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Good Morning, Everyone!           ➰ LEARNING THE ROPES

🎶 It’s KNOT unusual to be loved by anyone, It’s KNOT unusual to have fun with anyone…But when I see you hanging about with anyone…It’s KNOT unusual to see me cry, I wanna die…🎶 “It’s Not Unusual” – Sir Tom Jones  …(78 years old)!

➰ The Boy Scouts are notorious for tying up loose ends…
And Knot Tying becomes a HABIT, a Merit Badge it lends.
They delve into it with great DEPTH, like here out in the woods,
Amidst the trees where WALNUTs grow, they practice with the goods…
Perhaps they build a fire, perhaps BUTANE is used…
(I had to get the rhyme with this, although not pride infused)
So I’ll just tie this up right now, before embarrassment caught…
And leave our Leader, knowing that they learned just WHAT HE’D “TAUT”! ➰

Once again today, all of our words are Sweet Repeats, and all have appeared more than once in the past. WALNUT, though, believe it or KNOT, makes it’s 9th appearance today, having been used in 2014, ’15, 4 times in ’16, and once each in ’17 and ’18. That’s a lot of KNOTS…and I found it interesting. We’ve seen HABIT 5 times: last used in July ’18, DEPTH, 5 times: lastly in September ’18…And that brings us to BUTANE. “TU-BEAN”..or KNOT to Bean! This word caused a bit of a KNOTTY situation this morning. With 4 of my 11 Early Bird Jumblers insisting that it could be UNBEAT, I looked it up. And yep, there it is: Webster Dictionary: Unbeat(verb) “to deliver from the form or nature of a beast”. Huh? Having appeared in our Jumbles twice before, without any question, I’m wondering if it’ll LIGHT up the boards today. Of course the letter arrangement invalidates it for game play, but…Yep, there it STILL is! Anyway, just keep in mind: I don’t make the news, I just report it…

So, our cartoon…Today we’re outdoors at a Camp STUMPing ground. We see a Scout Leader, BOW, TEACHING the art of KNOT TYING to a young Scout, Tyler, (TIE for short). KNOT to be undone, Tie is overheard saying that he’s definitely LEARNED the ROPES, and he’s proud of his HANDiwork. Our Leader, not looking to get TIED UP with MINOR details, gets right to the POINT, and tells Tie that he’s done well. BOWsLINE is that his KNOT is “nice and SNUG“. But beTWEEN the diaLOG, and our question, David’s hardly given us the SLIP! SNUG”? “TIGHTNESS”? What’s your first TAUT? Bow’s looking to see if Tie learnedWHAT HE’D “TAUT”! How’s that for TYING up loose ends? Great pun, David. You’ve pulled this one off without a HITCH!

Ok, eye candy. Our backGROUND consists of a BLACKWALL of silhouetted trees, KNOTTY PINES, perhaps? There’s a singular Dome Tent and ASH best as I can tell, the remnants of a CAMPfire. There’s grass, like a SHEET, BENDing all across the panel. Bow, sitting upon a tree STUMP, is shown wearing a Khaki uniform shirt, Black cargo shorts, and Brown shoes. An additional piece of Rope lies by his side. Tie, cLAD in a similar Shirt wears Denim cargo shorts with a Gold  belt buckle and White sneakers. Both of our Scouts are wearing Brown knee socks, and Red neckerchiefs with slides. Since they’re KNOT wearing the same shorts, I felt that Jeff wasn’t being SQUARE with us, but then I remembered that he doesn’t color the panels…There’s always that HITCH. But where’s the candy? There’s the SQUARE KNOT that Tie’s tied…(I think it’s a SQUARE KNOT…if I’m KNOT mistaken)…But I’m going with the Badges on our guys Shirts, reading “HAPPY CAMPERS” with a picture of a Basic Ridge Tent. Great detail, Jeff! And that TIES it all up for today. So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I wanted to leave you with a KNOTTY PUN, but WOOD you believe it? I seem to have hit a WALL…➰🙋🏻

24 thoughts on “Jumble Answer for 12/21/2018

  1. Good morning. Outside of the first word coming instantly, the other three words I had to think awhile.By that I mean it took maybe five minutes to get the rest. The cartoon answer was a square finish rather than a granny flop. Seeing the quotation marks didn’t tie me up in knots. Angela you had a tough week coming up with songs to match the cartoon. I’d give you a merit badge for a job well done. Thanks for everything. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning. Brooklyn. I love how your post is 🎶 UNUSUALly🎶 KNOTTY this morning, instead of your usual nice! 😉 I think Granny may be my favorite. And..Thanks for the Shout Outs..especially the Merit Badge! And you’re right, it was a bit of a challenge this week with the music, but I think it was harder matching some of the off the wall words we had to the puzzles themes. The rhymes are second nature to me, but to compose a poem that makes use of each day’s words AND fits the cartoon, can TIE me up in KNOTS sometimes. You wouldn’t believe how many mornings, still half asleep, I finish the poem related to the puzzle, and then realize I didn’t incorporate the days words…Now THAT throws me for a LOOP! 😂 I’m glad today’s quotation answer didn’t scare you off, it really was an adorable pun. I’m sure when David TAUT of it, he gave himself quite a chuckle! So, I’m figuring no Bocce today, Brooklyn, if you’re anything like us here…We have the Ark ☔️parked in the driveway…Perfect day to put on a pot of coffee, and enjoy a good book! Wishing you a really good one, Bud! ➰🙋🏻

  2. The 4 anagrams came quickly and even butane.Given the word puzzle,”what” was a given for the first 4 letter word,and the 3 letter contraction,lead to he’d,finally followed by the clever use of taut for the correct taught.

