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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…

    🎶 Keep your SUNNY SIDE UP, up,…Let your laughter come through, do! Stand up on your legs..be like two fried EGGS…Keep your SUNNY SIDE UP! 🎶 “Keep Your Sunny Side Up” – Miss Judy Garland 1963 https://tinyurl.com/yxzmplld

    🐓As if things weren’t bad enough for our Farmers today,
    There’s Ravens causing MAYHEM as they’re flying on the stray
    This guy don’t need an ABACUS to know what his hens laid,
    But with a SUDDEN shortage, there’s a chance he won’t get paid…
    If this had been a human theft, there’d be cause to INDICT
    He can’t afford to lose his stock…he can’t deal with the blight..
    He needs deliver a full count, no room for mediocre…
    Now what’s to do when he must face the man who’s his Egg BROKER?
    The numbers are important…and he needs those eggs to earn,
    I think after this day he’s had? He should visit a TAVERN…
    Where he can sit and down a few, lament the luck he’s had…
    Poor guy he’s stressed beyond the pale…he’s gone STARK “RAVEN” MAD! 🐓

    Now this made me laugh out loud! An instant solve, with the words “Large crow-like birds” STEALing the show, this flight of fancy just BOILED me OVER!…EASY and so, so clever!…And it’s been a while now since we’ve been down on the Farm… Only this morning we’re seeing some FOWL play…But before we get to that, let’s unSCRAMBLE our words…

    Once again today, none of our HALF DOZEN are FRESH…It’s a case of HEN there, done that…And just as last week, we also have another two Repeat Repeats. SCAAUB, which was last ADDED on April 12th, https://tinyurl.com/y2xyb37w, and CIDNIT which was LAYING way back in the vault…March 11th, 2012. And the only one of the group that had the guys PECKING around with for a tad was TAVERN…they just couldn’t DRINK it all in at once. Whereas the other five, plus the solve were done within a POULTRY amount of time…And trust me…they were all RAVEN over this witty solve! Ok…Time to take a look at what Jeff’s HATCHED up for us this morning…

    So, our cartoon. As I started saying earlier, Farming seems to GROW on David. I remember he sent a video a while back after I had questioned his seemingly over abundant HORSEing around with Farm Animal puzzles. Not that it was getting my GOAT or anything…I just thought like “HAY, what’s with all the Farm Animals”? I specifically remember the Pigs performing HAMlet, (now that was.a definite SHOW-stopper), and a few others of that ilk. And David had replied that he did in fact enjoy animals, as we can probably tell with his sharing his home with two cats, Tootie and Simon, and of course the ever popular Miss Daisy Dog. But I digress…So here we are today, finding ourselves back on the Farm, where we last visited on August 21st. https://tinyurl.com/y4vrguwc. Only today it’s not a Fox BREAKING and HENtering…today it’s RAVENS giving our POE Farmer a SHELLacking…And from what we can see, he’s close to CRACKing up…Watching his HEIR supply take WING by that pair of Feathered Fiends, our Farmer today can be seen totally FRIED up..I mean fired up. Let’s face it, Folks…This ain’t CHICKEN FEED, this is his livelihood…And he’s definitely not thinking…OMELETtin’ this slide…His body language, his dialogue PEPPERed with anger, (and probably a lot more FOWL language than we’re privy to), his fist POUNDing into the air…He BUTTER be careful before he ends up running the WHISK of developing EGGStremely high blood pressure…Anyway, with his anger so prevalent, and those Ravens POACHing his supply, he’s way past irate…he’s STARK “RAVEN” MAD! https://tinyurl.com/y46kc842. An EGGcellent pun, David! Very, very WELL DONE!

