Jumble Answers for 05/06/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!      🔌🎚HOW COOL IS THIS? 🎚🔌

🎶 They got an HEIR CONDITIONER for when I’m hot…A RADIATOR for when I’m not…Two big chairs sittin’ side by side, with a Holy bible and a TV guide…TV guide, TV guide, great God o’ mighty…It’s a TV guide….🎶

🔌🎚We just got in from a long day, the parties back to back…
The Derby and the Cinco crowds, I need to hit the sack.
If I eat just one more NIBBLE, I think that I may burst…
And I need to get out of these heels, cause man, do my calves hurt.
The Air Condition’s blasting, and I’ve GOTTEN quite a chill…
So I’m opening the windows, let the fresh air the rooms fill.
Then I see the puzzle for today, IRONIC comes to mind.
‘Cause air condition is the theme that we are going to find!
Or is the word coincidence? I blur them quite a lot,
Sometimes my friend may HOLLER that what I call one is not.
But I liken it to gambling, a CASINO game of dice…
Using one word when the other is the one that would suffice…
Hmm…Before I lose my train of thought, and God knows where that ends
I better do this write up..(And I’m squeezing in OFFEND)…
Let’s see what’s with our family and the business that’s transitioning…
And concentrate on dealing with today’s theme “HEIR” CONDITIONING! 🎚🔌

Early Sunday morning, and I’m looking at today’s words. Old favorites, and pretty easy, BREEZY, right? Or did you think you’d NOT GET GOTTEN? We’re you put OFF by OFFEND? What about CASINO? Now if I had to put my money on the ODD word for today, that would be the one I’d BET on…But you know what really BLEW me away about today’s words? The onslaught of double consonants! Two “F”s in OFFEND, two “B”s in NIBBLE. two “T”s in GOTTEN, and two “L”s in HOLLER! And in each word, they go together! Now how COOL is that? I don’t believe we’ve ever seen this before! I mean I wouldn’t take a VOW..EL, maybe I would! But it is quite a coincidence, right? Anyway…Let’s not put this OFF any longer, and just RUN over to our cartoon. Today Jeff is showing us a Father, Mr. JOHNSON, with his son, JR, and his daughter, FRIA, at their place of BUSINESS. Looking CLOSEly, we see their names are written on their name tags. FRIA! It means cold! You PLUGGED a real good one in there, Jeff! Well done! The cartoon shows that Mr. JOHNSON has DRAFTed  a new sign announcing that he’s formed a new BUSINESS: JOHNSON FAMILY HEATING & COOLING. By the happy looks on everyone’s faces, you can almost feel the TEMPERATURE changing in the room. You get that WARM fuzzy feeling…Nice to see him create a LEGACY for his kids….Makes you a little MISTy eyed, doesn’t it? Yea, gives you CHILLS! Anyway, he’s shown HEIR with his two HEIRS. Cute. We can see JR, screwdriver in hand, announcing that he’s just fixed the HEATING/COOLING unit in the picture. He NAILed it too! His Father taught him well… And our question GOES ON to ask…what would you call what Mr. JOHNSON is giving his kids? …”HEIR” CONDITIONING! Well flip the switch, there’ll be no COOLING our heels with this one! We got our solution! Good one, David! That word “conditioning” just FLUE right off the page! Ok so, with all our DUCTS now in a row…let’s move on to the eye candy…I like Mr. JOHNSON’S mustache, but you don’t have to be a SEER to know we’ve seen too many mustaches already. I like the little name plate on the HVAC unit...but I don’t think I’ll put it into the SCRIPT…There’s the two symbols on the sign: The sun, and the winter branches of a tree…Definitely RAISES the bar, and of course there’s JR’s screwdriver, but mentioning it again might be a little TOOL much..So, I guess that leaves the coil wiring and what I think is an adapter or a capacitor on the floor…I’ll go with those. Not that I’m a big FAN, but mostly because I need to WRAP this up…So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And be COOL..🎚🔌🙋🏻


30 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/06/2018

  1. Isn’t it IRONIC that at the CASINO the loudest HOLLER can OFFEND when no jackpot is GOTTEN, just NIBBLE after NIBBLE?
    I also noticed all the double letters and their placement. CASINO gave me the longest tic—-words ending in vowels!!
    Interest song Angela—haven’t seen a TV Guide in years–not even in the grocery or convenient store check-out. Your poem and post are fun to read and the cartoon is appropriate for the fluctuating weather we have been having here.
    The solution took the usual Sunday Struggle—the long words almost always give me grief.
    Have a good day, everyone.

