Jumble Answers for 05/05/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!           🐎 HEADS….UP? 🐎

🎶I wanted to be with you alone…and talk about the weather…But traditions I can trace against the child in your face, won’t escape my attention…You keep your distance with a system of touch, and gentle persuasion…I’m lost in admiration, could I need you this much…Oh, you’re wasting my time, you’re just, just, just wasting time….Something happens and I’m HEAD OVER HEELS…I never find out till I’m HEAD OVER HEELS...Something happens and I’m HEAD OVER HEELS…Ah, don’t take my heart, don’t break my heart, don’t, don’t, don’t throw it away…Throw it away, throw it away🎶

🐎 This definitely ‘ain’t a RODEO, despite us seeing “horse”…
And if you feel that that word “ain’t”, should maybe cause remorse?
Sometimes I THRASH the language, I know it and still yet…
I’ll use the slang to form a rhyme, and this I don’t regret.
The VOLUME and the wording to create poems every day?
Can sometimes make me feel as if MY head has gone astray!
So with the Headless Horseman, well I’m not as bad as he…
This guy is quite content..though he ELUDEs what we can see…
He’s wearing some new footwear, and it’s taken up his fancy,
Yet not having his head attached? He’s quite pococurante!
I too love shoes, a lot in fact, but feeling as he feels?
I’d rather have my head attached…then be HEAD OVER HEELS! 🐎

Today’s words? We’ve been down this RODE before, Folks…All old favorites, and nothing to LOSE our HEADS OVER! If anything, I’d say that VOLUME may carry the most weight…Great anagram…Ok, our cartoon! Well, well, look who we have here! It’s our old friend, the HEADLESS HORSEMAN! Today, once again, David and Jeff have brought us back to SLEEPY HOLLOW! We visited last summer in June, and then again in October. And now we’re here in Spring. All we need after this, is one more visit in the FRIESIAN weather, and we’ll be able to close the BOOK on this one! And what a LEGENDary story, am I right? It must be a favorite of one of our Jumble Guys, but which one? Who do you think LOST their CRANEium over this CLASSIC, FOLKs? TALE me what you think…Anyway, we see our old pal, “HH“, and his wife, the long-suffering KIM MEABREAK. (You’ll note that she kept her maiden name, which is very reFRIESIAN for the time. You’ll  also note that she’s a blonde, and she’s clad entirely in purple! ICH!…A BOD should be clad in other colors, don’t you think)? So, HH is going on and on about how comfortable his new BOOTS are. And his wife is saying…”Enough already, with this HAUNTING refrain…” Poor thing! She’s probably so ready to just RUN AWAY…I mean he seems more in love with those BOOTS than he does her! GuaranSTEED  this is a recipe for disaster, and I fear if he continues to STIRRUP this nonsense with these BOOTS, he’s going to be living SOLEo! So, with his HEAD on the table, looking down on those BOOTS, our question is asking..what was the HEADLESS HORSEMAN? He was…HEAD OVER HEELS! Hip, Hip HorNEIGH! We have our solution! GOURD one, David…Ok, eye candy…Just as yesterday, aside from the candle burning bright, and the period clothing…not much remains. I guess I’ll settle for the HEAD…and just SHOULDER on…Have a great day, Everyone…And may happiness REIN! 🐎🙋🏻




25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/05/2018

  1. Near the RODEO grounds the machine to THRASH wheat had a VOLUME of grinding gears so loud it was difficult to ELUDE the noise or the chaff.
    VOLUME gave me no trouble, but I had to hesitate with THRASH—those double Hs?? The solution was fairly obvious and a clever play on words with the “Headless Horseman” theme.
    Angela your song is very appropriate but a new one to me. Who is the artist? Your poem is ingenious and a little puzzling with “POCOCURANTE?” HELP—what am I missing? Maybe yesterday’s high winds blew some dust in my brain.