    Eye candy? As always, Jeff’s Farm cartoons always manage to fit the BILL. From the overalls, to the raised Chicken Coop and its ramp, to those three EGGSasperated Hens, glancing upward and crying out…we can definitely see he hasn’t EGGnored any deTAIL. That as usual, he’s POEred his heart into his work…And what do I like best today? The Hen at back, her wings lingering protectively over the two Eggs she’s managed to salvage, looking up at the Raven hovering above her as if to say…”No way this…”Shall be lifted…Nevermore”…

    So, There you have it, Folks…Done. Have a blessed Sunday…Be well, stay safe…And I think I’ll go have some EGGS now for breakfast…I’m feeling a little PECKish…🍳🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 💫 THE MORE YOU KNOW…💫 With a PUNch Line!

    1. Chef hats traditionally have pleats equal to the number of ways that they can cook an egg. SHIRRly good to know!
    2. It takes a hen between 24 and 26 hours to develop an egg, and once she lays an egg, the development of a new egg normally starts within 30 minutes. IDK…sounds like EGGSplotation to me..
    3. Chickens don’t produce one egg at a time. Instead, producing hens normally have several eggs in various stages of development. It must be EGGShauting!
    4. Eggshell colors have nothing to do with flavor or nutritional value of the egg. Whether brown, white, blue or green…eggshells are simply indicative of the breed of hen. Boy, this must get confusing at Easter!
    5. A hen’s diet determines the color of the yolk. Some producers feed their hens natural supplements like marigold petals so that their hens lay eggs with brighter yolks…And the YOLKS on us!
    6. White eggs are more popular among commercial producers because chickens that lay white eggs tend to be smaller than their brown egg-laying cousins, so they need less food to produce the same number of eggs. An EGGSercise in frugality!
    7. Not all chickens create eggs equally. Some breeds lay eggs almost every single day. Other breeds lay eggs every other day or with some others, it’s just once to twice a week. A tale of EGGSceleration!
    8. Eating raw eggs won’t help you build muscle. Only 51% of the proteins in raw eggs are digestible, while 91% of the proteins in cooked eggs are digestible. But was Rocky the EGGSception?
    9. Want to tell if that egg in your fridge is raw or hardboiled? Spin it! Raw eggs wobble as the liquid inside shifts, while hardboiled eggs will spin smoothly. Or drop it? Then it may not be all..it’s CRACKED up to be!
    10. Cloudy egg whites mean that the eggs are extremely fresh, while clear egg whites are an indicator of older eggs. As an egg ages, carbon dioxide escapes and the white becomes more transparent. And other colors in the egg white may be a sign of spoilage. So if it’s not cloudy-white or clear…don’t eat it! You may get SHELL- shocked!

  3. 🧮 When a few of the patrons went STARK RAVING MAD, and SUDDEN MAYHEM broke out in the TAVERN, the ancient ABACUS that had been hanging on the wall, fell to the ground…and the old Bartender said…”Uh oh, now you done BROKER”…And everyone knew he’d press charges and try to INDICT…🧮

    📚 He had a choice of classes, adult education fun,
    It got him out of his doldrums, before depression won
    He signed up for a course on how the ABACUS came to be
    The guy who owned the TAVERN said it’d be a novelty…
    He looked into “When MAYHEM Rules” and that looked really good,
    It dealt with crime, one of the books read…”INDICT, Think you should”?
    A course to be a BROKER, and so many, many more,
    And now all of a SUDDEN he had new worlds to explore…
    He ended up with four of them, and he was feeling glad
    He rather learn than sit at home and go STARK RAVING MAD! 📚

