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Happy Wednesday, Jumble geniuses! Our midweek puzzle began with all of our anagrams listed in alphabetical order. They’ve all been used before, but the anagrams themselves were brand new. The first three posed no challenge while the fourth one gave me some slight hesitation. I immediately tried making words using the ING suffix that I noticed in the layout but nothing seemed to work. A quick shuffling of the letters allowed ORIGIN to pop into view so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. Our oldest word this morning was shift and it was last used on 8/4/17. Our most recent repeat was GLOOMY with a gameplay date of 8/21/18.

Moving along to the cartoon, the first thing that I noticed was that every bit of the available space within the panel was utilized. The cartoon sentence informs us that a couple has come to this office to purchase their dream home and they’re looking at a layout of lots that are currently available for sale. Sitting behind the desk is an older woman who is presumably the sales person for the subdivision. The logo on the front of the desk identifies the name of the subdivision as Sunset City but doesn’t offer any clues as to where they’re located.

The male half can be seen perusing the map for the perfect spot and he seems to be interested in a lot near the golf course. The sales woman is quick to point out that there’s still land available near the pool so perhaps the couple will have talk it over before making a final decision. If I was in their position, I would definitely choose the golf course lot because it’s probably much quieter there during the day. Decisions decisions!!!

The final solve was anagram consisting of 11-letters which is three more than yesterday’s. I noticed FLOOR at the rear of the layout but the remaining letters didn’t make any useable words. Starting over, I remembered that the female in the cartoon stated that there were “so many amenities”. Another reading of the sentence made LOTS TO OFFER click almost immediately which resulted in a very punny finish. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!


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  1. Shift and origin were problematic,and the final solution looked like lots of room at first,rather than lots to offer.We’re iced out again in WCentral Illinois,so my newspapers were not delivered again,ugh!

    • I hope you’re getting credit for all those missed deliveries, Chuck! I agree that SHIFT and ORIGIN were the stumpers this morning with ORIGIN being just a little bit more challenging. The letter layout didn’t give anything away which made it a fun solve. Enjoy the day, my friend, and stay warm. 🙂

  2. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone! There’s a tiny bit of eye candy in today’s cartoon. The man is wearing a polo shirt with a logo at the left breast. It could be a Lacoste Crocodile but it’s reversed. Jeff’s whimsy? Perhaps. Or it could be one of the 10 different animals, endangered species all, that Lacoste used to replace it’s Crocodile last year, when it partnered with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for a limited edition collection. https://tinyurl.com/y857erem The “Save Our Species” polos only numbered 1775, and they sold out immediately. Even though the logo drawn doesn’t perfectly match any of the 10 featured animals, knowing Jeff’s affinity for conservation and the environment, it could be possible. And the shirts were manufactured only in white, and this guy’s shirt is light blue…but for those of us familiar with the Jumble, we know that the colors don’t always “match”! Either way, our guy looks very fashionable! Have a great day, Everyone! Save the Planet! 🐊🙋🏻

    • Hi Catmom…You’re correct. There was a similar occurrence on Monday. Some on-line sites and print publications showed correct spellings and some didn’t..The Arkansas Democrat Gazette on-line site had it spelt incorrectly, as: AMMENITIES, and it’s still listed as such. The other on-line sites, Chicago, and Orlando, have corrected it since it first showed up, which is right after midnight. It’s correct in my NY paper, both print and on-line, but I don’t know about other papers across the country…so I guess someone’s proofreading and someone’s not…🤔🙋🏻

  3. Could amenities be hyphenated because there was such little room to put it all? I never would have seen that crocodile if I couldn’t blow up the picture too. Amazing!

    • Hi Clay. The hyphenation does look odd, but despite it, it’s still incorrect. It appears incorrectly as: AMMEN-ITIES, and correctly as:.AMEN-ITIES. How is it spelt in your paper? The Crocodile? LOL! Do you feel it is one too? If so, it’s reversed, though. But Jeff may have done that purposely. Have you looked at the other animals? None really match up, but it was a thought…🐊🙋🏻

  4. Had to back into origin this morning. No problem with the other words or the cartoon solution. Couldn’t see any logo on the man’s yellow shirt in my newspaper. Happy Wednesday everyone.

  5. The ORIGIN of the automatic SHIFT in cars was not the GLOOMY FACET of the automotive industry that many predicted it would be.

  6. Hi all – I wanted the last word to be IRONING, but a second look showed ORIGIN. Actually SHIFT took me the longest – go figure!
    Then the answer could have been LOTS OF or LOTS TO. In a bit of cheating, the online site showed me that TO was wrong, so that gave me the answer.

    “Sunset City” did strike me as a rather ominous name for a retirement community, but I guess they’re still making sales.
    Speaking of which.. since David is based in Chicago, I wonder if he was channeling the local horror movie TV host “Svengoolie”. One of his bits was a spoof commercial that offered cemetery plots, with the tag line (in his fake Bela Lugosi accent), “Ve got lots, if you can dig it!”

    It was my turn today also to be thankful for the online version because neither of my papers was delivered (by the same carrier). I hope they’re not going to try to tell me it’s because it got down to 36 degrees this morning, although maybe the guy’s car wouldn’t start. We’re Weather Wimps, but not *that* wimpy!

    Thanks for all that Lacoste info Angela! I hadn’t heard anything about that.

    Mike, good choice on the lot location. The pool’s great unless you live next to it. I’ll risk a golf ball through the window any day!

    • Hey Steve..You’re not taking into consideration, that this is a retirement community…You’re not gonna hear yelling and squealing, and Marco Polo being shouted out all day in a place like this. In fact a lot of these places don’t even allow visiting grandchildren to use the pool…Too bad we can’t see it in the cartoon…because we can see that 3 lots are already sold around the golf course…Matter of taste I suppose…but besides, almost all of these places have layers of high shrubbery surrounding a pool anyway. A LOT of privacy, and they serve as buffers from noise. And I think now all the new homes being built that surround golf courses use that film stuff between the sheets of glass that prevents shattering. Something like that. No one really wants to risk a golf ball through the window! So, I guess both are acceptable..As for The Lacoste. You’re welcome. I’m familiar with it because Lou mentioned it last year and I tried getting one for him and another of the Lous. Nada…Dead in the water. But I could swear that you and I had a conversation about the Java Rhino…In a segue from coffee talk? Not you? ( Sometimes I amaze myself…the things I remember…But whom I was speaking to about them though? Not so much! ROTFL!!)..Anyway, sorry you’re a bit chilly out there…We’re going from the 65 down to 25…But you do have working heat in the car, right? 😂😂 Hope you’re having a good one, G! 🙋🏻

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