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Good Morning, Everyone!             🏊🏻 WATER YOU KNOW! 🏊🏻

🎶 Come on over to the SWIMMING POOL, because I’ll be SWIMMING over there…I’ll be SWIMMING over there, over there..I’ll be SWIMMING right there…Come on over to the SWIMMING POOL...Because I’ll be swimming over there…🎶 “Back of the Bus” – Harry Belafonte 1964    https://tinyurl.com/ybmagnfw

🏊🏻 The Rec Center has built a pool, and families are thrilled,
They’ve waited for the longest time and now their dream fulfilled.
The Father has a bucket list, to SALSA dance one wish…
While wearing a FEDORA, he intends to dance in bliss.
And next upon that list of his, the hope to Cannonball,
Without causing the CHAOS that his last attempts recall…
His technique coarse as BURLAP, finesse he surely lacked,
But now that there’s this pool to use, he’s sure not to be sacked.
So he’s become a member, in advance he’s paid his cash…
His family’s now primed to see that he has CAUSED A SPLASH! 🏊🏻

While all of today’s entries are Sweet Repeats, we have FEDORA as our oldest word, dating back to February 2014, and SALSA as our newest, having been seen this past July 5th. BURLAP which didn’t just fall into our LAPS, is making its’ seventh appearance this morning, while CHAOS is taking its fifth TURNCRAWL in all, it was BURLAP that was the SINK OR SWIM word for today…

FLOATING on to our cartoon, Jeff’s placed us at a local Rec Center, where it seems that the community has POOLED their resources, and built an INDOOR POOL. It’s Grand Opening Day, and we see a family of four well SUITED for the occasion. With the two children already TESTING the WATERS, we see Mom and Dad poised to take the LEAP of faith. It’s Dad who seems to be getting all the attention though, as the cries of his son to ” C’mon Dad, CANNONBALL” seems to be DROWNING out all the other voices, while at the same time STROKING his ego. He WAVErs a bit, but it looks like he’s finally ready to take the PLUNGE, and make a SPLASH. And by the happy looks on everyone’s face, we can see that this POOL was well worth the WADE, and things are going just SWIMMINGLY…So, in answer to our question…this Grand Opening has definitely…CAUSED A SPLASH! Good one, David! WATER‘ll you think of next?

Ok, eye candy. The WATER’s a pretty shade of Blue..and AQUA see the many ripples of WAVES. In the background, there’s a Lifeguard on duty, and two DIVING boards of different heights are shown. We see what appears to be a teenage boy SPLASHING down, in a CANNONBALL, while a woman is seen making a graceful SWAN DIVE. Behind her, stands a man LOOKing before he LEAPS, and from the obviously admiring look FORMed on his face?…I doubt it’s the DIVE he’s admiring! The divider line is shown, and coming back over to our side, we see a man loving the LAP of luxury, and the brother and sister WADING for Dad….he in dark trunks, and she wearing a reddish-colored flower-patterned SWIMMING Cap. But it’s Dad that’s caught my eye…He’s wearing SWIMMING Goggles, but is he also wearing a black SWIMMING Cap? I don’t know…Is it just me, or does this guy seem a little SHALLOW? And is Moms’ hand reaching out to pat his back in encouragement..or does it look like she’s just dying to give him the PUSH he needs? Hmm..WATER you think? So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone, and here’s a little something to WHET your funny bone…We know H20 is WATER, but what’s H204?…”Y“…SWIMMING of course! 🏊🏻🙋🏻

 RIP Penny Marshall. You did NY proud…😥


29 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/19/2018

    • No…Really? Did you at least DRY? Or do you mean you couldn’t FINish? Don’t tell me you went off the DEEP END? ..Good Morning! ..😂🙋🏻


    • LOL! I’m not sure if you’re telling the truth, or if this is just a taste of your DRY humor! 😉🙋🏻


  1. The instructions to Jumble say to unscramble the letters to form four ordinary words. FEDORA is not ordinary. To me it is as ordinary as BOLIDE, ALKANE, SYZYGY, and ALLELE, and I don’t think you would find those words in a Jumble!