  4. Morning, Everyone –
    Really fun answer. I solved the answer words in reverse order. Raven was the only 5-letter black bird that came to mind. I loved the way you got Poe and his poem in there, Angela. Also loved seeing Jeff’s spirited chickens again. Recently I learned that crows can do puzzles and today I found out that ravens can as well. Two very smart birds.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. Imagine? Puzzle solvers? Definitely no bird-brains here! And I thought it was an absolutely brilliant pun…you know how I love my idioms! 😉As for Poe, thank you so much for noticing. 😘I hoped someone would…And another Raven fact…I thought there’d be a few more of them on the Egg hunt..but then I read that they travel in pairs. So…there you have it! And as for the 🐓s? I’m with you…You ‘gotta love the expressions Jeff gives them. Spirited indeed. The EGGdignation, the EGGSasperation, and that one with that soulful look protecting her eggs? Genius! TBT, I had a whole scenario written for them..but I figured I’d already EGGSceded my 120 line limit…(Christian…😉), so I quit while I was ahead…😂 All in all, it was a hit..I really enjoyed it…Hope you’re having a good day, Caroline..Be well and stay safe out there. 🐓🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Good morning. Enjoyed it all Angela, from the song to the puns to the facts. You didn’t lay an egg today, which in this case is eggcellent. Struggled with Tavern Other than that slight hitch, it was smooth sailing right through to the cartoon answer. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Thank you…it was a fun puzzle to work. And Tavern got a few of my friends today too. Wishing you a great day, Paul…Be well and stay safe out there…🐓🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Where did you get the “M” for mad. Mayhem had an “A” and an “N” circled, not the “M”

    • There is no “N” in Mayhem. The letters needed were the second letter, “A”, and the last letter “M”. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Cute puzzle this morning. I’m really enjoying all the fun facts. Did not know about the pleats in chef’s hats. Wishing all of you an eggscellent day. 🥚🍳

    • Good Morning, Betty. And yes, a very cute puzzle. As for the Fun Facts, it’s really Mike’s brainchild…I just thought I’d add it in today because I had all those EGG puns left over! 😂 And you know me…I fear my head might explode if I don’t get them all out! 😂 🤦🏻‍♀️ But the pleat thing is a winner, right? Makes you wonder who the heck thinks up these things! Wishing you an eggscellent day too, Betty. Be well and stay safe out there…🥚🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Oh yes, I have so many pleasant memories of dining at some of the old elegant restaurants. We have many good ones now as well but there was something about the formality of those times that made it special. If your wife remembers going downtown all dressed up, she might enjoy reading a book called “The Lost Department Stores of San Francisco”. It profiles the lovely stores of my childhood: City of Paris, I Magnin, Joseph Magnin, The White House , Gumps & of course the Big E – The Emporium. Visiting Santa at the Big E was a must. They closed off Market Street so that he could arrive in style. It’s written by Anne Evers Hitz. I bought a copy for my sister for Christmas but she’s getting it second hand because I already took the opportunity to read it.

        • Thanks Betty! And thanks for the book tip. I did manage to make one trip to see the rooftop Christmas display at Emporium/Capwell a few years before it closed (took a long lunch and rode the trolley downtown from UCSF) and was very glad I did.

  8. Hi all – The recent Jumbles have been taking me longer than usual lately, so what a surprise this Sunday one was. I flew through the words, and then the tortured syntax of the dialog showed RAVEN and the answer instantly.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Too many good puns to note Angela, but nice work on “The Raven”, and — “Poached” egg? – Groan! 😂

    Speaking of tortured syntax, here goes nothing:
    “The council decided to INDICT the TAVERN owner after an attempt to cheat his BROKER on his bar tab by requiring him to use a rigged ABACUS caused SUDDEN MAYHEM to break out.”
    Why is this so tortured? ABACUS I couldn’t get the words to fit well.

    • LOL! Thanks Steve. It was most definitely a fun puzzle to work with…And yes…a “truly” Poached Egg! 😉 As for today’s words, yep…they’re a pretty eclectic bunch….And you want to see torture?…Try tossing “stark raving mad” into the mix! 😱 It was the PITS…(and the Pendulum)! 😂 Have a good one, Steve. Be well and stay safe out there…🐓🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Got all the Sunday anagrams for a change,but was thinking crow rather than raven for the black birds,but having cheated on stark,the entire stark raven mad solution popped quickly in mind.

    • Hey Professor…You’re right if you had Stark, the rest just fell into place. Have a good one. Be well and stay safe. 🐓🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. Got the words, no problem, but the puzzle solution drove me crazy! I see a lot of ravens all day off my balcony and they are interesting birds for sure. Here they seem to hang around with a hawk or another raven.
    Enjoyed reading Angela’s blog today……….
    See y’all on Monday!

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