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Good Morning, Everyone!         👮🏻  CRIME and PUN…ISHMENT! 👮🏻

🎶 The warden threw a party in the county JAIL…The PRISON band was there and they began to wail…The band was jumpin’ and the joint began to swing, you should’ve heard them knocked-out JAILBIRDS sing…Let’s rock…everybody, let’s rock, everybody in the whole CELL block…Was dancin’ to the JAILHOUSE Rock…🎶 “Jailhouse Rock”- Elvis 1957     https://tinyurl.com/hqmucmq

👮🏻 The intrigue of police work always held such fascination,
And TV shows have managed to bring it ‘cross the nation…
I’m sure you would CONCUR that the excitement and the gore,
Has captivated audiences…there’s such a real allure.
So looking at this cartoon, I think I see a man,
Who played a dapper detective with quite a grand élan.
He wasn’t one to STALL a case or suffer any fools…
And nothing would he FORGO, sometimes even breaking rules.
While sometimes known to HECKLE, his manner brusque and firm,
He always seemed to know much more than others even learned.
The man Dennis Farina, with a gloriously handsome face…
I really think that’s who this is…we see GOT ON HER CASE! 👮🏻

Strangely enough, I couldn’t find the word STALL in the records that we keep. Seemingly such a simple, common word, I was surprised that it hadn’t been introduced into Jumble play long before today. CONCUR and HECKLE have each appeared once before, and FORGO, has been seen twice, the last time as recently as June 22nd. None of the words posed any problem, and were all easily IDENTIFIED

Today’s cartoon brings us outdoors to the scene of a CRIME, which I believe to be circa the late 1980’sWe see four DETECTIVES, two male, two female, with one, a young, brown-haired woman, whom I’ll call the NEED DETECTIVE (since I figure she NEEDS the experience), kneeling on the grass, “tagging and bagging”. Having placed EVIDENCE GLOVE B, (which is 4-fingered…too funny), into an EVIDENCE bag, we see the Senior Detective, who I believe is patterned after the late, great Dennis Farina, inconsiderately stepping on EVIDENCE GLOVE A...Tampering with EVIDENCE? Talk about a ROOKIE move. Everyone knows you never contaminate a CRIME SCENE. And adding insult to injury, we hear him telling his younger colleague that her services are no longer needed, since he’s arrived, and will be “taking over”. He even calls her a ROOKIE. Huh? It’s her CASE! Echoing our Need Detective…”Are you kidding me”? Assault and Unmannerly? Breaking and Censoring? Smarmed Robbery? PETTY Larceny? I’d say he’s GUILTY as charged! And you’d think he’d be a little nicer, no? I mean just in CASE  they’d have to work together some time in the future? But I guess not…And the look of incredulousness on our Need Detective’s face? That’s a CRIME just waiting to happen!! So, in answer to our LEADING question? The Senior Detective…GOT ON HER CASE! Clever, David, very clever! A great SOLVE!

Ok, eye candy. For those of you not familiar with Dennis Farina, the late Chicago native served on his city’s Police Force for almost 20 years. After retirement, he was hired as a consultant for director Michael Mann, which led him to a true CASE of art imitating life. Starring in numerous Police oriented dramas, he first CAUGHT my eye when he portrayed Lt. Mike Torello in CRIME STORY, set in Chicago, and later Detective Joe Fontana, in LAW and ORDER, set in New York. Known as much for his sartorial splendor as his street smarts, he was a driving FORCE to watch in ACTION. And I can’t help but think that this is him. The full head of thick, wavy hair, the mustache, the coffee cup, the pinkie ring, the meticulous Blue suit, and those fabulous (intended-to-be) two-toned shoes!! IMO, the EVIDENCE is all there. Talk about EYE CANDY! But perhaps I digress…Ok, the rest of the panel…And Jeff’s given us a plethora of details here…A city skyline is silhouetted in the background. We have the YELLOW POLICE TAPE  roping off the CRIME scene, that actually reads “Crime Scene Do Not Cross“. The male Detective at back stands behind EVIDENCE MARKER C, and is holding its’ EVIDENCE BAG. which appears to contain a knit hat. What’s really notable here, is that with the bag being clear, Jeff’s drawn it so that you can actually see through it, and read the letters “SS” from the tape behind it. Kudos, Jeff, an amazing detail. His female counterpart holds what I first thought to be a cell phone, but considering the time period I think we’re in, I now sense that it’s a note pad. The 3 EVIDENCE MARKERS are Yellow. And all four Detectives are wearing SHIELDS that display a 5-POINTED STAR, synonymous with the Chicago PD...(further Farina EVIDENCE)?,,and we can even see Collar Stays on Dennis’s shirt. A small tweezers is shown on the ground near Bag B. Looking closely here, it appears that the Need Detective isn’t wearing Gloves, which are de rigueur for any CRIME Scene, but with real scrutiny, I can see a ridge below her shirt sleeve, which must be a glove. I doubt she’d FORGO wearing them, Rookie or not. So, with all these amazing details, what’s my eye candy? (Besides Dennis)? It has to be the steaming Coffee Cup in Farina’s right hand. Printed across the top, one can see the image of the Greek Key Design which as far as coffee cups go, belongs exclusively to the ANTHORA Paper Coffee Cup, iconic to New York City‘s daily life. It became our definitive coffee-to-go cup. But, if we’re in Chicago…how do you explain that? Were they sold outside of NY? So, THIS is my Eye Candy…and the PLOT thickens! But before I can close out this CASE? Jeff, how’d I do? You know, for a ROOKIE? Is it Farina? So…There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day everyone…And I’ll leave you with a little advice a cop once gave me..”It’s always wise to carry a stale baguette in your purse. That way if a mugger ever tries to attack you with a sharp tool, you can just knock him out…” You know…LOAF CONQUERS AWL! 👮🏻🙋🏻