    • Good Morning, Earl! How did you fare with last nights weather? The newscasts throughout the night were reporting tornado watches and severe rain in the upstate areas. I hope you weren’t affected. My song choice is 🎶Head Over Heels🎶, (perfection)! recorded by Tears For Fears, in 1985. A nice piece of music, which of course can be heard on YouTube. I think you may enjoy it, and possibly even recognize it, if you give it a listen. The opening instrumentals are especially good. POCOCURANTE? LOL… A perfect word for our Horseman! (And my rhyme)! Totally indifferent, apathetic…couldn’t care less! That’s our man to a “T”, wouldn’t you say? 😉 I laughed as I was writing last night, because I was wondering if you remembered one of my earlier pieces, where I mentioned that Kim Meabreak, his wife, was seriously considering Pumpkin Pie? I guess she hasn’t gone there yet, since we still see him running around like a chicken without a head! Literally! 😂😂..Anyway, Thanks so much for the Poem Nom, and once again, your creativity shines through with your use of our words today! A wheat THRASHer! Ingenious! 🐎🙋🏻
      PS: Earl. Since I did this so early, there wasn’t a color version available to me. But after I got to see how Kim was dressed, I added another line to the post…And I managed to throw Ichabod into the mix! Check it out, I think it’ll give you a good groan! 🙄🙋🏻

    • Earl…A thought just came to me…Your mentioning the double “H” in THRASH? HH? Headless Horseman? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but a bit of amusement just the same! 🐎🙋🏻

      • Angela– The double H was just that– a coincidence. It gave me a chuckle this AM. I don’t recall your previous mention of The Headless Horseman’s wife’s name—what a convoluted what of saying something. I have to get better at brevity and clarity. If I have time today I’ll go back and check out that post and also the song on UTube. I might recognise it, but I’m not as focused on music as you. BTW Is there a word that says that? Like Anglophile or logophile? Which I thought meant lover of words but auto-correct does not like.
        We fared well through the night. No loss of power but lots of tree limbs down and lawn chairs, et. al. blown hither and yon. Tornado warnings were posted but none materialised.
        I have good friends on the Big Island of Hawaii and hope all goes well with everyone there. Nature at its most spectacular.

        • Hi Earl. Yes, I realize that too. I just found it a cute touch after you mentioned it…But I must apologize, because I feel that I wasn’t clear earlier. I didn’t name “Kim” until this morning. What amused me, and what I was referring to, was that in an earlier post dealing with the Horseman and his wife, I had written about her displeasure with his coming in late at night and waking her. That day, I embellished on it, and wrote my poem imagining her to be finding displeasure with the marriage, and considering “baking Pumpkin Pie”….Which would translate to curtains for him! So today I went on to say that she obviously hadn’t done away with him yet…because here he still is! Sorry if it was too convoluted! Unfortunately, my brain does a lot of overtime “behind the scenes”! As for brevity and clarity? This right here is proof that it’s not my strong suit! 😂And it’s been mentioned before! You, Sir, have nothing to correct! There are words such as Musicophile, Audiophile, and Melophile that are used to describe a Music Lover, with the “phile” of course meaning an enthusiast of something. But you should see the trouble I’m getting in regards to autocorrect! I just usually go with Music Lover. And Logophile is the correct term for a lover of words. I’m glad you didn’t experience any personal damage, and I also have concern for what’s transpiring in Hawaii. Spectacular, yes, but frightening just the same….I hope this helps with the clarification…Or have I made it worse? 😉🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Happy National Cartoonists Day to all and especially David and Jeff. Angela and Earl, you guys are like our daily fix of morning coffee. Can’t get started until we read your posts. You’re above my pay-grade. Great read as always. No problem with the words and only had a slight hitch on Rodeo. The cartoon answer was an instant solve and confirmed when I wrote the letters down and started to cross them off. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Thank you so much! As I’ve said before, you’re my morning Ray of Sunshine, so I’ll call it even! But as for the pay grade? There’s no money being doled out here…so I wouldn’t worry about it! (Unless you know something I don’t? Let me know…)! 😉
      Yes, it was a pretty straight forward puzzle, not much HORSING around today. Nice shout out to David and Jeff. I did hear it mentioned this morning with the list of others. Derby Day, Cinco de Mayo, etc, etc. But there were so many being thrown about, that I decided to just let it go…Before I lost my HEAD over it all! Hope you have a good one, Bud! 🐎🙋🏻

    • Thanks Paul and I like your “hitch” reference. Many old cowboys have a “hitch” in their getalongs

  3. Hi all – Instant solve on everything. I guess they’re letting us rest up for all the weekend action: NBA and NHL Playoffs, baseball, Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby – is that why there’s a HORSEMAN today?

