Jumble Answer for 12/21/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!           ➰ LEARNING THE ROPES

🎶 It’s KNOT unusual to be loved by anyone, It’s KNOT unusual to have fun with anyone…But when I see you hanging about with anyone…It’s KNOT unusual to see me cry, I wanna die…🎶 “It’s Not Unusual” – Sir Tom Jones  …(78 years old)!

➰ The Boy Scouts are notorious for tying up loose ends…
And Knot Tying becomes a HABIT, a Merit Badge it lends.
They delve into it with great DEPTH, like here out in the woods,
Amidst the trees where WALNUTs grow, they practice with the goods…
Perhaps they build a fire, perhaps BUTANE is used…
(I had to get the rhyme with this, although not pride infused)
So I’ll just tie this up right now, before embarrassment caught…
And leave our Leader, knowing that they learned just WHAT HE’D “TAUT”! ➰

Once again today, all of our words are Sweet Repeats, and all have appeared more than once in the past. WALNUT, though, believe it or KNOT, makes it’s 9th appearance today, having been used in 2014, ’15, 4 times in ’16, and once each in ’17 and ’18. That’s a lot of KNOTS…and I found it interesting. We’ve seen HABIT 5 times: last used in July ’18, DEPTH, 5 times: lastly in September ’18…And that brings us to BUTANE. “TU-BEAN”..or KNOT to Bean! This word caused a bit of a KNOTTY situation this morning. With 4 of my 11 Early Bird Jumblers insisting that it could be UNBEAT, I looked it up. And yep, there it is: Webster Dictionary: Unbeat(verb) “to deliver from the form or nature of a beast”. Huh? Having appeared in our Jumbles twice before, without any question, I’m wondering if it’ll LIGHT up the boards today. Of course the letter arrangement invalidates it for game play, but…Yep, there it STILL is! Anyway, just keep in mind: I don’t make the news, I just report it…

So, our cartoon…Today we’re outdoors at a Camp STUMPing ground. We see a Scout Leader, BOW, TEACHING the art of KNOT TYING to a young Scout, Tyler, (TIE for short). KNOT to be undone, Tie is overheard saying that he’s definitely LEARNED the ROPES, and he’s proud of his HANDiwork. Our Leader, not looking to get TIED UP with MINOR details, gets right to the POINT, and tells Tie that he’s done well. BOWsLINE is that his KNOT is “nice and SNUG“. But beTWEEN the diaLOG, and our question, David’s hardly given us the SLIP! SNUG”? “TIGHTNESS”? What’s your first TAUT? Bow’s looking to see if Tie learnedWHAT HE’D “TAUT”! How’s that for TYING up loose ends? Great pun, David. You’ve pulled this one off without a HITCH!

Ok, eye candy. Our backGROUND consists of a BLACKWALL of silhouetted trees, KNOTTY PINES, perhaps? There’s a singular Dome Tent and ASH best as I can tell, the remnants of a CAMPfire. There’s grass, like a SHEET, BENDing all across the panel. Bow, sitting upon a tree STUMP, is shown wearing a Khaki uniform shirt, Black cargo shorts, and Brown shoes. An additional piece of Rope lies by his side. Tie, cLAD in a similar Shirt wears Denim cargo shorts with a Gold  belt buckle and White sneakers. Both of our Scouts are wearing Brown knee socks, and Red neckerchiefs with slides. Since they’re KNOT wearing the same shorts, I felt that Jeff wasn’t being SQUARE with us, but then I remembered that he doesn’t color the panels…There’s always that HITCH. But where’s the candy? There’s the SQUARE KNOT that Tie’s tied…(I think it’s a SQUARE KNOT…if I’m KNOT mistaken)…But I’m going with the Badges on our guys Shirts, reading “HAPPY CAMPERS” with a picture of a Basic Ridge Tent. Great detail, Jeff! And that TIES it all up for today. So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I wanted to leave you with a KNOTTY PUN, but WOOD you believe it? I seem to have hit a WALL…➰🙋🏻


Jumble Answers for 09/14/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!      🙄 ESP…ecially WHEN THEY’RE WRONG! 🙄

🎶 GYPSYS, tramps, and thieves…We’d hear it from the people of the town,
They’d call us GYPSYS, tramps, and thieves…But every night all the men would come around…And lay their money down…🎶 “Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves” – Cher 1971

🔮 You pay the woman $10…You’re wondering what you’ll get…
And for Mr. Mittens sitting here, this seer ‘ain’t got it yet.
He hears her INVENT stories, her guesses off the mark,
The DEPTH of psychic knowledge so far looking pretty stark.
The IRONY, the disbelief, it’s all coincidence…
This seer is stabbing in the dark to gain his confidence.
So thinking Mr. Mittens with a name such as he has
Must have a cat is giving him a major case of blahs…
He’s getting mad, his attitude quite STORMY say the least,
His doubt is mounting as his thoughts of swindle are increased.
Let’s face it Folks, he should have known…What did he think he’d find?
I bet that I could tell you what might now ENTER HIS MIND! 🔮

All of our words today are Sweet Repeats, the most recent being IRONY, which adorned our pages not long ago, on June 26th. DEPTH, which we saw on October 14th of last year, was anagrammed as PHEDT, just a one-letter difference than today’s. The stumper to close out this week? If I had to GUESS? I’m READING INVENT, from what emails friends have sent this morningSo maybe that’s it? Or maybe not? 😉

Ok..Our Cartoon. Today we find ourselves at some sort of State Fair. I say this,  because, off in the background, silhouetted in black, we can see Carnival-type tents, and a Ride of some sort, perhaps a Tilt-A-Whirl. Sitting in a tent, we find MS. IDA TAKEAGUESS, claiming to have ESP..EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION, giving a PSYCHIC BLEEDING, I mean READING, to a MR. MITTENS. We “hear” her telling him that she SEES him “Thinking about” his cat…Only thing is...MR. MITTENS is ALLERGIC to cats! Now that’s nothing to SNEEZE at, that’s a big mistake! So that right there is giving him PAWS. He’s beginning to SEERiously doubt this whole thing…And rightfully so. She’s not READING his MIND at all…So what’s MR MITTENS really thinking? That he’s been HAD…And he wishes he HAD his $10 back!…Because, as our question is stating…The possibility that ESP is real? Really? It didn’t even ENTER HIS MIND! CRYSTAL BALL, CRYSTAL BALL! There you go, we’ve solved it all! Good one, David! SEERiously….Good one!

Ok, eye candy…What’s inside the tent is kind of BLANK. There’s the little Gold sign stating ESP $10, but I’m not READING much into it. IDA’s wearing a WINE colored TURBAN, which matches her dress, but DECANT get excited over that. MR. MITTENS? Blue shirt, incredulous look…Nothing EXTRAordinary. Blue-Black Fringed Tablecloth…I’ve COTTON better before…I GUESS it’ll have to be the Light Blue CRYSTAL BALL...Yea, it’s the best that I can SEE…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…You have an EXTRA $10 to burn? CATch a movie instead…ESPecially a comedy…You’ll laugh either way! 🔮🙋🏻