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    • Good Morning, Jim. It may not be an everyday word, but it is kind of ordinary. It’s just a hat, very commonly worn by men years ago. And in fact, I own two myself, and trust me…I’m all woman! I do agree though that your choices here are definitely NOT ordinary, and I’d bet you my hat, that you’ll NEVER see any of those four words in a Jumble puzzle! Well maybe ALKANE, depending on the CHEMISTRY David may feel for it! 😉 Don’t stress, Jim…It’s just a puzzle! 🙋🏻


      • Yes, I must agree; I don’t think FEDORA is any more unusual than Panama, Pork Pie. Boater, Stovepipe, Top Hat, Bowler or many others. Now if they were expecting us to know that it’s a Linux operating system, *that* would be obscure.


  2. Good morning. I had to use the back door to get in today. For some reason I couldn’t open it from the junk pile. Fedora would be my pick for the hardest word followed by Burlap. I had the cartoon answer fairly quickly, but the letters didn’t match, so I double checked and again found I switched an s for an a. I’ve got to learn to slow down when putting them down on paper. It happens too often. Angela, I commend your powers of coming up with a song every day. Yesterday you hit a high C and today you reached the other end of the scale. Having never heard the song before, I played it first. After a few seconds and hearing about a bus I thought you just goofed. Then after about a minute I thought not Angela she wouldn’t screw it up that bad, so I listened all the way and splash, there was the connection. Comparing it with yesterday’s pick, I’d call it a wash. Your word choices and puns left me smiling. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • I wish I knew what causes these Email issues, but I’m just as lost at sea as you are. And I refuse to let it get me crazed…I’ve enough stress this time of year, and I’m not looking to get a STROKE! 😉 Good Morning, Brooklyn! The winds have died down, you may very well be able to fling a few of those Bocce Balls today! TBT, I didn’t see FEDORA making any WAVES this morning, but as I told Jim, maybe it’s because I own them? And that my Early Bird Jumblers are aware of it too? IDK. BURLAP did catch a few of them SCRATCHING though, as I mentioned in my post…Paul, you gave me a chuckle with your assessment of my Music. No, I wouldn’t screw up THAT bad as to leave you waiting for the bus! 😂 You may have figured out by now, that the first song that started playing in this crazy head of mine was 🎶Splish SPLASH🎶, Bobby Darin’s great classic, but since that has to do with a Bathtub, I just couldn’t see it staying ABOVE WATER for this puzzle. Thanks for the Shout Outs, and I like your reference to a WASH! Was it intentional, or did it just FLOAT right OVER YOUR HEAD? Have a great day, Brooklyn! You’re leaving me smiling too! 🏊🏻🙋🏻


      • You’re so right Angela about Splish Splash. That’s the song I thought of right away but like you said it had to do with a bathtub which killed that idea. Yes the wash was used for that purpose. No bocce this week so far. Mon and today were doctor appointments. I stopped by on the way back from the doctor and used the excuse I wasnt dressed warm enough to play. I’m looking at absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe the wise crack guy will realize I’m the glue that holds this group together. I’m letting him think I’m not playing because of him. It’s just my way of having fun with the guy. When it’s too cold he just walks off in the middle of a game.

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        • Hey Brookkyn…yea, I always think of that song when I hear splash. I can’t believe this guy walks off in the middle of a game. Who does that? He’s a real piece of work, huh? It’s a shame when you have a person like that in the mix..it throws off the entire momentum of a group..Have you ever thought of banding together and confronting him about his attitude? It might be a little uncomfortable, but if you all stuck together, maybe he’d get the hint…Anyway, good move today…leave him hanging…And I’m a staunch believer in absense makes the heart grow fonder…let him miss you…Sorry you have to put up with all the nonsense… I hope the guy lightens up a little…Hang in there, Brooklyn, and enjoy the rest of the day! 🙋🏻


    • Brooklyn…I made up a few sentences for you…just to WHET your appetite..

      CHAOS ensued, when the man wearing a FEDORA made of BURLAP, decided to sneak his own SALSA into the restaurant.

