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Happy Tuesday, Jumble friends! All of today’s clue words were recycled favorites but the anagrams of PIVOT and BUREAU were new. If you came looking for help this morning, my guess is that BUREAU was the word that stumped you. The two U’s coupled together at the end of the layout threw me off as well so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. Looking back in the archives, I noticed that DOUSE has been used 11 times since I’ve been keeping track. Of those 11 appearances, 8 of them have been the exact same anagram that we saw this morning! Our oldest word of the group was EXPERT and was last seen on 6/11/16. DOUSE was the newest and was in gameplay last month on 1/15.

The setting for today’s cartoon was a restaurant that is perched high atop a mountain. How cool is that!!! We see three Jumble characters seated in the dining room while the rest of the panel offers us a sweeping view of the landscape below. Of the three characters, only two of them have dialogue. The male can be seen looking over the menu and marveling at the pasta options while the female takes a few moments to soak up the views before deciding what she’s going to order. The third character in the frame has already been served his dinner and is chowing down on what looks like a piece of meat.

There wasn’t a whole lot of extra detail in the panel because the stunning view was where we were supposed to focusing our attention. The male holding the menu was wearing a cowboy hat and polo style shirt while the female has her hair pulled back in a bun and has simple stud earrings. There was a small vase in the middle of the table with a single flower in it. Lastly I noticed that the man in the background appears to be left handed because he’s holding the fork in that hand.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 8-letters. I was hoping for more of a challenge after yesterday’s gimme answer but it definitely wasn’t the case. David did a splendid job of separating the U and P but they were the oddball letters that caught my attention first. SERVED was clearly visible in the remaining letters for a lightning fast finish.

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7 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/05/2019

  1. All 4 anagrams were near an instant solve as was the final ” served up ” solution.Either I’m getting smarter,probably not,or the puzzles are getting easier,as that was 2 blind solves in a row.

  2. Hi all – No problem with the words or answer today.

    Mike, I have an alternate explanation for the left-handed fork. The mountains could be in Europe, possibly Switzerland, and he’s eating European-style. (Things you learn when you marry into a Dutch family. That, and “Kiss The Cook”. 😂). If the fork prongs were pointing down instead of up that would confirm it, but I think they’re hidden.

    If they have earthquakes around that restaurant, you get a free trip down the ski run, snow or not! Speaking of which..
    We got our own little taste of winter this morning, just to remind us not to gloat *too* much, I guess. It’s not unusual to get a dusting of snow on the tops of the higher surrounding peaks once or twice a year and we did get that, but my car’s temperature read 37, and when I flipped the wipers to get the condensation off the windshield, they pushed over a coating of slushy ice that had formed on them, which has never happened to me here at sea level.
    The Weather Channel says that right now we’re colder than NYC or Portsmouth, NH.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    • Hi, Steve! It was absolutely gorgeous this afternoon, and just in time for the parade! The sun broke through the clouds around noon and the temperatures soared into the high 50’s. All of our snow melted so it’s like a pre-spring treat. I shut down the pellet stove for the past two days and gave it a thorough cleaning because I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the cold. No robin sightings either which has me bummed but it shouldn’t be much longer. Give my regards to the cook! 😉

  3. Good afternoon. I’ve been away since Sunday morning and just got back home. Celebrated a family members birthday in A/C at borgata. I was able to get Sundays words before I left because I went to mass Saturday. Never got the chance to finish it or look at yesterday’s or today’s paper. Tomorrow it’s back to A/C with the church group. Just checking in to let you good folks know I’m still here. Just it case it might be on somebody’s mind. I know from my own thinking when somebody drops out you begin to wonder if that person really did,just drop out. Human nature I guess. More like compassion for the attachment you get from reading others people’s post. Until tomorrow or Thursday take care.

    • I figured you were in A/C and didn’t have time to drop a line, Paul. It was even better to hear that you were celebrating a birthday so I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

      You didn’t miss much because the puzzles have been really easy. I’m sure the duo will have a couple of good ones to close out the week so I’ll enjoy the blind solves while I can. Best of luck tomorrow, and I surely hope you hit the big jackpot!!!!!!!! 🍀🎰 🍀

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