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Happy Thursday, everyone! We didn’t see any new clue words this morning, instead we had a mashup of old favorites. BONGOL is my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day because it was the only one to give me a few extra seconds of pause. It turns out that OBLONG was the most recently used clue word with its last appearance on 4/13/18. With all of the clue words finished in a flash, it was time to zoom on over to the cartoon.

The setting for today’s cartoon appears to be a desert where we see three servicemen staring up at the sky. At first I thought they were watching a fireworks display but the cartoon sentence and dialogue cleared up the matter. We learn that it’s Charles “Chuck” Yeager they’ve come to see as he blasts off in the Bell X-1 aircraft in an attempt to break the sound barrier.

This aviation accomplishment occurred on October 14, 1947 over Rogers Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert. Yeager traveled at Mach 1.07 at an altitude of 45,000 ft in the X-1 aircraft he nicknamed Glamorous Glennis after his wife.

Two nights before his scheduled flight, Yeager fell from a horse and broke two ribs. He was worried that the injury would remove him from the mission so he chose to see a civilian doctor. The doctor taped his ribs to help with the pain and Yeager only told his wife and fellow project pilot, Jack Ridley, about the accident. On the day of the flight, Yeager was unable to seal the hatch of his aircraft so Ridley fashioned a device using the end of a broom handle as an extra lever which allowed Yeager to seal the hatch!

Yeager retired from the Air Force on the 50th anniversary of his historic flight and the plane he piloted is on permanent display at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. General Yeager is now 95 years young and resides in Penn Valley, California. He started a foundation named the “General Chuck Yeager Foundation” which supports programs that teach the ideals by which General Yeager has lived.

The final solution came quickly after staring at the clue letters for a few seconds. The letter layout was a dandy but the AB near the front of the layout and the V at the end brought ABOVE into view. AND came next followed by BEYOND for the finish. Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/14/2018

  1. Vulture’s VALLEY seemed an ideal place to leave the OBLONG box full overly BLAND ethnic food to DECAY and disappear.
    No problem with the clue words, just took a little longer to come up with the solution–lots of letters but all those VOWELS!!
    Thanks for the background on Chuck Yeager, Mike. Never heard the story of his broken ribs. Breaking the sound barrier seemed an unbelievable accomplishment then—now more than 70 years ago and what has been achieved in the air and in space is truly remarkable.
    Have a great day–absolutely gorgeous up here today and we escaped the wicked storms—they went south.

    • You’re welcome, Earl, and enjoy this beautiful day! Your sentence was spot on, but I wasn’t sure what Vultures Valley was. I assume it’s a landfill near you?

    • Good Morning, Earl…LOL…For some reason, I think I’m going to have a really hard time eating my next Nature’s Valley bar! 😉 Kudos! Clever! ✈️🙋🏻

    • Earl, I often think of my grandparents who were both born in 1899 before heavier than air flight, and who both lived to see men walk on the moon.

  2. 🎶 Off we go into the wild blue yonder, Climbing high, into the sun…Here they come zooming to meet our thunder, At ’em boys, Give’er the gun! (Give’er the gun now!)…Down we dive, spouting our flame from under…Off with one heckuva roar!….We live in fame, or go down in flame…Hey! Nothing’ll stop the U.S. Air Force!… 🎶

    ✈️ A life like his was hardly BLAND, the man won fame and praise,
    He soared above the yonder blue, and through the purple haze.
    ‘Oer mountainsides and VALLEYs deep, he piloted his planes…
    (Where OBLONG would fit in this rhyme? I’m going with this feign)!
    A lot of history’s forgotten, the memories seem to DECAY,
    But things like Yeager’s accomplishment can never fade away…
    A Fly Boy with the best of them, one of the Air Force Fond…
    And Chuck will be remembered ’cause he was ABOVE AND BEYOND! ✈️

