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Good morning and welcome to the first day of February!  A small snow storm blanketed my area with an inch of the white stuff which gave the kids a two hour delay of school.  There was no sleeping in for me as I enjoy the peace and quiet of a snowy morning so I made my coffee and got straight to work.  FONDUE was the only word that had me thinking today but it wasn’t too much trouble.  The cartoon answer was four words and contained quite a few vowels.  I started with the two letter words and saw OF together and ON.  Looking at the cartoon for guidance, I noticed the roses in the pots and the answer hit me right over the head!  I corrected ON to be NO and the rest was a piece of cake.  It was over in a flash and my coffee hadn’t even finished brewing so I scoured the cartoon for details. The woman’s crooked trowel was obvious but if I stopped there the fact that she had a kneeling pad and was looking at some rocks in her left had may have escaped my eye — nice touch!  Be well and I’ll see you tomorrow.  😊🌹

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  1. Good morning. Had me laughing on Harry’s response. Took too long to get the last two words and when I did I could kick myself. It looks so easy after you get them. Didn’t pick up on the roses being planted but,it came to me after awhile. Almost gives me enough courage to tackle the crossword next. Stay well.

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  2. Fondue gave me a problem, but I went on and solved the crossword. I thought the 1st word was so, but once I realized it was no it popped right into my head. Love the jumble, anxious to see the one for Ground Hog Day.

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  3. Another rough solve, today. Well over 10 minutes to get the puzzle after solving the words in under a minute. so, so, seeds, bones, weren’t getting it done. Interestingly, looking at the first notes I had made, I had no and of. Too bad I didn’t get bed and roses then!

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    • I would have had a real tough time solving it if I hadn’t noticed the roses. They looked out of place and that’s how it popped in my head. Better luck tomorrow my friend! 🙂


  4. No problem with today’s puzzle, though I didn’t notice the roses until you mentioned them. Thank you for reminding us to look closely at the picture. Have a good day

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  5. Wow! I did fine with all 4 words today, but the cartoon answer was no bed of roses for me to figure out even though our artist gave us a huge hint by drawing all those roses. I stared at and worked with the letters for more than ten minutes before digging out my letter tiles. A couple of swirls of the letters and there was the word roses which made me shout out the answer with glee.
    I loved what you said today, as usual, and was glad that you paid attention to the roses in the picture as I did not. Loved everyone’s comments.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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  6. The link doesn’t seem to work on a mobile phone. Houston Chronicle jumble still works on mobile phone. Weird.


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