2021 Jumble Calendar GIVEAWAY!

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Thank you for playing.

The winner was: JAMES B. Congratulations, James!

Happy New Year everyone! The 2021 Jumble calendars are SOLD OUT everywhere online, but luckily I purchased an extra one way back in October to offer as a giveaway prize. If you’d like to be entered into the drawing for this FREE prize, please leave a reply in the comments section below.

The giveaway is open to U.S. residents. One entry per person, please. The contest ends at MIDNIGHT (EST) on 1/1/21 and the winner will be chosen randomly on 1/2/21. PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS SO I CAN NOTIFY YOU IF YOU WIN. Good Luck! 🍀


52 thoughts on “2021 Jumble Calendar GIVEAWAY!

  1. Absolutely love playing this game !!! I have done so for years (ok – DECADES!!!) Would so love to win calendar for the much better 2021 coming for all of us !!! Happy New Year !!!

  2. The Jumble is the first place I go when reading the paper. After solving it (or not), then immediately to the email link to enjoy what Angela and Mike have to write.

  3. Happy New Year, Mike. I would love to be in the drawing for the 2021 Jumble Calendar give away.

  4. The first thing I do when I get my paper is the jumble puzzle. I breeze right by the news to see if I can solve it within a certain amount of time. I need the calendar to get me through 2021!

  5. Please enter me in the Jumble calendar drawing. I do the jumble every day to start my day off the right way. I love the puzzles!

  6. Hi David. We look forward to your puzzle each morning while we have our coffee. Still working in the books your parents gave me. Happy New Year. Anna Palm Cay, Ocala Fl.

    • Good Morning, Anna. This blog isn’t any part of David’s doing, but I’ve forwarded your message here to him. I’m sure he’ll be pleased to see it. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year too! Be well and stay safe. 🎊🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. One of the reasons I take the daily newspaper is to do the jumble words. Sharpens my mind to start the day.

  8. i have been doing the jumble for35 years i look foward to it every morning to start my day jim

  9. Over 35 years ago I started to try and solve the Jumble puzzles. At that time I was 30 years old and couldn’t spell.
    I used to go through the dictionary trying to figure out what the jumbled word was.
    I was finally able to put together the words without the dictionary.
    This is great puzzle and I hope that it never ends.

  10. Hi. I love to do the jumble word puzzle everyday! It’s good for my mind and I enjoy the drawings and pun-ny humor. And doing the daily check-in! 🙂

  11. I love working on the jumble puzzle every morning in the AZ Republic paper before my day begins!!!

  12. I love Jumble and enjoy solving puzzles in the daily puzzles. I miss Jumble on Sundays, as it is not published in our local paper on that day!

  13. Our day is not complete until we do the Jumble in our daily newspaper. We have been doing them for a long time. Please enter us for a chance to win the calendar.

  14. I play the jumble every morning with my mom since my dad passed away 11/6/20. This was something they did together every morning at breakfast so I am keeping this tradition going for her. We’d love to win.

  15. My 90 year-old mother-in-law did the jumble every morning. I thought if she can do it I can too. I’ve been playing the jumble for a little over 10 years now.

  16. The answer to the Pandemic is the answer to the jumble. Furthermore, it keeps the mind sharp.

  17. I would love to win this calendar. Part of my routine for the past 10-11 months since COVID has been to complete the jumble every morning. I figure if I can solve the puzzle, my day is off to a good start!

  18. LOVE that you are doing this! I’d like to enter your drawing, as I have been desperately searching for one for my mom. She is 85 years old and home bound due to the pandemic, both due to her age and her heart condition. The highlight of her day is to do the Jumbles. She has had a Jumble calendar every year but wasn’t able to go out to buy one this year. When she mentioned it to me, I started looking online for her. But unfortunately they were already sold out 😦 These Jumble puzzles keep her mind going, and I truly cannot tell you what an amazing gift this would be for her. Whoever wins this will be very lucky indeed. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  19. Please enter me in the drawing, please!
    Thanks so much! Happy New Year! 🥳🎊🎉

  20. Please enter my name in the contest to win a Jumble calendar. Thanks!

    Sarah Catoe

  21. I LOVE doing the Daily Jumble
    really makes one think and you learn alot of meanings of words.keeps your brain working!!! LOL Never miss a day..
    I would be very happy to win to your free giveaway 2021 calendar.

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