Jumble Answer for 04/07/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!             🏄🏻 PERMANENT WAVE? 🏄🏻

🎶 Let’s go SURFIN‘ now…Everybody’s learning how…Come on and safari with me…Come on and safari with me…Come on (SURFIN‘) Baby, wait and see (SURFIN‘ safari). Yes I’m gonna (SURFIN‘) take you SURFIN‘ ( SURFIN‘ safari) with me…Come along (SURFIN‘) Baby, wait and see ( SURFIN‘ safari)…Yes I’m gonna ( SURFIN‘) take you SURFIN’ ( SURFIN‘ safari) with me…🎶

🏄🏻 A surfers’ life is one of ease, they live for sun and sea,
A BRISK walk to the ocean and for them the days ready…
Their coffers sometimes VACANT, their wardrobes nothing much
They’re happy with some cut off jeans and Tees the finishing touch.
They don’t care to EXPAND it, they’re happy and carefree,
They dream always of the next wave and where that wave may be.
A storm don’t cause them worry, you’ll never see them WINCE,
There’s such a thrill in the “Big Ones” listen and they’ll convince.
Unless you’ve known one closely, and seen how they behave…
It’s hard to understand just what’s in a surfers‘ BRAIN WAVES! 🏄🏻

Even though none of our words would WIPE you OUT, I think the 5 letter ones may be a bit more of a CHALLENGE than the 6’s today. But they’re all old favorites, and easy to GET OVER. So on to our cartoon. SURFING…What do I know about SURFING? Let’s SEA…WAVE? When just a handshake won’t do? SURF? The channels? AXED? And answered? BLANK? Check?..Ok, ok…I’ll stop HOTDOGGING and get down to business…Today we see a SURFER, as he LAYsBACK bare chested  on a couch, asleep. He’s DREAMING and picturing himself SURFING. The entire dream sequence is shaded blue. The SURFER in the dream seems younger, I guess our boy is WIPING OUT a few years. He’s also seen without the blond soul patch HAIR in the dream. While asleep, one SHOULDER looks to be HIGHer than the other…but that could just be the ANGLING of the drawing. He’s smiling happily in both depictions…DOUBLED UP so to speak…Our question’s  AXING, what does the SURFER need to dream about SURFING? BRAIN WAVES! SWELL, Dave! You’ve managed to RUNOFF with another good solution! Ok, EYE candy. We see that the SURFER’S dark hair is sun-streaked, and very LONG…BOARD with it though, despite  a CURL in the “HAIR and now” guy. We have the tattooed arm bands. There’s the SURFBOARD, but that falls FLAT. I’m going to choose the FISH HOOK around his neck…I just found it FETCHing! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And stay out of DEEP WATER! 🏄🏻 🙋🏻







29 thoughts on “Jumble Answer for 04/07/2018

  1. With a slight WINCE, they planned to EXPAND into the VACANT building with a BRISK new business plan.
    No problem with the clue words, although I hesitated slightly at WINCE. The solution was apparent once I isolated WAVES from the circled letters. Nice play on words.
    Very fitting song choice Angela—took me back to many years ago when surfing songs and films were all the rage. I’ve admired surfers on both coasts but never got up enough courage to try,. Watching waves crash on the shore is enough and one of the things I most enjoy.
    Have a satisfying Saturday everyone.

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    • Me too, Earl. Sometimes if you look really closely, you can just make out “Jumbleanswer.com” written in the sand! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️


  2. Good Morning, Earl. Thank you. No one says Surfing better than the Beach Boys. Are we thinking Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon? Beach Blanket Bingo? An innocent, carefree time..Total agreement…Easy puzzle, pleasure watching from the sidelines…Kudos on your very clever use of today’s words…Hope you dodged the snow…We got lucky down here.
    Have a good one, Earl. 🏄🏻🙋🏻


  3. Good morning. Nice pick for the song and great use of the words Angela. Earl nice job as always short and to the point. It’s nice to see two different views. Today’s jumble was another no -brainer. A very slight tic on wince and when I got to the cartoon answer it was no different. I had vibes for a word then realized it would not work and came up with waves first. This old brain ticked just fine all week thank God. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Thanks Paul, your comments are always appreciated. I am not a great punster like Angela, so it’s easy to keep it short.
      Angela–no snow up here yet. The weather people say later, yuck ❄️😡😝

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      • Hey Earl. I think we may possibly get a total reprieve downstate. Maybe just a little rain/snow shower here and there. Right now, the sun’s shining…”Hope springs eternal”! ..So I’m noticing…The word short mentioned twice, you and Paul. Hmm..Are you guys trying to tell me something? 🤔 Thanks for the shout out, Earl. Again, hoping you don’t get a hard hit..Talk to you later.
        Ciao. 🏄🏻🙋🏻


    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! As I told Earl, it had to be the Beach Boys this morning…Glad you enjoyed it. It was an easy one today, perfect for a lazy Saturday morning. Thanks for the shout out, and I applaud 👏🏻 your success this week. Well done, Bud…Mets at 1. Have a great day! Talk to you later. 🏄🏻🙋🏻


  4. The words being 5 and 6 letters long offered a bit of a challenge.Waves was an obvious choice for the second word in the solution,with brain quick to follow.No surfing here in central Illinois,as Spring has not sprung as yet,with a brisk morning temp of 15 degrees,brrrr.

