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Good Morning, Everyone!             🔫 A SHOT IN THE…PARK? 🔫 

🎶 BANG, BANG, he SHOT me down…BANG, BANG, I hit the ground…BANG, BANG, that awful sound…BANG, BANG…my baby shot me down…MUSIC played and people sang….Just for me the church bells rang. Now he’s gone, I don’t know why, and ’till this day, sometimes I cry…He didn’t even say goodbye, he didn’t take the time to lie...BANG BANG, my Baby SHOT me down….🎶

🔫 We’re looking in on History, the bitter and the SUITE,
And ODDLY what we’re seeing has audiences on their feet.
The Broadway musical “Hamilton” has taken us by storm…
And trying to get tickets is no where near the norm.
Lin-Manuel Miranda has written quite the hit,
And it don’t matter who you know, it’s hard to get in it…
You want to hear some music, see the play about the Duel?
You’re probably more LIKELY using HYMNALs as a rule.
This play about our History, for Tony’s it was voted…
The story is a good one, and today it’s “DUEL-Y” NOTED! 🔫

Looking at today’s words, we can see that they may be the most difficult of the week so far. DUELable, surebut a bit of a CHALLENGE. Were you playing with DOLLY before ODDLY came to mind? Were you convinced that the word began with an “L”? And HYMNAL? …What can I say? Doesn’t end in “Y”, loaded with consonants…SING David’s praises! I think it’ll be the word to make NOTE of today…So, on to our cartoon.

Today, Jeff has given us art imitating life. We’re brought back to Summer 1804. We see AARON BURR, the sitting Vice President of the U.S., left, challenging ALEXANDER HAMILTON, the former Secretary of the Treasury, right, to a DUEL, using WOGDON PISTOLS. And as History has NOTED, the DUEL took place on July 11th, at Weehawken, NJ. HAMILTON was shot and mortally wounded, dying on July 12th. (The background story, and the subsequent historical happenings, are available online for anyone interested in reading up on it). Our dialogue gives us the formal challenge, and our question asks what the challenge was…It was “DUEL-Y” NOTED. Son of a GUN! Good one, David. You killed it! Very clever!…Ok, eye candy…Once again, Jeff’s art work is RIGHT on the MARK. His caricatures of the two men is extremely well done. But the panel doesn’t lend itself much to eye candy. Except for the candle burning, and the expected period clothing and hairstyles, the only thing that I can put my finger on, is the pair of gray GLOVES in BURR’S hand. Nice TOUCH, Jeff. I’ll take a SHOT with that…So, There you have it, Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone, and remember…Violence is never the solution, and hatred is a DUEL-edged sWORD….Better to just…BURRy the hatchet…🔫🙋🏻

PS: I should mention that HAMILTON, the Broadway musical, is truly NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET...no pun intended! 🙋🏻


24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/04/2018

  1. The LIKELY place for a HYMNAL is the pastor’s SUITE but it was found, ODDLY, in the dollar store.
    Little tic at HYMNAL but once I got past trying to put the Y at the end it opened up quickly. The pun-ridden solution took longer, even though I was sure DUEL was part of one word. It took a while to affix the Y at the end of DUEL but I was successful, at last.
    Interesting song and poem Angela and your references to the Broadway musical were right on. I also saw nothing in the cartoon which really caught my eye. I’ve read about the duel and the circumstances which lead up to it. If others have not, take some time to learn about a very tragic aspect of American History. BTW A recent Jeopardy question featured the duel and none of the contestants got it right.
    Soggy, sticky, summery morning and wild winds threaten this afternoon..