      As she entered the make-shift BURLAP tent, the Troop leader removed her FEDORA, since the SALSA slinging scouts inside were creating total CHAOS.

      CHAOS? CHAOS? An understatement! The BURLAP was all stained with SALSA, my FEDORA was stolen…CHAOS doesn’t even come close!

      As the new sous chef, his thoughts were on his SALSA recipe, as he wrapped his new FEDORA in a BURLAP dish towel, and entered the CHAOS that was called the kitchen.

      Determined to learn how to SALSA dance, he donned his new FEDORA, and stepped into the BURLAP tent where the CHAOS of dancing couples ensued…💃🏻🙋🏻


    • Hi Chuck, Good Morning. Thank you, and I agree.They were a comic delight, and their voices alone could make you start laughing! There’s no mistaking a Bronx accent, right? I always admired her, because she had the B—S to enter the men’s arena, and play with the Big Boys and yet she still kept her childlike innocence, her dignity, AND her accent (!), and managed to give us some inspiring movies. IMHO, she was one of a kind, and we may never see another like her, because with the changing times came a greater acceptance of women as producers and directors…We women today don’t have to prove ourselves as much as Penny did. She was our Dark Horse, and she rode all the way to the finish line…RIP to a true NY Winner! 😢🏆🙋🏻


  3. Agree on a tribute to Penny Marshall. Anagrams were a snap, though I did have to verify the correct spelling of chaos. Splash was an obvious choice for the solution, given the multiple s’s, but I was originally thinking, created a splash, rather than caused a splash.

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    • Good Morning, Professor. And yes, Tks for the nod to Ms Marshall. Created a SPLASH has a nice ring to it, but you’d have been SWIMMIMG UPSTREAM looking for that “R”! 😉 You know CHAOS is one of those odd words in our language, right? I remember a while back, when I was helping one of my nephews to learn to read, he was reading out loud to me, and I heard CHA (like Cha-cha) OSE (like Hose) come out of his mouth…I was like…”Whoa, back up, back up. What’s the word?” And when he showed me, I was like..Well, you can’t blame the kid now, can you? Here I am preaching phonetics, and..OOPPSS! 😂 The English language has a lot of little quirks, that we as first language speakers kind of take for granted, right? And I think all those who learn it as a second language need be commended! Almost as tough as that Calculus! 😂😂Have a good one, Professor! 🏊🏻🙋🏻


  4. Hi all – The last two words really put up a fight. Got BURLAP after finally trying BAR and then BUR at the beginning. Had to back into FEDORA by seeing that the answer was probably “A SPLASH” and writing the letters to see that CAUSED was the first word.

    I’m glad you pointed out the swimming goggles Angela. I was concerned that he was going to do the cannonball while wearing his glasses!

    There are or were at least two swimming pools around here called “The xxx PLUNGE”; Richmond and Hayward, but I’d never seen that term before I moved here.

    Have a great day, everyone!

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    • Hey G…Oddly enough, the last two times BURLAP MATERIALizd here, you didn’t have any problem. Hmm. What does this tell us? That it doesn’t get WETTER with age? 😂 The Goggles. You know it’s funny…Early this morning, I first thought the characters to be Jeff and his family, from some years ago, since his kids are avid swimmers. But the guys nose looked too long, and the eyebrows were too bushy, and the face shape didn’t seem round enough…But those Goggles kept bugging me…I ended up DEEP-sixing the whole idea though, because I figured I was ALL 😂 WET…The Swimming Pools? What does xxx mean? And what term are you referring to? Take the plunge? Are you SURE? It’s been around forever…😉 Have a good one, G. 🏊🏻🙋🏻


  5. There appears to be 2 different people providing the answers on this web page. Personally, I prefer the nameless version solutions. This person comments not only when the words were last seen, but also mentions his/her most difficult word of the day. I also enjoy seeing the poll by other Jumblers showing the difficulty of solving each of the words of the daily puzzle by voting. Any way of adding at least the poll to each daily solution?


  6. BTW, the other contributor signs by as: “JumbleAnswer”. Their last posted solution was on December 13.


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