Jumble Answers for 09/14/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!      🙄 ESP…ecially WHEN THEY’RE WRONG! 🙄

🎶 GYPSYS, tramps, and thieves…We’d hear it from the people of the town,
They’d call us GYPSYS, tramps, and thieves…But every night all the men would come around…And lay their money down…🎶 “Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves” – Cher 1971

🔮 You pay the woman $10…You’re wondering what you’ll get…
And for Mr. Mittens sitting here, this seer ‘ain’t got it yet.
He hears her INVENT stories, her guesses off the mark,
The DEPTH of psychic knowledge so far looking pretty stark.
The IRONY, the disbelief, it’s all coincidence…
This seer is stabbing in the dark to gain his confidence.
So thinking Mr. Mittens with a name such as he has
Must have a cat is giving him a major case of blahs…
He’s getting mad, his attitude quite STORMY say the least,
His doubt is mounting as his thoughts of swindle are increased.
Let’s face it Folks, he should have known…What did he think he’d find?
I bet that I could tell you what might now ENTER HIS MIND! 🔮

All of our words today are Sweet Repeats, the most recent being IRONY, which adorned our pages not long ago, on June 26th. DEPTH, which we saw on October 14th of last year, was anagrammed as PHEDT, just a one-letter difference than today’s. The stumper to close out this week? If I had to GUESS? I’m READING INVENT, from what emails friends have sent this morningSo maybe that’s it? Or maybe not? 😉

Ok..Our Cartoon. Today we find ourselves at some sort of State Fair. I say this,  because, off in the background, silhouetted in black, we can see Carnival-type tents, and a Ride of some sort, perhaps a Tilt-A-Whirl. Sitting in a tent, we find MS. IDA TAKEAGUESS, claiming to have ESP..EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION, giving a PSYCHIC BLEEDING, I mean READING, to a MR. MITTENS. We “hear” her telling him that she SEES him “Thinking about” his cat…Only thing is...MR. MITTENS is ALLERGIC to cats! Now that’s nothing to SNEEZE at, that’s a big mistake! So that right there is giving him PAWS. He’s beginning to SEERiously doubt this whole thing…And rightfully so. She’s not READING his MIND at all…So what’s MR MITTENS really thinking? That he’s been HAD…And he wishes he HAD his $10 back!…Because, as our question is stating…The possibility that ESP is real? Really? It didn’t even ENTER HIS MIND! CRYSTAL BALL, CRYSTAL BALL! There you go, we’ve solved it all! Good one, David! SEERiously….Good one!

Ok, eye candy…What’s inside the tent is kind of BLANK. There’s the little Gold sign stating ESP $10, but I’m not READING much into it. IDA’s wearing a WINE colored TURBAN, which matches her dress, but DECANT get excited over that. MR. MITTENS? Blue shirt, incredulous look…Nothing EXTRAordinary. Blue-Black Fringed Tablecloth…I’ve COTTON better before…I GUESS it’ll have to be the Light Blue CRYSTAL BALL...Yea, it’s the best that I can SEE…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…You have an EXTRA $10 to burn? CATch a movie instead…ESPecially a comedy…You’ll laugh either way! 🔮🙋🏻


21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/14/2018

  1. Sad IRONY that the Weather Channel had to INVENT new graphics to show the DEPTH of the STORMY surge from Florence.
    I agree Angela that INVENT was the word to give PAWS/pause this morning—to recycle one of your clever puns. The solution, even though we have LOTS of letters again, was not too difficult. However, this week the puzzles have been more challenging than last.
    Song? Not heard this Cher song before, but then it’s nearly 50 years old!! Hard to believe she has been a star for so long.
    Appreciate your puns, as I indicated above and your eye candy pointed out some things I had not noticed. From the website I use—not in colour–what struck me the most was the Seer’s eyes—almost like a Cyclops they were so close together but then that might be because of the site.

    Keep the south-east in your thoughts and hope people make it through this hurricane with nothing more than property damage.

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    • Good Mornng, Earl. How perfectly suited is your sentence for today? Wonderfully on point, Sir! Major, major 👏🏻👏🏻 Kudos! Albeit, unfortunately too true…Earl, I’m sure you’ve heard this Cher song before. I can just feel it… I’ve psychic powers! 😉 I’d even bet my Red Stilettos on it! 👠Check it out, and get back to me….And her powers? She’s embarking on a new tour! At 72! And let’s be honest, the woman can definitely put on a SHOW! No pun intended! MORE power to her…She may have her detractors, who amongst us doesn’t, but you have to give credit where credit’s due…I couldn’t keep up with her if I tried! Thanks for the Shout Outs, and you’re right. Mrs Ida Takeaguess does have some pretty large beady eyes…I guess she needs them to “SEE into the future”, huh? 😂 And yes, it wasn’t a hard go of it today, and it has been a SEERiously good week of puzzles…Like you, I too, have my thoughts and prayers with our neighbors feeling Florence’s wrath…May Everything Holy watch over them. Hoping you have a great Friday, Earl. Be well….🔮🙋🏻. PS: And just in case?…I’ve 2 pairs of RED Stilettos! 😉


