Jumble Answers for 12/30/2020








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22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/30/2020

  1. REUSE = Last used on 04/29/20 as SEERU
    BLOCK = Last used on 03/29/19 as COLKB
    VACANT = Last used on 04/07/18 as CTANAV
    CANOLA = Last used on 03/31/20 as COLAAN

    HE LOST HIS BALANCE = Used on 07/30/91

    CLOBK = Used on 03/11/13

  2. Here are 10 Fun Facts about: MONEY

    10. With a lifespan of about 4.5 years, the $10 bill is our shortest-living note. Our longest-living note, the $100 bill, lasts 15 years.
    9. There are ATM machines on every continent in the world. Antartica has 2 of them.
    8. Economists estimate that only 8 percent of the world’s currency exists as physical cash.
    7. Two-thirds of all US $100 bills are held outside of the US.
    6. The TSA reports that passengers left behind $926,030.44 in unclaimed money at airport security checkpoints during Fiscal Year 2019. $18,899.09 of it was foreign currency.
    5. Damaged US currency can only be replaced at a bank if more than 51% of it is attached.
    4. On the $5 bill, all 50 states are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial.
    3. The US Bureau of Engraving and Printing uses 9.7 tons of ink PER DAY to print money.
    2. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.
    1. You can use pennies to stop garden pests. If you bury them in the garden, the copper and zinc in the pennies will generate electric shocks for garden pests. Most people use them to deter snails!

    Final thought:
    Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that. —Norman Vincent Peale

    • Here’s one more fact – “ATM Machine” is redundant! 😂
      (Sorry to be so nit-picky today, but I also don’t think #4 can possibly be true. There are 48 states on the actual Memorial and they’re not all seen on the bill, from what I can find.)

      • Steve….The U.S. five-dollar bill depicts President Abraham Lincoln on the front side and the Lincoln Memorial on the back. The Memorial features engravings of the names of all the states that existed at the time of its construction (there are only 48 because Alaska and Hawaii had not yet been annexed). However, only 26 of the states are visible on the façade of the building, so therefore these are the only state names that appear on the back of the bill.

        Depicted states: Arkansas, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, and New York. In addition, the engravings show the abbreviated names “Hampshire” (for New Hampshire) and “Carolina” for South Carolina.

  3. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    💸 This poor guy…They took his money…he’s got nothing to REUSE,
    He should have had a BLOCK of some sort…but he didn’t choose
    Those safety features some banks give…so VACANT you won’t find
    Your bank account…and get that call that nothing’s left behind
    (CANOLA, it won’t cut it)….But our guy? He’ll have no dalliance…
    How could he take his wife out, now that he has LOST HIS BALANCE? 💸

    https://tinyurl.com/yb5czzh7 💸🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. 🤷🏻‍♂️ She watched him swaying in the aisle of the supermarket, as if he LOST HIS BALANCE…staring with a VACANT look upon his face as he searched the long BLOCK of cooking oils…and then he turned to her and asked…”Can you REUSE CANOLA oil…”? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    🤦🏻The BLOCK had become VACANT, the shopkeepers paid the price,
    Now where would he go to get his CANOLA oil and spice?
    With nothing left to REUSE, could he hone his cooking talents?
    And lost in thought he stumbled hard and then just LOST HIS BALANCE…🤦🏻

  5. Good morning. My choice for hardest word was Canola. It took me three passes before I finally got it. The cartoon answer was a snap after studying the letters. Now to get back and read the 10 facts and it’s not even Friday in case no one figured out what I was referring to yesterday. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. Canola gave me reason to pause as well,but having just put in an order for canola oil on our grocery order,it popped into my mind.The cartoon solution was also a quick solve,with the double use of balance,referring to the bank balance as well as his standing up balance.We got our first batch of snow and ice yesterday and over night,but the man who plows our driveway,was out there first thing this morning to scrape and clear it off.Speaking of first thing in the morning,my newspapers were also delivered at the crack of dawn despite the snow and ice.

  7. Another vote here for canola as the word that took me the longest to solve. The cartoon answer was a given so all in all in was a successful day. Stay well all!

  8. HI Everyone –
    Some very interesting facts, Mike, and a good thought for the day. I had some trouble with Suree until I remembered to try the Re prefix. It took a few looks for Canola too, but I eventually recalled struggling with it the last time. I mentioned then that the word is not in my dictionary from the late 80’s, though canola oil was developed in Canada in the early 70’s.

  9. Hi all – I just happened to see USE and then REUSE which I hoped was correct. Jumbled the last word a few times and then saw CAN at the beginning which gave CANOLA. The answer took me awhile until I saw LOST in the letters which showed BALANCE.

    ACOLAN reminded me of the ALCOA aluminum company and the very early “supernatural” TV show they sponsored, “One Step Beyond”, and also “Alcoa Theater”, both of which gave a start to many whose names you’d instantly recognize, including being the place that DeForest Kelly (Dr. “Bones” McCoy of Star Trek) first met Gene Roddenberry.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “Plans to REUSE the old house on the industrial BLOCK were scuttled when it was discovered that the recently VACANT CANOLA plant had leaked oil into the groundwater.”

  10. I got kinda gummed up on CANOLA and a little vertigo from LOST HIS BALANCE. Enjoyed your info Mike! Stay warm and dry…..

  11. Got lucky and solved this one in minutes. How many Mondays are there in the last week of a year???
    Mañana is the last day of 2020! Thank heaven!!!
    I pray for all those who innocently have suffered or died since March because of this pandemic.

  12. I love doing jumble puzzles!! Thank you for expanding my brain!! Please enter me in your contest .. would really enjoy the calendar!!

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