Jumble Answers for 02/03/2017








TGIF and have a great weekend everyone!!!


15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/03/2017

    • I tried the link on my iPad and it doesn’t work. When you click it on a desktop, does it bring you to a site with flash? That’s my guess as to why it won’t work on my iPad. I’ll continue to use your link to the Post Star which is the BEST. I like that I can d/l the PDF and enlarge the image while maintaining clarity. Thanks Clay!


  1. Good morning! Rather than writing the letters from the circles really large & legibly as you showed us in your pic, I scribbled mine today so badly that I copied them wrong twice. Oops. We know that haste makes waste. Tomorrow I’m gonna be OK with taking as long to do the Jumble as it takes and enjoy it without rushing myself. Even though I rushed today and took forever to finish, I did enjoy the words, cartoon, and answer. Have a fantastic Friday!

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    • Oh no Lelia! It was a difficult puzzle today and transcribing the letters can be a challenge if you’re not careful. I’m sure that you’ll take your time tomorrow and maybe even use your scrabble tiles to get it figured out. I’ll be late posting tomorrow’s answer so feel free to post if you get it! Lots to do to prepare for the big game so it’ll be grocery shopping and a few other errands tomorrow. If I don’t go early to the grocery store, EVERYONE goes later in the day and it’s insanely busy. I went late in the day last year before the Super Bowl and they ran out of grocery carriages! Enjoy the rest of your day! 😀


  2. Good morning. Hope that you are in good health. Was waiting to see what your outcome was. Accrue was the hard word for me. When I couldn’t make another word I had to check to make sure it was a word. The cartoon answer took about a minute to solve. Even though when they are in quotations, I struggle. Stay well.

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    • Hi Paul! I had a few errands to do this morning so there was quite a delay in my post. It’s going to be late tomorrow as well as we have some plans in the morning. It seem’s as though the difficult puzzles only come up when I don’t post on time! I agree with ACCRUE as being the doozy this morning. I thought it appeared to be spelled correctly so I went with it and it worked out! Have a great Friday my friend. 😀


  3. Accrue and the puzzle were stumpers today. With all of the words solved, I still couldn’t get the puzzle. Finally walked away and came back to it later. Upon a second look it popped right out at me!

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