Jumble Answers for 12/20/2018








UED   PR   GOR   OO   =   GOOD “RE-POUR”


Good Morning, Everyone!       🍷 LOVE THE WINE YOU’RE WITH 🍷

🎶 Love ON THE ROCKS, ain’t no surprise, just POUR me a drink and I’ll tell you my lies…Yesterday’s gone…And now all I want is a smile..🎶 “Love on the Rocks” – Neil Diamond 1980    https://tinyurl.com/ybc6uxeo

🍷A place where one feels comfortable, where regulars can meet,
And Bartender’s are vital since the bar scene does compete.
The bachelor parties for the ones UNWED for their last days…
And looking to enjoy a VIPER and a Purple Haze.
A good Bartender can GOVERN, hold court while people drink,
And acting like an ORATOR can’t hurt if you just think…
The customers get comfortable, and oft times want to share,
And having a good Bartender means having a good ear…
So bottom line, the secret to a line that’s out the door?
The man “behind the Stick” has to possess a GOOD “RE-POUR”🍷

While none of today’s words are new, it is interesting that all of them date back to 2014, and that both UNWED and ORATOR have only appeared once before. GOVERN’s been used four times previously, the most recent being this past June, while VIPER was last seen just a month ago, on November 12th. As for what caused the biggest pause of the morning? Almost all the Early Bird Jumblers SPOKE OUT about ORATOR…Suffice to SAY, it looks to be the stumper of the day…

Finding ourselves at a neighboring watering hole, today Jeff’s chosen to raise a TOAST to BARTENDERS everywhere. We see a new Bartender, offering a drink on the house to two women drinking wine. With our dialogue telling us that the three have been entWINEd in a conversation, we can see by the smiling faces that perhaps POURing their hearts out to an understanding Bartender was good RIESLING. Because that’s how you keep your customers, by building that rapPORT …And it definitely looks like he had them at MERLOT! So, as our Bartender RE-fills those glasses, and the conversation POURS forth…what we have here is a GOOD “RE-POUR“! Really great pun, David! Hip, Hip ROSÈ! You’ve definitely raised the BAR with this one!

Ok, Eye candy…We see the black silhouetted figures of a man and woman sitting in the background. The decor is simple, and OZly enough, our Yellow Brick BAR is round. Our girls are dressed quite NEATly, in a short-sleeved Blue top, and a Black TANKED one. The Bartender’s POURing a Red, and we all know a full-bodied Red is nothing to WINE about…hence the happy faces! But besides the grins, there’s not much to CHEER about. So I guess I’ll just go with our Red-vested Bartender. He’s TIED ONE ON, it’s the Bow type, and it’s black, and he’s sporting a Man Bun and a very thin mustache. HAIR of the Dog? No…He’s no dog, he’s David and Jeff’s Man of the HAPPY HOUR…And I think I’ll just go with the FLOW…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a GRAPE day, Everyone, and keep in mind…Life’s so much simpler when you just…🎶Love the WINE you’re with…🎶🍷🙋🏻




18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/20/2018

  1. Morning, all –
    Inspired post today, Angela! For me it was definitely ORATOR, which I backed into. It always impresses me how a difficult word can become solvable once you get the answer and know where a few letters go.
    Lots of wineries to visit in the Finger Lakes region.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. Thank you very much..I found it to be a cute and very clever puzzle. As for ORATOR, it’s a masterful anagram IMO…and it definitely had most of the guys crying in their beer, I mean their coffee this morning! And no matter how many years I’ve been doing this, it impresses me too how 5-6 little letters can be so transposed as to look nothing like themselves! Here’s to the ABC’s! 🍷😉 ..And the wineries! Have a great day, Caroline! 🍷🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. No problem with the first three words but failed on Orator. I had my own word that doesn’t exist. I was very surprised to see that word. Much so, that I looked up its meaning. Now I know why I had no clue.! Eloquent or skilled in public speaking. That sure as heck wasn’t my cup of tea. I was a nervous wreck when I had to speak in front of a class. The Public Speaking course in college did prove to lighten the fear factor but I still prefer to remaim in the audience rather than the pulpit. Angela, thanks for the laugh on the song choice. It fit like a glove. Your use of the words and puns were enjoyable. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • It’s me again. That last word shook me up so much that I left out the cartoon answer. You know how I hate words in quotation marks but, this answer was fairly easy and cute I might add. The hint to the answer was in pouring that glass of wine. Well done guys!!