26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/22/2018

  1. Good morning. This is the third time I have been unable to open Angela’s post. It comes with a bunch of hashtags that prevents me opening it so I use the calendar to bring it up. A fun post today. My choice for hardest word would be Concur. This was the only word that failed to appear just by looking at it. I had to put it to paper and look for three letter words or switch them around. The first shot was Ruccon which clearly gave me Concur looking at it. The cartoon answer was no problem and another cute finish. Angela,another good song choice plus use of words,puns and hidden facts. I didn’t realize he was stepping on evidence. However,you final words didn’t quite get a drum roll from me but left me thinking of a B-Flat. Just having fun my queen of puns. Until tomorrow stay well.

      • LOL…I know, I read it this morning. Poor Baby, he almost went into shock! When in doubt….it’s always a nice tie, right? 😂😂🙋🏻

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a problem with the email. Something similar happened to one of my friends who gets the email. He said he turned his iPad on and off and it then opened correctly. Try it see what happens. I wonder if it’s a Word Press thing with our internet providers. Anyway, I’m sorry I failed you on my closing lines..I owe you one! 😉 Thanks tor the Shout Outs, and did you see Elvis on that clip? I was dying! Talk about camp! But it was enough to freak Ed Sullivan out, huh? 😂 Kudos for working out the words, I’m glad you didn’t SURRENDER. And I agree that it was a cute and clever answer. Very witty. Have a good one, Brooklyn…It finally stopped raining! 👮🏻🙋🏻

  2. Stall gave me a minute to pause and then I thought the solution was got on ‘the’ case rather than got on ‘her’ case.But I was lacking the ‘t’ for the,and had a left over ‘r’.That’s the way it went on an early Sat morning.

    • Good Morning, Prof. You know I had to read your post twice! LOL! T – R…I’m just up too many hours already…it’s all starting to blur! I’m glad you figured it out, though. It was a cute solve. Wishing you a great day, Chuck! 👮🏻🙋🏻

  3. I thought the kneeler in the drawing was a male and confused me for a while. Am I the only one who saw it that way?

      • Brooklyn, it was just you and I here early this morning…You should have given me a hint! 😘🙋🏻

    • Hi Chuck. I did have 2 of my friends who checked in much later than usual this morning, tell me that they couldn’t solve, because they were going in circles trying to find a male pronoun. I didn’t mention it though, because at that point neither Paul nor The Professor said anything about it being an issue. But now it’s mushrooming! I’ll try to clear it up. Here’s the thing, I think it’s ok to say that Jeff as a rule doesn’t “graciously endow” his female characters. But looking closely, there is a bit of a hint! Secondly,and more importantly, one must know their graphic artist well enough to pick up on certain signs. 😉 Jeff has a proclivity for sideburns. He sometimes even draws then on the young male kids! Maybe you’ve seen me mention it once or twice, because I think it’s a little odd, but he just loves sideburns, and there you have it! 😉Looking at our Need Detective, you can immediately see that the character is sans sideburns. Also, he never gives his male characters a hairdo as she’s sporting. It’s more of a capped dome, and he doesn’t do that with the men. And then of course, there’s the eyelashes. Only his female figures have lashes. Also keep on mind, that I use the on-line site to enlarge the panel, so that I can truly appreciate has handiwork. Like the Greek design on the coffee cup…there’s no way it’s visible to the naked eye. For that matter, hardly any of the eye candy ever is. And the newspaper panels are way too small to ever see these minute details. So, no one can fault anyone for not picking up on them. I hope this helps…That’s why early on I dubbed it “Eye Candy”…Because it’s all so sweet! Have a good one, Chuck! 👮🏻🙋🏻

  4. I concur that “concur” was the hardest word today. I had to back into it. I also thought that the young detective was a male and thought “his” or “the” would be the proper word. Finally realized that it was a “her”. Sounds like I’m in good company. Happy Saturday everyone.