    • Good Morning, Earl. First and foremost, your sentence is brilliant.👏🏻 Kudos! Yes, HYMNAL. ODDest looking anagram, right? David did very well on this one…The song had me going for a second..But all I kept hearing in my head was the 🎶Bang..Bang…🎶, so I took a SHOT. Jeopardy! I saw it. Wednesday night I think? They asked about Burr’s letter to Theodosia…the “just in case” goodbye letter…I was screaming at the screen!! (Which I’m often wont to do)!! (Try getting that word past the auto-correct…kept putting the apostrophe in)! But then again, Earl, maybe we knew it because of our affinity for love letters?? 😉…I was extremely fortunate enough to see Hamilton..I pulled in a LOT of favors…And, I’m still “indebted” LOL…I think Lin-Manuel is a genius! His wit, his puns…his face!!!😉 It is a fascinating, and as you stated, tragic story. I always found it interesting…And after seeing the play, I read it all again…Such bitterness, sad. Yes, the carton was kind of bare, but Jeff’s likenesses are amazing. All around, great puzzle today. Thanks for the shout out, and I hope we don’t experience the storms that are being predicted. Have a good one, Sir! 🔫🙋🏻

    • Great sentence Earl! But ODDLY enough, I always see hymnals and Bibles at my “99¢ Only” store.

        • You mean they’re stalking me?
          Are you looking at me living in SIN, AGOG? 😂😂🙋🏻‍♂️

          • ROTFL…Who’s THEY? SHULly you know I don’t give out names!!! And YOU told me you didn’t go to Church…Remember? I mean, I’m not psychic! Psychotic maybe….but not psychic…😂😂🙋🏻

  2. Morning, all –
    Super posts today, Angela and Earl!
    I did have to back into HYMNAL. When I see an H in a clue word, I figure it probably is the first letter in the word unless I can pair the H with another letter.
    Hamilton is coming up this way. I wonder if the prices will be really high here, too.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. SHOOT! 😉 Thank you so much! I start each day with the poem, and I wasn’t sure at first how to go with this one today. But I couldn’t get Lin-Manuel out of my mind, 😉 seriously, so I just BIT the BULLET, and took my cue from him! 😂 The post, I know I had to be a little more serious with..(serious? Me?…😉)…You know, I’ve never thought about what you’re saying here regarding the H”. Good point, and I’m going to look into it. You always seem to come up with some insightful approaches to wording! Kudos? As for “Hamilton”? Caroline, all I can say is that it’s worth every penny. But then again, I didn’t pay for it! 🙄 (Hence, my indebtedness)!!! So it’s easy for me to say…But I truly hope you don’t get MURDERED by the pricing when it arrives by you. Talk about a KILLING AT THE BOX OFFICE! Literally! Wishing you a great day! 🔫🙋🏻

    • LOL…Good Morning, Big Guy! Good ones! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 And it WAS still DARK when I did it! 😂
      Thank you very much…You know I pride myself on being a STRAIGHT SHOOTER! Hope you have a great day, Caro…Stay well…stay dry…🔫🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Kudos to Angela and Earl. Ever since I read the opening line I have that song playing in my head. Great choice. I bailed out all together today. I could not get Hymnal and was so frustrated when I saw the word that I gave up all together when I went to the cartoon. Seeing the quotation marks made it that easy to quit. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Brooklyn?…You mean to tell me that you “JUMPED THE GUN” and just LAYED DOWN and DIED? Where’s your FIGHTING spirit? Where’s your BITING THE BULLET? Where’s this going to END?? 😂😂 Good Morning, Bud! How’s the humidity by you? It’s KILLING me here already…and it’s only 9:30 in the morning! It’s MURDER! Sorry you bailed…I know seeing those quotes may have SHOT your confidence to S–T, as we say in Brooklyn….But you know you can always find a shoulder to cry on with me…(or the lower abdomen, above the right hip)!!😂 Look it up! Glad you liked my music…I pulled out the DVD as soon as I finished writing this morning…and just let Cher SHOOT her mouth off…She does it so well! …Thanks for the shout out, Brooklyn. You know you’re always in my SIGHTS! Have a good one! 🔫🙋🏻

  4. This was the trickiest puzzle of the week. Each of the CWs required a second or fourth look, and definitely no blind solve in sight! Happy Friday, all!

    Until tomorrow. (or whatever day I happen to log in next!)

    • Hi John. It was a bit of a challenge! Nice to see you. Have a good one! 🔫🙋🏻

    • Hi John – John Madden and the guys on KCBS were just talking about how Ichiro will probably play at least a few games next season because the A’s and Mariners are opening the season in Japan. I hadn’t made the connection, but they and I think that’s really cool!

