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  1. Happy Thursday everyone! There weren’t any new clue words to tell you about this morning. A couple of the anagrams were though. SUDEO and SIYFET were the ones that we’ve definitely bumped into before. I’d say SUDEO must be one of David’s favorites because it returned 11 different times over the past seven years or so. None of the scrambles felt like they were impossible to solve. A couple of extra looks to get FEISTY was pretty much my only delay.

    Today’s cartoon featured a group of seniors getting together to play Canasta. The sentence mentioned that the game was being held at a retirement center so that probably explains why a few players are running a bit late. I got a hoot out of the nervous Nellie’s up front that were eager to get the game started. They must take the game of Canasta very seriously to be that anxious to play! Underneath their dialogue exchange was today’s biggest clue. The action lines above the deck of cards indicated that the deck was being shuffled. It ended up being my ace in the hole, but I didn’t know that until I wrote out the clue letters. Some of the other neat stuff that I saw was pop holding a can of pop, a gentleman in the back casually shuffling a deck of cards (his deck was action line-free), and a beautiful pendant being worn by one of the female players.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10 letters. Three of them were vowels and seven were consonants. The U and the F’s in the layout were no big surprise after noticing the cartoon clue. With SHUFFLED crossed out, IN was all that was left to bring this one to a close. Have a terrific Thursday everyone, and just keep LIJNGMUB!

  2. Easy and enjoyable, maybe it’s Thursday?
    Really nice weather in Calley as we build toward next weeks awful heat wave.
    Hoping to see my daughter on Friday if her schedule complies……………….
    May you all shuffle in and enjoy life!!!!

  3. Good Morning, Everyone….♣️ ALL HANDS ON DECK? ♠️

    🎶Just move it right here to the Harlem Shuffle…Huh, yeah, yeah, yeah…Do the Harlem SHUFFLE….Yeah, yeah, yeah…Do the Harlem SHUFFLE…🎶 “The Harlem Shuffle” – The Rolling Stones 1986 https://tinyurl.com/yjcynj8m

    ♦️The group was very colorful, albeit up in years,
    A FEISTY bunch, the lot of them…living amongst their peers…
    But UNLIKE those who moved real quick, this group, they took their time,
    They had a lot of it to spare…the leisure life…sublime…
    They’d DOUSE the thought of hurrying…a card game no exception,
    One even stopped to film a FINCH…not caring ‘bout perception…
    They’ll get to their Canasta game…The start time to begin?
    With this bunch it came down to when they all had SHUFFLED IN! ♥️

  4. 💦 Known as one to UNLIKE birds of any kind, he SHUFFLED IN to his Florida room after he noticed a flock of FEISTY, colorful FINCH nested near its eaves, and proceeded to DOUSE them with the hose… 💦

    🃏 Always UNLIKE the others, he was FEISTY and abrupt,
    And more than once found guilty to DOUSE plans when he’d erupt…
    They called him FINCH ‘cause he ate seeds, you know those pumpkin ones,
    They’d watch him go through many bags…a vulture once begun
    And when there’d be a poker game, they knew he’d be thin skinned…
    But since he played so poorly, Finch was always SHUFFLED IN! 🃏

  5. A partial blind solve today after seeing some “F”s in the anagrams. Had to back in UNLIKE, and that was difficult since we misspelled FIESTY (Let’s see…I before E, except after C). I vividly remember playing Canasta with the old folks in our family in the mid-50’s…all I remember is the word Meld from those days. Have a great Thursday.

  6. I also misspelled FEISTY at first and had to check spelling because I knew there had to be an i somewhere. Anyone else see Sudeo and start thinking of Phil Collins’ “Su-Sussudio?” Probably just this strange mind. Anyway, it shook the cobwebs out of this morning. A Douse of the short, warbling song of the Feisty Finch is Unlike any other bird. Big thunderstorms rolled through the Plains last night. More on tap tonight. Be quick but don’t hurry.

  7. Good morning. Pretty easy for a Thursday Jumble. Whew, all caught up on the days of the week. This old dog didn’t fall again for that “i” before “e” trick we learned as kids. I screwed up last time and remembered asking you Angela what the heck went wrong. Had no problem with the words and my first thought on the cartoon answer was strolled in but, when I put the letters down that eliminated that answer. First time hearing that song choice. I really had my head in the sand when it came time for the 70s,80s music. Those guys are one of my sister-in-law’s favorite groups. She’s traveled to quite a few places to see them live. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. That old “I” before “E”?…Thing is, it doesn’t apply here! Trust me, I have to stop and look at these ie-ei words at times too. They’re a pain! But the solve? One of the guys this morning, without looking at the words, said “strolled” at first too. But the key here is the decks of cards. If you look closely, both the man and the woman are seen “SHUFFLING cards. Whomp…There it is! You gotta study that cartoon! 😉 As for the Stones? I don’t think very many people are familiar with the song…but I remember learning to dance the “Harlem Shuffle”…and of course, it’s what first popped into my head. But I also went with it because of Jagger. Gotta HAND it to him…Seeing him dancing like that, in the CLUB? He no way stole my HEART, but he does look like ACES…considering he’s always been a DIAMOND in the rough! 😉 Ok..I’ve SPADE here long enough…Have a good one, Brooklyn…Be well, stay safe…and hoping you have an easy time DEALING with the day! ♥️🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. My papers were delayed until after 10 yesterday morning,and I’m without a real newspaper again this morning,ugh! I did go online,and got the nagrms,w a pause on feisty and even unlike.But having the letters,and the canasta clue,in was an obvious choice for the 2 letter word,quickly followed by the complete ” shuffled in” solution.