      • Hey Prof…Yes, I hear ya! But initially you didn’t mention the gender issue…I had no idea! 😉 I wonder if this is a first? 👮🏻🙋🏻

    • Betty, As far as I’m concerned, you’re always in good company around here! 😉 As I was just explaining to Chuck, I probably should have picked up on the female issue early on when the Professor mentioned “the”, especially when I told him I had to read his post twice…But again, I hadn’t heard from my friends yet, and Paul didn’t bring it up, so it just went right by me. This is really something though…and now I’m curious as to how many of our readers out there found themselves in the same boat…Maybe we’ll hear from them…Happy Saturday to you also, Betty! 👮🏻🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – Both CONCUR and HECKLE took two looks. Strangely, STALL took me the longest. TALLS wasn’t a word. Then wrote out the letters, and when I saw CASE, the answer appeared.

    Since you asked, I thought the rookie was female right away. Her hairstyle looks particularly feminine to me, and she appeared to have lipstick on. And now that I’ve looked online, she also seems to have an earring.
    I do like your name for her though, Angela, because my thought was that if that jerk had tried to pull that stunt on me, I would have “NEED” him right where it would hurt the most!

    🎵”Bugsy turned to Shifty and he said, “Nix, Nix
    I want to stick around, I wanna get my kicks”🎵
    Great song of course, by Leiber and Stoller who wrote so many early classics for Elvis, the Coasters and many others. I saw the movie with my parents and brother when it was first released.

    Have a great day, all!
    If weather permits and you’re so inclined, the skies are interesting just now.
    The Winter Solstice was yesterday, the full “Cold Moon” was just a couple of hours ago, Venus is bright and beautiful in the morning, Jupiter and Mercury are rising together, and there’s a Meteor shower. That, and the Winter constellations are becoming prominent:
    🎵”Orion, light your lights; Come guard the open spaces
    From the black horizon to the pillow where I lie.
    Your faithful dog shines brighter than its lord and master… {yes, he’s Sirius!}
    Orion, won’t you give me your star sign
    Orion, get up on the sky-line
    I’m high on your love and I feel fine
    Orion, let’s sip the heaven’s heady wine!”🎵

    • Hey G,. Yes, she does have an earring, but it’d never hold up in court! Way too many men sport earrings now, especially that kind, a stud. (No pun intended)😂 So that’s why I purposely didn’t mention it. It makes no CASE! And I wasn’t going to appear sexist! There was already enough gender blurring going on! Have a good one, Steve! 👮🏻🙋🏻

  6. I also got hung up a while on “the” before noticing that the rookie was a “her.” But “the” would have worked fine with either sex. Like Steve, STALL took me the longest. I’m glad you pointed out the four-fingered glove, Angela, because that gave me a laugh.

    • Hi Caroline. Thanks..I found it so amusing too, but I don’t know why. I guess it would stand to reason that anyone they arrested would have to have 4 fingers also, 😉 but it just seemed comical hanging there like that. TBT, there were so many amazing little details in this puzzle, that I really had a HARD TIME deciding which impressed me the most. My eyes needed AR REST when I was done! Jeff definitely outdid himself with this one…I think it may be one of my all time favorites! Have a good one, Caroline! 👮🏻🙋🏻

  7. As sort of an epilogue, Angela, I wonder how many people get (got) Dennis Farina and Dennis Franz mixed up .. They were about the same age and their careers coincided with each other.

    • Perhaps, good point. Maybe I should have included a link. But as talented and perfectly suited to the gritty side of police work that Franz was, we must admit…the man was no clothes horse! 😉 Actually, just the opposite. And physically there’d definitely be no mistaking one for the other.. But you are correct, with the similarity of name, age, career path, etc. Sadly, Farina died way too soon, and he was still involved with acting. Franz, if I’m not mistaken, just decided to retire. And I still swear that this character looks exactly like Farina…but without the nod from Jeff, it’s mine to keep. Hope you’re enjoying your night, Chuck! 👮🏻🙋🏻

    • …And just as an aside, I was giving my post that last “glance over” before filing it away..and I caught my mention of Dennis’ detailed Collar Stays…COLLAR stays…That one slipped right past me this morning…😉 I really do need to get more sleep! 😴🙋🏻

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