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Happy Monday Jumble fans! Hour first puzzle of the week didn’t offer any surprises. Both ends of it were completed in just a few seconds, but it’s Monday so it was sort of expected! All of the clue words were repurposed favorites, with THROAT last seen 23-days ago on 9/18 and FAMILY being our old-timer from Christmas Day of 2018. As for the anagrams, three of them were new, but we’ve seen TISUE six times in the past. Since noon of them stumped me, I’ll venture a guess and choose TTAHRO as the hardest one we faced today.

Cute cartoon of a little girl impressing her parents with the somewhat lost art of reading an analog clock. Mom can be seen checking her smart watch for accuracy while dad’s main concern is not being late for work so he accepts the milestone as fact. Jeff’s gems for today were an open box of SUGAR BOMBS cereal on the table, a stuffed bunny propped up against the box with a heart logo on the shirt, dad’s loose tie and unbuttoned collar and a flower barrette in the little girls hair. The nutrition label on the cereal box was visible but little squiggly lines were used instead of words.

The layout for the final solve was an anagram consisting of nine letters. The wording of the sentence made it a blind solve, and even my non-Jumble playing wife (gasp!) came up with it after I read it aloud to her. A real confidence booster to start the week. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and and enjoy the day. //Mike


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  1. VIDEO = Last used on 10/09/20 as DOVIE
    SUITE = Last used on 01/20/21 as TISEU
    FAMILY = Last used on 12/25/18 as MAYFLI
    THROAT = Last used on 09/18/21 as TARTHO

    TISUE = Used on 05/04/18, 08/17/06, 12/31/99, 08/31/93, 09/18/86, 08/07/80

  2. As the FAMILY sat and ate “sugar bombs” the young girl just knew by the hands that this was dads FIRST TIME to be late,and mom had a sore throat but she got him to his SUITE thanks to FAMILY, then the VIDEO came on with the Guess Who singing 🎵 no time left for you ! 🎵 on my way to better things !🎵I really enjoyed the jumble ! It was a perfect start to the week. Too bad I can’t say that about the Browns ! Everyone have a goodnight and enjoy the day !

  3. THROAT was hard but I have seen it before so got it quick. The whole thing was pretty Monday.
    Going gambling tomorrow. Money coming my way………………
    Hope y’all are doing well!!

  4. Good Morning, Everyone…⏱ TIME WILL TELL

    🎶 Such a thrill of a lifetime…For a night, for a good time…Let the beat be your lifeline…Make you feel like the FIRST TIME…🎶 “First Time” – Jonas Brothers 2013 https://tinyurl.com/e3sy3fya

    ⏱Today most kids have “VIDEO” smarts, but analog’s not known,
    This FAMILY did a smart thing…just look at the clock’s that shown…
    Sometimes it’s just like shoving down the THROAT of kids today,
    To teach them things the way we learned…not a digital way…
    I guess in every SUITE there aren’t clocks like this to find,
    But it’s a great idea to have a child expand their mind
    And it’s looking like a little one will join the Family soon,
    So anything our girl here learns…she’ll share and that’s a boon
    I guess it’s just like poetry…you learn to read a rhyme…
    And this girl’s learned to read a clock…Hooray for her FIRST TIME!⏱🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. 🤷🏻‍♂️With the young boy stuck at home for the FIRST TIME with a sore THROAT, the FAMILY decided that he should remain in his SUITE and watch a VIDEO or two…🤷🏻‍♂️

    🏰 The SUITE of rooms was perfect, the FAMILY felt at ease,
    Despite thinking Dad might be sick…they all froze when he sneezed…
    His THROAT had itched the other night while he played VIDEO games,
    And now he said he’s thinking that it’s feeling just the same…
    They’re all hoping it’s nothing…‘cause their passes are marked “prime”
    They can’t wait to see Disney World….for them it’s the FIRST TIME…🏰

  6. Good morning. Today was kiddie jumble 101. The only way it would have been easier was if the answers came with it. All this accomplished before breakfast too. Nice start though for a failed Sunday cartoon answer. I’m sure I’ll be stumped before the week is done. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. Got through the Jumble so quickly that I forgot to write until now. My song is “Time has Come Today!” a 1967 blast from the Chambers Brothers. The First Time that I saw the Video killed the radio star video on MTV, I was with my college “Family” in a Suite at the Hilton and my Throat was hoarse from singing along. Glorious weekend weather giving way to soaking rain starting tomorrow. The leaves will be tumbling down for real soon.

    • Fun fact: VKTRS was the first video ever played on MTV (August 1, 1981). That converts to 352,344 hours ago!

      Have a great start to your week, OO.

  8. Good morning Angela:

    It’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada. With some easing of restrictions and a strong vaccination rate here in Ontario, this year’s holiday is a bit closer to normal.