    Things seem to be FLYING OFF in a different DIRECTION with our words this week. Not only have we had what I’ve decided to start calling The Sweet Repeats, we seem to be seeing them before the DUST SETTLES! OBLONG? Not LONG AGO…It was just here on April 13th! And just for the RECORD, it didn’t pose a problem that day…but ADRIFT did. ADRIFT! Which today fits! Coincidence? Hmm…Anyway…Our cartoon today takes us out to the Mojave Desert, over Rogers Dry Lake, California. It’s October 14, 1947, and CHUCK YEAGER, a heroic, wartime Air Force fighter pilot and flight school instructor breaks the SOUND BARRIER, while flying the “GLAMOROUS GLENNIS”, named after his wife. And he did it with two BROKEN ribs! Of COURSE we don’t see Chuck…he’s got his head UP in the CLOUDS…But we do see two of his fellow Airmen, the one at left wearing the Air Force’s GARRISON/FLIGHT cap, and a third gentlemen at the right, capped also, who looks like a Chaplain. They’re all looking UP and AWAY off into the WILD BLUE YONDER…I’m COLLARing the third guy as a Chaplain, because where the other two men are sporting WIDE OPEN-necked shirts, this man is DECKED OUT in something buttoned UP and TOP NOTCHed in white. It’s just my take on it…Anyway, with our question asking about CHUCK and “what he went”? …He went..ABOVE AND BEYOND! Good one, David! You certainly SOARED with this!

    Ok, eye candy. Except for the binoculars the middle Airman is holding, and the adorable military CREW cut he’s sporting, the only thing POPPING out today is Jeff’s illustration of the CLOUD BURST depicting the BREAK. And the sky is a beautiful BLUE, with a few fluffy looking white CLOUDS…So, in lieu of candy, I’ll offer UP a bit of trivia…The 1983 movie, “The Right Stuff”, starred Sam Shepard as CHUCK YEAGER. And while the movie didn’t BREAK any box office RECORDS, it’s opening scene is of Chuck BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIER. And the movie goes on to tell the story of the pioneering test pilots involved in Aeronautical research. And another little bit of info that I found very interesting? Yeager couldn’t become an Astronaut because he didn’t have a college degree…Talk about a FLY BY NIGHT ruling…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And to you, General Yeager, I tip my cap. You gave all new meaning to…🎶Straighten Up and Fly Right🎶 ✈️🙋🏻

    PS:.Today is FLAG DAY! 🇺🇸 When we honor our flag we honor what we stand for as a Nation — freedom, equality, justice, and hope.” — Ronald Reagan.
    May SHE forever wave…🇺🇸

    • Our ships were passing as the two of us were posting. In answer to your question yesterday.Yes,our bocce Angie is of course Italian and her given name is Angelina. I asked her. Nice choice for the opening song and you had me laughing on how to use Oblong. I don’t know about you but I was anxious to see how Earl would get these words in.As always he did not fail us. Excellent job from the both of you.

      • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Ships, indeed! Spoken like a true Navy Man! 😉 …And the song picked itself this morning! There couldn’t be any other choice, could there? I had a feeling…An Angelina, like me…Took me half a lifetime to like the name. TBT, I still don’t kick my heels up over it. Ask her for me if she liked the name growing up, and if she was called by it. You might remember me saying that I never even knew it was my name until the nun called me it that first day in Kindergarten…I just looked around with the other kids…wondering…”Who’s this kid? And why won’t she own up to it”! 😂 Oblong? I did think to try and WING it, but it just wouldn’t FLY with the PLANE theme! And as for Earl? The man always has “THE RIGHT STUFF”! Thanks for the Shout Out, Brooklyn! Good luck on the Court today! ✈️🙋🏻

    • Nope. Just a figment of my imagination. There is a large landfill not far from here but I have never seen vultures there. I was picturing some place out west?.