  9. So quickly solved that I have time to tell this very old joke. Most of us here remember the paid toilet cabin..,
    Here I sit, broken hearted! Paid a nickel and only farted!😂
    Have a pleasant day

  10. Easy breezy puzzle this morning. I’m not a card player – my speed is Crazy 8’s or Old Maid but I do remember that Canasta was a wildly popular game in the 1950’s. I hope you’re all dealt a good day.

    • Your memory serves you well, Betty. Wikipedia says that it was wildly popular in the 50’s, but interest began to wane during the 60’s and beyond. 🙂

  11. Hi all – For once I looked at the cartoon first, and got the answer from the card-centered dialog. The UN trick worked for UNLIKE (seems like there have been a lot of ‘un’s lately), and then FEISTY took the longest. I was trying the EST suffix at first.

    All I remember about canasta was that my family used to play with either two or three decks at a time, and we got a couple of shuffling gizmos to make it easier. I thought maybe the cartoon would show that. Good memory on the word “meld” – I’d forgotten that!

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The new FINCH was UNLIKE others they had had, and they had to occasionally DOUSE him to calm his FEISTY behavior.”

      • No, I don’t think so. One was just a V-shape that held two decks on edge facing each other and you rotated the sides toward yourself to shuffle.
        The other held two decks in opposite bins and had a crank you turned, and the shuffled cards dropped into the center bin.

        • I have a bunch of different shuffling devices that belonged to my Mother. They used to play a game with three decks of cards too. Maybe four…And the “gizmos” worked wonders, IMO. But are you getting a sense of déjà vu with this? I remember having a conversation here on the blog a while back about just this subject…multiple-decked cards games, and the shuffling gadgets. And different forms of Rummy…🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. FYI: “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore” – Yogi Berra. Well, today we’re looking at 55¢..the cost of a Forever Stamp. And the USPS has finally gotten around to honoring the beloved legend, Yogi, with a postage stamp of his own. https://tinyurl.com/j5y2fnmt It’s being issued today, and I received an Email last night telling me that my pre-ordered panels are on the way. (And yes, I told Caroline last week)! 😉 So, if anyone out there has a special place in their heart for Yogi, as I do, now’s the time to grab those stamps. As Yogi would say…”It gets late early out here”! ⚾️🙋🏻‍♀️

  13. A bit of ageism here today, suggesting that retirement home residents shuffle, i.e., do not lift their feet as they walk. My mother, in a care home for the last few years of her life, always made an effort to walk, and not shuffle.

    • Hi Helen. I don’t think they meant it in that vein, with judgement or disrespect of any kind. Neither David or Jeff are in any way “those” kind of people. Nit at all. Just that going for the pun, the word Shuffling in regards to cards makes the solve entertaining. And you can see that the characters drawn don’t have the appearance of being that aged and/or prone to shuffling. But I can understand your feeling the way you do. My Mother had a problem with her gait for many years…between arthritis and having fallen. And she too did her best to stay conscious of how she walked. Let’s hear it for our Moms! 🍷A toast! 🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I think we’re a lot more conscious of all the “isms” here in Canada but we won’t get into the PC issues in this forum!!

        • No! you are not more conscious, across the border! I think “everyone” has gotten Way too freaking more sensitive in the US and outlying areas! To the point where it is getting ridiculous! And yes! I felt a little sting, because my elderly mom died 7 years ago! I didn’t take this, as much of an insult, as you maybe did! I felt bad thinking of her, though! And only Because we have been “geared and formed” every damn day to the POLITICALLY CORRECT AGENDA! My Mom was a “card”, and would have laughed at the connotation. These gentleman that do these puzzles, day in and day out, aren’t trying to offend! You should buy some of the older books of puzzles, I have found online, and see how misogynistic they are! It’s the olden days, back then. But they are still being sold! Very demeaning to women, by the way! Not these modern two men! I will stick up for these guys, being the upright individuals that have proved themselves to be! So this I will post! And it will be taken away! So be it! People! Stop being so GD sensitive! Get over it!

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