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Good Morning, Everyone!          🙏🏻 MAY THE SPIRIT BE WITH YOU 🙏🏻

🎶 If you think you’re hearing something….And you can’t think what it is, If you feel a quiet longing…Lift your heart into the wind. There you’ll find my KINDRED SPIRIT…There you’ll meet me as a friend….It is just a KINDRED feeling…And a song to let you in…🎶 “Kindred Spirit” – Cyndi Lauper 1989

🙏🏻 In life we all will come across so many different souls…
We’re PRONE to form a friendship where a certain bond enfolds.
With a person who won’t STRAND you, and who’ll keep your secrets near…
Someone who sees the you, that’s you and keeps the friendship dear.
With nothing to DIVIDE you, and a sense of SILKY ease,
You look upon this person with whom life is such a breeze…
A friend like this is rare indeed…you’ll never call it quits,
You’re truly blest to be known as the two KINDRED SPIRITS…🙏🏻

Today’s puzzle contains all words that we’ve seen before. Our cartoon…It’s a bit eerie…In light of the devastation taking place in our country today, with the wrath of Florence, I find the puzzle very bittersweet. We see the smiling SPIRITS of two FIREFIGHTERS, sitting together on a park bench. The panel is very stark. Except for the green of the grass, the brown of the tree trunk, and a little blue-gray of the bench, there is no color…Even the leaves on the tree are white. The FIREMEN themselves are gray images, drawn with transparency, so as to blend into the bench; and you can see the blackened edging where the grass ends faintly transposed across their faces in waved lines. Their conversation centers on the dedication these brave men possess when it comes to helping others…and they find that they both became FIREMEN for that same altruistic reason. The men are SPIRITS, KINDRED SPIRITS. And what makes it so bittersweet for me, is that since they’re dressed in their uniforms, with the one man still holding a pick axe, I can’t help but wonder if they died “as FIREMEN. If they died in the line of duty...And after watching the news all day, and seeing these selfless men out there risking their own safety to help rescue others, it just makes me sad…Hence the somber tone of this write-up today. It’s just a bit overwhelming seeing what’s happening to our neighbors in the South. My heart goes out to them, my prayers go out to them, my Faith, however shaken by events such as this is with them… I wish Everyone a blessed day, and I’m going to end this with words that I always believed could mend any fence, right any wrong, and end any war…“Love thy Neighbor as Thyself”. 🙏🏻🙋🏻


20 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/15/2018

  1. Good morning. Thank you Angela for posting nice and early. I was stuck on the cartoon answer and just happened to see if you were here already. You saved me better than an hour trying to get the final answer. I never would have solved it. The words were pretty easy. I went straight down each one without a hitch. But,I must have looked like a deer in the headlights when I attempted to solve the cartoon. You saved me a lot of grief. Perfect pick for the song. Always liked Cyndi Lauper. She is a trooper. She does whatever has to be done for a payday. I remember when she was a Pro wrestler. She is resource full. Nice poem as always. Your post shows your concern for the poor people in the path of the Hurricane. My sentiments are the same. Until tomorrow take care.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn..You’re very welcome. I post early, only because I don’t sleep well…Another facet of my life that’s not normal! Speaking of, I left you a reply to your email regarding the Bocce last night…I’ve heard the same as you’re saying from others this morning…the words were a breeze, but the answer stopped them. Aside from knowing the phrase itself, it may be a bit of a stretch getting KINDRED. My friends, family and I use it often ..in fact, I think Steve, Earl and I may even have spoken it to one another here on the blog. I’m not sure..But it just came to me right away…I’m glad I was here for you…Cyndi Lauper…I had forgotten about the wrestling. My Grandmother, (Buon Anima), was a big wrestling fan…much to the chagrin of our entire family. She was a fan as far back as Bruno Sammartino, as were a lot of the old time Italians back then…You’ve reminded me of how she loved Cyndi,( I hadn’t thought of that in years), and she was given a cat that she even named after her…You’ve given me a little gift this morning…Thank you…As you can see I’m not feeling all that jovial. The news is just crushing my spirit…No pun intended…Thanks for the Shout Outs, and good luck with your tournament today. I’ll be rooting for you…Have a good one, Bud…And let me know how it turns out…🙋🏻

      • I’m just going to be a spectator rooting our teams on. I even made a small sign cheering them on. I did read your post last night My oldest son got a picture of Bruno when he worked in the stock exchange. He visited there, He was my fathers favorite wrestler. That really goes back a lot of years. At the time my son was the youngest runner working there.

        • Well count me in as part of the cheering squad, just the same! .Oh yes, Paul, I’m talking many years ago, of course. My Grandmother at some point went to see Bruno (as she referred to him..like they were friends)! wrestle. Maybe the old Garden, who knows…She was thrown out! And we grandchildren upon hearing it, could never understand how our sweet Grandmother..One, attended a wrestling match in the first place… and Two, did whatever it was she did to warrant being removed from the place! And we asked..many times, over the years…She’d just smile and shake her head…I guess it was all just better left unsaid! Unbelievable! …And see Paul..Him being your Father’s’ favorite wrestler too? …Kindred spirits! Good luck, Brooklyn…Tell Angie I’m rooting for her! 😉🙋🏻

  2. I was having trouble with the answer until I started looking for words beginning with K. This led me to kindred and then spirits. I also thought of firefighters who died in the line of duty. Since this is the week of 9/11, the many who lost their lives in that tragedy and afterwards came to mind.

