Jumble Answers for 02/02/2017








Happy Groundhog Day and warmest woodchuck wishes everyone!  By now you’ve probably heard the word that Punxsutawney Phil prognosticated six more weeks of winter, but don’t despair as spring will be here before you know it.  If we didn’t get an inch of snow yesterday, I would have thought spring had already sprung.  I was surprised that today’s puzzle wasn’t Groundhog Day themed, but we did receive a great puzzle nonetheless.  The most challenging of the quartet were the two A-words but they didn’t slow me down.  I sprinted to the cartoon in a jiffy with my clue letters in tow and decided to stare at the illustration a bit before attempting the answer.  There were five alligators pictured on the edge of the water with the first two exchanging some words about them all being so close together.  At that point I knew it would be a play on words because of the quotation marks so I had alligators and a traffic jam to work with.  Looking at my letters, I found GATOR immediately with LTAIS left over.  TAIL was easily visible and I made GATOR plural for the finish.  What a great pun and excellent artwork by David and Jeff that didn’t disappoint!  I hope you enjoyed the puzzle as much as I did and I’ll see you tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/02/2017

  1. Didn’t have a problem with the words or the puzzle answer and the word GroundHog was used in the crossword puzzle so I’m good with that. Now on to the trivia….and my brain should be fully engaged. lol

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  2. Good morning. Between the news and jumble it took me an hour to solve. Had trouble with absurd and tried to solve the cartoon. All I could get was “tail” so back to the word. Finally I was able to get both. A nice challenge today. Wonder if the movie ground hog day with Bill Murphy is on today. Until tomorrow.

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    • I’m sure that movie will be on several times today. I haven’t seen it in years and my wife mentioned over dinner last night that we should watch it. Such a classic!!! Have a great Thursday, Paul!


  3. Good morning! I agree that the alligator cartoon was fun to look at and helped a lot with the answer. Loved your pic of Groundhog Day. I agree that spring is imminent because our weatherman predicted 80 degrees in Phoenix next week!! Daughter out of school early today, taking me to lunch, woo hoo! Have a terrific Thursday!!

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  4. Did anyone notice that the available letters perfectly spell the alternative answer of “goat- trails”? Not really a pun or as witty, but an interesting coincidence.

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