Jumble Answers for 05/04/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!             🔫 A SHOT IN THE…PARK? 🔫 

🎶 BANG, BANG, he SHOT me down…BANG, BANG, I hit the ground…BANG, BANG, that awful sound…BANG, BANG…my baby shot me down…MUSIC played and people sang….Just for me the church bells rang. Now he’s gone, I don’t know why, and ’till this day, sometimes I cry…He didn’t even say goodbye, he didn’t take the time to lie...BANG BANG, my Baby SHOT me down….🎶

🔫 We’re looking in on History, the bitter and the SUITE,
And ODDLY what we’re seeing has audiences on their feet.
The Broadway musical “Hamilton” has taken us by storm…
And trying to get tickets is no where near the norm.
Lin-Manuel Miranda has written quite the hit,
And it don’t matter who you know, it’s hard to get in it…
You want to hear some music, see the play about the Duel?
You’re probably more LIKELY using HYMNALs as a rule.
This play about our History, for Tony’s it was voted…
The story is a good one, and today it’s “DUEL-Y” NOTED! 🔫

Looking at today’s words, we can see that they may be the most difficult of the week so far. DUELable, surebut a bit of a CHALLENGE. Were you playing with DOLLY before ODDLY came to mind? Were you convinced that the word began with an “L”? And HYMNAL? …What can I say? Doesn’t end in “Y”, loaded with consonants…SING David’s praises! I think it’ll be the word to make NOTE of today…So, on to our cartoon.

Today, Jeff has given us art imitating life. We’re brought back to Summer 1804. We see AARON BURR, the sitting Vice President of the U.S., left, challenging ALEXANDER HAMILTON, the former Secretary of the Treasury, right, to a DUEL, using WOGDON PISTOLS. And as History has NOTED, the DUEL took place on July 11th, at Weehawken, NJ. HAMILTON was shot and mortally wounded, dying on July 12th. (The background story, and the subsequent historical happenings, are available online for anyone interested in reading up on it). Our dialogue gives us the formal challenge, and our question asks what the challenge was…It was “DUEL-Y” NOTED. Son of a GUN! Good one, David. You killed it! Very clever!…Ok, eye candy…Once again, Jeff’s art work is RIGHT on the MARK. His caricatures of the two men is extremely well done. But the panel doesn’t lend itself much to eye candy. Except for the candle burning, and the expected period clothing and hairstyles, the only thing that I can put my finger on, is the pair of gray GLOVES in BURR’S hand. Nice TOUCH, Jeff. I’ll take a SHOT with that…So, There you have it, Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone, and remember…Violence is never the solution, and hatred is a DUEL-edged sWORD….Better to just…BURRy the hatchet…🔫🙋🏻

PS: I should mention that HAMILTON, the Broadway musical, is truly NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET...no pun intended! 🙋🏻