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Happy Monday, everyone! Our Jumble sleuthing duties began with four clue words that were old friends. They all came into view at first glance making for an easy start to the week. The anagram for HIGHER was, in my opinion, the most cryptic of the bunch so it’s my pick for the hardest word for today. The layout of BUSHY was the same anagram we saw when it was last used on 9/21/16. A quick search of the archives revealed that TRUSTY was the oldest word of the day with a gameplay date of 10/16/14.

Today’s cartoon was a scene that has played out numerous times in the past and was most likely instantly recognizable to regular players of the game. In the foreground we see three Jumble characters that provide today’s dialogue while in the background we see two shadowy figures taking flight in a primitive looking airplane.

If the visual clues didn’t provide enough information for you to figure out what you were looking at, the cartoon sentence provided two additional ones. America and aviation industry were the key words this morning which should have brought the Wright Brothers to mind.

I was surprised to see that the airplane was piloted by both brothers at the same time as I always thought that they had flown alone. A quick search revealed that Orville and Wilbur had promised their father, who feared losing both sons in an airplane accident, that they would never fly together. The father made a single exception, however, on May 25, 1910, and allowed the brothers to share a six-minute flight near Dayton with Orville piloting and Wilbur the passenger. After landing, Orville took his 82-year-old father on his first and only flight. As Orville gained elevation, his excited father cried out, “Higher, Orville, higher!”

The final solve was a 13-letter anagram that wasn’t overly challenging. BROTHERS was easy to spot leaving RIGHT to be found in the remaining letters. It was another easy start to the week so I’ll enjoy my win for the day and look forward to the challenges ahead. Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow for more Jumble fun!

16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/04/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone. Eye candy this morning? Two different spellings of endeavor in the dialogue. One correct, one incorrect. It was the first thing I noticed when I opened up the puzzle. I’m wondering..Has this ever happened before? 🤔🙋🏻

    • Good morning, Angela! My newspaper had the dialogue as:

      “They did it!”
      “They’ve always gotten along so well. No wonder they succeeded.”
      “Most family members wouldn’t survive such an endevour.”

      I remember in David’s interview that he said he submits corrections but sometimes the individual newspapers don’t fix them. It might be what happened today. 🙂👋🏻

      • Yes, on-line versions had endevour also. That’s an incorrect spelling. It stuck out like a sore thumb! 😉 My paper had the correct spelling, both (of course), in my digital email version and in the hard copy. I was surprised though to see the correction made, although I do remember what David had said…I just don’t remember if I ever saw it pinted both ways before…🤔🙋🏻

          • Yes, Mike, you’re right. It does read that way. Sorry about that, I didn’t write my message clearly enough. ( I’m a little under the weather) ..It just seems so odd though, seeing it printed differently…🙋🏻

  2. I’m still on the road so accessed the puzzle online.Can there be a quicker than instant solve to the 4 anagrams? I then had a solution solve without even listing the anagram letters.Weather wise it’s 47 degrees here in Naperville and raining so snow is about gone.

    • Sounds like you had yourself a blind solve, Chuck! 😎👍🏻
      The sun is out here in NH with a temperature of 49 and rising. My driveway was covered in ice this morning but it’s nearly gone now.

    • Exactly…
      And I always tell my Littles, as a GROUP, to make it a normal endeavor, to attain a HIGHER level of awareness, by putting faith in their TRUSTY dictionary, and to always check a word they’re unsure of… like BUSHY vs bushie, etc…I especially have to remind the two who always think they’re the RIGHT BROTHERS! 😂
      Good Afternoon, Chuck! 📚🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – The only thing I paused at was TRUSTY. It seemed a bit of an odd word because I thought of it in the sense of an inmate who helps run a prison, but then I remembered the more common sense in all those Westerns, where the sheriff pulls out his “trusty six-shooter”.

    I was glad to see that the online versions were updated as usual, and I just checked and saw that the Sunday puzzle has finally been updated also, so I hope that yesterday’s delay was just a one time glitch.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    So Mike, up next do we have the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup and then the Celtics taking the Larry O’Brien? You might have to tear yourself away from the Red Sox for a few minutes this June!

  4. The HIGHER the mountain-climbing GROUP ascended, the more TRUSTY it became of it’s BUSHY eye-browed guide.

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