      • The post above was meant in reply to Mike–somehow I forgot to hit POST COMMENT until too late.
        So Angela, this is for you. I posted before your post appeared which is why I made no comment.
        Great song and one I love hearing every year when there is PBS Special–4th of July??–and they play all the military songs. The Air Force has one of the best along with the Marine Corps.
        Loved your poem and sympathize with your attempt to squeeze OBLONG in somewhere. In my sentences I often have problems when more than one verb appears. Adjectives are easier for me.
        Thanks for all the details seen in the cartoon and the sidebar information—if that is the correct term.
        Don’t worry about your Nature Valley Trail Bars—they are wrapped in protective something which even vultures would have a tough time with—although their beaks are powerful beyond belief. I think I should stop here before I gross you out even more.
        Thanks for the Flag Day mention. I’ll be attending a ceremony later today in the park down the street where the VFW and American Legion march in with a huge American flag, adopted as our official flag on this day in 1777.

        • Hey Earl…Sometimes the thread goes off with the replies. Don’t fret over it though, we know it was meant for Mike by its content. Yes, I agree, it’s a great song. And I know the PBS specials you’re speaking of. I call them the Gary Sinise Shows. Before him, it was Charles Durning, remember? How I loved that man! But as much as I love hearing it, along with all the other patriotic/military songs, I could never get through an entire show without breaking down! I’m the ultimate wuss! Thanks so much for the Poem Nom. It’s funny, because OBLONG itself didn’t scare me, 😉, I had a few really good rhymes in my head for it…It’s trying to keep it in sync with the puzzles theme that causes the problem! 😂 I sit here some mornings and ask myself ..”Why”? LOL…General Yeager’s story’s a fascinating one. I marvel at how kids today know so much about sports figures, and rock stars, and yet nothing about a man like him. Maybe marvel’s the wrong word though, huh? Amazed is the better fit. SMH…And you gave me a real belly laugh with my Nature’s Valley Bars! I’m a big fan…Carry them with me all the time…But I hate to say it though…I will be thinking Vulture’s Valley…I’m just too impressionable! 😂😂 I’m sure it’ll pass though…AFTER a while! You’re very welcome for whatever information of mine that you’ve enjoyed, I enjoyed doing it this morning. As for Flag Day, you’re welcome, again. It’s an important day to remember, and I made sure I bought a little flag for each of my Little Ones. I want them to know what’s really important in life…Your plans sound wonderful, and I hope you have a great day. The weather here downstate is absolutely gorgeous too, and the Flag outside my home is wafting softly through the breeze…So far, it’s a perfect day! Enjoy, Earl, and Thanks again! 🇺🇸✈️🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Yesterday’s trip to A/C was a downer. Let’s just say that what I won last month I gave back plus more. It still was a nice time being with friends though. Today’s puzzle was very close to being a Monday one. The hardest word for me was Oblong. I’m starring down at longbo for a couple of minutes before that light bulb goes off. It was then that I switched the last two letters. Once I wrote all the circled letters down the cartoon answer came right away. Oh,thank you Mike for all the valuable information. Very interesting. Until tomorrow stay well. Pbl

    • Well at least you came away a winner with today’s solve, Paul! Kudos for that even though it wasn’t terribly difficult. 🙂🏆

  4. No problem with the words,even oblong came into mind quickly.Beyond was obvious to me followed quickly by above and the final solution.Chuck Yeager was a real American hero.

  5. DONE! Had to solve the words first and was still staring at the letters with only one bite of breakfast left when, BOOM, the answer to our SONIC Jumble came to me.

    Mike, your write-up about General Yeager was not only wonderful & educational, but some of the personal stuff you said about him gave me so much respect for the man that I shed some happy tears. Good job and thank you!

    Now off to an appt with Jerry to his root canal doctor.