  2. I took a few wrong turns, thinking the answer would be “cross his mind” and invent would be invite, but I realized my mistakes. Irony was the one word I had to back into. Adding my thoughts to yours about those impacted by Florence.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline… Yes, that’s what I heard from friends this morning, Invite…And I can SEE where Cross would really have you GUESSING! So far, you’re giving us the first vote for Irony today…It’s still early! ..Yes, I’m watching the news, and the images are already heartbreaking..💔, and they seem to be predicting a few days to go…Right now, all we here can do is pray…Stay well, Caroline… 🔮🙋🏻


    • Caroline, it’s a good thing I’m retired. After I posted about the “tilde” yesterday, I realized that I got the gist of it right but blew the details. I’m glad I’m not responsible for any real computer systems anymore!


  3. Good morning. Angela, perfect song choice. She brings back a lot of fond memories. Sorry but I have to get macho on this. If we were at the bocce court and she passed by I could just hear one of the guys say “Not bad for an old broad”. The guys may be old but they aren’t dead yet. Good catch on where they might be. It does look like they could be at a fair and under a tent. You we’re puntastic as always. Earl. You nailed the sentence and on a day that all eyes are glued to the TV praying no-one loses their life. Today’s jumble was no challenge for me. Maybe an extra two minutes on the words. When I got to the cartoon my immediate first thought was cross his mind. Checking the letters ruled that out. I started to cross out the letters which left Enter. I’m starting to get my confidence back after the wipeout I suffered on Sunday and Monday. Thank you Jeff and David for your input yesterday. It was nice to know that you guys read what’s said. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn…Ok, so let me SEE if I got this straight…It would be the OTHER guys who’d appreciate Cher..but not you? I’m just checking, you know to be sure…😂😂 Paul, you keep me in stitches…you really do! Thanks for the Shout Outs, it was an easy go of it today, as you’ve said. And you thought Cross, just like Caroline…I wonder how many more votes we may get today going that way…Curious! And you didn’t wipe out, Brooklyn…you just tripped up a little. No harm, no foul…You’re still Aces in my book…And speaking of..Dave Wright? Tell the truth…Didn’t it hurt SEEing that? Yes, Virginia…There IS Crying in Baseball….The guy will always be a winner to all of NY…Have a good one, Bud. Talk to you later. 🔮🙋🏻


      • I’m too much of a gentleman Angela to say that out loud but, I sure would be thinking that. Like Caroline I had the slight hitch on Irony but, just a smidgen. Regarding Wright,I can feel for the poor guy. First off,he has been a gentlemen through-out his career. It’s hard to let go when you love something so much. Your mind tells you,you can still do it but your body says different. Can you imagine how difficult it was for Lou Gehrig to say goodbye.


      • LOL…I’m sure you are, Bud. I just wanted to be sure that you were still breathing…Know what I mean? 😉 Bottom line? She looks good for “any” kind of broad, young or old…Yea, WRIGHT was always a class act. I remember the very first time he came to the plate…Stand up guy as we Brookkynites say. I liked and respected him from day one. Feel for the guy? Paul, seeing him crying like that? I was ready to get into the hot tub with the razor blade! 🙄 Even though, in my heart, I knew there was no “come-back” coming, I was good with my head in the sand…(I’m used to it…I go there a lot)! In fact, I have a cousin in the same situation, and I see what he’s living thru..it’s no walk in the park…No pun intended…But, it’s still a heartbreak to witness…Like Gehrig was. I can see that clip of him bidding farewell a gazilliion times…and you’d think I didn’t know what was coming…it just catches me every single time…And I cry like a girl…So I’m figuring that last game Wright’s gonna suit up and take third? What is it? September 29th I think? I may be MIA..,Sitting in front of the TV..my WRIGHT Jersey on…drowning my sorrows…It’s definitely gonna be a tough one…Funny, right? We thought we missed him before?…😢🙋🏻


  4. No problem with the words, though my first impression was also cross his mind, rather than enter his mind. But lacking the c, the change to enter came quickly. I’m off on another of my passions, golf today, with my son in Naperville, so had to do the puzzle online, which usually causes me a problem, but not today.

