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Good Morning, Everyone!      👣THERE’S NO BUSINESS LIKE TOE BUSINESS…👣

🎶 Everybody get on your feet…You make me nervous when you in your seat…Take off your shoes and pat your feet, we’re doin’ a dance that can’t be beat…We’re BAREFOOTIN’, we’re BAREFOOTIN‘, we’re BAREFOOTIN’, we’re BAREFOOTIN’...🎶..”Barefootin'” – Robert Parker. 1966

👣 I knew of a Podiatrist who’s son became one too…
So people said the younger followed in his Father’s shoes..
And as little child I’d see the patients flock,
Into the offices they shared…it was just up the BLOCK.
I guess it wasn’t Junior’s FAULT that he’d choose this career,
I also knew a Barber who’s son got into his hair…
As far as a career goes, HOTTER choices come to mind,
But then again it is vital…our feet face daily grind…
Like METRIC means a lot to me as I write poetry,
There’ll always be the human foot…and hence Podiatry…
But in my mind I’m thinking of the Father and son still
I laughed then as a child and it still can FOOT THE BILL 👣

While all four of our words today have been in Jumble play before, two of the anagrams are also reTREADS. Colkb was used back on 02/01/16, and Trohet was seen on 02/12/17. And once again, we have a word playing double duty…Fault first appeared in 2014, and most recently on 06/19/18, making it today’s oldest and newest entry. And Metric NAILS it down as our final word with two past appearances. But if I had to go out on a limb and choose a word that put the Early Birds through their PACES this morning, I’d go with Hotter. Somehow they were TROwn with the TRO

Today’s cartoon brings us into the fancy new office of Dr. Hiram ARCH, known in the Podiatry Circles as HIGH ARCH. We see him treating a patient, perhaps for a PUNion, who’s very impressed with not only the “new place“, but by the looks of the crowded office, the number of patients High has managed to get under FOOT to BOOT.  And by the smile on High’s face, we can see that he’s just as enTOESiastic about the new DIGS. And with all the new FOOT traffic…there’s now enough to PAD his bank account, since the patients will FOOT THE BILL. Good one, David..you always STEP UP!

Ok, eye candy. Both our characters today have a rather distinctive look about them. They may very well be people that Jeff knows. There’s little things that differ from Jeff’s usual characteristics. The hair of both men, the glasses on them both, the rather elongated face of the Dr. But since Jeff would be the SOLE owner of that information, we can only surmise. Our patient has a brown sock on his right foot, that matches well with the brown toned clothing he’s wearing. And his left leg, up on the table, is showing hair. The Doctor is wearing a light blue lab coat. We see a mold of a left foot in the background atop a counter, but it’s what’s next to it that really SPURred me on. There’s a potted PLANTAR holding Bamboo. I though for sure it’d be MistleTOE! So, There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And if you can’t TOE the line…at least be sure to put your best FOOT forward! 👣🙋🏻










21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/29/2019

  1. For the first time Ever I rearranged answer incorrectly
    FILL THE BOOT I didn’t think it made much sense. Anyway always enjoy your Jumble!!!!

    • Good Morning, Eileen…Hmm..Fill the Boot? I like it..it’s catchy…Perhaps a name for a new Shoe Store? .😉 And I try to think that there’s never any “incorrect” answers…just “Alternate Solutions”!…Too CORNy? 😂 Anyway…I’m glad you enjoy the Jumble as much as we do..and please, stop by again. We can never have TOE many visitors! Have a great day, Eileen! So nice to FEET you…I mean meet you! 👣🙋🏻

  2. According to the temperature seen on the METRIC thermometer, it was HOTTER than Hades at the local country club and the newest member served up a double FAULT on match point to BLOCK any hopes he had of winning the championship.

    • Well, well…Have I NET my MATCH? 😉 Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻 Now this shows some serious creativity! And you managed to get Hades in there too? What the HELL? 😉Good Morning, Chuck…Great job! I feel deFEETed before I even begin! I’m barely awake an hour this go-around, and I haven’t made an attempt yet..but if I take a CUBOID? You’ve set the bar high! 👣🙋🏻

      • You’re too kind, Angela.. Thanks for your kind words! Hope your day is proceeding nicely.