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    • Good Morning, Earl! Your sentence has me rolling! Kudos! And it’s especially IRONIC since I know you’re not an aficionado! Creativity at its best! Today’s song is 🎶This Hotel Room🎶, by Jimmy Buffet. And IRONICally, (or is it coincidentally? I seriously have a problem with the two)! we were just listening to it the other day on the boat! Have to pull out Jimmy Buffet as soon as the weather gets WARM! So, once again, the song chose me! And once again, thanks so much for the shout out and the Poem Nom! TV Guide? You know you’re right. Now that I think of it, I haven’t seen one in a long while either. So you know I just looked it up. Seems they do still print…(since April 3, 1953). I used to love getting my TV Guide in the mail. And I loved the crossword puzzle. But I guess today with on screen listings, etc., there’s no real need for it anymore. 🎶Another One Bites The Dust…🎶! I like the phrase you’ve just coined, the “Sunday Struggle”. It may just catch on! But I hate to think that it was that…Well, at least you didn’t FREEZE up and quit! And good pick up on the cartoons correlation to the weather. It’s so true. Like me this morning….The house was FREEZING when we walked in! I’m glad the plants enjoyed the COOL AIR! 😂 Hope you have a good one, Earl. Enjoy the day! 🎚🙋🏻


      • Thanks Angela–I forgot to mention in my post that I had to swallow hard and fight back a gag reflex at GOTTEN. It’s a word that I never use after living with Brits for many years—they always say “have got” and smirk when they hear Americans dig out this archaic present perfect form.

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      • You’re very welcome, Earl. And please! No gagging! RIASE your head back..it helps! 😉 But seriously…”Have got”? Fascinating. I wasn’t aware. But as an example, just y’day, I said to my nephew, “I can’t believe how tall you’ve gotten”. I’m assuming it was proper English. Or should I say proper American? Was my phrasing wrong? How would you say that sentence? How would you use the “have got” in a sentence? 🙋🏻


    • LOL…Et tu, Big Guy? Good Morning! And HEIR I WARMed up to it so easily! Sorry you had trouble. But you know you’re still COOL to me…(Yea, I know…Even I’m groaning at that one)! 😉 I need to RAISE my game HEIR this morning! Have a good one, Caro! 🎚🙋🏻


  2. Morning, all –
    I needed to jumble on paper to get CASINO, though we’ve seen it before. Conditioning was one of the few related words I could think of and heir wasn’t hard to find after that.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. I too felt that conditioning was easily seen. And I already had “air” in mind, so looking at the quotes as you’re saying, and going with the kids as part of the theme, I immediately thought HEIR. But it may be too early to tell WEATHER or not the solve will be too tricky. I’m monitoring the stats, and there’s not much going on yet. We’ll wait and see if COOLER heads prevail! Have a good one! 🎚🙋🏻


    • Earl, 😉 The last line? Are you asking me? Or is that an example? There’s no quotes, so I’m not sure! It’s so funny because you’ve really GOT me thinking here! I know that I use got quite often, when I should be using have. It’s poetic license. It’s NY slang. I’m aware of it, and I’m ok with it. I do it especially in my stories. But this is different. This “gotten” thing has me going. I found an article that mentions how it’s a big America English vs British English issue. I’m going to post it here for you. I’m stuffing manicotti shells, and keyings not very compatible, so I hope I copied it right and that it comes over…I think we may have opened a can of worms!!!😳🙋🏻


  3. I saw casino as caison (which is actually spelled caisson) so once I got that one corrected I was able to figure out the cartoon answer. I do love the challenge of those quotation marks. Happy Sunday everyone and keep rolling along like those caissons or casinos whichever you prefer.

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    • Hi Betty! LOL…Couldn’t squeeze those letters it in there, huh? Too funny…You know I’m with you on this. I’ve always loved the quotation marks. When we see them, we usually know we’re in for something good! Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! (Only now I’ve got that…🎶Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…🎶 Theme from Rawhide in my head)…LOL…Have a great day! 🎚🙋🏻


  4. I was thinking of the Army Anthem “Over Hill Over Dale we will hit the dusty trail and those caissons go rolling along” However, I did love Frankie Laine and the theme from Rawhide.

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    • …And now…..That one’s playing…!! 🎶🎶 LOL. Good choice! Before I was thinking if only I had a dime for every time my Mother said…”God, I wish you came with an off switch…”, I’d be rich. But then I thought if I had a choice? Now I’d take the off switch! 😂😂 It can really get deafening! Have a good one, Betty! (Oh no.. I hear Tina Turner coming)! 😉 🙋🏻


  5. Hi, all! I solved HEIR CONDITIONING immediately and have Mike to thank because when I called what we have “refrigeration,” he persisted in calling it “air conditioning,” thus my instant solve. Thanks, Mike!

    I got IRONIC, GOTTEN, & HOLLER after 2 glances each, but had to back into NIBBLE & CASINO.

    Saving the first for last, I looked at the first clue word and asked Jerry if there was a football position called the “Off End.” OFFEND never even occurred to me. Then I wondered if “end off” is a compound word, as in, “Now that we have eaten a wonderful Sunday meal, now we will end off with a delicious dessert.” I looked it up and found that the expression is “end up” not “end off.” Even when I backed into the answer, I backed into OFF END as a compound word until I saw Angela’s list and thought to pronounce it OFFEND.

    I gave myself almost as much trouble with OFFEND as I did the day that I kept pronouncing the word ICING as “ic ing” while wondering what in the world that word could be!

    Have a sweet Sunday!