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    • Good Morning, Professor..Golf? For a change of pace? 😂 So then you must be having good weather where you are..I know it’s Illinois, right? But I forget exactly where…Glad you’re in a safety zone…Another vote for Cross! I never would have GUESSED! 3 out of 4 so far…I didn’t SEE that coming! 😉 Enjoy your game, Chuck, and good luck! Here’s to a good one, 🍷! 🔮🙋🏻


      • Angela you really got me to laugh. You also paint a good picture. You’re really old school with the warm bath and razor blade. Just wanted to let you know that last Saturday four from Marine Park (actually eight) but the second group usually play in the morning. Anyway, Angela is 80, John is 89, Eddie and Mike are in 60s. There was no way any of us thought they had a chance to win against Dyker Heights. The guys are all Italian, older and straight shooters where a lot of us go off the walls. Angie and the boys won three straight and had to play our other team for the win. Her team won and our other team came in second. It sure burned the group down there because we had a lady representing us. The closest they came to beating them was 12 to 7. And that was our other team. Tomorrow it’s another Championship round at Marine Park. They were there from 7:30 until late in the afternoon and all they had for everybody was coffee. Last year everybody got breakfast and lunch. Last year by us it was another female player with three guys that took top prize by us. That was for a $100.

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      • Hey Brooklyn…LOL..Yea, you know us Italians…we’re all for the drama…I’m glad to give you a laugh!..😉 But I do know though that, that game’s gonna kill me…So you guys are really serious with this playing, huh? More power to ya…and I can just imagine how the Dyker Heights crew took it! Losing’s bad enough, but with a woman at the helm? They may have gone home and got into the tub!! 😂😂 But the food issue! What’s up with that? That’s so not cool…All day, nothing to eat? Maybe you guys should just pack a lunch and bring it… Beats starving all day.. Too bad I’m not closer, I’d feed you all…On the house! 😉 I hope you guys take it all tomorrow..I think the weather should be perfect for it too…🙋🏻


  5. Ha, I read it wrong. I assumed she thought his cat was named Mr. Mittens. She would have really nailed it if she could name his cat too. Looked it up…there is a cat named Mr. Mittens on some show called Johnny Test…sounds like Jonny Quest!

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    • Hey Clay.. Where’ve you been hiding? Good to SEE you here…Yep, If EYEve said it once, EYEve said it a thousand times…That Evelyn Wood course I took? Created a monster! 😂😂 I’m always speed reading..the wrong thing! Especially early in the morning, when I think the brain’s fully in gear? And it’s really still just idling? 😉 What’re you gonna do? Comes with the territory! 😉…And I should have known you’d look it up! Resident research artist that you are! But I’ve never heard of the show, so I might take a look…TBT, Clay, I’m soooo not a cat person, so I didn’t pay the name too much mind this morning…But you’re right..if she could have named his cat? Now that would have been some SEERious soothsaying…(And I always have trouble saying that word)! 😂 Have a good one, Clay! 🐱🙋🏻


      • ROTFL!!..And there you have it! So true..Got that little diploma stuffed away somewhere! 😉
        I email with a bunch of guys across the country in the early morning, and after a while, it’s tough keeping up…One of them? After my 2nd or 3rd “over-sight”!? He starts calling me Evelyn…That’s my cue to either switch glasses…or grab another cup of coffee…Or cut hm off…Sometimes, I just do all three…I figure why make everybody suffer, right? 😂😂 🙋🏻


    • Done, Honey Bun! But you’re expecting a lot from that phone, Bud…Not only “understand” Brooklynese…you want it to “spell” in Brooklynese besides? What’d’ya think it is? A cousin or something??? 😂😂🙋🏻


  6. Hi all – The only thing that took an extra look today was INVENT, which I kept seeing as INVITE.

    This guy would have been better off using his $10 to buy a Magic 8-Ball.
    Either that, or go see Madame Ruth – you know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth? She’s got a pad down on 34th and Vine.
    🎵”She bent down and turned around and gave me a wink
    She said ‘I’m gonna mix it up right here in the sink
    It smelled like turpentine, it looked like India Ink
    I held my nose, I closed my eyes – I took a drink”🎵

    Thanks for the carnival details, Angela. They’re so small I didn’t even see them at first.
    Have a good day, everyone, and good luck to the SouthEast.

    Taking my wife to a routine Dr. appt, so see you later.

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    • Hey, G..Invite seems to be “Bringing ’em in” today…I guess those crazy Boys of the early morning got it right! Madame Ruth? LOL…Considering the cost of the elixir, besides the READING? The poor Mr.Mittens would need more SCRATCH than that PAWltry $10..,don’t you think? 🤔 And the carnival? I SAW the RIDE first…ESPecially after I SAW Mr. Mittens being taken for one! Easy, breezy READ. Have a good one, G, and good luck with the appt. Later…🔮🙋🏻


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