      • Good Morning, Brooklyn! How you make my day! Public speaking? POUR Baby! You think you’re alone? We all have the fear, it comes with the territory. I used to “get the worms” as my Grandmother used to SAY! I’d write a piece, and the instructor would say, “This is really good. How about reading to the group?” And I’d say…”Tell you what..I’m willing to have you knock 10 points off the top, and you read it to them for me”! 😉 Negotiation never hurt, right? Thanks for the Shout Outs, and I’m glad you enjoyed my Neil Diamond. The man’s definitely one of the best. I hope he’s doing well with his illness. And I agree, except for ORATOR, there was no WINEing with today’s puzzle. It’s a gem. DECANT get any better than this! Have a good one, Brooklyn, you always make me smile! Salute! 🍷🙋🏻

  3. The ORATOR lectured the UNWED mothers how to GOVERN their lives without the help of a two-legged VIPER.

    • ROTFL!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I give you 4 rounds of applause…one for each word! You may just have won the internet today! I’m cutting wrapping paper, and I almost lost a finger with this one! Good Morning, Chuck B! Very well done! A VINE job indeed! And how true…Those pesky 2-legged VIPERS out there walking amongst us and leaving havoc in their wake! (Havoc..I hope David reads this…that’d make a good anagram…Oh, wait a minute…Forget it..I just looked..We’ve had it 5 times already. Boy, is my face RED! And I’m not one to BLUSH easily! So much for my POUR memory, huh? I just go BLANC sometimes)! 😉 Thanks for the laugh, Chuck…And to all those SNAKES out there…PINOT who you are! And we’re not aFUSEd! 😉 Here’s to you, Bud! Have one on me!! 🍷🙋🏻

  4. Another orator vote as being most difficult. The re-pour solution was a given, quickly followed by good, so no problem there.

    • Good Morning, Professor! I agree on all counts…There’s a lot to BE SAID about ORATOR..And that Re-Pour WENT DOWN real easy! Hope you’re enjoying your day! 🍷🙋🏻

  5. I too had to back into orator. Kept seeing aorta and rotator. Cartoon answer was fairly simple so that helped. Happy Thursday everyone.

    • Good Morning, Betty. Almost close to my first “saw”…Rotate was going AROUND in my mind. Happy Thursday to you too! Enjoy! 🍷🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – Got UNWED with the UN trick. Stared at the last word for a bit and got AORTA – nope! Then ROTATO – a spud on a rotisserie? I actually wrote ORATORIO without seeing ORATOR until I went back and looked again. I guess if you didn’t store your canoe properly, you could also end up with OAR-ROT.
    The fact that the bartender was pouring gave the answer away.

    Angela, that “wine you’re with” is not likely to come out of any STILLS. I think he wrote that song on harder stuff.

    We just did the Dead’s “Half Step Mississippi Uptown Toodle-oo” for “having the mark” – here’s another lyric from it for today:
    🎵”Hello baby, I’m gone; goodbye
    Have a cup of rock ‘n rye
    Here’s to you old Southern skies
    I’m on my way; on my way:🎵

    Have a great day, all!

  7. Hey, G. It’s a definite landslide with ORATOR. But the imPOURtant thing here is that we all got it without BENDERing the rules! You know I never was a Dead Head, but I’m thinking that should we get a Nautical themed puzzle tomorrow? You’ll have yourself a Round Robin! 😉 …And no matter what he was DRINKING, STILLS a great song! Have a good one, STEPHEN! …(Yes, I altered the name to get the pun…RYE not)? 😂🍷🙋🏻

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