    Today’s jumble:
    When children see only digital clocks on electronic devices. they are simply reading numbers in sequence and do not understand the concept of telling time. Here is a limerick on that:

    When kids “tell” the time on a digital clock
    It comes as a bit of a shock,
    When it’s a circle with hands
    Then they don’t understand
    And it’s a new concept they have to unlock!

    • Happy Thanksgiving, 🦃 Helen. May you and yours enjoy a day that’s joyful, abundant, and blessed…The analog clocks…I’ve been trying to teach 2 of my little nieces recently. 4 and 6. The concept of “a quarter to” has been a trip. “A quarter… the little one asked..what does money have to do with it”? The older one…”She said 2 quarters…that’s 50 cents…”. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I SMH! …Funny though… they seem to have no problem with money! But I’m not giving up…I’m determined to teach them the “right way” to tell time! 😂 Enjoy your day, Helen. May you have a wonderful TIME! 🙋🏻‍♀️

      ⏱ While the clock is a little askew,
      Our girl looked at it and she just knew…
      That her Dad would be late,
      But for Mom…pure elate!
      As her daughter read out of the blue! ⏱

      ⏱ When a child is learning new things,
      There’s a pride that the new knowledge brings…
      Telling time def is key,
      And not digitally?
      Our girl’s pulled on her Mother’s heart strings! ⏱

      ⏱No one knew that our girl learned to read,
      Time’s that told on an analog’s feed….
      Parent’s reactions vary,
      For Dad he cannot tarry…
      But our Mom?…She looks happy indeed! ⏱

      ⏱ Early morning and breakfast is served,
      When out of the blue it is heard…
      That Dad needs to go,
      But he didn’t know…
      And he’s now looking shaken and stirred! ⏱

      ⏱ We live by the time on a clock,
      Schedules are controlled by tick tock…
      And we see two first times…
      While the daughter’s sublime?
      Poor old Dad’s looking somewhat in shock! ⏱

  9. Since I’m old school, and Italian, 🇮🇹 , (and not apologizing for either), I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Columbus Day. Spend some time with your family today…Eat cannolis and make memories…Life is short, and we need to enjoy every moment of it that we can…🍰🙋🏻‍♀️

    • It’s also Marathon Monday in Boston. Benson Kipruto (Kenya) won the men’s division finishing the race in 2 hours 9 minutes 51 seconds.

      Enjoy your cannolis, Angela! 😉

      • It’s also National Sausage Pizza Day…you know for those who’d rather eat than run! 🍕🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Happy Columbus Day to you too, Angela. Though they took down our statue of Christopher Columbus (my grandparents are spinning in their graves) and I think the holiday is officially known here an Indigenous Peoples Day, there was still an “Italian Heritage Day” parade here in S.F. Yesterday and surprisingly enough a fellow dressed up like Chris on a boat float and our mayor in bright red and green.
      Go figure! 🇮🇹

      • Thank you, Betty. Same to you. As far as I know our statues are still up in New York City, and if I’m not mistaken there’s five of them throughout the boroughs. And as far as our schools go, today is now known as Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day. I’m all for equality, and have always considered myself one to champion the underdog (after all, I am a Mets fan)…😂, but I have mixed feelings about a lot of things. Change is good, but I think taking away from one, ANYone, to give to another isn’t exactly the right way to do it. Add to things…learn to “share” things…But…? Anyway…I’ve always been extremely proud to be an Italian-American, and I know what my Neapolitan and Basilicata ancestors did to help make our country what it is. And they were proud to do so…And you know how I still cry every time I see the Statue of Liberty…So, I’m going to go ahead and celebrate Columbus Day, and enjoy it with everyone else who does…And I salute too whoever is celebrating something else. Enjoy, Betty! …The cannolis are on me! 🇮🇹🙋🏻‍♀️

        • In honor of Columbus Day I had pizza and minestrone soup for dinner. Just when I thought I was through with bocce they pulled me back in. Since I’m not a fan of cannolis, Vito left them in the car but did take his gun. Enjoy the rest of Columbus Day my friends. Take care.

  10. An easy Monday puzzle w no problem w the anagrams,even suite,and a quick blind solve of the cartoon.It must be Monday!Speaking of being able to tell time on an analog clock,I wonder if it’s taught in school,and if it is,in what grade?There are so many digital clocks,I am afraid it’s becoming a lost art,along w cursive writing.

    • Good morning, Chuck. Reading time from an analog clock was taught to my son in second or third grade if I remember correctly. Keyboarding skills replaced cursive writing well over a decade ago. My nephew is a senior in HS and he can type pretty fast but can’t write in cursive.

  11. Solved the Jumble in record time today, so we’re off to a good start. Mike, my husband and I had a mixed marriage too. He did Sudoku and I did Jumble but we made it work. Have a good day all!

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