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    • Good Morning, Chuck. BRISK? 15? Shirley you jest, Sir! You’re just looking to throw one of todays’ words into the mix, aren’t you? If not, I applaud your resilience! 15 brisk? At least you added the Brrr! 😉 I WINCE at the mere thought of it! We woke up to it hovering near 40°…not Spring, but I’m not complaining. Nice cacooning weather for a Saturday morning. And seeing what’s going on weather-wise in other parts of the country, I’m counting my blessings. Stay warm, Chuck. Soon we’ll all be able to WIPE OUT these unseasonable days…and start complaining about the heat!! 😂😂
      Have a good one, Sir! 🏄🏻🙋🏻


      • “We don’t always get what we deserve,” she replied, patting James over his heart. “Sometimes we get more; sometimes we get less. At least we get something.”…
        (Kate Jacobs…”The Friday Night Knitting Club”) …Solar, You have my thanks…😉🙋🏻

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      • Thank you, I think I’d rather call you Steve. And you know I’d give you a prize if I could…😉
        But if there were to be a prize given out every time I made a typo, the line would be out the door…Editting is my hidden talent…Have a good one, Steve. Don’t be a stranger…Ciao! 🙋🏻

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      • Let’s not get carried away now…😉😉 TWO winks…One for you…and one for Lou! 😉..Ok, 3!


      • G, I’m waiting on deck…Me, Jan, Dean, and the Surfaris…I’m trying to get your attention..by WAVE.ing…I’m WIPED OUT..14 innings took its toll, and I put the post up by 4AM…🎶C’mon..and hit me with your best shot….🎶 😂 🙋🏻


  5. Hi, all! I love the happy cartoon drawing today of such a happy surfer dreaming so happily about surfing. A whole lot of [happy] going on! I immediately thought of two brilliant incorrect answers but liked the real one even more that I solved after quickly solving the 4 words. This was like a Monday Jumble for me.

    I have never surfed on a surf board but body surfed one time on a Pacific Ocean beach, landed on my chest hard enough to knock all the air out, felt like I had broken my back with the intense pain it caused, could not move, and thought I would drown. However, after Jerry & John (our friend) dragged me out & across the beach to our beach towels, it took only about 5 minutes for all symptoms to be gone.

    Happy Saturday to all!


    • Hi Lelia. Agreed, it was an easy breezy go of it today. Body surfing, IMO, is a lot more fun, and safer. I think more of us women prefer it. But there’s also a lot to be said for sitting and watching the waves and the bodies roll in…Depends who’s surfing! 😉 Have a good one! 🙋🏻


    • Hi Lelia – Since you liked the ceiling songs and one was San José’s own Doobie Brothers doing “Without Love”, I wanted to recommend this one of theirs, “Black Water.” We all know water is blue, right? Funny how so often in songs it’s not – this one, Joni Mitchell singing “Love to see that green water in motion”, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Green River”.
      🎵”And I ain’t got no worries‘cause I ain’t in no hurry at all.”🎵



      • Hi, Steve! Thanks for Doobie Brothers “Black Water” containing many familiar to me references about the deep south and the other very long song in which Joni Mitchell loves seeing the green water in motion. I love to look at water and have been having ocean withdrawal for several years now. The bluest I have ever seen was the Mediterranean Sea, the brownest was the Nile in Egypt which is called black but to me looked very deep dark brown, and I have seen many lakes that looked green. Loved them all.


      • Hi Lelia – A story about water. One of the last things I did before traveling back to Chicago for a job was to go out to Ocean Beach in SF and collect some Pacific Ocean water. That little vial sat right on my desk for the whole next two years, until I was finally able to return here.


  6. Hi all – The words were quick, but I thought DREAM WAVES for the answer. Had to write the letters to get it correct. The guy’s a real EEG-HEAD.
    🎵”I want a DREAM lover, so I don’t have to DREAM alone”🎵

    It’s obvious his coffers are VACANT, Angela; he’s COUCH SURFING at his friend’s apartment. But he’s only managed to HANG THREE fingers off the side. (I typed HANG FIVE at first, but upon further review —- 🖐🏻 😂)

    See you tomorrow, on 🎵”Sunday – that’s my fun day.”🎵

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    • LOL..SURFfice to say we were left HANGing there, G….Every time I wanted to put HANG TEN in there, I had to CATCH myself! HANG EIGHT? Somehow just not the same…(Trying to type “somehow” just now was like pulling teeth! Auto suggest kept going to “Sondheim”!! What? The Steve connection? Scary)! Ok, EEG head…Good one…See? I READ! 😉 I’m going to make WAVES as to where he’s sleeping though…You’re going FAR OUT here assuming he’s not in his own SURF SHACK! Sleeping on a couch is no indication! (Too bad we can’t post pictures…I’d show you what I mean)! 😂 Know WET I think? This may just be another of our C-LOVE ❤️ stories! 😂😂 …🎶My I don’t have to run day….🎶 Good choice…I 🎶Hoped and prayed…🎶 it might be this…🎶 Sunday morning..sun shining from your eyes, sleepy face, smiling into mine…🎶 …G..It’s been..🎶FUN, FUN, FUN…🎶 CATCH you later! 🏄🏻🙋🏻


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