    • Good Morning, Caroline..I think today’s solution may stump a lot of readers. Except for the word GHOST in the question, which correlates to SPIRITS, there’s really nothing giving us the clues that we usually have. I thought of Kindling, twigs and sticks for building a fire, and maybe that was David and Jeffs intent, but that’s somewhat of a stretch…and I’m notorious for thinking outside of the box…sometimes way too far outside of the box. As I told Paul, I think today, if one isn’t familiar with the phrase itself, you’re going to be hard pressed to come to the solution. And yes, it’s been one heck of a sad week…😢. I only hope this new devastation doesn’t claim more lives than it already has…Take care, Caroline. Be well. 🙏🏻🙋🏻

  3. You cannot DIVIDE one STRAND of SILKY material from the antimacassar and expect it to lay PRONE again.
    The clue words were easily seen but the solution took a little more thought. The key for me was studying the cartoon and making a connection with something to do with “ghosts”—voila—spirits and seeing the K—lead to KINDRED SPIRITS. An interesting answer.
    Angela–not a Cyndi Lauper fan but her song says it all, as far as this cartoon is concerned, well done. Your poem and post are causing a lot of reflection for me. As you pointed out, the first responders, including so many firemen and women, in the Carolinas are risking their lives for others. And we just observed an anniversary of 9/11 where so many firefighters were lost and others are struggling with diseases related to the disaster. Thanks to Dave and Jeff for drawing attention to those who put their lives on the line for all of us.
    Sometimes a somber Saturday is a good way to begin one of the last weekends of summer.
    Have a good one everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl. You’ve used Antimacassar in your sentence…Steve will be thrilled! And your sentence is a definite winner. Again, the solution rears it’s ugly head…(just an expression). GHOSTS, yes the only real connection. It’s definitely a bit of a challenge today…I’ve been “mourning” 9-11 all week. I lost friends that day that numbered in the high 20s, and subsequently others since. A number of them were Firefighters. It’s a wound that never really heals…it never goes away. And yet, no matter how dire a situation, these brave men, and woman, (as I failed to mention), are right out there on the front lines without a second thought…They’re a very special breed…The somber Saturday? I often think isn’t it enough to have the somber memories…why must life always keep creating more? I just pray that Florence has wrecked her havoc, and is done…Wishing you a good one too, Earl. Be well. 🙏🏻🙋🏻

  4. Words were a snap,but with all those letters,the final solution at first was overwhelming,but out of the blue kindred spirits popped into mind.As far as first responders,the 9-11 victims came to mind.We were in NY City several yrs ago and walked by a small firehouse on 9th avenue about 48th street,just NW of Times Square,where there was a display with pictures of the list of firefighters from that small firehouse who lost their lives in the 9-11 attack.That somber memory came to mind seeing these kindred spirits sharing their memories.

    • Hi Professor. Good Morning…You’re in good company…It’s looking like it caused everyone to pause…Chuck, I know the Firehouse you’re speaking of. And I know of too many others, also..Firefighters have a special place in my heart…the ones I lost, and the ones I still love today. I visited so many graves Tuesday, that after a while, I forgot who I was crying for…it all becomes a blur…I hate the day…the images on TV again, the media hype, albeit necessary. I don’t watch any TV coverage…I can’t…I don’t care how many years have gone by…The cartoon just threw me for a loop this morning…But they did appear to be smiling…Anyway…I’m glad the phrase came to you…It is a beautiful phrase…Have a good one, Chuck…Be well..🙏🏻🙋🏻

        • Hey Chuck…No thanks necessary..I’m just in a kind of funk today..The news is so terrible, it just gets to me, and the cartoon only added to it…I need to shake it off..Here’s to a better day! 🙋🏻

  5. Easy time of it this morning. No problem with the clue words and saw spirits right away so kindred fell into place. Firefighter’s from our local station shop at our neighborhood Safeway. I love to ask them what San Francisco’s Finest are having for dinner and if I can join them. They are simply the best. Have a good Saturday everyone!

  6. Hi all – No problem with the words. Weren’t we trying to see PRONE in a puzzle just recently? Then it just took a bit of staring to realize that the ghosts were KINDRED SPIRITS.

    🎵”Old friends, sat on the park bench like bookends.”🎵
    Very interesting artwork indeed.

    Lifelong friends are a rare treasure, but I will say that I also treasure the new friends right here that I enjoy talking with so much almost every day. Long may it continue. See you all tomorrow!

    • Hey Steve..I thought the same thing about Prone, but researching it, I only found it from 2015 and 2016. But, if I remember correctly, you mentioned starting to use the App…you may have seen it there. You’ll notice that a lot now, the blurring of the words. And here’s🍷to new friendships, and Kindred Spirits!…Have a good one, G.🙋🏻

      • Agreed, Steve, I much appreciate the folks on this site. Not surprising, given our leaders and the example set by Jeff and Dave. On this subject, is there any information that can be shared about our friend Lelia?

        • Hi Caroline…I too appreciate knowing the people I’ve met here….❤️ In answer to your question, I don’t know anything re: Lelia . Maybe Mike might. 🙋🏻

        • LOL..Did you? Lucky you, I’m soooo dying for some…I’m still determined to try and make a good batch. It’s all in the curds. I can’t seem to perfect them. You’re welcome, and I hope you have a good night…I may end up dreaming about poutine…😉🙋🏻

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