Jumble Answers for 06/12/2018








Happy Tuesday, everyone! WEALTH was the only clue word to give me pause making it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. We last saw it used in a Sunday puzzle on 7/30/17 where it was jumbled as THALEW. With all of the clue words solved in a flash, it was up to the surprise answer to give me the challenge that I’ve been craving for over a week.

The setting for Jeff’s cartoon was a yard where some new sod is being rolled out. Reading the dialogue and sentence we discover that it’s actually two competing businesses laying fresh turf with a simple chain link fence separating the crews.

The two business owners are in the middle of the panel having an argument over who handles customers in this particular neighborhood with the gentleman on the left insisting that it’s his territory. The man on the right won’t admit that he’s cutting in on his competitors turf and instead argues his opinion which is that he does a better job. Even the laborers are getting into the fray with the woman sticking her tongue out and the other gentleman telling her to grow up. The only thing that these two businesses can agree on is that they both want to make some quick green.

The final solution was a blind solve after reading the cartoon sentence. The letter layout was a great Jumble but not challenging enough being only 7-letters in length. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


27 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/12/2018

  1. 🎶 If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air…Quaint little villages here and there…(You’re sure)…You’re sure to fall in love with old Cape SOD…(Cape SOD..that old Cape SOD)…If you spend an evening you’ll want to stay, (on Cape SOD Bay), watching the moonlight on Cape SOD Bay…You’re sure to fall in love with old Cape SOD. You’re sure to fall in love…You’re sure to fall in love with old Cape SOD…🎶

    🌱 The RIGOR and the hard work that business often brings,
    You try to GAUGE supply and then demand and other things.
    Some businesses are handed down from FATHER to a son…
    Establishment’s already there…success already won.
    But things like we are seeing here, where one won’t share the WEALTH,
    Is not the best way to succeed, and not good for your health…
    It’s better to just let and live, win customers with allure…
    Nothing is worth the angst that grows from starting a TURF WAR!🌱

    This is all just too SOD for me. I hate to see people GREEN with envy, and to know that possible friendships go to SEED like this. I just feel that they should have GNOME better…SOW, because of it. I’m just going straight for the eye candy…And once again today, it’s what I don’t see. The worker kneeling on the left? Is that a woman? Blonde, dressed in purple? Seems about right so far. Wearing the visor, and sticking a tongue out? I think it is, but I’m just not sure. Granted, there’s no sideburns, but if you look at the man in the background, he doesn’t have sideburns either. And as far as the hair, well…if you look at the man in the background…Anyway, I TURNed to my good friend here and asked what he thought. “JOHN, DEERE, DEW you think this is a woman”? He just TURNed aGROUND and said…”Sorry, there’s not MULCH I can tell you…I’m LAWN overDEW for an appointment…” And he took LEAF. I was surprised too, because WEED always had such a good rapport…Anyway, my reason for the doubt? There’s no eyelashes…And Jeff always draws eyelashes on the women, doesn’t he? I just don’t know any MOWER…So, That’s it, Folks! Done. Have a great day, Everyone! I better hurry..I have to meet someone this morning…and if I don’t get there soon, they’ll be LAWN gone! 🌱🙋🏻


    • Angela,you are without a doubt the queen of puns. It’s funny,at the bocce court we have a queen of bocce and strangely enough her name is Angie. She was my partner twice yesterday on one end of the court and we won both games. One of them we were losing 7-1 then 11-3 and and pulled the game out 12-11. That game we should’nt have won because of superior opponents but hey,you never know. Loved your choice on the song.

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      • Hey Brooklyn…How you doin? Thanks, Bud..You’re such a Sweetheart! 😘 In a way I hated to mess with such a beautiful old song, but I just couldn’t get it out of my head! Glad you liked it…12-11? Hey, a come back like that is a really nice game…You two got lucky…or the other side fell apart! Or both! Is Angie Italian? If so, ask her if her real name is Angelina. Betcha it is….Want to laugh? You know I “played” on the JOHN DEERE just to reach for the pun, right? I mean I do have a good friend named John..(what Italian doesn’t)? LOL…but he wasn’t here this morning…My friend who was though? Reading over my shoulder? Asks me..”Who’s John”? SMH! See, this is why I laugh all the time, Paul. It’s either that or get arrested for assault and battery! 😂😂 Thanks again, Fair Prince, and I hope you have a great day! La Bocce Vita! 🏐🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Thanks Mike,with your in depth analysis we can picture the setting even if we didn’t have the cartoon. Agree that wealth was the hardest of the four words. When it came time to the cartoon it was not a blind solve but,after writing down the letters it came to me what the answer was. Pretty close to a blind solve. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  3. Easy one today. Don’t want to get too complacent because a tough one is bound to be right around the corner. Gorgeous day here today – fine day for a parade, Steve. Oakland will be front and center. Have fun cheering and sweeping.

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  4. I came up with the solution,turf war,without solving the wealth and father anagrams.Working backwards to get the missing letters, I needed,gave me the father solution,followed by wealth.Go Tribe go.

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  5. Hi all – Good day for tricks! Clay’s double-letter trick worked for the first two words, and the TH trick worked for the others, once at the end and once in the middle. WEALTH took me the longest, and the answer was obvious.

    I think this turf war developed “Soddenly Last Summer”, but it’s continuing into this season.
    Oakland will need plenty of that sod in the coming days for landscape repair.
    From the Chronicle: “Confetti, in a shower of blue and gold, will rain down on the NBA champions. Again.” INCOMING! Again. That, and an estimated million people. I’m staying home!

    Have a great day, all.


  6. DONE! Read the cartoon first as always, and thinking about “sod” maybe being “dirt” or “soil” and not thinking of TURF yet, I solved the words.

    Clay, I now have a habit of finding and solving the double-letter words first, so that took care of the first two words quickly.

    Mike, I really wanted the last word to be “farther” so I used your excellent technique of memorizing the letters and walking away. I had taken only 4 steps before solving FATHER. Then after reading the third set of letters, just 4 more steps toward the stove to fix my breakfast, and here came WEALTH. Thanks for this technique and all the others I have learned from you over the years. You’re the best Jumble teacher!

    I am glad that the “battle” between the sod sellers, rather than involving dangerous weaponry, was a very funny affair of exchanging childish dialog and immature mad faces. Amusing!

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  7. It is nearly impossible to GAUGE the RIGOR my FATHER had to use to gain a modicum of WEALTH.
    Wonderful post Mike and I agree the solution was a “no-brainer” after studying the cartoon, the caption and the interplay of the workers. I always appreciate your research into when the last time a tough word was used.
    Angela, you know, I suspect, that I am a huge fan of Patty Page and “Old Cape Cod” is one of my favourites. I will not comment further on the erosion of “COD” into SOD–almost a travesty but I’ll write a hall pass this time. “Lawn Time Passinjg?” The Cape is one place I never get tired of visiting and hope to get there this summer.
    Love some of the puns you and Steve and Paul came up with and I’ll go back and find the one I like best or made me groan the loudest. Thanks to all.
    P.S. For the farmers out there—we could have turned Allis-Chalmers into an “Alice’s Restaurant” pun, right?

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    • Hey Earl..I did tell Paul and Moose that I had reservations about touching such a classic.. And I WAS told by my “John Deere”-deprived friend this morning that I was being “sacrilegious”…but what can I say? If it’s any consolation, I too am a fan of Miss Page’s work, and I’ve always loved the Cape… So, ALLIS can say is…I’ll take the pass and I don’t PLANT on it GROWing any further..😉.Have a good one, Earl! 🌱🙋🏻


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