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    • Lelia, there’s no “off end” position in football, but a player who recently retired from the Chicago Bears after setting the team record for most games played had the position of “long snapper” (for field goals, etc.) He said he distinctly remembered his wife’s reaction when he told her he might be able to make the team at that position – she said “That’s a job?” 😂😂


  6. LOL…It’s all good, Lelia…As long as we don’t OFFEND anyone! That wouldn’t be COOL! Hope you’re enjoying your day! Take care…🎚🙋🏻


  7. Hi, Steve! How about our 106 degrees expected in Phoenix today! Several days ago the prediction was 108 for today, then down to 105, and now they’re guessing 106.
    Your expected for noon today is 64 or 65 with tomorrow’s guess being 70. Button up! ha


    • Hey Lelia, Speaking of your weather, that cartoon today looks more like five pounds of air conditioning rather than five tons! I hadn’t seen the forecast yet, but yes, I’ve actually had the heat on downstairs this morning. The sun is out now though and warming things up; it’s perfect. I thought I saw you guys in the 70’s last week, and thought ‘button up’ for you also.


      • Hi, Steve! Thanks for the story about the Chicago Bears’ wife who, like me, did not know that “long snapper” is the name of a football position.

        I still remember how happy you were to hear from me that our new refrigeration unit did not weigh 5 tons but produced what they measure as 5 tons of refrigerated air. Jerry keeps the thermostat at 78 degrees so that is the temp inside our house 24 hours a day. When he leaves for the day, I flip the thermostat up to 79 or 80 so I won’t have to go around shivering or wearing a light jacket to button up.

        Wow! You found a lot of words in CASINO. Even having the letters & backing in, it took me a while.


  8. Angela–Haven’t checked out the link yet—will later. But in reference to your post where you use “you’ve really got me thinking…” You are using HAVE—it’s in the contraction. And my last line was an example. Do you think “You really have me thinking” is more correct? Perhaps.
    But think of the American songs which use “I’ve got” and no one has a problem with it.
    “I’ve got you babe….” “I’ve got that special (?) feeling…” “I’ve got you under my skin…”
    “You’ve got to give a little..” et. al.
    Maybe it’s because of the contraction with have before the got that makes it seem all right?
    And I don’t recall if the Brits use forgotten and misbegotten or woebegotten or not.
    I have got to put a stop to this—you were right– I opened Pandora’s Box. Sorry.

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    • Hey Earl…I’m juggling right now, and I have people here…but I’ll get back to you. The article says a lot! And there’s nothing to be sorry for, at all. It’s very interesting..Just need a little time…🙄🙋🏻


    • Hey Earl. Yes, I know that the use of you’ve includes “have”. But, what I tend to do a lot, is say something like, “You got a ton of messages here”, instead of the proper way, “you have a ton…”. It’s in the vernacular, I know, but I sometimes feel it “sits” better with my story lines. A lot of my writing is very casual. But I know I’m speaking “incorrectly”. The gotten is a totally different animal. It’s not something I’ve ever given much thought to. But now I seem more confused. Too funny! It’s truly gotten under my skin! I’m going to go thru the article again. I’ve been rushing all day, with cooking, and guests, and workmen here…but the men are gone, and it’s quieting down….I’d like to hear what you think after reading it too. And I’m all for opening that Pandoras’ Box every once in a while…you never know just what may come out! 🙋🏻


      • Not trying to be funny here – Seriously, I HAVE GOTTEN a lot of enjoyment out of this discussion! Haven’t read the article yet. “Two peoples divided by a common language” indeed! 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • LOL…Indeed! Divided! Is it that bad? No, we’re not divided…just a tad of a separation perhaps! I haven’t even gone through the article again yet. I’m still working on trying to get my heart rate back to normal…I think the Yankees may be trying to kill me!…And I still have people around, eating… I definitely want to read the whole thing through again…🙋🏻


  9. Hi all – The answer was instant from the dialog and the words were no problem except for CASINO – again! Can’t believe how long it took me to get that even though we’ve seen it several times. It wasn’t cosine, mocasin, caisson, scallion, etc. etc.

    Angela, I think I’ve been at the motel next to the one you quoted:
    🎵”Trailer for sale or rent, rooms to let, fifty cents.
    No phone, no pool, no pets, I ain’t got no cigarettes
    Ah, but, two hours of pushin’ broom
    Buys an eight by twelve FOUR-BIT 😉 room
    I’m a man of means by no means, king of the road”🎵
    I’ll leave the light on and the Gideon open for Roger Miller and Tom Bodett.

    Frankie Laine, “Rawhide”, time to add “Muleskinner Blues” and the theme from Bonanza!” to the playlist in our heads!

    Have a great day everyone!

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    • LOL..Steve, Roger Miller in the same breath as Jimmy Buffet? I think you can be arrested in some states for that, no? I have to take a look and see how long ago we had Casino. Well not me…😉 But I’ll find out…I’m in the middle of a zillion things, but I’ll get to your other msgs. Hope you’re having a good one, Bud! 🙋🏻


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