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  1. The restaurant may be decorated TASTEFULLY, but with a SALTY FLUTE they should STATE FULLY what they mean by that. It seems to me their decor was a FAULT STYLE. By the way FAULT appears in the four words, and STYLE nearly does.

    • Hey Jim…As always, you have me SMH, but good observation on the letters used for the solve. You do have a STYLE all your own! Have a good one, Jim. Be well and stay safe out there…🍱🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Good Morning, Everyone. 🍱 THE TABLE OF CONTENTS 🍱

    🎶 Winds may blow over the icy sea..I’ll take with me the warmth of thee…A TASTE of honey…A taste much sweeter than wine…🎶 “A Taste of Honey” – Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass 1965 https://tinyurl.com/nzqtjgm

    🍱 They tried the brand new restaurant…it had LOFTY reviews,
    The woman said..”It’s STYLUS”…He said “Darling, you’re confused…
    It’s Stylish that you’re looking for, let’s not become IMMUNE
    To using proper English…for then we are surely doomed…”
    And right there at that moment, through FAULT that was all on him,
    The dinner took a lousy turn…and things began to dim
    She had enough of his insults…the vain complacency…
    And she got up and walked out…and she did it TASTEFULLY 🍱

    Ok, so yes, I did it. I just completely turned the tables here…But it was that word Stylus…I just couldn’t resist…Irreverent? Maybe…But even though the rhyme may not reflect what our Jumble guys had on the MENU, I do think it’s a feasible SCENEario…Ask some of the single women out there…Trust me, they’ll DISH…

    Anyway…Our words…Nothing new as far they go, but three of our four anagrams are FRESH, save for LUFAT, https://tinyurl.com/y2tkhyqp seen last year on March 29th. And it was a bit of a THAI between that good old Stylus and Immune as the hardest word to DIGEST this morning. In fact, one of the Early Birds practically had to SPOON feed two of the others to get past them…But the solve posed no problem at all…That was SERVED up on a silver PLATTER…

    Our cartoon? Of the TASTEFULLY decorated restaurant? It’s a good one. Today we see a happy couple, with the woman seeming to be dining at the venue for the first time. And while she seems more impressed with the ambiance, he’s more into the food. And it’s her use of the word “elegant”, his use of the words “so good”, and the word “flavors” in our question that leads to the solve. Savory food? Elegant decor? Tasteful…The restaurant was decorated…TASTEFULLY. Yes, the reviews are in, and we’ve been served another 5 Star winner!

    Eye candy? A few little oddities. I first noticed the absence of knives on the table. So I’m leaning towards a Thai restaurant. “In Thailand, spoons and forks are used (never knives). If you need to cut things, use the side of your spoon first, then move on to the fork if necessary”… But there’s also no spoons, so I could be wrong. And while the woman has what looks like a mixed drink (the ice, the stirrer and the fruit wedge), the man doesn’t have a glass at all. There’s no table linens, no cloth or napkins. But the food presentation is top notch. And while the two male diners at back are seated at a table, one drinking from a Pilsner glass, our couple look to be at a booth, since drapery can be seen enveloping the area, leading to cozier dining. Atop the back table there’s either a dessert menu or a bill. Two paintings of flora grace the walls, and the pendant lighting is a nice touch. But I’m going with our “happy” couple…(he with his trendy haircut and stud earring)…They both look to be lefties! What’re the odds?

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Wishing you all a good day unwinding from the Holiday…And with today being Shop Small Saturday, if it’s at all possible, let’s try to support our local businesses. The pandemic has hit them hard, and they could definitely use our business. Be well, Everyone, and stay safe out there…🍱🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. 🖋 Needing another new STYLUS, through no FAULT of his own, he realized that his LOFTY ideas of product quality were being proven, and that he wasn’t IMMUNE to getting ripped off…so he composed a TASTEFULLY worded email to the company…🖋

    ✍🏻 He knew that he had LOFTY goals, he took great pride in it…
    But not IMMUNE to seeing that a FAULT or two did fit,
    He bought a brand new iPad, and a STYLUS he bought too
    Deciding to amend his ways and then to start anew…
    His writing took a different slant, no more ranting like a bully…
    A wider audience he sought..and it called for writing TASTEFULLY…✍🏻

  4. Good morning. After some time I tastefully completed jumble while enjoying breakfast with some of the leftovers like ham with my eggs from thanksgiving. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  5. Paused at stylus and immune but once I got past them the cartoon answer fell into place nicely. Good song choice as always, Angela. Wishing all of you a good day.

    • Good Morning, Betty. And thanks. Wishing you a good day too. Be well and stay safe out there…🍱🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Hi all – Three of the words required second guesses – FAULT after FLOUT or FLAUNT, STYLUS after TUSSLE, and IMMUNE after MINIMUM.
    “Tastefully” was obvious from the dialog, although I thought we’d had our FILL of FULL in Thanksgiving’s Jumble.

    What struck me about the picture was that the woman is saying how elegant the restaurant is, but every character is dressed in extremely casual clothes. The generations just before me and earlier would never have stood for such a thing. Betty will know what I mean when I say that Herb Caen considered it the final nail in the coffin of classic elegant dining in San Francisco when Ernie’s (the restaurant in “Vertigo” that closed in 1995) stopped requiring jackets and ties.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “Although a slip of his STYLUS caused a FAULT in the etching, his artistic reputation was so LOFTY that people thought it must be intentional and he was IMMUNE from criticism.”

    I’m sure the scenario in your poem is feasible, Angela – in fact, I have it on good authority that the woman walked out in such a huff that she forgot her pashmina.

    • ROTFL! How’d I just know you’d dig up the Pashmina? 👏🏻👏🏻 But as for the manner of dress, it’s definitely not the way it used to be. Things have greatly changed. Plus, a place can be elegantly decorated without really being posh. And I do seem to think that she’s easily impressed…I mean she was out with him…despite him being a cad! 😂 And then there’s always the chance that they’re vacationing somewhere…an Island perhaps…where the dress code would be casual. So, (with all due respect to Herb)… this MENU has a ton of choices! Have a good one, Steve. Be well and stay safe…🍱🙋🏻‍♀️

    • I totally know what you mean, Steve. San Francisco used to be a suit and tie kind of place. A lady would never go “downtown” without a hat and gloves. My husband and I went to Ernie’s for one of our wedding anniversary dinners. it was one of the best restaurants in the city at one time ‘ Caesar salad tossed table side, delicious steaks and cherries jubilee for dessert – I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

      • That sounds like a great dinner. I think I just missed the hat-and-glove-downtown era; I think my hippie generation killed it. I first spent a year here in 1969-70, and then came back for good in 1972. My wife was here earlier and she and her mother absolutely dressed up to go to SF.

  7. Finally a puzzle I could solve this week! Like Steve I had some false starts with SSLUYT and UMIENM. Nice song choice as usual from Angela….. Weather is beautiful in La La Land, although chilly and dry. The strong winds appear to have passed. Tomorrow will bring the VERY BIG WORDS so organize your letters!!!

    • Hey Mig. Same two words had my friends going back and forth this morning. The anagrams are excellently done. Glad things have gotten better for you, and glad you enjoyed the music. Have a good one…Mig. Be well and stay safe…🍱🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Yes it was, Professor. David SERVED us well today. Hope your day’s going well…and stay safe out there…🍱🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Same here, Ronald. It was set up so well…Have a good one…Be well and stay safe…🍱🙋🏻‍♀️

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