        • Paul..You give me too much credit! I’m not a winner with it! I had it wrong again..I thought FOLLOW was your last word…I can’t seem to wrap my head around your system…And I’ve tried! It’s almost funny! I feel like a dolt! 😂😂 I really gotta go over this again..😂 The game? Whoa, you guys scored…You ate like kings, as we say in Brooklyn! 😉 See, because Manhattan was in the mix…Anytime you’re dealing with the city? You come up flush! (You know by the “city” I mean Manhattan, right? That’s how I came up, calling M’tan the city. Do you refer to it the same way? I think it’s a Brooklyn thing)? Sausage and peppers AND cutlets? Sounds like my house 4 nights a week! 😉 That’s the right way to do things.Nice…And a T-Shirt to boot? Major score! Ok, let me go back and read your “scorecard” again…Good thing I didn’t have money riding on this!! 😂😂…🙋🏻

  3. I struggled with toupee. Kept looking at something with out but that left too many vowels to deal with. Cartoon answer fell into place without too much work. Happy Sunday everyone.

    • Hi Betty. Good Morning. I had a feeling Toupee would be the stumper today. It just looked so odd…And it probably is that OUT combination that caused it…The answer was a cute one…witty! Hope you’re having a great day! Take care! 🗣🙋🏻

  4. With GRITTY determination the clown donned his TOUPEE and went to HOBNOB with the acrobats so they could FOLLOW and SUBDUE any miscreants at the carnival and ROTATE them out of the tent quickly and efficiently.
    I’m in agreement–TOUPEE topped the list to give me a headache. The solution with all those letters took a while but once I isolated LUNGS, the rest came quickly.
    Great song choice—Diana Ross? Who can top her? Well maybe the Sister who sang “Climb Every Mountain” in the “Sound of Music” John Denver in “Rocky Mountain High?” but i favour the Diva Diana. Great choice.
    Love your poem– it cascaded gently and easily through the glen.
    Eye Candy? Since I don’t have colour, I’ll be appreciative of your commentary. As far as poles, backpacks, etc. maybe they just discarded them a feet below the summit?? And their footwear? Now that I’m writing this, I have no idea what they were wearing. I’ll go check.
    Thanks for all the incites on an activity I have respect for but no interest in doing.

    • Hey Earl..Turmoil even at the Big TOP?? Is nothing sacred any more?? 😂 Great sentence! And another vote for TOUPEE! It’s TOPPING the charts! It may end up being a LANDSLIDE! 😉 And the answer was a lot of letters..but I swear, I do get a HIGH when I see so many words in the solution! I’m just a sucker for these things! Thanks for the Shout Outs and the Poem Nom. It’s funny, because I did flirt, albeit ever, ever so briefly with the SOUND of 🎶Climb Every Mountain🎶…but, TBT, I don’t like the song, so it really STOOD no chance…But I DID have a feeling you would mention it…As I told Paul, I think I’ve created a whole new CREW of music aficionados with you guys..and I think it’s great! I know I’d die without Music…It’s “charms have soothed this savage breast” many, many a time…Good observation with the climbing equipment, I suppose it is possible they unloaded it below…And how funny…You KNOW I meant to adDRESS the footwear, and forgot…IMO? Definitely not RUGGED enough. But then again, you can’t go by me…I’d be in the 👠stilettos!😂 Have a good one, Earl…and I’m way with you…I like my feet on the ground…but also my head “in the clouds”.😂..It’s so liberating! 😂🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – Got the answer from the letter layout and the “they can hear you” quote. Only got ROTATE because I remembered it. Then I thought a LO WOLF might be trying to sneak in from the recent Red Riding Hood puzzle, and then discarded both HOBO and BABOON before the O’s split up.
    But, word #4, I admit defeat.
    The “Atchison TOU-PE-KA and the Santa Fe”?
    “She’s as sweet as TOUP-EL-O honey”?
    I finally gave up on TOUPEE. The UP trick didn’t work, and the OUT trick led only to the unfortunate OUTPEE which I was determined to avoid after that, but then backing into the word led right back there! I even thought that all the vowels including the ‘U’ made it seem like a French word, but didn’t catch on.

    Have a great Sunday, all!

    Love the song, Angela, but for me, no version can top Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. You also reminded me of “River Deep, Mountain High”, and anything by Mountain, I guess, and then there’s this.
    🎵”Took my love, took it down
    Climbed a mountain and I turned around
    And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
    Well the landslide brought me down”🎵

    • Hey G…Two of the Lous saw Baboon early this morning also…But you know what that was…A LOUS LOUS situation! And then they MONKEYED around for 1/2 hour with the most nonsensical game of 6°, that they had me CLIMBING the walls…Let’s just say that I escAPEd unscathed…but half BANANAS! 😂 But you’ve definitely CAPtured my attention with your COVERING of TOUPEE! OVER THE TOP? Yes! Drive a person HAIRY? Yes! A little TOU much? Yes! …But OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD? I’m just going to blame it on Peet! He keeps filling you with all that caffeine? They’ll be hell TOUPEE!!! 😂
      As for the song..We’ve talked about this before.. You know I’m HIGH on Marvin and Tammi’s rendition too, but since I saw Miss Ross ROCK the song in that now iconic concert in Central Park…Where the rain and the wind made such a CRAGmire out of the night? I just can’t get OVER IT! 😉 And as much as I always loved Mac and 🎶Landslide🎶? The puzzle did say…”REJOICED”! 😉 TOU gave me a good laugh, Bud! Hope you’re HANGING in there! 🙋🏻

  6. I needed to back into toupee and, like Steve, first saw outpee. For mountain songs, I’ll mention this one again.
    🎵Love lift us up where we belong
    Where the eagles cry
    On a mountain high
    Love lift us up where we belong
    Far from the world below
    Up where the clear winds blow🎵

    • It’s official! TOUPEE just flew off the charts! 😉 Hi Caroline..We just watched “An Officer And A Gentleman” one night last week..AGAIN…I could see it a zillion times…It gets me each one! I love the entire cast…Hope you’re having a great day! 🙋🏻

      • I don’t think I ever saw that movie but I’ll have to. Busy day. Hope you’re having a good one, too.

        • Really? Oh, you should when you get a chance then. it’s one of those feel good movies, you know..where you laugh, you cry, and you stand up and cheer at the end…And even though I’m not particularly a Richard Gere fan? He definitely was something to look at back then! ! 😉 And thanks, yes, I’m having a great day so far. Take it slow…and enjoy, Caroline…Ciao! 🙋🏻

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