  6. Easy one today. Oblong always looks so odd to me but since we’ve seen it before it didn’t cause me problems today. I just loved the movie “The Right Stuff” and have such admiration for Chuck Yeager and all those test pilots who literally put their lives on the line every time they go to work. They are true heroes to me and what an appropriate puzzle for Flag Day. Angela, I was so moved by your response yesterday. I can only imagine how the lives of New Yorkers changed on that awful day. I remember being glued to the TV in horror wondering if the plan was just to come across the country and attack all our beautiful cities Boston, Chicago,Los Angeles San Francisco. While we have all learned to live with uncertainty, there is a feeling of safety and security that was lost forever. Hang in There!! Have a good Thursday everyone.

    • Hey Betty. I loved the movie too, very much. (I especially loved Sam Shepard..but that’s a story for another day..)! 😉 And you’re so right. The true heroes…Guinea pigs, really. And yet they did it so willingly. And still do. There’s not enough respect or kudos in the world…You know, Betty, it’s funny. I never speak about 9/11. TBT, I try very hard to never really think about it either. Nothing good comes of it. They dubbed us the “Walking Wounded” then, and we’ve remained so. And just like so many others here in NY, the years of therapy after a while became fruitless. It’s not like the memories will change, or one will “learn to make the best of it”. (Someone actually said that to me once..)! There is no “best” of it. And then if you start thinking of all those that we lost? Well…that’s another whole kind of grief…And so…What can I say? I’ve said enough, right? Sorry! But bottom line…I just avoid anything written about it, I’ve never till this day seen any media coverage of it, and along with so many others here, I’ve carved out a nice little niche in the sand for my head to rest in many a day…And we emulate Scarlett O’Hara quite often. And thankfully, the years pass…And Lady Liberty still stands!…So, Oblong, huh? What were you saying again? 😂 LOL…Thanks for your thoughts, and thanks for listening…Beats a therapy session any day! I wish you a really good Thursday too, Betty…
      And here’s to hoping we all hang in there together! 🍷🇺🇸🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – A “trick-buster” day from David. The ED wasn’t at the end of DECAY,
    and the double letters stayed apart or together in OBLONG and VALLEY. No trick works every time, and DECAY took me the longest.

    🎵”Fly Translove Airways, get you there on time”
    ”Fly Jefferson Airplane, get you there on time”🎵

    One very minor nit-pick – The Bell X-1 didn’t blast off, it was carried underneath a B-29 and dropped, then touched off like a roman candle. That must have been some dragstrip acceleration! Opposite from my usual experience, I haven’t seen the movie, but did read the book, and the stories of Chuck Yeager are astonishing.

    Angela, I think your song originally ended “the Army Air Corps” (which actually rhymed better with “roar”) and has been updated as necessary.

    I’m running errands today, so I’ll just wish you a great day and leave you with two notes:

    Hey music lovers – If you haven’t seen it, check out this performance on America’s Got Talent by a nervous 13 year old girl from the UK who transforms herself when the music starts. Caroline, you mentioned Janis lately?

    One last note about the Warriors and Oakland. We have plenty of the same problems as everyone else, and some uniquely ours, but we also have this. We hosted somewhere around a million people downtown, let the players run in the streets and into the crowd to celebrate with their fans, and produced this remarkable report in the paper yesterday: “Despite the crush of fans, Oakland police reported no arrests, citations or vandalism. The heat, which reached 77 degrees downtown (😱) but felt much hotter, resulted in numerous medical calls, mostly heat-related.” Yay us!

    • Thanks for letting me know about the link, Steve. The performance was fun and moving to watch, and I definitely see some Janis in her, too.
      That’s really impressive Oakland was able to pull off the celebration of your awesome team without any problems.

  8. YAY, indeed Steve. Your city shined on Tuesday and served as a model to us all. It was an awesome celebration. I only hope you have the opportunity to have another party next year. We could get used to this.

    • Thank you Chuck, you are a gentleman and I salute you, your city and its dedicated fans. I was just very happy to see that our celebration was joyful and peaceful. Like I said, we did the “40 years in the wilderness” trip and, as Nixon once said, “Winning’s more fun.” 🙋🏻‍♂️

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