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Happy Thursday, Jumble fans! All of the clue words in today’s puzzle were old favorites and not overly challenging. Did you see CRANNY as CANARY at first glance? Well I did and I even wrote it in the answer blocks! By some miracle the circled letters still gave me the RAN that I needed for the final solve so it wasn’t too big of a goof. I’m just happy that I caught my error while proofreading because I’d be inundated with angry emails all day long. Crisis averted! I’ll go ahead and choose it as the most difficult anagram of the day with WHIMSY being the runner-up.

Today’s cartoon would appear very simplistic if you only glanced at it before moving along to the final solve. In your haste you probably missed some sweet details that Jumble artist Jeff Knurek packed into this one so let me break it down for you.

A young child is seen covered in mud while his mother is scolding him. She’s literally putting him through the wringer and for good reason. He’s tracked mud all through the house and now she’ll have to take care of his mess. While staring at the cartoon I noticed that the 24 footprints the child made didn’t make a straight path from the door to the hallway. If you look closely you’d see that the path bends in a way to indicate that he made a pit stop in another room first. Now look at the child’s left hand. Do you see him holding a juice box with the straw sticking out? It looks like he stopped in the kitchen for something to quench his thirst after all that playing outside and mom has an even bigger mess to clean! My favorite detail of this panel was the rain pelting the door window. It looks like a glare but it’s actually droplets of water smashing against the pane of glass. Well done, Jeff!

The final solve wasn’t too difficult for me to figure out after reading the dialogue. The key word was bath bringing WATER to mind. After crossing the letters out, IN HOT was quick to be found for the finish.

I wish everyone a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!

14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/03/2018

  1. 🎶 Splish, splash, I was takin’ a BATH…Long about a Saturday night, yeah. A rub dub, just relaxin’ in the TUB…thinkin’ everythin’ was alright…Well, I stepped out the TUB, I put my feet on the floor…I wrapped the towel around me and I opened the door…And then a-splish, splash…I jumped back in the BATH.. Well, how was I to know there was a party goin’ on?…🎶

    🛁 Like yesterday we see a boy, and this one acts up too…
    ‘Cept this kid really crossed the line, he should take off those shoes…
    His Mother’s all a shaken, she’d hope that she’d relax,
    Not face a THEFT of leisure time…So Junior’s getting flak…
    “Go take a bath, remove the mud from every nook and CRANNY,
    You standing here EVOKEs the need to re-hire the Nanny…”
    The Nanny was a God-send, she was patient, she had WHIMSY,
    And Mom was free of antics, followed by excuses flimsy…
    So here we have a muddied floor and Junior really oughta,
    Get upstairs and get in that tub…’cause now he’s IN HOT WATER! 🛁

    Knowing me, you know that WHIMSY is a favorite word of mine, I FANCY it in my writing. Since it immediately EVOKEd a solve, as did our other words, I’m ready to WALK on over to our cartoon. Today we see a young boy, who’s come in out of the rain, and tracked in enough mud to cause his Mom to SEE RED! Standing there, face, light orange shirt and shoes blotched with MUD, Mom is YELLING him to go upstairs and take a BATH. MUD BATH? But Junior’s thoughts must be MUDdled, because he’s asking to put it off until the morning! Is he SKIDDING? Doesn’t he realize it’s the BATH or the WRATH? Doesn’t he see the damage he’s done? And that his GROUNDing has begun? This kid’s in trouble, the little RUGger! He’s…IN HOT WATER! HA! Good one, David! You really CLEANED UP with this one! Ok, eye candy. The raindrops splattering against the glass of the door is a nice touch….but it’s not SHOWERing me with affection. We’ve COVERED the footprints already…(Although I can’t help but wonder…Did he stop right there by the STEPS, or had he gone DEEPer into the house? Only Jeff could CLEAR this up for me)….There’s the DIRTY look of disSTAIN that Mom’s giving Junior, and his look of beMUDdlement…But the real eye candy to SPOT today is the gold JUICE BOX in Juniors hand. Did he have it with him when he was OUTSIDE? Or did he TRACK that MUD into the kitchen too, and get it after he came in? WATER you think? Hmm…I think he did! …And SOAP, like Mom, I’m now thinking…This is the last STRAW…WAIL…There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind…Before you look to get THE DIRT on someone else…Remember that it’s impossible to sling MUD with clean hands…CARPEt diem…🛁🙋🏻

  2. A THEFT might be an act of WHIMSY but it can EVOKE a frantic search of every nook and CRANNY.
    Like Mike I saw CANARY in my haste to unscramble and it was not until I Struggled with the solution that I realised my error. Clever cartoon and solution. Thanks MIke and Angela for the details I did not notice in my flummoxing around with letters. I always go back to appreciate your keen eyes.
    Great old song Angela–not sure how old but definitely pre-Beatles?
    From a male’s point of view, I sympathize more with the young lad than the Mom. If you are a comics fan, look at Marmaduke today. Still a poignant poem and I admire your skill.
    Off for my walk before the stormclouds gather over………

    • What a showcase of your skills, my friend! Not only did you make the sentence short, but you somehow managed to get it to rhyme. Splendid job, Earl! Enjoy your walk before the rain comes or it’ll be you making muddy footprints all over the house! 😊😊😊

    • Hi Earl. Good Morning. Thank you very much. And as I admire yours. These were great words to work with today, weren’t they! And I came up with a few sentences too. The song…Yes, pre-Beatles. 🎶Splish Splash🎶, 1958, Bobby Darin, and I agree it’s a classic. I did see Marmaduke this morning, and laughed at the coincidence. That old Double-Dog-Dare got me in plenty of HOT WATER growing up! You always had to take the dare…or you’d lose your Street Cred! 😉 And it was always worth it, too! 😉 As for taking sides when I write? I’m neutral. WATERever WORKS! It’s all show business! Hope the walk goes well, and I wish you a great day! 🛁🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Nice work by the “Three Amigos” as always. The breakdown of the kid with the juice box,opening song,use of the words in a sentence. We got it all today. Left info at 6:00pm last night about “Soup Nazi”for you Mike. Today’s puzzle was a snap. No problems with words. Agree that cranny would be my choice for hardest to get. The cartoon answer took about ten minutes to get after playing around with combinations of possible words for the answer. Until tomorrow stay well.

  4. Like Earl, I did see canary, Mike, and thought at first the middle word of the answer would be the. I backed into EVOKE.
    Thanks again, Mike and Angela, for pointing out the fun details that I missed.

    • Hi Caroline. You’re welcome, and Thank you for the shout out. Have a great day! 🛁🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – Yes I did see CANARY first, and then had to write the letters to back into the last word.

    My sense of WHIMSY is causing me to commit THEFT of lyrics to EVOKE and adapt an even older song than Splish Splash – “MYWISH is to SHIMY like my sister Kate.”

    Now forget about the bath; go and 🎵put {your} dancin’ shoes on🎵, especially since the next “One More Saturday Night” is Cinco de Mayo.

  6. One of the things I like about “Splish Splash” is that it EVOKEs other current songs of the era. Among the singer’s friends, 🎵”There was “Lollipop” a-with-a “Peggy Sue”; “Good Golly, Miss Molly” was even there too!”🎵

    • 🎶Bing Bang, I saw the whole Gang🎶… A regular Toga Party! 😂🙋🏻

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