    One more appearance by our hero in the FRIESIAN Winter – are you trying to tell me that our pumpkin cutie-pie needs 25% more SEASONING?
    And what was that about Jimmy Durante again now Mrs. Calabash? He’s got POCO as the musical guest on his show? (pococurante) 😂

    I did CRANE my neck to see Kim’s outfit, but in the Chronicle she’s a brunette dressed in grey and blue – very nearly a number 1 “Arrangement in Grey and Black” and that AIN’T Whistlin’ Dixie!

    Enjoy the weekend everyone.

    • Hey, G. You know the Chron “don’t break the bank” on the art work…It all goes into taking care of that Cracker Jack Sports Dept! There’s no gray in today’s panel at all..HH is dressed in shades of brown, with a blue shirt. And our girl, as I said, is keeping with tradition. What can I say? There just ain’t no gray! Have a good one, G! 🙋🏻

  4. Hi, all! I solved HEAD OVER HEELS immediately, followed closely by the first 3 words but had to use the letters along with a couple of self-jumbles to get THRASH.

    My two favorite words were RODEO and VOLUME. Rodeo makes me think of Garth Brooks singing, “Well, it’s bulls & blood, it’s dust and mud, ….and they call the thang rodeo.” The word VOLUME, before solving, OMLEVU, made me pretend I was ordering an omelet for breakfast in France.

    Enjoy your Saturday!

    • Hi Lelia…There was no getting caught on the Head Over Heels…They gave us a gift today for sure! Have a good one! 🙋🏻

  5. He, Steve! It makes me smile to picture your wonderful roses in my mind, so thank you for telling me about them. I’ll bet that because of not having been messed with genetically, they not only have a lovely, fragrant aroma but that each bush has its original, beautiful color. Nice!

    • Hi Lelia – You made me think of Judy Collins’ “Someday Soon” –
      🎵”He loves his damned old rodeo as much as he loves me”🎵

      OM LEV U too, my dear, but we have to stop meeting like this! 😂
      The rose bushes are red or pink. My favorite was one that had red and yellow buds that became pure yellow when they opened, but that was one of the few that gave out a couple of years ago.
      Hope you and Jerry are feeling better.

    • 🎵“And there was music, and wonderful roses, they tell me
      In sweet, fragrant meadows of dawn and dew”🎵

      • “There was love all around, but I never heard it singing. No, I never heard it at all ‘til there was you.”

        • The story is that Paul McCartney didn’t know that was a show tune when he covered it with the early Beatles and wouldn’t have recorded it if he had known, but now after investing in music catalogs, he actually owns it.

      • I did not know that story. Thanks. After quoting the two sentences, I almost said, “Shirley Jones or the Beatles, take your pick,” because I fell in love with every word of that song in The Music Man and who wouldn’t like hearing the Beatles sing almost any song.

  6. Blind solve and instant on the CWs. Did puzzle on my phone and finished in just over a minute.

    Until tomorrow.

    • Hey John, Bruce Jenkins in the Chronicle:
      “A legend moves on –
      Ichiro was a man who never bothered with launch-angle theories, making him impossible to defend, and the baseball world is toasting his career. He tailored his swing to the situation, calling up off-field liners, dead-pull shots, bunts, even home runs (117 in his MLB career) to fit the circumstance. So much to remember: Hitting .372 with a record 262 hits in 2004, his inside-the-park home run in the 2007 All-Star Game at AT&T Park, that epic throw from right field against the A’s, cutting down Terrence Long at third, and always the dignified presence of royalty.”

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