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  1. UTTER = Last used on 12/05/19 as TURTE
    SPICY = Last used on 03/21/20 as CYIPS
    COSTLY = Last used on 08/08/17 as SLCOTY
    SKETCH = Last used on 07/27/20 as KTHSEC
    KEY TO SUCCESS = Used on 05/31/17, 05/24/58

    TRUTE = Used on 06/28/16, 01/24/61, 12/10/59, 05/01/58

  2. Here are 10 Fun Facts about: LOCKS AND KEYS

    10. The oldest key-based lock dates back to 704 BC and was found in the ruins of the palace of Sargon of Akkad.
    9. The first known mechanical key duplication machine dates back to 1917.
    8. The first combination lock was invented in 1857 by James Sargent of Vermont, who started the Sargent and Greenleaf lock making company. It is still in operation today.
    7. The locks at Fort Knox, the place where the United States’ gold reserve is held, are protected with codes that change every single day.
    6. The sport of lock picking is called locksport, and the association in charge of organizing yearly competitions is called TOOOL (The Open Organization Of Lockpickers.)
    5. Harry Houdini was a locksmith before becoming a magician.
    4. In 2003, Pavlovo Arts College in Russia earned the Guinness World Record for the largest padlock ever invented. The lock and key total 916 lbs and features an intricate engraving and crest.
    3. In the Tower of London in England, there is a nightly Ceremony of the Keys in which guards ritually lock the tower’s doors. The ceremony begins exactly at 9:52pm.
    2. France’s King Louis XVI was fascinated with locks. He forged his own locks for the pure enjoyment of it, and sometimes fashioned locks to use on furniture and small chests.
    1. A parrot named Magic may be the first and only documented avian escape artist. In 2014, the bird picked a set of two padlocks placed on his cage to keep him inside, since he previously opened his cage and escaped with ease!

    • I had to check that this was really Tuesday!
      A little more than 2 minutes. KEY was the word to my Success!
      Enjoy the last few days of this unforgettable year!

  3. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🔐

    🔐 She’s had such UTTER confidence in him for all these years,
    He’s never been too COSTLY…he stands out amongst his peers
    And although SPICY might not fit whilst speaking of Locksmiths,
    It’s obvious that Mrs. Jones feels trust is what’s the pith…
    He’s business smart, she’s savvy…On her bag, the logo’s guess?
    Jeff made a SKETCH of Jumble J…one more KEY TO SUCCESS! 🔐

    …A timely puzzle, with a key message, since it’s so important right now for us to be supporting local businesses…And hopefully our Locksmiths daughter will in turn click with customers as her Father has all these years…and keep their business locked up in the neighborhood…Be well, Everyone…and stay safe out there…🔐🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. 🍝As the staff reviewed the SKETCH of the SPICY dishes for the menu, he heard someone UTTER that they were too COSTLY…and he thought of how much there was to consider looking for the KEY TO SUCCESS…🍝

    🙇🏻‍♂️ The gossip was quite SPICY, it was all UTTER disgrace,
    And it would def be COSTLY…if he tried now to save face
    But the SKETCH had spoken for itself…and he’s under duress…
    Damage control is needed..it’s now the KEY TO SUCCESS 🙇🏻‍♂️

  5. Good morning. It was not as easy as yesterday because I had to make a second pass on the words but I did have a blind solve on the cartoon before getting them all. Enjoyed your facts Mike,”Just the facts”. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. 🩺 ❤️ With today being NATIONAL HERO’S DAY, it’s a good chance to honor all the first responders who’ve been working the front lines non-stop these past trying months. The doctors, the nurses, the EMTs…etc. Their care and dedication today goes above and beyond anything we’ve ever seen in the past, and I for one am deeply appreciative of the sacrifices they’re making. So to all of our readers who come under this umbrella, I thank you, I applaud you, and I pray for you. We can never repay you. Be well, and stay safe out there…❤️🩺 https://tinyurl.com/hv7gequ

    • Totally agree Angela. Health care workers are literally killing themselves to keep everyone else alive. The anti-maskers really annoy me and I guess they were around in 1918 as well. What is that old bromide “If you don’t learn history you are destined to repeat it”????

      • Yes they are, Mig. I can’t imagine the toll it’s taking on them…mentally, physically and emotionally. As for the naysayers and anti-maskers? SMH…It boggles the mind. We have plenty of them here…and we’re paying the price for it…our numbers are surging. Annoyance is putting it mildly…Makes you wonder what it’ll take to get through to some people…I just keep praying for the heroes…❤️🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Anagrams went fairly quickly,without a hiccup.The multitude of S’s and repeat C’s,gave me reason to pause on the solution ,but given the presence of the locksmith ,he was the ‘key’ to the ultimate “key to success ” cartoon solution.
    Our avoidance of snow so far in WCentral Illinois,may come to an end w the forecast of a “winter storm watch” later today.

  8. Hi all – SPICY was the word that took me a few extra jumbles today. Saw the answer from the context. I like the New Year avatar, Mike!

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The restaurateur thought the KEY TO SUCCESS was to SKETCH out a menu with exotic SPICY dishes, but the use of saffron was so COSTLY it drove him to UTTER ruin.” (I guess we were both hungry this morning, Angela! 😂)

  9. Easy one today. Solved the anagrams and cartoon answer in record time. Wishing all of you a good Tuesday.

  10. My experience mirrored Christian’s, still it was a quick solve for me. After about an inch of rain and hail over the last 2 days we have a clear, cloudless, beautiful morning in SoCal…. Hope you are all staying away from crowds and hospitals!

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