      • I concur, Steve. It would be really classy to put him on the roster next year for opening day and then to have Ichiro Day @ home for his retirement. The way that they are handling the balance of this season with him is creative and unprecedented.

  5. Hi all – The caption avoided saying “Duel”, so that was pretty obvious. Had to write the letters to get the answer. Same for HYMNAL since my trick of using LY, and Mike’s tricks of putting Y at the end and reading backwards didn’t work.

    One of the best commercials of all time was the very first “Got Milk?” which showed a Burr-obsessed history buff unable to answer a question about this duel. I think this is the last time a sitting vice president shot anyone until Dick Cheney decided that going hunting would be fun.

    Angela, I’ll send you a Billy-do 😉 for two things. First for pointing out that this could be referencing the Musical Hamilton which I hadn’t thought of (that pesky Jefferson obsession again 😉), and second for pointing out the gloves. Do you think he traditionally slapped Hamilton across the cheeks with them?

    Mike, if you see this, Happy Star Wars Day! May the Forth be strong with you, “vader.”
    I’d suggest a song, but I can’t recall any with YODA-ling.

    Will your new bees be delivered by Amazon DRONE? If the hive works out you should buy a cow and declare your place “the land of milk and honey.” DO have a cow, man! 🙋🏻‍♂️

    • Oh, man! Yes! BURRy good, G! It was the peanut butter sandwich! Right? “Who shot Alexander Hamilton”? ROTFL…”OW WIN BUH! OW WIN BUH”!!! And the guy was a historian or something? Everybody walked around saying it for weeks afterward! I have to check YouTube…It must be there…
      Billy-Do? Not again!?! I thought we let that one DIE!🛁 What made you think of that? What am I missing? Or is it just a SHOT in the DARK? EnLIGHTen me, please! And I don’t really think Jeff was referencing the musical. He already did that last year with the pigs on the farm, remember? As I told Caroline and Earl, I just have a major thing for Lin-Manuel, the Cutey-Patootie, so I just went there! The gloves, I’ll take credit for. And I do think they all slapped one another silly back then..or so it SEAMS! You had to HAND it to ’em…They did have class…😉 and that sense of decorum…SHOOT! They were all gentlemen back then! Good job with the milk and honey…Sweet! Have a good one, G. Talk to you later…🔫🙋🏻

      • I’m sure that commercial is on Youtube. It opens with a view of his study, where he has books about the dual, a diorama of it I think, paintings, and even “The Bullet” itself mounted on his desk. Just as he shoves a giant peanut butter sandwich into his mouth, the phone rings with the contest offer. He can’t talk, and he’s out of milk.

        “Billy-do” – I quote from your answer to Earl – “But then again, Earl, maybe we knew it because of our affinity for love letters?? 😉”
        You really should read what you write – it’s often interesting and funny! 😉😂😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Yep, that’s the same one! I checked already. Made me laugh just now as hard as it did back then! That was a creative spot, very creative! As for my comment to Earl? G, it was what? 6-7 hours ago? And of course I remember the love letters comment, but in French? You got me! 😉 Do you have any idea how many people I’ve interacted with since then? And let’s be honest, I read it as is..”Billy”, not Bill-eh”. So, Zoom…yes, right over my head! What I do remember, is you teasing both of us, at the time, with another meaning…Nes’t-ce pas? (I may as well stay with the language du jour)! And if I remember correctly, that took it off on another whole slant..😉 And we did have a chuckle! Funny you say that about me reading my own stuff…The Lous tell me the same thing, about what I write and what I say…and so does someone else that I only write to…But they also tell me..You know..”Where do you come up..etc”…(finish the question…) And I do try to keep up with my mouth…but it’s not always easy! 😂 Anyway, thanks…I think! You did make me laugh! 😂😂

  6. I found all the words a snap even hymnal,and duel was an obvious word for the 4 letter word followed quickly by the final solution .

  7. HI Chuck. I found it easy, breezy also, and the solution was a brilliant one, IMO. Good to see you. Hope you’re enjoying your day! 🙋🏻

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