    • Good Morning, Professor. You hit the nail on the head, with the cleverness of the use of TAUT. I thought of you this morning, and figured that you, of all people would have an easy time of picking up on that word. A great pun. And I agree also with the wording of the question serving as a perfect lead in to “what”. Well thought out means to the end, Sir! Kudos! Have a great day, Professor! ➰🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – Interesting that the TH trick worked for DEPTH but not HABIT, to keep us on our toes. BUTANE took a little extra time, but I think we’ve seen it recently.
    (That was close, Angela. For a second I thought it was TURBAN and someone would WIG out! 😉😂) Had to write the letters for the answer and saw WHAT, then the contraction had to be HE’D, and the cartoon gave TAUT. Not as easy as a “tautology”, but not bad.

    Angela, I think you’ll soon be hearing from Sir Tom or his lawyers about that exclamation point. (“Yeah, 78! So what, ya little punk?” 😂)
    Great list of “Knot-Knot” puns, also.

    Have a great day, everyone.

    • Good Morning, Steve. I think reliance on any “tricks” is KNOT as helpful as one may think. It puts you in a certain mind set, and it’s not always going to be true. But that’s just my opinion…I take in all the letters as a whole..and squint! 😂 Turban! LOL..But lawyers? Au contraire, mon frere! My exclamation point was purposely inserted, and meant as the ultimate compliment. The man is amazing for his age, and I’m truly taken. I was too young in his heyday to “appreciate” (ahem) what he had to offer…But the way he looks now? I’d be more than happy to find out! 😉 (And his voice is still impressive too!) 😂😂 Thanks for the Shout Out, Bud..But it was KNOThing, really! Have a good one, G! ➰🙋🏻

  4. The HABIT of lighting a cigarette near the BUTANE tank was the DEPTH of intelligence for the former WALNUT cabinetmaker.

    • Hi Chuck…I don’t know if it’s morning or afternoon for you, so I’ll just go with the Hi..I was hoping you’d show today, since I dabbled with some sentences myself, and these were not an easy blend…I like your slant, especially the take on WALNUT as a wood! Excellent! I’m disappointed in myself that I never even considered it. I stuck with the NUT….(A word I’m much more familiar with)😉 LOL! But as a woman who’s done woodwork, I can truly appreciate your use of the word! Kudos, Sir! Here’s what I came up with…No easy task. Hope you’re enjoying your day, Chuck! ➰🙋🏻

      Wanting to have a WALNUT roast, they wondered if the DEPTH of the firepit would catch the flame, since they weren’t in the HABIT of using a BUTANE lighter.

      Eating a WALNUT, while reading about BUTANE, she couldn’t help but think that this course on atmospheric pressure, was way out of her DEPTH…and that these nuts were becoming a HABIT.

    • YW, Chuck. Oh, ok…PA. You may have told us that, but I couldn’t remember…I wasn’t sure whether you were on the Right Coast or the Left! 😉 (Just joking, Steve…you know I’m just joking)! So, if you’re in PA, you must be fighting the elements today too…Thank God this isn’t snow…Stay dry, and have a good one, Chuck! ☔️💨🙋🏻

  5. Just a day or two after I commented on the word ALKANE appearing in a jumble, an alkane appears! Namely, BUTANE. That’s a technical term, like ALKANE. I think it is hit or miss whether these words get popular enough to appear in a Jumble. We do have methane gas, ethanol, propane tanks, butane lighters and we can even jump to 8 with OCTANE, which is a fuel or just simply is used for energy, as a high-octane exercise program. But I doubt if HEXANE or NONANE will ever appear in a Jumble. 8 but not 9. OCTANE but not NONANE.

    • LOL! Oh Jim, not today! Have you read the comments? We have a gender issue on our hands! And I’m laughing, because as soon as your name popped up on my screen, and I saw the word BUTANE, I thought for sure you were going to try to BEAT me up over UNBEAT! Did you notice that the other day? I was convinced you’d be lying in wait to get me that day! 😂 So if it’s ok with you, I’m going to pass on all this fuel stuff, because there’s enough here today to flame the fires without it! But I do admire your tenacity, Jim, and I’d hate to ever get into a debate with you! Wishing you a good one! 🙋🏻

      • It’s a horse with NONAME, or NONANE, or NOMANE. But I feel that the horse in that song is indeed a car, as you say. Horses have names (e.g., American Pharoah) but not cars. It’s about driving through the desert in a car to a city like Los Angeles that provides no love. I did notice UNBEAT but I looked that one up and it seems that a team that always wins or ties is unbeaten, instead.

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