Jumble Answers for 12/25/2018








IE   T   F   DG   =   GIFTED


Good Morning, Everyone!              🎁 IT’S A WRAP! 🎁

And it is a WRAP! Christmas is finally here! And the GIFT giving is in full force! Our words were a gift, solved easily enough, and our answer SIGNED, SEALED and DELIVERED! We see a TALENTED young girl, in the process of making PRESENTS for her Family…And she’s obviously…GIFTED! Can it get any easier than this? Good one, David! WRAPPED up with a Bow!

And Jeff has been good to us too…He’s given us some amazing eye candy today…We see our girl, in the PRESENTS of her parents, making the following: A Snowman, a blue Dreidel, two necklaces, one of brown rings, the other of what looks like pink shells, Holly leafed Pom-Pom earrings, a red candle, and a Nativity structure made of wooden sticks. Extra rings, sticks, cut pieces of paper, and an extra Pom Pom are seen strewn about.  Her Father, clad in a green University of Michigan Sweatshirt, smiles happily, while her Mother, with a red BOW of Stars in her hair, sports a White Tree-Trimmed Sweater, with a Star on its shoulder, and she’s exclaiming how talented her daughter is. She’s holding a small Christmas Tree, topped off with a Gold Star. We see a pair of scissors, sheets of paper, glue, showing a cow’s head and reading, “MOO GLUE” (very clever, Jeff)!…and a red work rag near at hand. But the eye candy? If you look real closely, showing on the Mom’s sweater, right under her right sleeve, there’s a man in a red Sleigh holding on to reins..Santa perhaps? Bringing GIFTS?… So, There you have it, Folks! Done!

Hoping  you all received the gifts your hearts desired.. and that your hearts this Christmas morning are filled with the true meaning of the Day…Gift giving and receiving is a wonderful thing, but the real wonder of Christmas lies within our belief. And may we always Believe…Have a wonderful Christmas Day, Everyone! Share the joy, share the love, share the light….🎁🙋🏻


10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/25/2018

  1. Pixel gave me reason to pause,but not the recent repeats,family and dredge.The short and sweet solution,gifted,was a Xmas treat.The 4 yr old twins,Kate and Jane,left treats for Santa’s reindeer last night for Santa’s round the world journey.We’re off to Utica,Illinois from Naperville for our family Xmas dinner and gift exchange this afternoon.Merry Xmas to one and all.

    • Good Morning, Prof! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Yes, Pixel doesn’t usually come up in dinner conversation. I think you either know it..or you don’t. And the answer? You called it, a treat! Kids and Christmas..it doesn’t get any better, right? It’s magical! On the road again? You amaze me, Chuck…God Bless You! Wishing you a great day with your loved ones. Enjoy! 🎄🎅🏻🙋🏻

  2. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I had to check to see if PIXEL was actually a word.
    Moo Glue – I love that one, too.
    I had never thought about why Elmer’s glue, which is what I use, has a cow on it. From Wikipedia I learned that Borden’s introduced the glue, and that Elmer the Bull is the mate of Elsie the Cow of their dairy division. Glue once had casein, a byproduct of milk, in it but not anymore.
    Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Caroline…LOL! Moo Glue! So witty, right? And Elmer and Elsie, how cute is that? Wishing a great Christmas to you and yours, Caroline! 🎄🎅🏻🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – Just a quick pause at MONTH. Then my first thought was that the answer was CRAFTY, but there was no Y. Reading ‘making presents’ showed it.

    Thanks for the details Angela (and the note about Elmer, Caroline). At first I wondered whether those were popsicle sticks or emery boards, thought that the dreidel was a building after an earthquake, and thought that the jar might contain library paste, which some find delicious!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    After yesterday’s rain, I walked out my door at 6AM to see Venus doing its impression of The Star Of Bethlehem, shining brilliantly and beautifully in the East.
    This clip is of David Bowie and Bing Crosby performing “Little Drummer Boy (Peace on Earth)”:

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