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Good Morning, Everyone!             ⚽️ GO FOR THE GOAL! ⚽️

I get no KICK from champagne…Mere alcohol, it doesn’t move me at all…So tell me why should it be true…That I get a KICK out of you. Yeah, I get a KICK…yes, you give me a boost…yea, I get a KICK out of you…🎶 “I Get a Kick Out of You” – Frank Sinatra  1962    https://tinyurl.com/y75afq2w

⚽️ The PLIGHT of any sportsman is to THWART the other team,
In Soccer it’s that CANNON shot to help you see your dream…
UNWISE to get too cocky, INFAMY is not the goal,
Steady as a rock, a SIMILE one should behold….
It’s playing for the team that counts…that is the player’s fame,
You score for one,  you score for all…AT THIS POINT IN THE GAME ⚽️

Once again today, we have a word that I could swear we’ve solved here before, yet I can’t find it amongst the listings: SIMILE. Most likely I’ve seen it while playing David and Jeff’s great JUST JUMBLE game, and I associated it with here. Our other five words are all old favorites, with THWART being the most recent, from August 26th,’18. A little quirk…That day, a Sunday also, POINT was one of the answer words. And it just so happens, that THWART was the only word that THWARTED a few of the Early Birds this morning. They knew the word, but they had trouble spelling it…It’s that “W” sound…and they wanted to start off with “TW“. The rest were all easy solves, with our oldest word being INFAMY, making its 7th appearance today, and dating back to 2015. Ok, enough BOUNCING around in the Archives…Let’s SCORE some POINTS with our cartoon…

Finding ourselves once more outdoors, today we’re on a SOCCER Field, watching the JUMBLERS play the SUDOKUS. The Jumblers are seen scoring the first GOAL, and understandably celebrating. The GOAL KEEPER  for the Sudokus is also seen, dramatically experiencing the agony of deFEET. We’re asked that if the Jumblers scored the first goal, they were ahead..? AT THIS POINT IN THE GAME! A good enough answer, but a few of the Early Birds got “SOME” and “THAT” into their HEADs...At “SOME” point, At “THAT” point…and that caused a bit of a slowdown, since we had only one M, but we did have “T’s”. And the phrasing of both choices made sense, too. The key though? …The other Jumbler player saying…”Good way to “START“. THAT gave me THIS…As I said, easy enough, but there were a few BALLS in the air with THIS ONE. And only THIS was the KEEPER!

OK, eye candy. The panel is shaded in Green. We have our cheering fans blackened in silhouette, with one holding a Red JUMBLERS pennant aloft. The SCOREboard is lit in Yellow. The Sudoku player, dressed in Red, is shown between the GOALposts, and appears to be wailing and tugging at his hair, totally up in ARMS. It’s just one GOAL! Boy, he’ll really be KICKING himself if this KEEPS up! He really needs to USE HIS HEAD, and calm down. Our Jumbler players, dressed in Green, one RUNNING, one kneeling, are both wearing wide grins…and Gold “J” emblems on the right side of their jerseys. The Player who SCORED is wearing a Gold headband, and matching wristbands. It all makes for a great picture, but nothing’s really getting into my HEAD this morning I think I’ll just PASS…and THROW IN THE TOWEL. So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone..Get out there, KICK up your heels…and have a BALL! ⚽️🙋🏻

17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/23/2018

  1. Hi all – GHT led to LIGHT which led to PLIGHT. UNWISE would have taken longer without the UN trick. Got SIMILE “as quick as a wink” 😉. Saw INFAMY from previous uses; put TH together as always to see THWART.
    Then for the answer – finally gave up. Since it’s soccer, I thought he might use “NIL”, which John Madden always delighted in mocking in his sports segments. Figured “in the game” might be right, but all my guesses for the other words had invalid letters – GOAL, START, FIRST, etc., and AT HOME didn’t work. It didn’t help that I missed an ‘N’ when I wrote down the letters.

    Love seeing the Jumblers go out in front, but this shows we need an 8-puzzle National Championship with Cryptoquiz, Crossword, Asimov, etc.
    And yes, Angela, your writeup is a KEEPER!

