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Happy Wednesday, Jumble fans! We saw a slight uptick in the clue word difficulty this morning with NETTAN and SARYAT. TENANT was last in play on 2/17/18 and ASTRAY was on 6/16/16. Of the two, SARYAT required a few extra moments of pause before it came into view making it my choice for the most difficult anagram of the day.

For today’s cartoon, Jeff took us on a field trip to Liberty Island in New york City. We see a young boy speaking to a security guard while other visitors take pictures of the colossal neoclassical sculpture in the background. What’s interesting about today’s panel is that Jeff chose to show us a view from the rear of the statue instead of the front. This view didn’t allow us to see Lady Liberty’s face but he still managed to delight us with two other features which are the torch in her right hand and a tabula ansata in her left. It was difficult to pick just one amazing detail from this cartoon as my favorite so I’ll share two with you. The first is the torch souvenir in the young boys right hand. The second one is so small that you can’t see it unless you view the cartoon online. At the base of the statue you’ll see 3 people taking a picture with a selfie stick. Two of them are wearing baseball hats with the New York Yankees logo on the front!

The final solve was unique in that a question was stated in the cartoon sentence and the surprise answer would be the solution to it. I don’t recall the last time the Jumble creators attempted a format like this and it made for an entertaining change of pace. The clue of “harbor statue” brought LIBERTY instantly to mind allowing for a blind solve of the puzzle. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶 Start spreading the news…You’re leaving today…I want to be a part of it, New York, New York….Your vagabond shoes, they’re longing to stray, right through the very heart of it, New York, New York…I wanna wake up in a city, that doesn’t sleep…And find your king of the hill, top of the heap! …A Number One! Come on, come through…New York, New York…🎶

    🗽 A TENANT of this state I love, one New York born and bred…
    It’s hard sometimes to grasp it all, to match my heart and head…
    A LOUSY hand that we were dealt, security gone ASTRAY,
    And now we live a different life, we function different ways.
    Each morning brings a brand new dawn, the ROBINs they still sing…
    The Harbor gleams ‘neath sun’s new light and NY life begins.
    And standing there with pride and strength our Lady ever shines,
    Reminding us that though it’s changed, we still have happy times…
    And visits to our statue, continue every day…
    Americas’s New Yorker’s…we’re “AT LIBERTY” TO SAY…🗽

    Despite having lived here all my life, traveling over the Verrazano Bridge, crossing over from Staten Island to Brooklyn, and vice versa, and looking out over the HARBOR at the Statue of Liberty, I’m humbled every time. Humbled and filled with a sense of pride, and awe, and love. And it never gets old…NEVER…Not like our words today…All easy, breezy old favorites, solved in the blink of an eye! Or should I say without the blink of an eye?! And this may be a first…Our word LOUSY? Would you believe we just had it on May 30th? Just two weeks ago today? Now that’s a TRIP! Ok, our cartoon. Today we’re all tourists! And I’m not going to give anyone a History lesson…because today, we’re just here to SITE see! We’re standing at LIBERTY ISLAND, in the NY HARBOR. We see a group of visitors admiring the beauty of LADY LIBERTY. We see the happy, smiling faces…And then we see the armed guards…Reality. And we see a young boy, holding his Light Up LADY of LIBERTY Torch, asking a guard how many others there are on the ISLAND. With safety and security being such a crucial part of our existence here, the guard tells him that he’s not allowed to speak about that…That he’s not …”AT LIBERTY” TO SAY! Well, drop the TORCH and climb those stairs! Good one, David. TRIED and TRUE!

    So, eye candy…In the background, near the base of the STATUE, we see a silhouetted couple, arms extended upward, taking pictures with their phones. Moving forward, flanked by the two armed guards, we see two women and a man, shaded in the same gray as the STATUE, using a Selfie Stick to take a picture of themselves. And returning to the front, we have the guard holding a bottle of water, the young boy, and who I assume to be his Mother behind him using an iPad to capture the STATUE, its image actually imposed on it’s screen for us to see. Great detail, Jeff. There’s great details throughout the entire panel…The cell phone and Walkie-Talkie on the guards belt, the various badges, the darkened shades on the eyes of the guards. But what TOPS it all off for me today? The group in the middle? The woman, giving a thumb’s up, is wearing a YANKEE cap, and the man’s SPORTing one from the METS! How’s that for NY Pride? So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And Jeff, one favor, if I may? The color guy? I’m dealing with the blonde in purple…But is he GREEN? Doesn’t he know about PATINA? 🗽🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Going to be short because we are on our way to A/C. A lot of bouncing around. Fun puzzle today. It took a lot more thinking but was successful all the way. The cartoon answer came after a full five minutes of staring at the picture. Until later stay well

  3. Right about liberty coming immediately to mind.Astray gave me fits for awhile,but after attempting a solve and a 5 min drive thinking about it,astray popped into mind.

    • Great job, my friend! I often times memorize the letters and think about them while doing other things. It really works! Have a great day, Chuck!

      • Exactly what I do when I can’t remember a song lyric, Mike. Throw it down in the brain-bilge and let it ferment until it pops up at an unexpected time. It’s more fun than just looking it up.

