Jumble Answers for 09/23/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!                 🍋 SQUEEZE THE DAY 🍋

🎶 If the sky we look upon, should tumble and fall…Or the mountains should crumble to the sea…I won’t cry, I won’t cry…No, I won’t shed a tear, Just as long as you STAND, STAND by me…And Darling, Darling… STAND by me, Oh, STAND by me..STAND by me, STAND by me…STAND by me…🎶 “Stand By Me”- Ben E. King  1962

🍋 When kids EMBARK on fund-raising, you have to give them due,
They GALLOP into duty in a MANNER of VIRTUE
Their innocence, their energy, they strive to do their best,
A SHODDY job won’t satisfy, they’re out there with such zest.
We see them here all willing to take turns manning a stand,
While someone else is EXITED to deliver for this man…
A little far-etched maybe…but it’s cute…this kid’s a giver,
That she’d offer to go way beyond and say…STAND AND DELIVER 🍋

Today’s cartoon was an instant solve…The dialogue and drawing giving us the STAND, and the Little Ladybug offering to “Carry them to your house”, giving us DELIVER. And with the phrase being a familiar one, the solution was immediate.
Two of our words I wasn’t able to locate in the archives: EXITED and GALLOP. GALLOP is also the word that the early morning Jumblers have chosen as the one they HORSED around with the most…with some telling me that they didn’t feel it “looked right”. And let’s be honest, Folks, how often have we seen the word in print? VIRTUE is RUNNING a close second to GALLOP…But the rest? Easy breezy, LEMON SQUEEZY!

Our cartoon today is pretty CUT and dry…A group of LADYBUGS, manning a LEMONADE STAND. Or should we be saying GIRLING a LEMONADE STAND? After all, they are Little Girls, right? And the word manning just seems to leave a SOUR taste…Anyway, we have a male patron (Who possibly could have been Jeff years ago, but he’s CARRYING a bit of a paunch…so we know that doesn’t FIT)…looking to buy a glass for each of his family members, but being able to carry only two. We see two of the little girls offer to help him out, “Free of Charge”...LEMON AID, so to speak…Who knew? Offering DELIVERY to your home? These kids really have a ZEST for this, don’t they? So with our question asking…What were the girls prepared to do? And us having a STAND…where they’ll DELIVER? Our solution? STAND AND DELIVER! Now how SWEET is that? David? I could just PUCKER UP and give you a kiss! This one’s a gift!

Ok, eye candy…Our colors today are pretty vibrant, making the panel very apPEELing…The LADYBUGS are wearing Brown uniforms with Red sashes. Oddly though, the girl at the end is wearing a Black skirt, and bright Blue shoes…TBT, it looks like the PITS, but maybe they’re permitted to choose between the two colored  skirts. The Black does match their berets. There’s little Red disc-shaped patches on the hats, but they’re blank. I was hoping to see Ladybugs. The LEMONADE pitcher and glasses are Blue.  Our man is dressed in a Blue shirt and Black shorts. His son, riding a red tricycle, is wearing Orange, with Blue shorts. Oddly, the entire background of the panel, adorned with many houses and trees, is all shaded in Gray and Black, no color. Maybe our Color Man didn’t have time for the daily RIND?…But that’s where the eye candy is, in the background.. A woman, pearls at her neck, and wearing designer glasses, is seen walking a Poodle on a leash. But the real PICK-ME-UP? She’s holding a tiny little bag in her right hand, and guess what? It appears to be full! Now how’s that for a deTAIL? I just couldn’t PEEL my eyes away! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And remember…If life hands you LEMONS?… Ask for the salt and tequila…and just Enjoy! 🍋🙋🏻