    I’m heading out for a little (normal, not Christmas) shopping, so I’ll just wish you all a great day!

    • Hey Steve…I’m so sorry I missed this. My mail’s a little haywire today…like me! 8 puzzles? You want to bring 8 puzzles into here? I hope you’re volunteering to take charge of them! 🙄 Thanks so much for the Shout Out…I did it all so quickly, that I never even mentioned Point and Game in the solve…I think I may have dropped the BALL this morning…A little harried! Hope you’re enjoying your day..Talk to you later,,Bud! ⚽️🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Guess I’m hanging out with Debbie Downer right now. I was stuck on one word which was Simile. I went to the phone for the answer and came up with two words that I had no clue about. That’s the good thing about learning,your really never to old to learn. After awhile I just caved in on the cartoon answer. I was much more interested in warming up lasagna that one of the bocce girls gave me yesterday. I miss the Italian side of Christmas with the seven fishes and everything else. You start out at family gatherings with all the old people and as time passes they are all gone and now it’s you who is in the senior group. You never think about it when your young but it’s always on your thoughts when take their place. I’m not complaining,at least I reached that category. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn. Good Afternoon. I know what you mean about the bittersweetness that comes with Christmas…I guess we all do. But as you said, at least we’re still here to enjoy it! Sorry about your fishes, I thought maybe your kids kept up the tradition…We still do, and trow night we’re doing 9. Tuesday we’ll do the lasagna..I’m sure by now you’ve eaten yours, and I hope it was as good as you anticipated…No biggie caving in on the answer…it was a bit tricky. Hope your days going well…Talk to you later! Ciao, Bello! ⚽️🙋🏻

      • You forgot Angela. My side is German. We went to my in laws on Christmas Day after opening up our gifts after church. Christmas Eve was with my side of the family.

        • Hey Paul. No, I know that your family is German. But you said you missed “The Italian side of Christmas with the 7 fishes and everything else”.., so it sounded like you did the Italian Christmas Eve. 🦂🐡🙋🏻

  3. Thanks Angela for an interesting post from beginning to end. Old blue eyes is your favorite go to guy which is fine by me. His station is one of my settings in the car.

    • You’re very welcome, Brooklyn, and thanks so much for the Shout Outs. Yes, Frankie’s my port in the storm..I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🎶🙋🏻

  4. I couldn’t get the answer this morning other than thinking the last word might be game. Just looked again and saw point, which did the trick. Jeff really captured the excitement of the score.

    • Hi Caroline..Exactly, POINT= SCORE. It wasn’t as bad as it looked, but I think it did take getting that connection…Hope all is going well! Enjoy! ⚽️🙋🏻

  5. Plight was new to me,and cannon was looking like canyon.It was an early morning solve for me followed by a not too distant trip to Naperville w a doubling back to Utica,Illinois for Xmas eve Church tomorrow,then back and forth to Naperville to retrieve those 2 grandkids,Marla and Alice on Tues morning.So not sure if I can squeeze in the puzzles.

    • Hey Professor! Good Afternoon! You, Sir, are the most traveling man I know! God Bless You! I get tired just listening! Glad you solved it, and no need to explain/and or apologize if you’ll be too busy for the Jumble the next few days. But keep in mind we’re open 24/7, so you’re always welcome if you decide to stop in! Hope you’re enjoying your day! ⚽️🙋🏻

  6. Things fell into place this morning. It’s a good thing since like everyone else I’m on the run with last minute holiday preparations. I had no problem with any of the words and was able to figure out the cartoon answer which is surprising since I’m not much of a sports fan of any kind and totally clueless about soccer. Happy Sunday everyone.

      • Hi Betty. Never fear! I knew it was you…And I hear you with “on the run”! I’m telling myself…”did you not know it was coming”?! Point and Game kind of pushed us in the right direction, and I see I failed to mention both…Not having the best day! 🙄 Good job with the solve, and…Good luck with the preps.. Hang in there! ⚽️🙋🏻

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