  4. The TENANT had a LOUSY night when a mother ROBIN found that one of her chicks had gone ASTRAY.
    Mike, I agree that ASTRAY was the toughie today. The solution also took some time but “liberty” finally came to me.
    Angela, your poem is perfection and I thank you and Mike for all the details in the cartoon–especially the baseball caps’ logos.
    “This land is your land, this land is my land, from California to the New York island.”

    • Good Morning, Earl. Tks so much for the Poem Nom, and you’re welcome. Kudos for your sentence! Whimsical imagery at its finest! Have a great day! 🗽😂

  5. Enjoyed all the posts as usual. ASTRAY was toughest for me followed by ROBIN. I backed into both. The puzzle made me think of Earle’s song, “City of Immigrants,” a tribute to NYC.

  6. Astray and tenant gave me pause, but the cartoon answer came to me easily. How wonderful it must be to see the Statue of Liberty every day, Angela. I can remember my grandparents talking about how excited they were to see it when they came from Italy at the turn of the century. I first saw her in 1964 and climbed to her head. It was a hot muggy day and I remembered my legs were shaking by the time I got back down to the base but what a marvelous experience. New York is such a beautiful state. Happy Wednesday everyone.

    • Hey Betty.. It really is wonderful. There are so many points on Staten Island from where you can see the Statue. And I stare each time as if it were my first. Only now I’m content to view it as a kid with my nose pressed against the window of a candy shop. Since 9/11 I can’t and won’t be within any confined spaces. A lot has changed. But it’s still good, and it’s enough. You learn to make peace with things and you move on. Your experience sounds amazing, and isn’t it something how after all these years you can still remember it so vividly? Things like that give me chills. Like you, my Grandmother often told us about her first sighting also, from atop the ship that brought her here. And how she stood amongst the masses, waving the tiny American flag, and yelling..”America, America, we reached America”! My God, what a feeling that must have been, right? Just the thought of it still takes my breath away…And how choked up I’m becoming..😢 .I’m the biggest wuss! So, yes..it’s wonderful, and so is NY. And I pray every day that it stays this way. Thanks for the wishes…and I hope you’re having a great day in your beautiful state too! 🇺🇸🙋🏻

  7. DONE! Instant solve after a quick read of the question & one peek at the statue.
    Mike, I just read your comments and agree that TENANT & ASTRAY were not easy to solve.
    Clay, I am still a fan of your double-letter rule even after struggling with our last two clue words today, which were exceptions to the rule.
    Steve, “Sweepin’ sweepin’ sweepin”, keep those brooms a-sweepin’. Sweepin’ sweepin’ sweepin’, Rawhide!”
    Off to IHOP with first-born daughter and youngest granddaughter. Our first-born, Joyce, told me to please stop calling her our OLDER daughter, so now I have to say first-born.

    • Hi Lelia – “Don’t try to understand them, just roll, wrap, and can them!”

      Glad to hear you’re getting out and getting some food! Maybe the sign will say IHOB and you’ll be able to try a burger – I read they were doing that temporarily. I also liked Wendy’s response – “Can’t wait to try a burger from a place that thought pancakes were too hard.” 😂

      • Hi, Steve! I had forgotten most of the words to Rawhide until I just now listened to Frankie Laine sing, “Don’t try to understand ‘em. Just rope ‘em, throw, & brand ‘em.” He does such a great job with so much energy, makes you want to go on a cattle drive. Thanks for the memories.
        It was still IHOP with P for pancakes rather than B for Burgers, but the menu had a page of burgers and a page of entrees including turkey & dressing and also chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, etc, Thanks for Wendy’s funny response.
        My favorite song from the ceiling in IHOP today was a decent rendition of The Great Pretender but no one can sing it like The Platters. What a group!!

  8. Hi all – Ironically, the only word I didn’t do LOUSY on was that one. Had to write down the rest, but saw them as soon as I did. The answer was obvious from the word “liberty.”
    I thought I saw a Mets logo first, but couldn’t really make out either one, even with magnification. And I also thought that the child was a girl, “carrying a torch” for a man in uniform. Considering yesterday’s cartoon, is this becoming a theme? 🎵”Are you a boy, or are you a girl?🎵 Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    Here’s a good coincidence. Talk about leading a charmed life. The confetti-spewing Warriors’ parade was yesterday – and today is my street-sweeper day. Second Wednesday of every month. (Actually, I haven’t seen any confetti here yet.)
    And I am so happy to be living in a city that can produce a parade picture caption that says “The Mayor rides in on a fire-breathing snail” 😂😂 To save you the trouble of posting it, Angela, I’ll just go ahead and say it – When she went by, people must have said “Look at that S-CAR GO!”

    Safeway song from the ceiling – The Pretender’s “Back On the Chain Gang”.
    🎵”I found a picture of you, oh oh oh oh
    Those were the happiest days of my life…
    They’ll fall to ruin one day for making us part.🎵

    Have a great day!

    • Hey G..Trust me…Today’s tyke is definitely a little boy…And it’s not just the absense of eyelashes..Look real closely..there’s the beginnings of a sideburn! How cute is that? And thanks for the vote of confidence, but I don’t eat snails…One case of food poisoning on a hot summer night back in ’92 was enough for me…😉 That S-Car went! Hope you’re having a good one, Bud! 🗽🙋🏻

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