        • You’re very welcome, Chuck…Well deserved. And thank you…The day..so far, so good..But it’s still esrly! 😂 Wishing you a spring in your STEP, Chuck! 👣🙋🏻

    • Hey Chuck…I gave it a shot, but some how I feel I couldn’t find the right ARCH. I just couldn’t get a LEG UP on it, so I don’t feel I NAILed it..but at least I STEPpd up to the plate, right? 😂👣👣👣🙋🏻

      ° Never one to fully grasp the METRIC system, nor FAULT himself for it, he tried to BLOCK out any outside distractions as he became HOTTER and hotter under the collar trying to figure out everyone’s share to FOOT THE BILL….👣

      ° The key to writing Poetry, the METRIC use of verse…
      Comes easily to some of us…no problem to disperse.
      While some may feel a writer’s BLOCK and end up getting HOTTER,
      There’s those who find it nothing more than simply food for fodder…
      There is no FAULT, no reason why…some just possess the skill..
      But bottom line..a Poet’s life? Can hardly FOOT THE BILL! 👣

  3. Metric had me totally stumped.I had to work backwards from the final solution,and the needed letters t,e,and I to come up with metric.And this is from a math guy,who surely should be familiar with the ‘metric’ system.

    • LOL! My sentiment exactly as I began reading, Professor! Put me in mind of this old Italian fable about the SHOEmaker with holes in his shoes…😂! Just doesn’t ADD up, does it? 😉You’ve given me a CHUCKle this morning! Have a good one, Prof! 👣🙋🏻

  4. Count me in with Chuck. I too couldn’t figure out metric. Had to work backwards after getting the cartoon answer. I’m totally familiar with the metric system but it eluded me this morning. Happy Friday to all.

    • Hi Betty…All this METRIC talk…I’m reminded of the Teacher asking..”How many FEET in a yard”?…And the student answering…”Depends. How many people in the yard”? Gotta give it to him for the creativity alone! At least the answer MEASUREd up as an easy one today…Happy Friday to you too, Betty! 👣👣👣🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – METRIC did cause a pause, but whenever I see ‘IC’ in the letters I try them at the end, and it often works. Double-letter trick worked for HOTTER; answer was obvious.

    You outdid yourself with the song choice, poem and writeup today Angela.
    The potted PLANTAR? WART a detail to notice. (And I could have done without the leg hair). Funny coincidences about following in the father’s shoes – my wife’s dentist works together with his son, and my dentist just moved into a nice new office at the beginning of the year.

    “The old Ford pickup’s failure was the mechanic’s FAULT, as he used improper METRIC tools on the engine BLOCK, causing it to run HOTTER than tolerable and caused him to have to FOOT THE BILL.”

    Have a great day, everyone!

    • Hey G…I didn’t notice you STEP in, I was having a problem getting a reply post into the thread properly…but I finally NAILed it..👏🏻👏🏻Kudos on your sentence…Very well done ..You’ve DRIVEN home a nice slant. And…Thanks for the Shout Outs..I was OK with the song choice and poem, but I feel the writeup sort of FELL FLAT..I just feel like I couldn’t come up with what I KNEADed to get it OFF THE GROUND…So I appreciated your sentiment…Your dentist and his son? TOOTH be told? I see a lot of that..My dentist and his son share their office also…My FLOSSify? Go for it..PULL OUT all the stops…Let’s face it..it does ENAMEL them to save money…😉 Have a good one, G! 😬😬🙋🏻

  6. Today’s Jumble was easy to solve. I guessed the panel answer before beginning.
    Theresa Z

    • Hi Theresa. Yes, it was an easy, breezy one today. A old tried and true phrase. I enjoy those, as I’m sure you do too. Thank you for stopping by and letting us know, and please do so again. Nice to meet you! Hoping you have a great day! 👣👣🙋🏻

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