Jumble Answers for 12/02/2016







Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you’re having a great morning and feeling well today.  It seems like everyone I know is coming down with a cough or cold so I hope I’m not the next victim…  Another fun puzzle this morning with the first two words on the more difficult side.  I managed to solve them both with just a minor pause on DOUSE.  With all of the clue words solved it was on to the cartoon which featured the “Just One Bite Bakery”.  Kudos to you if you could make out the names of the cookies and pies.  I’m sure they had funny names, however, the placards were too small and the only one I could decipher was Apple Pie.  Perhaps “Humble Jumble Pie” or “Mixed-Up Macaroons” were also baked up fresh for the customers.   IT seemed like the correct two letter word so that’s were I started.  With a little self jumbling of the letters I found DESSERTED to complete the pun and solve the puzzle.  Enjoy your day and I’ll see you tomorrow!  😊🍪🍰


5 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/02/2016

  1. I did not have much trouble figuring out the words and it stood to reason that IT was the last word. I saw the first word and thought that I must be wrong as did not seem to be a good answer, however, it proved to be the only one. Everyone have a great weekend.


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