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Happy Tuesday everyone! All of today’s scrambles returned as being new, but the clue words they solved into were familiar old friends. Both of the six-letter offerings had double letters, but none of them took much effort to sea. My only stumble came from KRROBE as it sort of looked like BROKEN at first. This was one of those puzzles where it took longer to fill in my answers than it did to actually solve them.

Today’s panel featured a seahorse, a jellyfish and a crustacean having a conversation. The buds in the background wanted the crab to come play with them, but his snippy reply of “LEAVE ME ALONE!” made it obvious that he wasn’t interested. In his left claw was a copy of THE DAILY CURRENT newspaper and the article underneath was entitled SUNK AGAIN! Jumble Jeff usually adds a sinking (or sunken) sailboat to his cartoons that feature water, so seeing a picture of one on the splash page was a refreshing change. There was another image at the bottom of the newspaper that looked like a caricature of Jeff, but I’m not 100% shore it was him.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. The shape of the crab’s shell and the word “crustacean” in the cartoon sentence made this one a snap to complete. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day. //Mike


18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/12/2021

  1. PITCH = Last used on 12/30/17 as TICPH
    CRAMP = Last used on 05/22/19 as MRACP
    AFRAID = Last used on 02/07/21 as FDAARI
    BROKER = Last used on 11/29/20 as BKRREO


  2. Oh my ! What a great jumble ! I had fun with the words and jumble and didn’t have a CRAMP with either ! I tried to get a BROKER and ended up with Al Roker to PITCH me the weather but was AFRAID he’d throw me a slab to get HERMIT CRAB . I had fun with this one ! Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the CRAB bugs bite !

  3. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 They say avoidance never heals but this sure feels good…Gonna stay here a couple more minutes than I should. I know I said I’d stop before I DROWN…But I don’t like the thought of coming down…Yeah, I’m a LONER…And I like it that way…🎶 “Loner”- Maggie Lindemann 2020 https://tinyurl.com/7mnrvdzb.

    🦀 The Seahorse and the Urchin are using their best PITCH,
    They’re trying to get the crabapple to come out from his niche…
    But they just CRAMP his style, for he’d much rather spend,
    Time with The Daily Current reading fish tales to no end…
    The coaxing it’s not working…I’m AFRAID it’s all in vain,
    Just like that Sinking Sailboat on Page One…it doesn’t wane…
    And if I were a BROKER, I’d push Jumble stock…that’s def,
    ‘Cause while the boat’s still sinking, at the bottom we see Jeff…
    But anyway, it’s no go…even if the crab’s bar tab…
    Was picked up by the others…he’s just one old HERMIT CRAB…🦀

  4. 📉 The PITCH that his BROKER was making about HERMIT CRAB stock left him a little AFRAID that he might be getting frivolous…and that would definitely CRAMP his style…📉

    The grouchy BROKER felt a CRAMP, his arm got kind of tight,
    He needed to be loose enough to PITCH the game tonight…
    AFRAID now that he might be sore his mood became quite drab…
    It’s bad enough they tease him ‘bout being a HERMIT CRAB! ⚾️

  5. Good morning. Another successful outcome but not a blind solve. I had to put down the letters to get this one. First time hearing your song choice Angela. It’s only 70 years between your pick and my songs on the car radio. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • 70 years!?…That’s a LONE-g time! Enjoy your day, Paul…and hoping you’re staying well and safe too…🦀🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Same here, Paul. No blind solve on this one and I had to write out the letters to finish it. Crustacean in the sentence made CRAB pop out. HERMIT was no problem with 4-letters crossed out. Have a good one!

  6. Easy, breezy Jumble. The Hermit Crab reminds me of a Broker who who would Cramp up and be Afraid to swing at any financial Pitch. I had to get out my magnifying glass to read his newspaper. I’ll counter Angela’s 2020 song with “Somewhere Beyond the Sea,” a 1958 release by Bobby Darin. Cold and rain closing in on the Great Plains tonight. Stay warm and be safe!

    • Hi OO…Good Morning. I’ve used that song a few times already…and if you listen to the lyrics it doesn’t fit here. This crab of ours, come hell or high WATER, is hardly looking for love! 😉 Have a good one, OO…Be well and stay safe out there…🦀🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Looking at the newspaper again, I think 1954 was in the text near the bottom of the article. That’s the year the Jumble was created.

  7. Good morning Angela! Covid of course has forced many to be reluctant hermits but it seems its tentacles have not reached underwater so everything there is still idyllic. Here is a double limerick followed by another.

    No matter how I term it
    Do I really need a permit
    Can you creatures not see
    That I’d much rather be
    Living the life of hermit?!

    My hermitage is my shell
    Can’t you simply tell?
    If you’re here for a chat
    Well, that’s not where I’m at
    So swim away, that would be real swell!

    There’s no place I’d rather be
    Down in the depths of the sea
    It’s all peace and quiet
    Why don’t you try it?
    But if you do, don’t bother me!

    • Good Morning, Helen. You may be right…I guess they just SEAS the day better than we do! 🙋🏻‍♀️

      🦀 A crustacean who likes to read,
      Lying comfortably ‘midst the seaweed…
      Loving the solitude,
      He’s a crab very rude…
      Hermit life seems to suit him indeed…🦀

      🦐 Quite content to just be left alone..
      Shunning seahorses and abalone..
      We’ve a crab sitting well,
      Comfortable in his shell…
      And he’s making his feelings def known…🦐

      🦑 Sinking ships and a cartoonist grasp,
      His attention…a paper he clasps…
      He’s no need to go out,
      As he says with a pout…
      “Go away”..in a voice that’s a rasp..🦑

      🦀 Not affected by company’s lack,
      We’ve a crab who’s a tough one to crack..
      Such a grouch he can be,
      Alone beneath the sea…
      Is his choice and he’s taking no flak! 🦀

      🦞 Daily Current has him quite engrossed,
      And he’s content to stay at his post…
      Doesn’t want the night life,
      Doesn’t need all the strife…
      That he’s getting from those who care most! 🦞

  8. Today is NATIONAL PULLED PORK DAY…My friends down South are like pigs in…😉🐷🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Crab was a given in the cartoon solution,and after a quick solve of the anagrams,a blind solve of hermit crab was a done deal.Though I like pork in general,especially pork chops,pulled pork is not one of my choices.

    • You fared better than me today, Chuck. I did think HERMIT CRAB after seeing crustacean in the sentence, but thought it was too obvious to be the answer. Have a good one and be well.

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